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Perfect Drag Shift Racer is the fastest sports car xtreme dragrace, a real racing competition to join the extreme racingchallenge. Xtreme perfect drag car race is an exciting, addictive,and thrilling action-packed, entertaining physics based game on thefurious asphalt track. Head to head race with rivals cars tocompete in the challenge and become a racing champion. Speed shiftcar race is the furious and the fastest car racing game on theasphalt tracks of the city streets. Extreme drift car race has thecollection of some of the world's most exciting sports cars to winthe challenge. Realistic car racing game is full of the actionpacked sports cars exciting race with dynamic racing levels.Perfect Drag Shift Racer is action-packed racing game to exhibitbest drifting skills in real drag sports car rally game. Xtremeasphalt shift race is the real drag racing competition with madtricks of dragging and shift racing. In drag racing game, to getready to put the foot is on the pedal because car’s gear is in fullthrottle, takes control and drive the super real sports car on thefastest racing track. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to burnup the asphalt streets with furious fastest and exhilarating 3dracing action. Become a drag racing and no need to break the sportscar because of rush of traffic. Race against other racing rivalsports cars and perform stunts action and run with full speed.Perfect Drag Shift Racer is drag car race filled with crazy sportscars racing challenging missions to enjoy asphalt drifting indeadly missions. Need for shift car race to perform acrobaticdrifts and dodge the rivals in deadly car racing, that providedwith adrenaline rush extreme motor race. Car racing & realdrifting game has stunning, HD quality graphics and addictivegameplay that will have you never experienced before. Experiencethe real speed of your car in the ultimate unique race simply totap on the accelerometer and experience the full thrust of the dragracing car. Burn up the streets with hot wheels in xtreme racingcar arena and experience the exciting adventure and real thrill ofdrifting crazy car games. Perfect Drag Shift Racer game has amazingcity environment with perfect lighting effects. Become a pro shiftracer and enjoy the modern supercar ride as a real drift racer andwin the racing game challenge. Perfect drag racing game allows youto test your speed driving skills while controlling the steering ofa furious drag car simulator. Enjoy the manual car driving anddouble your fun to ride adventure in no time also feel the thrillof real-life car driving simulation. Game Play: Tap the acceleratebutton to boost the ride Shift up and down your supercar simulatorusing the “+” and “-“buttons Use the brake button while shiftingdown to perform drifts Top Feature of Perfect Drag Shift RacerGame:  Free offline racing and well as a drifting game  The realroar of the engine sound  Real crazy car crash effects  A lot ofchallenging drag missions to unlock  Smooth control with precisesteering  Multiple cameras angle to enhance the view  A realistic3D environment with astonishing visuals  Enjoy the thrill of thecar race at insane speed on asphalt track!  User-friendly GUI andcontrols  HD graphics and high-quality textures  A furious racingtribute!  Addictive drag racing gameplay  Absolutely free todownload and enjoy perfect real drag car race simulation

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Tricky Bike Trail Stunt 1.0.5 APK
Welcome to the brand new bike racing & stunt bike games. Crazybike stunt master is a free android game that enjoys by millionusers. Join stunt bike racing to simulate bike games & crazybike stunts, become the master bike rider of stunt games. Bike racechampionship is about to start, you are bike racer just a singletap away, come and get fun of crazy riders and tricky bikes in bikerace of bike trick games. Tricky bike trail stunt gives best chancefor tricks master bike king to perform spooky stunts overimpossible tracks in stunt moto racing: free bike games. Switchyour motorcycle engine to bike trails, get behind the wheels ofstunt bike racing to experience the crazy bike race with bikesimulator. Stunt bike race master lets you explore the racing worldfull of crazy stunts & jumps over impossible track. Performinsane flips, back flips, jump and wheelies. Accelerate your biketo high speed, survive without falling down from tricky path andreach to finish line first in tricky bike stunt master. It’s timeto show your stunt riding skills in bike games and win this bikedriving simulator race with crazy bike stunt master. Tricky bikestunt master is designed for all challenge accepting users that canutilize superior driving skills to complete all the missions ofstunt games with bike stunt racing. Bike racing tricks includesdifferent type of obstacles that are hard to pass for a beginner inmoto GP stunt racing. Stunt moto racing: free bike games gives youchance to improve your driving & racing skills in all free bikegames. Impossible stunts perform on speedy tracks to escape fromhurdles and falling down the bike rush in crazy bike stunt master.Tricky path are designed