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VitalityGames presents the newest andexclusivegame called: Parking Reloaded HD.

If you love parking and driving games this is the perfectgamefor you.

Parking Reloaded HD is an amazing car parking simulator gamethatrequires high precision.

We surround your sight with friendly graphics andsmoothmotion.

- many intense levels
- 68 parking spots
- Thrilling gameplay
- Realistic car physics
- Obstacles

Parking Reloaded HD is an amazing car parking simulator gamethatrequires high precision. The game offers 68 parking spots inmanyawesome levels for you to have fun. This game requiresseriousdriving and parking skills to be able to finish it. Followthearrows on the street to find the parking spot. Also,there’sindicated on each parking space the way you have to parkyour car.If you are a very good driver, you will be able to unlockothercool cars in this game at level 4, 9 and 14. Each car hasdifferentengine power handling and you must learn how to controleach one inorder to park in the fastest time. The game offers manylevels withsome of the most difficult parking spots you have everseen. Youhave to pay attention and avoid all obstacles, and ofcourse, themost difficult one is the traffic. You will have tojuggle betweencars and try not to hit anything. If you hit your carseveral timesyou will have to restart the level, but don’t worry,if you are anexperienced driver you will make it and win thiscomplex parkinggame. So, why more thoughts? Download and have funwith thisintense and challenging game. Good luck and have fun!

App Information Parking Reloaded HD

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    Parking Reloaded HD
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    May 12, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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