2.6.7 / July 14, 2014
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Parkour monster also known as "City Rush"orParkour. It was born in the 1980s in France, "Parkour" Thewordcomes from the French "parcourir", the literal translationis"everywhere", in addition it contains "obstacle course"means.Parkour monster the whole city as a great training ground,all thewalls, roofs have become to climb, crossing objects,especially thestreets of abandoned houses Rush extreme sports,veryornamental.
Parkour monster,Extreme Sports,Parkour freerunning, 3Dgames,parkour urban,outdoor sports

App Information Parkour monster

  • App Name
    Parkour monster
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 14, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China, Guizhou University Huaxi District
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Onion Knight 2.2 APK
Onion-Knight, which still in develop is a freeARPG game for the Android. We would like to use this opportunity toshare this game. We will continue to add new content (Such asscenes, characters, spells, items, etc.). We will build and improveour game based on your feedback.The story happened in a dark age, with no hero in existence. Themain character is a knight from fantasy; a heroic knight who oftentimes behaves absurdly. However, there is nothing that can stop himfrom chasing his dreams.***************Features*******************A free and an ARPG.-A fantastic role-playing game for the Android includingexcellent graphics and awesome gameplay.- The player will encounter many fights with the devil. Thereare many unique maps to explore, for example, Screaming Cemetery,Dead Desert, Silent Jokul, and Quiet Forest, with many more mapsunder development.- Players can choose to play different roles. In the future, theplayer can choose to even play as the devil.- Several challenges await, such as difficult boss battles.- Battle against a variety of enemies. The player can usedifferent types of weapons, items, and spells. They can fight likethe legendary knight.***************Communities*******************https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108084548892280835150If you have any question(bug,suggest,problem...etc) could postto hereAlso you could post your game of honor or funny picture that shareto other players.
顶他 1.3 APK
顶他 是一款非常好玩有意思的音乐游戏,顶他 一款独特的益智休闲游戏,顶他游戏中玩家点击屏幕左边的落点拍打出节奏,每成功一次,你的区域就会产生一个新单位,连击高还会出现高级单位,遇到很长的节奏玩家可以在屏幕上划一道墙挡住敌人的攻击。顶他游戏中除了音乐还有即时战略和成就系统等你来解开,非常的独特。顶他 游戏还支持蓝牙连接对战模式,赶快叫上你的小伙伴一起来玩吧!He is a very fun top funmusic game, the top of his game a unique puzzle casual, click onthe top of his game in which players shot hit the left side of thescreen placement rhythm, once every success, you will have a newarea units, there will be senior high combo unit encountered a longrhythm players can draw on the screen of a wall to block theenemy's attack. In addition to the top of his game as well as musicsystems, real-time strategy and achievements for you to unlock,very unique.Top of his game also supports Bluetooth connectivity Versus mode,quickly call your little friends together and play!
陌声 1.1.5 APK
陌声是一款基于地理位置用歌声交友的移动社交app,在这里你可以认识全国各地的喜欢唱歌的陌生人,你还可以通过陌声查看对方的个人信息和位置,免费聊天。你也可以通过陌声查看附近的陌生人想听什么歌,让你的交际范围更广。在任何时间,任何地点你都可以让周围的陌声人听到你的歌声。陌声,用声音温暖你!Unfamiliar with thesoundof the song is a location-based mobile social dating app,where youcan sing like a stranger awareness across the country, youcan alsoview each other's personal information and locationthroughunfamiliar sound, free chat. You can also see through thestreetnear strangers want to hear what the sound of the song, sothat awider range of your communication. At any time, any place youcanlet people around the street to hear the sound of yourvoice.Street sound, with sound warm you!
Legend of dragon 1.2.5 APK
*NEW Battle Pets*Pets have joined the fight for glory! Hunt, train and raise heroiccompanions to aid your hero in battle.*NEW Partner*Partner have joined the fight for glory! Your partner will battleinstead when your here died.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=Features=★FULL-TOUCH CONTROL - Brings you different experience★DAILY TARGET & CHECK IN & 7 DAYS TARGETPlayers can complete all daily target once per day, system resetsat the following day at 5 AM (does not include daily energytarget)Players will receive rewards when all daily targets has beencompleted.Rewards include EXP, coins and diamonds.★WANDERFUL MISSION & WORLD BOSSMission is given according to players’ level and the progress ofthe game. Complete given mission and receive EXP, Coins, items, andmany others rewards.Mission function: Guide players in the game, leveling players’level.★DOOM WILD & ARENADoom Wild is a timed stage, if player cannot win within given timeor died during battle is consider as failed, players are also notallow to proceed to Wheel War. Players will also continue to thenext stage with the remaining HP.In Doom Wild, players can continue the game despite the maincharacter is dead. Players can choose 2 living partners to continuethe game. Game is considered over when all remaining partners aredead.★GUILD & TEAM DUNGEONPlayers can join or build a guild with other members and protectthe reputation of the guild.Every player can join every chapter’s team dungeon twice per day.System resents at 5AM at the following day. Guild changing will notaffect the team dungeon default setting.Good luck!!!
Parkour monster 2.6.7 APK
Parkour monster also known as "City Rush"orParkour. It was born in the 1980s in France, "Parkour" Thewordcomes from the French "parcourir", the literal translationis"everywhere", in addition it contains "obstacle course"means.Parkour monster the whole city as a great training ground,all thewalls, roofs have become to climb, crossing objects,especially thestreets of abandoned houses Rush extreme sports,veryornamental.Keywords:Parkour monster,Extreme Sports,Parkour freerunning, 3Dgames,parkour urban,outdoor sports
Sword Of Sky 1.0.2 APK
SOS is an action-packed flight shotgame!Main Features-Autopilot system-Top notch 3D graphics-Exciting gaming experience-Stimulation level design-A variety of exquisite airplane model-A wide variety of enemies-Complete game incentivesThis game is still in the development stage, we need youradvice,please contact us by e-mail --- [email protected]