for professional bike riders that acceptall type of challenges in crazy bike stunts. If you are qualityuser of bike trails game then show crazy bike tricks and performbike king impossible stunt in all stunt games of bike trick games.Stunt bike free game mania is all about bike balance, skill andcontrol as you guide your bike rider across the ramps, jumps,barrels and obstacles in moto stunt racing. Tricky bike stuntmaster is an exciting and impossible bike stunt on tricky trackswith trail bike. Get ready to show your bike jumping games skillswhile keep stunting over crazy insane tracks in tricky trail bikestunt simulator. Crazy bike tricky stunt is especially for offroadtracks lover of stunt games. Stunt bike racing is extreme bike rushto adrenaline bike games adventure in motorbike games. Performdaring stunt to complete the mission in all motorcycle game of bikestunt racing fever. Keep track of not to fall from track whileperform some dangerous and insane 3D acrobatic stunts in stuntmaster game. Bike racing tricks master allow you to take ride ofmultiple sports bikes, real dirt bike and stunt bike in motorcyclegames and become the reckless stunt rider. Tricky bike trail stuntis most addictive stunt master games, which is easy to pickup andhard to master the bike trails in stunt games of stunt riding.Race, jump and crash your way & other mad rivals through theamazing frontier track with high-speed racing adventure as bikerider. Here is chance to prove your stunt bike riding tactics andbecome most intensive & competitive biker of crazy bike stuntsgames. Key Features ✤ Breathtaking 3D graphics ✤ Fantasy HDenvironment ✤ Realistic driving experience of bike stunt racingfever ✤ Easy and smooth controls of stunt bike racing ✤ Excitingmultiple dirt bikes in bike stunt racing ✤ Challenging andaddictive levels of bike mayhem ✤ Realistic 3D bike physics ✤Dangerous tricky stunt ramps ✤ Amazing bike race & bikesimulator experience ✤ Realistic game play sound
Prado Car Simulator 1.1 APK
----------------- CITY PRADO SIMULATOR ------------------Pradodrive simulator is new latest fast high speed expensive rich jeepToyota car driving game. Are you ready for the new jumbo drivingchallenge of driving duty game? You have to drive on city trafficroads and tracks. on this game you have learn driving skill on roadrules and prove that you can drive like real Prado car. the besttraffic Prado driving sport on store. It’s a great adventure gamefor the lovers of euro land cruiser Prado Stunter and driver.Stunning 3D graphics with Smooth and realistic Prado handling.Experience the thrill of driving amazing SUV s. In this game yourgoal is to drive a Prado car carefully and reach to the end pointand drop the passenger on his station place and finish the level.In this game you have to achieve different aims and show yourdriving skills with Prado parking mania and driving fun. Use yourbest driving skills and Achieve the most minds blowing and pradokruzak game legends.-------------- DRIVING & PARKING LANDKRUZAK CRUISERS ------------------Enjoy the best Prado jeep drivingservices game of high speed sim of 2016,in this is presented avariety of monster jeeps and land cruiser Prado of the high classmanufacturers. if you have to love driving expensive valley jeep& pr-ado cars and large Toyota making some parking and drivingthan its right time to play this thrilling simulation drivefruntrunner game. embrace high speed. This game will take you forthe city road tracks with your expert and accuracy driving such aschampion driver. So hold on your colorful Prado car steering andgoing to be best drive with extreme. don,t be crashing Prado sodrive carefully --------------- LEGENDS GAME ENVIRONMENT OF CITY--------------------the game Prado is so handsome and charminglatest and modern Prado and jeep variety with city traffic rush.different fast parking driving and racing levels on which you haveprove of your Prado car driving. Prado car driving is not a easydriving experience for you. because this is very different otherparking and racing games. so take it easy and hold on steering andhandle the movement of your prado car and race it to drive start toface the interesting speedy driving challenges. on the game youhave enjoy different high definition camera view. speed junkies andexperience some high octane racing. prado Jeeps in a city, roadless environment. Speed off with NO restrictions into beautifulgraphics, realistic physics, and action packed excitement. Arealistic driving simulator with smooth controls and 4x4 pradophysics packs quite a ride! the game mission is so simple driveyour prado around the city and park it on his zone. complete allthe levels and become a great driver Hero,HOW TO PLAY GAME:,Selectvehicle & LevelTap to accelerator to move forwardTap to brakefor stop vehicleTap to gear to move forward or backwardATTRACTIVEFEATURES:,Smooth and realistic Prado handlingDifferent road totake, Prado and jeepMore than 15 thrilling levels Cool and colorfulenvironmentFree available on Google playStunning 3D Graphics withrealistic vehicles interiorsDetailed traffic systembutton touchsteering wheelReal engine sound for each vehicleChallenge yourfriends by High score!
