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This application takes what we have learned over the years andwrapsit up into one by using All of our Highly rated applicationsandplacing them inside this one app. We use both your MagnetometerandAccelerometer, to detect both Electromagnetic Fields andVibrations.Also included is the ability to Record EVPS, Recordyour own AudioBank and a LIVE EVP Recorder / player, that worksonly when EMF or aVibration is detected. This is only a smallamount of abilities thisapplication has. I am limited to what Ican type here, so to see allthe abilities and the EntireDevelopment Process. Please visit ourFacebook Group of ParanormalInvestigatorsat:https://www.facebook.com/groups/VBEINC/permalink/1649359065195195/Features:EMF Detection via X,Y,Z information / Simulated LEDLights VibrationDetection via X,Y,Z information / Simlutaed LEDLight BatteryMonitoring Recording of EVP Audio Playback of EVPAudio / PreviousRecordings Ghost Mouse Pointer ( VBE ORIGINAL )uses your compass todirect the mouse and uses Vibrations tosimulate a Left Mouse ButtonClick Tracking Information ( All MouseMovement )( EMF SPIKES )(Vibration Spikes) Compass Tab VibrationTab Audio Tab Files andSettings Tab EMF Sensitivity Tab VibrationSensitivity Tab AudioControl Tab Recorder EVP LIVE RECORDER ( VBEOriginal ) Ghost BoxAudio ( Garbled audio with no language words )Screen Capture FileCreation for specific Investigations Locationby Lat,Long,Alt withHot link to Maps Apps within: Spirit BoardDirectional Answers ( VBEOriginal ) Spirit Typewriter ( VBEOriginal ) Automatic Writing (VBE Original ) Art Board ( VBEOriginal ) Paranormal Paraphrase (VBE Original ) Music PlayerSpirit Keyboard ( VBE Original ) LIVEEVP ( VBE Original ) HauntedLocations ( VBE Original ) Area Monitor( VBE Original ) ParaphraseEditor ( VBE Original ) HELP Files:Spirit Help audio ( Tells thespirit how to activate the app for youand turns off once an EMF orVibration is detected ) Full blown HelpMenu with Videos andInvestigations included Links to our FacebookParanormal Group andOur Youtube Videos Lastly, we at VBEParanormal, would like toThank all of you whom have supported ourgrowth over the years.Without you, this Amazing Piece of ParanormalSoftware would havenever been created. *** Please make sure to testyour device youplan on using this application on to see if it has aMagnetometer /Compass! We have two apps available in the playstorefor free, totest your device for you. **** Please check out theHelp Videos aswell at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gr2dRt_qo8

App Information PARATOOLZME - Master Edition

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    PARATOOLZME - Master Edition
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    December 18, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    VBE INC.
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VBE K2 Advanced Ghost Box Meter 3.0 APK
This app measures the UT fields around your device. Default thisapp is set at typical 2.5 - 20+ UT fields to detect via LED andProximity Beep. The User can adjust both the fields and when theLEDS Illuminate. As soon as you start this app. You are ready toinvestigate. This app does not detect vibrations. So you can use itwhile walking and for stationary investigations. TESTING:1) Simplyplace near any metallic object to create a ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. (EMF ) If no Detection. Place near a speaker or magnet to create aElectromagnetic field. 2) Slowly move towards and away from theobject with your device. You will notice the Proximity beep speedsup as you get close and slows down as you move away. Features:1)Auto set and ready to detect2) Default standard UT Field Settings (At start and Reset )3) Fully adjustable values for the user ( 0 -99 )4) Battery Monitor ( Detects a drain of power from the batteryduring an investigation )5) Reversed Looped audio track ( NoLanguages ) GHOST BOX MODE6) TEST button ( Use for weak spiritsafter asking a question7) Proximity Beep ( Audible sound fordistance to EMF source )8) GHOST BOX MODE ( Reversed looped audiofor spirits to use and manipulate )9) Time of day ( AM - PM )10)VOLUME CONTROL ( PROXIMITY versus Volume ) Closer = louder /Further away = quieter
FULL K2 Calibration Control ( Single pole / all pole +/- controls)Spirit Control added from my other popular apps. ( Spirit EMFactivates audio ) Great for hearing the spirit's voice, by allowingthe Audio volume to be controlled by the spirit's EMF field.Advanced control Panel added to top. Tap to open.10 Audio BanksK2Mute Button ( Added in Update )Auto randomizationManual scanrateChop rate for manual controlsK2 (45° - 0° angle ) VolumecontrolPlay / stopAUTO CORRECTIVE CALIBRATION ( Devices that arestuck beeping or leds stuck on )Facebook and YouTubelinking.Helpful usage hints, tips and tricks.*NEW UPDATESChanged Zsensor to Y sensor.Added Push and Hold Calibration to Advanced Menubuttons. You no longer have to tap to increase or decreaseSensitivity. Just push and Hold or Tap. Thank you for choosing VBEINC.
