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Peeping Musicians has been designed to encourage earlylooking/observation skills and develop basic touch and targetingskills. Wait and watch for the musician as they ‘peep’ from thetop, bottom or side of the screen. Simply touch them to make themmove centre stage and play a piece of music. There are 20 differentcharacters and instruments to find. Black background and brightlycoloured musicians provide great contrast making this activity verysuitable for users with visual and perceptual difficulties. PeepingMusicians is a fun way to help a child to develop hand eyeco-ordination and learn to use a touch screen. Key Features: •Black background for maximum contrast with bright rewards. •Minimum distraction - screen blank until musician appears. •Encourage waiting for visual and auditory cue before touchingscreen. • Develop visual location skills. • Great for listeningskills with real and fantasy musicians.

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    Peeping Musicians
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    January 13, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Inclusive Technology HelpKidzLearn
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    Inclusive Technology Ltd Riverside Court Huddersfield Road Delph. Oldham. OL3 5FZ
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Finger Paint With Sounds 1.2.0 APK
Finger Paint with Sounds offers a fun alternative to help childrenwith special needs and others to practice their first interactionswith a touch screen. Simply choose a colour and draw with music,fun sound effects or no sound at all. Finger Paint with Soundsoffers multi-touch and single-touch options. We suggest that singlefinger touch is better for some users with special needs as itreinforces finger pointing skills with a purpose rather thanencouraging a random whole finger approach (may be difficult toun-learn). Using multi-touch gives a more obvious “cause andeffect” activity for some. Try turning off the sound and music tosee if the child needs auditory feedback or if they can see andenjoy the visual feedback alone. • Choose single-touch to encouragefinger pointing skills. • Choose multi-touch for maximum cause andeffect. • Bright feedback for children with visual impairments. •Save your best work to “Gallery”. • Choice of musical or sound-FXauditory feedback or none.
Five Little Ducks 1.0.0 APK
Touch the screen to play this popular counting song whichreinforces early number skills. Count up from zero to five as thelittle ducks swim on their little adventure to the catchy tune.There are also two counting activities to reinforce counting upfrom zero to five. The uncluttered images are simple and bright andare ideal for children with special needs who may find visualdiscrimination difficult.Switch access for one or two switches isincluded. Switches can be connected via a Bluetooth switchinterface.Key features• Simple counting song plus two countingactivities to reinforce sequencing numbers from zero to five.•Clear presentation with no visual clutter.• Switch access optionsincluded (using available Bluetooth switch interfaces).
Sensory Room 1.0.1 APK
A fun cause and effect activity - look at the pictures and talkabout the story in your own words: What can you see in themulti-sensory room? Do you like the bubble tube or disco lightsbest? Touch the screen to see what happens next. Switch access forone or two switches is included for users with motor difficultieswho need switch input (Switches can be connected via a Bluetoothswitch interface). Clutter free, bright, clear graphics make iteasier for students with visual impairment to see the screen. Keyfeatures• Bright clear graphics with bold outlines• Lots ofopportunity for discussion and language development• Simple touchaccess • Switch access options included (using available Bluetoothswitch interfaces)• Fun bright animated reward
ChooseIt! Maker 3 1.4.1 APK
New Award Winning ChooseIt! Maker 3 App allows you to view yourcause and effect activities, literacy activities, sound lotto andmatching activities, multiple choice activities, games, quizzes andmore on the go!Awards Include:BETT Award Winner 2014 - ICT SpecialEducational Needs SolutionsCODiE Award Winner 2014 - Best Solutionfor Special Needs StudentsERA Awards Finalist 2014 - SpecialEducation Resource or Equipment Including ICTThe ChooseIt! Maker 3App includes three sample activities which demonstrate some of themany ways CM3 can be used to create a variety of fun learningactivities using symbols, pictures and sounds. Simple presentation,clear recorded sound and a variety of access options makes the CM3App ideal for a range of students, including those with autismspectrum disorders (ASD), communication difficulties, languageimpairments, physical and motor difficulties and learningdifficulties.ChooseIt! Maker 3 includes:• Download sharedactivities• Over 15,000 SymbolStix symbols• Over 11,000 Widgitsymbols• 5,000 Inclusive Technology pictures and symbols• Option toadd your own pictures and sounds• Progression and achievementrecording• Switch access options included (using availableBluetooth switch interfaces)Please note that you must have aChooseIt! Maker 3 account in order to create and download your ownpersonalised learning activities to this App. The app has beendesigned to work best on tablets but can equally be used on anAndroid phone.