Jungle Hunting Jeep 1.0 APK
Get ready for hilly off-road hunting in jungle challenge! Rememberoff-road hills roads? And dark forest with wild animals sounds.Most wanted jeep hunting the animals to shoot and become a besthunter. Hold your breath! Aim and shoot! On this game have doublepacked action and simulation on which you have driven the monsterRussian 4x4 jeep and find the deer, wolf ,lions, rabbit, and otherwild animals to shoot and improve your driving and guns strikeshooting.You are not yet the best hunter in the jungle and darkforest. Then play this wild death deer hunting game. Play on yourstyle as you want to and show your power to hit the dangerousanimals Yes, if you have missed than start jungle hunting with bestdeer hunting regions and sharp shooting skills. It’s time forgetting ready to be best wild hunter in the wild animal jungle andget the title of best sniper dark forest hunter of this new year2017 A real wild jungle jeep hunter. 4x4 jeep Hunt is full of crazeand hunting experience in the jungle By the 4x4 SUV. It is the mostrealistic and ultimate hunting game and you will feel reallyhunting enjoyment in this 3d game. You are on a journey and on theway there is animal’s Jurassic jungle which is completelysurrounded by the dark creature of the jungle known as differentwild animals. Start your jeep and drive on the mountain track offroad and find your target destination. Follow the red line on thegame and find the animals on map. Extreme Hunting in jungle withyour monster 4x4 jeeps - hunting on the SUV in safari and otherdifferent countries forest. Move around from point to point on thejungle jeep off-road SUV.Your goal is to kill all animals in yourrange. Use sniper view for better precision. During the game, youwill enjoy the realistic graphics of the dark forest and wildanimal’s jungle. Hunt different animals: bear, wolf, deer, fox,hare, elk and other animals hid from you locate and kill them all!HOW TO PLAY AND HUNTING: ,Select level from the game and selectyour favorite 4x4 jeepChoose from among multiple different types ofjeepsDrive jeep on the dark forest jungle and follow the lineFindthe wild jungle animals and press the switch buttonThen find thedeer, wolf and other animalsUse zoom buttons to target animals.Beaware of the time.Binoculars to locate far away animalsFocus onwild animals and fire.Use camera zooms for accurate shots.Completefirst level then unlock and play the other levels.Finish it in agiven time, otherwise level become failed.Use any movementcontroller option from tilt, steering and arrows.Press brake forstop truck jeepPress accelerator for start the jeepDrive jeep onthe mountain off-road and dark forestHUNTER FEATURES:,Double packedof Action shooting and SimulationFree open world 4x4 off-road hill.And dark forestLatest elite sniper rifles3D Animated African safarijungle AnimalsBreathtaking visuals of mountains, hill, trees andcomplete grassland.Wild animals and Lush ForestsLot ofrewardsUpgrade your jeep Multiple challenging missionsHuntdifferent type of wild dangerous animalsRealistic 3D graphics andawesome sound effectsHigh Quality realistic hunting in jungle andweather EffectAn ultimate hunting actionUltimate hunting experience
Dog Crazy Race Simulator 1.0 APK
The best dog and other animals racing game are here. This is notjust a dog’s race game, it is simulator with the twist that dog,tiger and horse racing. It is simulation of professional hound dogsand horse race; where rabbit running in front of dogs, and dogschasing rabbit on racing tracks. This animal racing simulator gamewill definitely win your soul at first vision. Release thegreyhound! Race against horse or tiger and let's see your championgreyhound wins or the tiger and horse. You will wonder; when youwill see, your dog will win against world fastest animal liketiger. If you really enjoy dog game, racing games and animal’ssimulation game; then this is the best simulation game for you. Itgame has multiple modes for your endless fun that modes including;quick race, tournament, dog vs tiger and dog vs horse racing modes.In quick race mode your greyhound dog will race against other dogsand your goal get the first position in race. The greyhound dog isfamous dog in world for racing. In quick race mode your goal ischase the rabbit, the dog that chases bunny first win the race. Insecond tournament mode you will race as like knockout style. It isnot a normal tournament; it’s just like other pro tournament. Thedog that stays last, knock out form the tournament. So, your maingoal is race hard and not to get knocked out. The other two modesare just for fun and entertainment purpose. In these funny modesyour dog will race against horse or tiger. Show the audience! As atrain greyhound dog, perform daredevil race and defeat horse ortiger. Race and let’s see who wins against dog. Race for supremacyand reach the finishing line beat other dogs; and become championin dog racing simulator. It is easy, thrilling and highly addictivegame! So go ahead and compete with other awesome canines ingradually harder levels and challenges of dog racing simulator. Itgame has visual 3D graphics, amazing greyhound and other dogs’texture, realistic physics and breathtaking racing animation.Install now (Free) and enjoy your hours of time with it fungame-play. Game Features; • Amazing selection dogs • Four differentmodes for maximum thrill • Smooth onscreen buttons control •Intuitive and realistic physics game-play • Exciting challenging 3Denvironment • Spectacular sound effects
