1.1 / March 4, 2016
(3.7/5) (3)


Paw Puppy Jungle Escape on Patrol one ofthebest adventure 3D game ever!
Your paw puppy needs the coins to grow more attractive avoidallobstacles to be fine.
Run away from a black panther to save your player life.

Paw Puppy Jungle Escape on Patrol get ready for all blocksandobstacles.
You are the perfect little puppy from a forgotten temple! Tryyourbest to reach best score.

-- Reach highest scores and try to discover what's in !
--Break, jump over, slide under and dodge obstacles for anon-stoprun.

- Huge variety of obstacles
- Cute 3D cartoon graphics
- Interesting subway theme
- Various types of puppies to select
- Free to play

Beat Your friends high scores!!
collecting as many coins as you can in this running game toscorethe highest.
And it is your job to guide Paw on patrol to shred throughtheobstacles , i hope you have fun with this game enjoy it.

App Information Paw Puppy Jungle Escape

  • App Name
    Paw Puppy Jungle Escape
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 4, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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Paw Puppy Jungle on Patrol mostanticipatedadventure 3D game in 2016!Your paw puppy needs the coins to grow more attractive avoidallobstacles to be fine.Run and escape your player away from the black panther.Paw Puppy Jungle on Patrol get ready for all blocksandobstacles.You are the perfect little puppy from a forgotten temple! Tryyourbest to reach your masters temple.Features:- Cute 3D cartoon graphics- Various types of puppies to select- Huge variety of obstacles- Interesting subway theme-- Reach highest scores and try to discover what's in !--Break, jump over, slide under and dodge obstacles for anon-stoprun.its a running game where you need to cross different dangers ,whilecollecting as many coins as you can to score thehighest.And it is your job to guide Paw puppy patrol to avoid theobstacles, i hope you have fun and enjoy it.
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لعبة تلبيس وتزيين بنات مع مكياج من بين أفضلألعاب تلبيس بنات ومكياج في حلة جديدة.1- هي لعبة تزيين ومكياج للفتيات فقط و في مختلف الأعمار.2- اللعبة متوفرة على أحدث تصاميم اللباس و أدوات المكياج.3- يمكنك أن تختاري القميص المناسب: تصفيفة الشعر و التسريحات,عدساتللعين ,فستان زفاف مثلا،، لون الشعر، استعمال مختلف أدوات تزيينالوجه، الشفاه،Dress up and decorate thegirls with makeup among the best games girls dressing and makeup ina new suit.1. It is a game decorating and makeup for girls only and atdifferent ages.2. The game is available on the latest designs dress and make-uptools.3. You can choose the appropriate Shirt: Hairstyle and layoffs,lenses for the eye, wedding dress, for example ,, hair color, usedifferent tools decorate the face, lips,
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تطبيق إفحص فصيلة دمك ببصمتك prank تطبيق منأجلالمزاح مع أصدقائك تعطيك فصيلة دمك الإفتراضية يكفي فقط أن تضعابهامكوتنتظر لحظات ريثما يتم الفحص ستحصل بعد ذلك على فصيلتك . .طريقة عمل جهاز فحص فصيلة دمك ببصمتك:1- ضع إصبعك برفق على لوحة المسح الضوئي وانتظر التحليل.2- انتظر قليلا حتى يكتمل الفحص3- نتائج الفحص جاهزة أمامككما أيضا يمكنك من مشاركة فصيلة دمك مع أصدقائك على شبكاتالتواصلالاجتماعي و تكون السباق في استعمال التطبيق الاول عربياللترفيه كمايمكنك أن تشارك النتائج مع الهواتف الأخرى عن طريقالبلوتوت أو فيرسالة و تخبرهم بنتائج الفحص.تنويه: تطبيق إفحص فصيلة دمك ببصمتك هو مجرد مزخة للتسليةمعالاصدقاء والاهل.Application out ourbloodtype Bbesmtk prank application to banter with your friendsgive youyour blood type default only enough to put your thumb andwait formoments pending the examination will get after it onVeseltk. .The work of checking your blood type Bbesmtk device method:1. Place your finger gently on the plate scanning and waitforanalysis.2. Wait a little until the examination is completed3. The results of the examination in front of you readyIt also enables you to post your blood type with your friendsonsocial networks and the race to be the first use of theapplicationin the Arab world to entertain as you can share resultswith otherphones by Albulotot or in a letter and tell them theresults of theexamination.Disclaimer: The application out our blood type Bbesmtk Mzachhisjust for fun with friends and family.
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Dress Up Games For Girls its a free androidgame type of Girl GamesHelp the Doll to get stylish in this lovely dress upgames.Get creative and find your favorite style.There is nearly one hundred items to choose from in five categorieslike:dresses, T-shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, skirts, accessories,shoes, shirt and also some different hairstylesdressup beautiful Girls Doll . They need a new dress, betterhair and amazing makeup for the party. Can you turn these girlsinto princesses before the party begins?It all starts with a cute outfit. Dresses, skirts, shoes,tights, hats, tops, jewelry and accessories are all available inyour spa. Pick and choose what you like, the more beautiful thebetter, then dress your Doll from head to toe. Once the girls aredressed for success, give him a touch of makeup to complete thelook. The party is about to begin, so get that makeover ready togo.Features of free Dress Up Games For Girls:- Dress-up him to look like beautiful fashion models.- Add makeup, accessories and jewelry to each one.- Fix the hairs for the big party.- Complete beauty makeovers at your fingertips!i hope you enjoy this game.