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Hi Kids,Fast Food Lovers , we brought you worlds best fair foodbaking game today. Yes you are right it is none other than pizzabaking. folks! in this pizza maker game you will learn to makedifferent kind of pizza ( pepperoni, spicy chicken, jalapeño,mushroom, BBQ, Tortilla, Italian etc).baking pizza is very easy andfun learning experiance simply follow our simple recipe and giveninstructions in the game at the end you will have your own specialbaked pizza . Are you having fun with the game, Hot pizza fast foodMaker game ?* special feature *HQ Graphics Tons of toppingsRNGaming speical sausagesInstructions for kidsExtra ketchup ,sausages and many more.

App Information Paporoni Pizza Maker - Fast food chees & topping

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    Paporoni Pizza Maker - Fast food chees & topping
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    August 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    RN Gaming Studio
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Hi Kids! Lets make Candy Apple Lollipop Sweet Taste ! Select one ofthe Fresh Apples to Make you sweet dessert Lollipop . Tons ofsticks beautifully designed and decorated for kids. Select YourFavorite Flavor of Coating like Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry,Chocolate and caramel.Dripping drops of Honey and Lemon will fillyour mouth with water. Cherry , Berry , and other fruits will addinto gummy flavor of it. Lots Jellies of Different type will makeyour day. Add you Favorite toppings as much as you can. ApplyStickers Cool Sweets and other Jewels and gems with Honey in aharmony in Side your Kitchen of your Home. When you are done makingyour Lollipop . Don’t forget to take a big healthy bite and enjoySweet Taste. When you will have bite Your will experience Journeyto the Paradise. A Sweet LollipopDon't Forget take your Selfie andCapture Screen with your creation and sharing with your friends.Tap Tap on your Decoration to Eat it. Don't Forget to Share YourCreation and this Kitchen Simulator Game with your friendsAppleCandyProducts Features: - Cool Graphics- Tons of Topping- EasyCooking Simulation- Nice and Easy Guided Game Play For Kids-Control Features- Improve you Cooking Skills- Guided Cooking andMaking How To Play: - Select Your Favorite Apple- Select Topping -Select Decorated Stick- Apply Flavor- Decorate With Stickers ,Smiles and Candies
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The sundae is a sweet ice cream dessert for kids and adults. MakingIce Cream Sundae is real fun because this game allow you to adddozens of scopes in one go topped with sauce or syrup , we can alsoadd other toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, fried peanuts,sweet and sour maraschino cherries and other real fruits :)bananas, ice coconut , sliced pineapple and more.In this gamesundae ice cream prepration is real easy you will love all the icecream ingredients added into this game make it the world bestamonges all ice cream games. Making yummy ice cream is real easy,You can make countless scopes and fill glasses as much as you can,have a great hot summer day with yummy frozen sweet desserts in thehot summer vacation in your country.You guys will love tons oftopping and tons of flavor provided in this game. Get this icecreammaker forzen food game for free. Yummy ice cream topped withjellies , candies , fruits and chocolate syrup , sweet syrup isbest snack in late night early morning or any time. Ice-creamlovers are ready for icecream all the time no matter what. whileeating our special products you will have cotton candy likeexperiance Special Addons for gameChocolate Fudge sundaeToppingBanana pudding for toddlers Butterscotch Flavored addonscoffee sauce Marshmallow Flavored addonsChocolate Coconut flavortopping worlds best caramel Sugar free coffee ice cream bowl fullof iced bananas peanut butter frozen fresh respberries multiplelayered sudae dessert Home made ice cream home made galaxy icecream
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Color Dot Tactical Shooter Game is an excellent shooting game.Worth spending time on. Color Dot Shoot is kind of brain train gamewhich is Excellent to improve hand and eye coordination.OnceStarted hard to leave game. Wait for the Exact time to shoot  ballsin variety of wild and difficult patterns! Be careful ! don’tcollide with other ball held in you r way and even don’t try tocollide in center of the ball rotating in way. Brain on it!The wayyou complete game difficulty level will increase and game becomesmore challenging. Different new arrangements of dots are places inintensive and beautiful pattern for each level. Color Dot Shoot isaddictive game for all age groups. You guys are going to love colorart used each level . brain dotsFeatures –+ Fast paced shootingaction game that will keep you immersed for hours of play time.+Multiple dots  to chooseColor Dot Tactical Shooter Game war againstthe color ball with lots of different pattern. Background colorswitch on every stage. addictive and eye attractive colour ball dotshoot. Let's start and challenge your friends. Play with beautifulChristmas color combinations.