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The Pascal Principle Hydraulic Lift System Calculator isanintuitive tool for people working with Hydraulic Lift System.Thecalculator is built to update the results as the user keys inthevalues.Based on the inputs, the user can calculate parameterssuchas force, area & pressure.

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    Pascal's Principle Hydraulic Lift SystemCalculator
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    October 15, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Pascal's Principle Hydraulic Lift SystemCalculator 1.0 APK
The Pascal Principle Hydraulic Lift System Calculator isanintuitive tool for people working with Hydraulic Lift System.Thecalculator is built to update the results as the user keys inthevalues.Based on the inputs, the user can calculate parameterssuchas force, area & pressure.
Computer System Architecture 1.0 APK
The development of a Computer System Architecture App providesthecontent of the lectures so that it is easier for the studentstostudy even without aid from the lecturers. This app willassistself- directed learning tools. The Computer SystemArchitecturecourse is compulsory in Semester 1 for the Diploma ofInformationTechnology (Digital Technology) – DDT students inPoliteknikMersing. Before this, the students were taught only byuse ofPowerPoint slides which tended to be boring andunexciting.Students did not feel encouraged to understand thelecture.Therefore, the Computer System Architecture App wasdeveloped tohelp the students to more readily understand thematerial. The menuof the App consists of Notes, Quiz, Video, Gamesand a Calculator.With the multi approaches used in this app theinterest of thestudents to study is enhanced. Response from thestudents indicatedthat this method was effective to enhance theirunderstanding. Theteaching duration was found to be shorter for thestudents to gainan understanding of the subject when aided by theComputerArchitecture System App compared to the previous teachingmethod.
DBM1013 Vector calculator and solution 1.0 APK
DBM1013 Vector Calculator and Solution is a mobile applicationforandroid smartphones developed by Polytechnic lecturers usingtheMassachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Apps Inventor.Theproblems solved including A+B, A-B, AB, A•B, AxB and anglebetweenthe two vectors. In contrast to the scientific calculatorsused inthe classroom, this application displays detailedcalculation stepsbesides displaying the final answer for eachcalculated question.The use of this app can save time for studentsare no longer needto refer to notes or reference books since theapplication can showthe calculation steps. This mobile app is seenas a great help tostudents and is able to attract students tobetter leverage theirsmartphone functionality for academic use andturn the smartphoneinto a more effective teaching tool.
SimplyGauss 1.0 APK
Using this online calculator, you will receive adetailedstep-by-step solution to your problem, which will helpyouunderstand the algorithm how to solve system of linear equationsbyusing Gaussian Elimination method
Inverse & Cramer's Calculator 1.0 APK
Inverse & Cramer’s Calculator a mathematical solver forInverseMethod and Cramer’s Rule. This apps show step by stepsolutions foreach method. This apps help students to check andidentify theysolutions. Traditional calculator just showing a finalanswers butwith this apps, student can look each steps for theysolution andthis help their understanding in solving Inverse MethodandCramer’s Rule. Please enjoys this app.
MONEC is a short form from Mobile Notes Electronic Circuit.Thise-notes will engaging student to study and apply apps as astudytools. MONEC provides notes, examples and auto solution.
ODEGEN stands for Order of Differential Equation Generatorwherethis application is specifically designed for the subtopicofSecond Order of Differential Equation applicable toEngineeringMathematics 3 (DBM3013) and Electrical EngineeringMathematics(DBM3023) courses. This application is built with theaim ofhelping students to study the subtopic individually withouthavingto rely entirely on the lecturer owing to syllabus allocationofonly a week time to be covered to students. Thus, thisapplicationallows students to take advantage of the best possibletime tomaster the solution systematically according topredeterminedmarking rules. The students could afford to solve theproblemsthemselves easily by making use of the generator button.The buttonwill guide students step by step to get them learnedindirectly.Accordingly, this application also provides notes andvideo lessonsfor the subtopic besides a quiz platform to testtheirunderstanding.
Panduan KEW.PA-9 merukan Panduan Aduan Kerosakan Aset Alihkhususmenumpukan kepada panduan berkaitan RALAT dalam pengisianBorangaduan kerosalan aset alih. Panduan ini adalah jugamenyelitkanBorang Aduan Kerosakan dan Pekeliling 1PP 2018. Ulasanturutmerangkumi perubahan borang dari KEW.PA-9 kepada KEW.PA-10.SegalaMaklumat yang terkandung adalah berasaskan kepada Pekeliling1PP.Objektif utama panduan agar terdapat rujukan secara MobileApps.Moga usaha sedikit ini memberi sedikit ilmu kepada semuayangterlibat