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Today could be your lucky day or you might end up filling yourdreams because this is for sure one of the most creative weddinggames. Choose wisely and prepare your skills for a beautiful bridalshow where you are supposed to be a personal fashion designer withsophisticated tastes. There are certain steps you need to follow soyou could have a successful collection as a wedding makeup artistand also as a wedding dress up specialist. Try the makeup sessionwhere you will be advised to use your creativity in order to make abeautiful piece of art. You are having in care three nice ladiesthat will be future brides and your bridal salon will definitelyhelp them to accomplish that. Use all the colors that you believewill suit each girl look and personality and don't forget to add alipstick, maybe would want to put a nice eyeshadow next to theeyeliner and the blush. Of course, you need to match a unique dressfor this special occasion and all the girls will love to own anamazing well-detailed wedding outfit. Get the dress and also putsome sparkling shoes on. And because the accessories are soimportant you must try to make it look more stylish and alsoclassic. Take the final stage that this wedding game has to offeris the spa time and that is one of the best because you get to takethe brides to a sanctuary of good time and relaxation. Have a nicetreatment and help them not to be so stressed out about the weddingday. This game is going to supply your inner fashion sense withthese refreshing features: - Free to play; - Easy control andsimple tasks to do; - Accessorize and add the final toucheschoosing a bridal crown; - Entertain yourself with cheerfulbackground songs and great graphics; - Specific clothes for thesegirls and traditional dresses; - Cool experience to get and nicedetails to add; - Impressive store and thematic wardrobe from whereto choose your outfit; - Developing personal shopping assistanceskills;

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    September 21, 2018
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