Super Cycle Amazing Rider 1.1 APK
Get ready to take another journey and enjoy a reviving bicycle ridearound the beautiful city. Satisfy your passion for cycle racingwith the blend of adventurous cycle racing game. Extreme cycleracing is the one of the best addictive new age cycle games. Let’stake exciting and action packed riding, that gives you real liferiding sensation. Ride on cycle navigates through beautiful cityroads; and fast paddle not for only fitness, for win cycle raceagainst professionals. It cycle drag racing simulator hasprofessional cycle gear and bicycle like never before. Excitingcycle race is filled with challenges and lots of fun. Bicycleracing is sports cycle racing game, which testing your cyclingskills. In this racing simulator you will ride your mountain cycleon city roads against your opponents. Win all the challenges as aprofessional racer in this race and show the world you are masterin cycling race. It finest game has lots of BMX cycles and stagesto complete. Choose your favorite cycle and go for racing track todefeat your opponents. Your task is riding your cycle against youropponents through the city streets and reach first on finish linein limited time. This race has no fuel and gas restriction but thecountdown is major part of the game means time is not on your side,so ride your cycle as fast as possible and reach at destination towin the race. Ride by following the arrows to head to reach atdestination. Win all extreme races of this cycle game and completeall missions. In racing game speed is not only way to win. You needto focus on your riding and avoid to falling down and crash withothers things. If you collider with anything your time will goes upand it is cause of your game over. It has tons of challenginglevels, complete first levels and unlocks next challenges. The nextlevels are more challenging and tough. You will definitely enjoythis game and its gorgeous environment of city. Its cutting edge 3Dgraphics and pleasant sound effects will certainly entertain youand gives you real sensation of riding cycle in real life. Downloadfree form play store and enjoy this game with riding of mountaincycle for several hours and have fun!
New Car Wash Station 3D 1.1 APK
New Car Wash Station 3DGet ready to enjoy a stimulating car washingsimulator with the mixture of adventurous car wash and car servicegames in one of the best service station. In this car wash game youcan service your own car physical. Car service has never been suchan amazing challenging Is the best unique game involving the sportscar in the service station for cleaning, repairing and maintenance.Being a best car driver, it's time for you to perform the superbcar driving abilities, and park your car in service Station, andfull wash your speedy car. You can drive your car into the bigbeautiful city area. In City Car Wash: Service Station 3D game; youcan fill your car oil tank from the petrol pump, and enjoy your cardriving and parking experience.Enjoy the latest Dusty Car CleanerWash station and new car wash garage 3D game. Luxurious car servicestation game will give you enough chance to master you're drivingand parking skills. In this realistic city environment you have todrive multiple muscles cars towards the petrol pump where Your carwill be washed by the service men. There are multiple portions inthis station like car washing and repairing garage. You can getyour car repair at very low cost. This is an excellent game if youwant to play a service station game with Latest mission cars. Firstof all you have to collect a brand new car from our car stand. Yourmission starts with driving and ends with parking. In this drivingaddictive game your task is ride carefully your favorite sporty caron extreme high way road with Huge traffic rush. If you crash anyhurdles, obstacles, barriers and oncoming car your car will bedamaged then, you can drive car fast and park on service stationand repair it. You have to be very careful whil E over taking theother vehicles going to the service station of this town. There aremultiple camera angles to help you locate your car positionaccurate. Control your car with a steering wheel, Tile Or buttons,acceleration and brake pedals.Try to save your vehicle whileparking at the service station. Patrol pump is also very complexarea so be careful. This is perfect challenge of car parking andcar washing games. Your car will be washed, cleaned and oilchanged. You have to avoid Any other vehicle and any kind ofcollision. Very easy to play, you can follow the arrows mark; ifyou track the arrow point direction then you simply reach to yourgiven destination. In this Super Car Wash 3D driving and parkinggame you can feel the physical car dazzling Sound and stunningGraphics. If you are fan of car racer then hurry up to downloadthis and like the games features. So you can download it yourdevice and enjoy the Sports Car Wash 3D service station car wash.This affective is also available on Google play store. It's free,for better car riders.Town of Car WashFeatures:• Realistic 3DEnvironment• Multiple 3D Vehicles• Washing and Cleaning• Oil Change& Fuel Refill• Interesting and challenging GameplayFree CarWash Service 3D