Five Little Rock Stars 1.2.0 APK
Learn the numbers from one to five with this easy to learn countingsong. The rock stars theme is ideal for older learners who arestill working on numbers up to five. The song and animation stop atthe end of each verse and you can use a switch, or touch the screento play the next verse. Clear graphics, which include the numbersand words to sing along with and high quality voice over toencourage correct pronunciation of the number names. The follow-upactivities give lots of opportunities to see numbers and to hearnumber names. • Counting up – touch the screen or press a switch tocount up to five. • Count along number line – errorless activityusing touch or switch to count to five with clear visual andauditory feedback for numbers and number names. • This set ofactivities is an enjoyable way to help a child become familiar withnumbers from one to five. • Works with touch, single and twoswitch. • Use a switch with any currently available Android switchinterface.
Shhhh! 1.1.0 APK
Old Wilfred is trying to get some sleep, touch the door or pressone switch to let in a noisy musician. Touch Wilfred or press thesecond switch and he will say Shhhh! to send the music away. Orlisten to the whole tune and keep Wilfred awake! This activity hasbeen designed to provide an error-less activity to develop earlytouch and targeting skills as well as helping a switch user developthe concept that two switches can control a single activity. Clearbright graphics on a dark screen with great sound effects make thisgame ideal for users with visual or perceptual difficulties. Theclear simple presentation and great feedback make this a really funactivity for young children and provides lots of opportunity forlanguage development and turn taking. This activity uses largeclear targets to encourage the user to develop a controlled touchto move on from random touching to making deliberate choices. KeyFeatures: • Two clear targets to encourage locating and touchingskills. • Clear black background to help children with visualimpairments locate the targets. • Accepts input from currentlyavailable switch interfaces. • Turn taking opportunities usingtouch or two switches. • Errorless fun to explore the use of twoswitches. • Learn that two switches can control a single activity.
Five Sharks Swimming 1.3.0 APK
Have fun with this counting song whilst learning the numbers fromone to five. The song and animation stop at the end of each verseand a simple touch of the screen or press of a switch will continuethe counting song (does that tune have a familiar sound?). Cleargraphics and sound to encourage correct pronunciation andsing-along with numbers, making this a great activity for all andideal for children with special needs. Key features: • Sing alongto learn the numbers one to five. • Lots of repetition of names andnumbers. Includes three follow-up activities: • Counting up – touchthe screen or press a switch to count up to five. • Count alongnumber line – errorless activity using touch or switch to count tofive. • Counting in sets – find the right number of sharks to getyour reward. This set of activities is an enjoyable way to help achild become familiar with seeing and hearing numbers from one tofive. It can be used with touch, and one or two switch access usingcurrently available Android switch interfaces. We can assure youthat no ducks were harmed in the making of this app!
New Age Kurling 1.1.0 APK
New Age Kurling is an accessible game for two players, which can beplayed by touching the screen or using switch input. Each playerhas four kurls to slide to the numbered target. You can use touchor a switch to control the direction of the kurl and to select thestrength of the slide using the power meter. The player with themost points, based on where their kurls are on the target, wins.This exciting game is ideal for developing timing and hand-eyecoordination. It’s also great for encouraging planning – forexample deciding what strategy to adopt, aiming for a high score orknocking an opponent off the target. Key features: • An inclusivegame which can be played using touch or a switch. • Helps todevelop timing, hand-eye coordination. • Helps to develop switchskills. • Encourages planning and strategy skills. • Compatiblewith all currently available switch interfaces (See our App Supportpage for more information). • Runs in portrait mode only.