6.0 / December 12, 2017
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Brand new puzzle with identical tiles in Onet genre! Play puzzlegames for adults and kids for free!Rules of PaoPao is very simpleto learn! Main goal of connect games is to find and connect tileswith identical pictures. Tap on identical tiles and tiles will behide. For complete level you need to clear all game board.Downloadconnect lines puzzle games and enjoy!Game Features:🎴 Onet Picachu& Onet Classic games genre;🎴 Beautiful graphics & greatmusic;🎴 Relaxing puzzle for all family;🎴 A lot of wonderfullevels;🎴 PaoPao it's free offline game;Contacts:VK:https://vk.com/public119386923

App Information PaoPao: Hidden Treasures

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    PaoPao: Hidden Treasures
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    December 12, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Starplay Free Game
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    Щипковский 2-й переулок, 11/13 кв8 Замоскворечье район, г. Москва, 115093
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Move the Case: Sokoban 11.0 APK
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Bubble Puzzle Move 9.0 APK
Solve puzzles with balls!On the field, is the design ofmulti-colored balls, you need to move the ball so that all theballs are connected in the same three in a row. Once the threeidentical balls joined together in a row, they will burst and therest of the balls will fall down, it is necessary that they, too,joined and burst. The goal - to remove all the balls from theplaying field, most often in one move! Excellent puzzle gamefor those who like to think. A wonderful workout for the brain!Colorful interface, beautiful beads, nice music, nice 350 levels!Convenient control, you can play with one finger. The game issuitable for all, a great option to kill a little time. Try tosolve the unique puzzle with just one true progress! It looks likea huge pile of balls falls and connected with each other!Connecting the same three in a row and win!Features:🔵 cool puzzle;🔵wonderful workout for the brain;🔵 colorful interface;🔵 beautifulbeads;🔵 pleasant music;🔵 350 good levels;🔵 convenient operation;🔵solution in one move;🔵 free game.How to play:Connecting identicalballs of three in a row, removes the balls from the field. Do itfor the available number of moves, which is listed at the bottom ofthe screen.If you like our game, do not forget to put theassessment, it is important for us !;)VK -https://vk.com/public119386923
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Refract the laser beam!What's that glow bright green by the hostphone? That, my friend, the laser! The latest super puzzle game isalready on your friends' phones do not lag behind and downloadnow! Amazingly advanced game it has everything for lovers ofunusual puzzles, this game is not boring! Your task is to refractthe angle of incidence of the laser to a different location so thatit got to the point and lit it, its bright color. To do this, youneed the stones, prisms, glass elements. Drag the blocks andreflects the laser. Twenty most exciting game worlds, each of whichhas its own individual tasks and elements. Each world in tenlevels, for a total of about 200 obtained steep levels await you!If you are not afraid to work their brains, download right now andyou will not regret!Features:• newest super game;• advanced game;•For fans of unusual puzzles;• Twenty most exciting game worlds;•200 levels of cool;• a free game;• bright green laser;• Simple andconvenient operation;• beautiful graphics.How to play:Your task isto refract the angle of incidence of the laser to a differentlocation so that it got to the point and lit it, its brightcolor.Do not forget to put a rated us !;)
Card Games: Spider Solitaire 10.0 APK
Play the newest solitaire!For all fans of card games, namely theSpider Solitaire Free! We are glad to present you a new solitaireclassic from our developers! We did everything to make you feelcomfortable playing! Convenient management, prompts, cancellationof a course, a choice of a deck, shirt and a background. It isconvenient to choose any card from a huge stack!Your task is tospread out all the cards in suit and order from Ace to King.Collect all the cards on the playing field. It is convenient toplay with one finger, touch the card you need and drag it to a newlocation. If you do not see moves, then you can use the hint. Inour game there are three difficulty modes, for beginners all cardsof the same suit, for experienced players all four suits areused. If you like to play classic card games, classic spidersolitaire, then this game is for you, our application will allowyou to enjoy the card game!Features:♠️ spider solitaire game;♠️convenient operation;♠️ tips and stepback;♠️ choice of decks,shirts and backgrounds;♠️ 3 levels of difficulty in the game;♠️bright design;♠️ pleasant, relaxing music;♠️ free solitaire game;♠️has no age restrictions.How To Play:Your task is to spread out allthe cards in suit and order from Ace to King. Collect all the cardson the playing field.Follow Us:VK - https://vk.com/public119386923