This application requires a Compass and Accelerometer Sensor to beactive and working in your device. If you do not have a compasssensor, then you will be limited to only Accelerometer Functions ofthe app. Tools Included: 1) EMF DIRECTIONAL RADAR 2) EMF MULTIMETER3) EMF METER with Weak Spirit Calibrate 4) EMF PARAPHRASE ( Wordselection by EMF input ) 5) GEO PARAPHRASE ( Word Selection by GEOinput ) 6) GEO METER with auto Calibrate 7) PARATOOLZ ( Completeapp ) 8) EVP AUTO RECORDER ( Complete app - Normal EVP Recorder +EMF and GEO start ) 9) EVP ENHANCER ( Quick on the spot enhancementfor EVPs ) Features, within the app: 1) Screen Shot 2) Jump toCamera Function 3) Internal File Selection of audio .ogg 4) GhostBox audio ( Reversed LOOPED garbled audio - No language! ) This appis designed to be used to communicate with the dead. It has beentested in the field and we have had amazing results. This appincludes 2 of our already proven paranormal apps. PARATOOLZ and theEVP Auto Recorder, have been used all around the world with amazingresults. Videos can be found on Youtube of users, using these appsto collect fantastic evidence. The Ghost Box audio is audio Choppedup and Looped in reverse, to make the Audio NO LANGUAGE AT ALL.This is to prevent someone from thinking the audio is actually aspirit. The point to this is to power the speaker for a spirit tospeak into it. We gathered over the years, that when a spirit's EMFsource or GEO source is added or subtracted from the speakers EMFpower ( Speaker vibrating ). You can hear a spirit speaking throughthe speaker. Which, is our belief and has been accepted around theworld by users hearing their own languages and answers to theirquestions. We have taken it a step further and added words forspirits to select, via an input of EMF or GEO. During aninvestigation. To verify a spirit is actually using the app. Simpleask them to read the words they select or ask them to select a wordthat will answer your question. It's one thing to debunk whatsounds like a certain word. It is another to have that wordselected and said at the same moment, that answers your question.Lastly, it is up to you the user to use this app properly and todebunk any evidence that could be triggered by another source. I.E.Power lines or Vibrations caused by wind or yourself. However, ifyour record evidence that you can not debunk. PLEASE share it inour growing group of over 3,000+ members. All evidence helps withfuture development of our apps at VBE INC. No, this is not forentertainment purposes. This is a tool and should be used as such.If you download this app, expecting random words or ghostly figuresto appear. You will be disappointed. Please be respectful tospirits at any location you visit. However, if a spirit isdisrespecting you for no apparent reason. You should leave or showthe same type of respect back. Nevertheless, Thank you for yoursupport and evidence sharing. Without it, we would not be at thislevel currently of almost Flawless, evidence.
