2.5.2 / April 14, 2016
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ADDS FREEIts an addicting game that will help you in time pass.There are different levels available for speed that don't let thosetiles pass and don't press the wrong ones .And also don't touchtiles with danger symbol on themMore features in the next update

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    Passing Tiles
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    April 14, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    SHA PARK 44 SGD 14000
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Free International Sms 1.6 APK
This is an amazing appIt enables you to send free sms to any mobilenumber in the world free of cost.You dont have to worry about anycharges as you can send free sms to any number in the world.
Wizards vs Avalanche 1.5.7 APK
Ever wanted to become a wizard? Ever dreamed of learning magic in aschool of wizardry? Have you ever thought that the life of wizardsmust be a lot easier than regular people because they have specialpowers and abilities that help them? Here is an example of wizardswho are facing a big natural disaster, an avalanche. Do you thinkthe wizards can fight the avalanche with their magical powers? Andif they can, for how long? Is it related to how powerful the wizardis? Or how long the avalanche will last? You will be able to answerthese questions when you play "Wizards vs Avalanche". Try to helpthe Wizard to survive, Control him and make him fight the rocks ofthe avalanche relentlessly. It's only a matter of a few skills:-Fast Reflexes -Concentration -Awareness of one's limits -Strategicthinking -Decision making -Work under pressure -Accuracy ofestimation -Fighting spirit "Wizards vs Avalanche" is a game of 2sides, 1st side is the Wizards Tree, In this tree there are 12different wizards placed in a shape of pyramid, the base consistsof the main 6 wizards, each has a different power and when youmaster one of them (by reaching a certain score) you unlock one ofthe others randomly. When you Master 2 wizards on the same branch,you unlock a wizard that has both of their powers. And so on Untilyou reach the Top wizard who possesses the 6 Powers! The Other Sideis the Endless Game play, you will compete with your friends to seewho reached the highest score and survived for more time. After youmaster a wizard, the revive cost is reduced to give you a betterchance of beating your friends! Yet Remember, your skills are stillthe no.1 decisive factor in the equation! You try to escape fromthe falling rocks. Your wizard can fly and has a special abilitythat will help you during the game play. Your goal is to remainalive as long as possible hoping that this avalanche will end. Eachrock of this avalanche is of a different size, speed and angle so,as we mentioned earlier, you will need to wear your coat ofconcentration, fast reflexes and other important skills to be ableto overcome them. Make sure to use your wizard's power wiselybecause, unlike the flying ability, it's limited and you replenishit during each game. Use it in what you believe to be the mostefficient way. The Score is determined by the time your wizardstays alive and survives. Now can the power of Magic save a wizardagainst this natural disaster? It's you against the rocks! It'syour wizard vs the AVALANCHE! Wizards vs Avalanche Features:-Magical Art -Combined Game Mechanics -Worldwide Leaderboards-Fitting soundtracks -Challenging Achievements Wizards vs AvalancheGame play: -You Tap and hold the wizard to make him fly -You draghim up, down, right & left to navigate in the screen -Rocks arefalling from above -You use your navigation to avoid rocks and headto the safe (momentarily) spot in the screen -You collect 6 GreenEmeralds to fill the meter of the special ability which is above inthe HUD -The Special ability here is swiping rocks with the otherhand (while flying) -You use this ability to successfully swipe 12rocks then you will need to collect Emeralds again and so on.-During The game you can collect Amethyst Gems which can help youto revive your wizard and continue after you fail by hitting a rockor falling from screen. -After You Master your first Wizard,another one is unlocked for you to play with -This Other Wizard hasthe same game mechanic of flying ability, but his special power isdifferent -Different powers are: Extra Life, Crystal Wall, PhoenixFire, Teleporting and powerbombs -Each power has its own HeartStone to collect: Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Sapphire and Garnet inaddition to the Emerald You've overcome our last challenge when youMaster The Top Wizard. But you still have friends that might get ahigher score as the game is endless. Make sure you show' em who'sthe Boss ;) Good luck! Enjoy :)
SGN 131 1.5 APK
Test App
Corian Bazaar 1.6 APK
We are the fabricators of Corian®, A Product of Dupont (USA)Quality& Innovation is our StrengthWhat is Corian®Corian®, A high Techsolid surface material of DuPont (USA) which beautifully portraysits capability. Corian® can be crafted almost in any shape and hasfollowing properties. Non Porous Non-Flammable Seamless Joints Neat& Hygenic Surface Durable & ElegantCreators(Fabricators)Creators believe in quality and innovationthat is why we recommend our valuable customers to use Corian®, aproduct of DuPont (USA).We are committed to use only DuPont USACorian® for fabrication instead of other similar materials in themarket. You can also see the quality of fabrication in galleryarea.You dream it and we transform it into reality and are here toprovide you innovative and economical solutions. Creators, atrusted name in CORIAN SOLUTIONS are here to fulfill your needseffectively in environment friendly solutions for Home and Officeneeds.
Nipa Trading 2.0 APK
Time to become a successful car dealer together with Export Car! Byfully registering with us you will be able to purchase vehicles toyour liking intermediary-freely and at the lowest prices possible.Over 300,000 items are monthly put up to tender through Japanesevehicle auctions! And that means you will make money by joining us!Japanese used and damaged cars are exported to practically everyworld country. It is the excess profit that mostly attracts dealersfrom all over the world to Japanese motor and car auctions. Justthink about it, every day we register about 100 new joiningbidders! Become a part of it. Join us now!
Passing Tiles 2.5.2 APK
ADDS FREEIts an addicting game that will help you in time pass.There are different levels available for speed that don't let thosetiles pass and don't press the wrong ones .And also don't touchtiles with danger symbol on themMore features in the next update