Puzzle Chips 8.0 APK
Collect beautiful pictures with us!Do you like to collect puzzles?Then this is your game! Incredibly beautiful and comfortable. Nowcollect the puzzle on the phone much more convenient! This gamewill be constantly with you, wherever you are. The meaning ofthe game is to collect a picture from pieces of the puzzle. Chooseany of the 8 most popular themes and choose the picture that youlike the most! Collect all the pictures! Three difficulty modes,more than 100 beautiful pictures! Collect machine puzzle withanimals, flowers, Christmas pictures, children's puzzle, puzzlewith castles, food and fantasy! Surprisingly simple game,excellent management, everything is done for you! Bright andcolorful pictures and ask that you collected them! Excellent gamefor kids and adults! Tired at work or you are bored riding in thebus? Play our game and time will fly by for you! Very excitinggame, puzzles want to collect again and again!Features:- Anincredibly beautiful and comfortable game;- 8 popular topics;-Three difficulty modes;- More than 100 beautiful images;- Machines,puzzles with animals, flowers, Christmas pictures, children'spuzzle, puzzle with castles, food and fantasy;- A simple game;-Excellent management;- Bright and colorful images;- A game forchildren and adults;- A free game.How to play:It is necessary tocollect a picture from pieces of the puzzle. Move the pieces of thepuzzle just above the picture - the hint when the puzzle getsright, you'll hear a beep and the puzzle will fall so that it willbe impossible to remove it.Write us in the comments and groups!VK -https://vk.com/public119386923
Word Search Game Free 8.0 APK
Find all the words from all categories!The classic game to findwords that do not let you get bored on the road or at home! A greatway to relax and pass the time. Our puzzle is divided into severalcategories such as animals, body, justice, celebrities, city,films, cartoons, clothing, country, flowers, food, profession,music, fruit, names and transport. Come into any of the categoriesand find the words, which were signed at the bottom of the playingfield. Among the letters look messy words and emphasize theirmarker for this, simply swipe your finger across the screen. Wordscan emphasize not only vertically and horizontally but diagonally,and more and backwards. Words are always changing and if you wentonce a category, then you can do it again. More changes and thelocation of the letters on the field. You can form words to spell afew times, that is, if you used the letters for a word, then youcan use any of these words to other words. Comfortablesettings will help you customize the game as you see fit. You canchange the background white screen with black letters on a blackbackground with white letters. Can you put a grille for words,clean words and clues to search for the word itself. You cansearch for words with different levels of difficulty in each of thelevels of other words. Look for words for a while, if you're sointeresting! The puzzle There are several types of the passinggame, so play like you're interested in all!Features:- A nice gameinterface;- Popular puzzle game with the search word;- Puzzle isdivided into several categories: animals, body, justice,celebrities, city, films, cartoons, clothing, country, flowers,food, profession, music, fruit, names and transport.- The words arealways changing;- Comfortable setting;- You can search for wordswith different levels of complexity;- There are several types ofgame;- A free game.How to play:Look for words and emphasize theirmarker for this, simply swipe your finger across the screen.If youlike our game, do not forget to evaluate and write a comment !;)
American Pool Billiard Game 11.0 APK
Play billiards against friends or against AI.A great simulator gamein the American pool. Standard rules, beautiful interface andsophisticated opponents! If you like to score a ball in thepocket, play an American pool or billiards, this is the game foryou! Convenient control, perfect physics, balls roll as if you areplaying for real! Play with friends or against bots! Do differenttasks and get reward for doing them. Buy yourself a new game tableand a beautiful cue! The game begins with the fact that youbreak the balls that are aligned in a triangle. On the field thereare two types of balls, one completely painted in different colors,and the other is white with a colored strip. Those balls that youwill initially score and will be your goal. Your goal is to scoreall the balls of your color.Features:- an excellent simulator ofbilliards;- standard rules;- beautiful interface;- Convenientcontrol;- ideal physics;- the possibility of buying a cue and atable for billiards for playing money;- Pleasant graphics;-Convenient settings;- American pool;- The game against AI;- Freegame.How to play:Kill all the balls of your color.Join us in thegroup, where you will find all the fun!VK -https://vk.com/public119386923