Using the Already proven Tech from Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBE.VBEGHGHOSTBOXPRO) We've added new Hack Shack Radio Loops.AUDIO BANKS:1) 20-125Forward Audio ( Kevin Himes )2) 20-125 Reverse Audio ( Kevin Himes)3) 12-589 Forward Audio ( Rickyvb )4) 12-589 Reverse Audio (Rickyvb )New Features over VBE Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P:1)Calibration Control ( Full X,Y,Z Sensor Tweaking )2) Rapid Radar3)RE Calibration Timer ( User Controlled )4) Delay Timer ( UserControlled )5) Spirit Controlled Delay Senors ( 00 Setting )6)Audio Loop Menu ( 4 Tracks of Looped Hack Shack Radios )7) CheckMark Audio Selection ( Select 1 or Select 4 )8) Sensor Lock (Control Calibration for 1 sensor or all 3 )9) Full Read out ( Nomore guessing if the app is working. Visual Data of all sensors)10) One Screen Display of Buttons and Sensors in Text form.HOWTOO?********* ALWAYS LAY ON A FLAT SURFACE, DO NOT TOUCH THE DEVICEONCE SET ***********Calibration Settings:1) Calibration is done bythe buttons at the bottom. ( Default is for Powerful Spirits )2) Bypressing the ( - ) Button. The sensors max allowance is lowered. (MORE SENSITIVE )3) By pressing the ( + ) Button. The Sensors Maxallowance is Raised ( Less Sensitive ) Note: Always adjust yoursensors for your spirits. This allows even weak spirits to speak toyou. Want audio too? Continue... if not, go to A)4) Press the Playbutton. ( This audio is by default a short burst from 20-125 Audiofrom Kevin Himes. ) Note: If you want spirit controlled Bursts.Continue... if not, go to A)5) Press the MENU icon button.6) Selectyour audio loops, by touching the check box and adding a checkmark. ( 1 - 4 tracks to select All or 1 )7) Press the Backbutton.A) Start asking your Questions.CALIBRATION SETTINGS: Note:Please read this. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Like posted above. Allow yourspirit time at the default Setting to communicate. If you believethe spirit is there and you are getting nothing. You need to adjustthe calibration for that spirit. 1) First, tell your spirit to keepsaying something. I.E. The alphabet over and over.2) Press the ( -) button. ( Default all three locked. Any ( - ) button will work)3) Wait about 10 secondsDid you get a response? NO? Continue...Yes? Read anyway for weaker spirits. lol4) Repeat steps 2 and 3,until you get some kind of response.RAPID RADAR: Note: This puppyhelps you determine, which sensor the spirit likes the most. Youcan now unlock the sensors by pressing the sensor button in Red. (Red Locked, Blue Unlocked )If your Radar is constantly aiming inone direction. You may ether have a Spirit to that direction or thespirit is only effecting one Sensor. To make the device even morefriendly for your spirit. Follow the directions below. Thedirections are by Example.EXAMPLE: Right aiming Radar only.1) Pressthe ( - ) on only the x and z sensors.2) Repeat steps 2 -3 above inthe Calibration settings info.You should now have a radar fullyfunctioning and a fully calibrated device, for your spirit at it'spower level. Stress free for the spirit. He or She, does not haveto muster up power to speak anymore. You made it easy for he orshe.Future Communication: Note: Yes, chances are fantastic you willspeak to a spirit. Ask that spirit's name and write down yourcalibration for future communication. Special Thanks goes out toKEVIN HIMES and everyone one my loyal Customers. With out yourfantastic Reviews and Comments. I would have stopped making GhostApplications for everyone and just used them for myself. Here's toa Great year of Breaking through to the other side and learningmore to better are abilities to speak with them. Thank you Again. =)Kevin Himes Links:Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/kevin.himes.79?fref=ufiYoutube at:https://www.youtube.com/user/kevmodee1866
