3.0.10 / October 11, 2018
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The PBP for Ghana app

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    PBP (Ghana)
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    October 11, 2018
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    Android 2.1 and up
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卓球用品通販サイト 卓球LOVER公式アプリ 1.0 APK
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PBP (Fiji) 3.0.10 APK
The PBP for Fiji app
PBP (Zambia) 3.0.10 APK
The PBP for Zambia app
薬膳・漢方の資格学習 漢方eスクール公式アプリ 1.0.0 APK
薬膳・漢方の資格をあなたのペースで取得しよう。漢方eスクール公式アプリ。 ・オンライン講座東洋医学のオンライン講座を、どこでも、いつでもわかりやすい動画教材で受講していただけます。PC・スマホ・タブレットに対応。・テスト採点 講座ごとに、オンラインにて確認テストを受けて頂き、プロの講師による採点、フィードバックを受けることができます。・資格取得! 選択していただいたコースを修了すると、各コースごとに上海中医薬大学附属日本校公認の修了書が発行されます。◆◇◆ポイント◆◇◆ ▶漢方・薬膳が初めての方・興味のある方 √ ▶学んだ知識で暮らしを豊かにしたい方 √▶とことん学び、仕事に活かしたい方 √ ▶資格取得を目指す方 √ ◆◇◆講座内容◆◇◆漢方eスクールで実際に学んで頂く講座内容をご紹介します。 ▶すいな・かっさすいな・かっさとは、どちらも中医学の経絡理論を基にした手技療法です。現代では、疾病の予防、健康維持、美容などにも幅広く利用されています。▶薬膳薬膳とは、季節や気温、天候などを踏まえ食材を厳選・調理し、人が本来持つ自然治癒力そのものを高め、疾病の予防、健康維持・促進や美容などに用いられています。▶漢方漢方とは、目的に合わせ、自然由来の植物・鉱物をいくつか組み合わせて作られる薬です。漢方は本来人が持っている治癒・再生能力を最大限まで高め、症状を根本から改善させる事を目的としています。Health Food, Chinese medicine of the qualification trying to get atyour pace. Chinese medicine e school official app. Online coursesThe online courses of oriental medicine, anywhere, you will be ableto attend at any time easy-to-understand video teaching materials.Corresponding to the PC · smartphone tablet. Test scoring For eachcourse, will receive a confirmation test on-line, scoring by aprofessional instructor, you can get feedback. - qualification!Upon completion of who to select course, it will be issued letterof completion of the Shanghai Chinese Medicine University JapanCampus certified for each course. ◆ ◇ ◆ point ◆ ◇ ◆ ▶ √ Chinesemedicine, medicine Zen is if you are the first one & Interests√ If you want to enrich their lives in ▶ learned knowledge ▶ learnthoroughly, √ If you want to take advantage to work ▶ √ thoseinterested in the qualification ◆ ◇ ◆ course content ◆ ◇ ◆Introducing the course content where I am is actually learned intraditional Chinese medicine e school. ▶ Suina - Cassa TheSuina-Cassa, is a manipulative therapy in which the meridian theoryof Chinese medicine on the basis of both. In modern times,prevention of disease, health maintenance, has also been widelyused in such beauty. ▶ Yakuzen The Yakuzen, season and temperature,carefully selected, cooking the food based on the weather, enhancethe natural healing force itself inherent people, prevention ofdisease, have been used, such as in health maintenance andpromotion and beauty. ▶ Chinese medicine Chinese medicine and is,according to the purpose, is a medicine that is made by combiningsome of the plant and mineral derived from nature. Chinese medicineenhances the healing and regeneration ability of the peopleoriginally have to the fullest extent, we aims to improve thesymptoms from the root.
PBP (Ghana) 3.0.10 APK
The PBP for Ghana app
PBP (Gambia) 3.0.3 APK
The PBP for Gambia app