1.6 / July 24, 2015
(4.3/5) (1983)


In this game, you must escape from a room with parrots in it.Thedifficulty is low.At each stage there is also a card depicting aparrot hidden in the room.We hope you enjoy playing this ratherunique escape game!

App Information Parrots Escape

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    Parrots Escape
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    July 24, 2015
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    bloom mushroom
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ParrotsPuzzle 1.6 APK
Slide-the-parakeets puzzle.Slide the other parakeets to let themain parakeet out.With each level completed, you will discover newfriends that will appear on puzzle screens and parakeets'rooms.Cute parakeet voices, many parakeets, 60 types of parakeets,and more to come.This corresponds to ranking, so you can play withfriends too.Do try this game.
脱出ゲーム スライドプリンセス 1.3 APK
〇ストーリーその古城には一人と一羽しかいなかった。ここはどこで、なぜ誰もいないのか。いつからそうなのか。〇ゲームシステム見下ろし視点型の脱出ゲームです。ステージクリアで、ストーリーが展開されていきます。姫と執事の会話を楽しみながらプレイできます。また、ステージごとに隠されたシークレットファイルを集めていく要素もあります。謎がわからない時にはヒント機能もありますので安心です。いつもと少し変わった脱出ゲームとして遊んでいただければうれしいです。※android5.0でのみ、音楽が流れない症状があります。そのままでも遊べますが、可能であれば android 5.0.1以上にアップデートしていただけるとより楽めます。音楽がヒントになっている謎はありませんので、ご安心ください。Yes StoryItwas only one person and one bird in the old castle.Where is here,why not anyone. What time from the right.Yes game systemIt islooking down perspective type of escape game.In clear the stage,the story will continue to be expanded.You can play while enjoyingthe conversation of the princess and the butler.In addition, thereare also elements that will collect secret files hidden in eachstage.When the mystery is not known it is safe because there isalso a hint feature.I am glad if you can To play as a littleunusual escape game always.※ In android 5.0 only, there aresymptoms that music does not flow.You can play as such but, Masu Memore comfortable if you are able to update if possible android5.0.1 or higher.Since there is no mystery that music is in thetips, please do not worry.
Parrots Escape 1.6 APK
In this game, you must escape from a room with parrots in it.Thedifficulty is low.At each stage there is also a card depicting aparrot hidden in the room.We hope you enjoy playing this ratherunique escape game!
Piano Chords Tap 1.1 APK
Can be quickly confirmed when needed, it is piano chords tableapp.By touching the keyboard part, you can also check the actualsound.Please use means for playing and composers.
がんばれ!ルルロロ おさんぽパズル 1.0 APK
ルルロロの世界をおさんぽ大冒険!かわいいルルロロと一緒に、スライドパズルを楽しもう。今日はあなたも、ルルとロロと一緒にお仕事しませんか?お散歩してたくさんの町の人達と出会いながら、家まで戻ってくるのが今日のお仕事!アニメのストーリーを思い出しながら楽しめるようになっています。■ルール・ルルとロロがとなりどうしになるように、スライドして動かしてね。・そしてステージごとに決まっている条件を満たしてスーパークリア!・スーパークリアすると、マップにシールがはられていくよ。ルルロロと一緒に全50ステージ制覇を目指して、パズルにチャレンジしてみませんか?ランキングにも対応していますので、やり込んで友達と競争しよう!(c)BANDAI/ルルロロプロジェクトWalking Adventures intheworld of Rururoro!Along with the cute Rururoro, enjoy the slide puzzle.Do you also, do not you work with Lulu and Lolo today?While meeting with the people of a lot of the town to walk,comethe case for today your work back to the house!While remembering the animation of the story has becometoenjoy.■ rulesLulu and Lolo so is next to each other, you move to slide.- And super clear meet the conditions that have been determinedforeach stage!• When super clear, seal is gradually affixed to the map.Aiming to win all 50 stages with Rururoro, why not trytochallenge the puzzle?Since also supported in the ranking, trying to compete withfriendscrowded spear!(C) BANDAI / Lulu Lolo project
ネコと花火と夏休み 1.6 APK
猫の手を操作して、花火が消えてしまわないように風から守ってください。 プレイ回数やスコアに応じて猫の日記を読んでいくことができます。難易度も優しく、短い時間で遊べるゲームになっていると思います。ネコが飼い主に再び会うことができる時は来るのでしょうか?季節外れの花火ですが、すぐにクリアできると思いますので、ぜひ一度遊んでください!Byoperating the hand of the cat, please protect from the wind asfireworks is not Shimawa disappear.You can go read the cat diary,depending on the number of plays and score.Difficulty also gently,we think that has become a game to play in a short time.Or Willcome when you can meet again in the cat owner?Although it isfireworks out of season, so I think that it soon be cleared, pleaseplay certainly once!
Parrots Escape 2 1.4 APK
It is a escape game where cute cats and parakeets emerge. Theroomis full of mysteries Sometimes we asked parrots to cooperate,Evenbeing interfered by a cat! What? Hint function is alsoavailable sofeel free to play.
Tetra World Adventure 1.6 APK
Lost in a back alley, you find a passageway to four worlds! Go onan adventure through the worlds that open up behind the four doors.What happens after you've traveled through them all? When youencounter a puzzle, don't worry. There will be clues along the way!