****BEFORE PURCHASE. Download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBE.SENSORTESTtotest your device. You MUST HAVE a Compass Sensor in yourdevice*********The VBE ITC MASTER SUITE contains the following,***NEW ***1) User Requested GHOST BOX, Function. = Non stop user speedcontrolled / Chopped audio2) Added Spirit BOARD EMF ACTIVE Editable2A) User Submitted Backgrounds for the OUIJA BOARD. LINK:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1518304578209803&set=pcb.968966656567776&type=33)Added a Quick Camera to Take Pictures on the FLYDEVICE BRANDING:1)Background changing ability to Brand your Ghost Hunting Group, intothe apps Background.IN APP:1) GHOST TRACKER = GHOST RADAR2) EMFMETER = K23) SPIRIT WORD = PX Device style word selection by EMFinput. User Speed Control4) EMF SAYS = Simon Says style GHOSTGAME5) EMF ALARM = K2 Detect EMF6) FLASHLIGHT ( Not compatible withsome devices - Samsung )7) LIGHTS = Simulated Lazer Grid8) SCREENSHOT = Snap Photos of Evidence9) SPIRIT SCREEN SHOT = Snaps photosWhen Spirit is Detected10) EMF ART BOARD = You can Draw with aSpirit11) HAUNTED LOCATIONS = User submitted Haunted Locations byCoordinates 12) Spirit BOARD ( EDITABLE ) = Create your own Boardfor Communications or use the Stock OUIJA Board styled board.13)MASTER VOLUME CONTROL = Control over app Volume14) SPIRIT TYPEWRITER = EMF Controlled Intelligent Typing OS SYSTEM:Twisted Tabsby VBE1) HELP MENU = Videos and Live Help at our Group.2) AUDIOGHOST BOX CONTROL = Ovilus Style ( Reversed Englished, Chopped up)3) DEVICE INFO TAB = Device Information for online Help4)CALIBRATION CONTROL with EMF LED DISPLAY = K2 Style EMF Display5)SAVE CALIBRATION DATA = Saves Users Calibration6) SAVE DATA =SCREENSHOTS, HAUNTED LOCATION SHARING, SPIRIT TYPED INPUTAudioTracks:11 reversed Garbled English audio tracks = Ovilus StyleChopped AudioHELP: LIVE GROUP:https://www.facebook.com/groups/VBEINC/ ( 1,000+ Members growingdaily )VIDEO EXPLANATION:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeayxaICAxQ&t=14s ( 20,000+views of channel )Thank you, for your support.
This app is a collaboration effort Between Myself and GhostsINC.Simple Voice Box, with Ghosts INC. audio.
Ghost Host Events Ghost Box P 3.0 APK
VBE - Ghost Host Events Uk Ghost Box, Free Edition =CollaborationWorking with Medium Ed Booker from Ghost Host EventsUk. We created this Ghost Box, for free. This version uses the GeoSensors to activate the reverse audio. All the while, White noiseis playing softly in the background.Please visit:https://www.facebook.com/Ghost-Hosts-Events-UK-172372972953792/Thiscollaboration took place between VanBrakle Entertainment and GhostHost Events Uk.We both created the basic concept and are nowsharing it with the world.This Ghost box, works off the Geo Sensorsin your device. You have multiple ways of using this device and ithas auto calibration to boot.UPDATE: Idea provided by user HGray.He asked for the app to run in the background. Use the PowerButton to now end the app completely. PRO VERSION:CalibrationControl Menu:Left Center:+ Add seconds in between Calibrations-Lower amount of time between CalibrationsRight:This is yourSensitivity Control.Simply slide your finger to the desiredSensitivity. Default is 0.010 TOP ( Recommended down to 0.005)0.00090 Is extremely SensitiveSKIN COLOR MENU:Red, Green andDefault Grey selections.RADAR BUTTON:SImple on / offOption 01:Sensor Alarm ( No Audio )1) Place on a Flat surface.2) Start theapplication. ( Do not move the device )3) Simple slide the shutterdown, once the application has booted up.Q: What am I lookingfor?A: You are looking for the straight green line to fluctuate.Q:How can I use this to communicate?A: Simply ask yes or noquestions. Make sure to let the spirit know, how many time toeffect the sensor for Yes, no and maybe.Option 02: White Noise ( NoSensor visual ) Constant contamination audio1) Start theapplication2) Hold the device and press play ( If moving. Moveslowly! Try to keep you hand very still)3) Ask you questions. (Audio is in reverse and will be audible, once a sensor iseffected!)Q: I hear speech, but it is in reverse.A: Exactly. Thepoint here is to listen for forward Speech. The audio in thisapplication is in Reverse. So, if you hear forward speech. Thatwould be impossible or a spirit.Q: Why does it cut in and out?A:The Reverse speech audio, only comes on when the sensor iseffected. Thus, try not to make sudden movements or place thedevice on a flat surface.Option 03: White Noise and Sensor Visual1)Do exactly as option 02. Only slide down the shutter button toreveal the Visual data.Option 04: Perfection Communication andRecommended use. ( Moving while trying to retrieve sensitive data,is never a good idea. Thus, this is the recommended use for thisand any of my devices.)1) Place the device on a Flat and levelsurface.2) Start the application and wait for it to loadcompletely.3) Slide down the Shutter button.4) Press Play Button(You will hear white noise. The visual Data, will be a flatHorizontal line. If you see this. You have done everything correctso far. )5) Ask your spirit to communicate by touching your deviceor by speaking loud, slowly and clear.6) Wait at least 10 seconds,between questions.Q; What am I listening or looking for?A: You arewaiting for the device to display a visual disturbance and/orReversed audio.Q: What does that mean?A: It means, something iseffecting the GEO Sensor in your phone. Something being a Spirit orvibration of some sort.Q: I can not understand the words.A: Atfirst, the chances of that happening are slim to none. Reasonbeing. Spirits are human beings, without a body. They have to learnhow to use new things, just as you and I, do. It takes time forthem to manipulate it properly. Once a spirit gets it downcorrectly. You will hear Clean and clear responses in forwardspeech. There is no other way for Forward Speech to come through adevice playing forward speech in reverse.Thank you, for yoursupport. = )
This app goes beyond anything we have created before. There is 16Main apps for communications and 3 external apps within the mainapp. Communication apps ( Stationary mode ) 1) GHOST WORDS - Wordselection by EMF input 2) TAROT Cards - Feeling and common answercard selection by EMF 3) Crystal Ball - Common answers to questionsEMF controlled 4) MYSTIC COMPASS - Answers , Letters and numbers.EMF Controlled 5) EMF PIANO - Piano controlled by EMF Values 6) EMFGuitar - Guitar sounds controlled by EMF Values 7) EMF DRUMS - Drumsounds controlled by EMF Values 8) VOICE TONE CONTROL - Ghost boxwith Group / Male / Female tones. GEO activated. 9) WAR SOUNDS -Audio Trigger Objects 01 controlled by EMF Values 10) EMF ART BOARD- An ART BOARD controlled by EMF Values 11) CURSIVE PAD - Asignature pad controlled by EMF Values 12) TOY SOUNDS - Toy andschool sounds controlled by EMF Values 13) VERIFICATION GAME - CardMatching controlled by EMF Values 14) STATIC AUDIO - Interferencecontrolled by EMF Values 15) TRUST BOX - Ghost box controlled byEMF, GEO and User push button control 16) HAUNTED LOCATIONS - Groupshared Haunted Location links and images Extra Features for preciseInvestigations: 1) EMF Calibrations Manual and AUTO 2) GEOCalibrations Manual and AUTO 3) Battery Monitor - Monitors Batterydrain for abnormal reductions in power 4) Compass Sensor locationmarker 5) Built in Screen Shot Function 6) AUTO CONFIGURATION -Auto calibrates your device for your current location 7) AUTO MODESWITCH - Pick up for WALK MODE 8) Haunted Times - Alert for Hauntedtimes WALK MODE: 1) UT EMF METER - Top - Reads common UT values anddisplays high values 2) EMF Radar - Displays current EMF Data inORB Form 3) EMF PULL X - VBE ORIGINAL - Tells you the direction ofa magnetic pull 4) COMPASS - Normal Compass to tell direction 5)Camera - Short cut to your camera app 6) Video - Short cut to yourvideo camera app 7) Flashlight - Short cut to your Flashlight app (Does not work on all devices ) 8) Screen Shot function 9) BEEPAUDIO PROXIMITY - Choose between a beep or the GHOST BOX AUDIO 10)HOLD - Hold Walk Mode for a typical K2 style Meter RECENTLY ADDED:1) EVP RECORDER - Records the audio of your investigation There isa ton of features within each and every app. An example would bethe GHOST WORDS app, has the ability to import their own Names andWords list in their own language. Please visit our group to readthe entire manual. FULL OWNER'S MANUAL and Features at:https://rickyvb3.wixsite.com/vbeinc Prior to buying any of ourapps. Please test your device first. This app Requires a COMPASSSENSOR and a Accelerometer Sensor. LINK:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBE.SENSORTEST&hl=enIf your device passes the app above. Please test the device againwith this app. If you notice lag or this app crashes. Your devicewill not be able to handle this GATEWAY app. LINK:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBEINC.VBESENSORTESTER&hl=enIf you have any Questions or would like more information. Pleasevisit our website and ask your questions or request moreinformation. We will be happy to help you. LINK:https://www.facebook.com/groups/VBEINC/ Thank you, for yoursupport...