Airplane Flying Sim 2017 1.0 APK
Get ready to start the flying; unleash your inner maverick andconquer the skies. Fly your plane and go higher on the top and bethe best airplane pilot in the world. Plane flight simulator 3D isan awesome and best flying simulator for android. Get yourselfthrill through experiencing the control and flying a commercialairplane with this modern era flying simulator.It game has lots offlight mission and tons of aircraft to choose. Fly airplane andfloat in sky to become the pilot with this latest flightsimulation. Real airplane simulator is 3d flying and parkingsimulator game and its massive highly detailed planes withrealistic physics will developing your skills and knowledge andmake your flying time more efficient and fun. Now you will have thefantastic flying experience on your devices so, take your seat inthe cockpit and feed your passion by flying a real airplane.It istime for you to contributing flight simulator. In this game you aregiven role as a pilot. You will fly your plane with realistic aeroplane cockpit control and complete your missions. Your missiontakeover the plane and steer your plane through all of thewaypoints to confirm you head to the exact destination. Use yourpiloting skills and go through the air safely and land at yourindicating airport within limited time. In this orbital simulatoryou have multiple levels to flying your aero plane from airport tothe next airport in specific time without crashing. In this orbitalsimulator you have multiple levels to flying your aero plane fromairport to the next airport in specific time without crashing.before landing your plane at your destination zone, slow the planeby reducing the throttle and prepare yourself for landing because;landing a plane can be tricky; be careful do not crash!Successfully complete all challenging missions and earn yourselfmore pilot stripes.This fantasy plane flying simulator provides youdifferent environmental conditions as well as day and night cycle,with clear sky, tropical rain, thunderstorms. Fly your planethrough endless environment that includes city, lakes and oceanswith realistically modelled airplanes. Take flight and enjoy thislatest flight simulator for your best time pass. Download free andlive the life of the airliner pilot.Flight simulator features;-Amazing cockpit environment- Awesome buildings and airports- Visual3D graphics and realistic flight physics- Tons of exclusive andentertaining levels- Amazing camera options gives cool view ofplane- Day and night cycle with clear sky- Incredible sounds ofcommercial plane
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Simulation 1.0 APK
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Simulation is a free 3Dgamefor tuk tuk rickshaw driving lovers.offroad Tuk TukRickshawsimulation is a traditional vehicle which used to transportpeopleto different locations in grand city and in offroadmountainareas.So drive your Real Tuk Tuk Rickshaw simulation today and have arealfun of driving by transporting passengers on theirdestination.EnjoyReal Auto Rikshaw in a real mountain offroadtrack.Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Simulation is a unique game which exploreanoffroad Environment which is fully loaded withnaturalbeauty.So drive like a real driver and simulate your drivingexperiencewith modern offroad Tuk Tuk Rickshaw simulation.offroad Tuk Tuk Rickshaw is not a racing game but you have torideyour auto rickshaw like a real racer to reach a destinationanddrop passengers with a limited time span.The game is about to go out and taxi the people totheirdestination. Drive like public transport and provide bestservicesto the passengers by dropping them on their destinationwithin timelimit.The game will test your skills of acceleration, steering,drivingand parking, accept the challenge which is really difficulttodrive in off-road drive fast as you can be passing throughcurvyroads to prove yourself best Offroad Tuk Tuk Autorickshawdriver.We are presenting you the best tuk tuk rickshaw offroadenvironment where you can show your driving skills in ahillyenvironment. You may have seen fast moving rickshaws on roadsbutdriving an auto on off road steep paths will take you to thenextheights.If you haven’t travelled in Tuk Tuk rickshaw then this is thebestchance for you to experience the off road auto rickshawride.Nowcomplete missions Survive through different mission andcompletethe tasks to unlock the next missions.Remember! the time limit is very important thing in this gameifyour time ran out without completing your task then it willcauseof your level failed.Try to get the tuk tuk rickshaw to drift or just drive as fastasyou like, but be careful not to roll this three wheeled taxi onitsside and don’t hit into any hurdles or into anyothermountain.Drive very carefully and avoid all kind of hurdles to completeyourlevels. Hill climb, Offraod, mountain area Simulation andParkinggame lovers can freely download and play this amazinggame.Your Feedback's and ratings are valuable for us to keepourselvesbusy in creating more fun in the games to entertain you,your familyand your friends.In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just sendusan email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soonaspossible.HOW TO PLAY? Tilt your mobile left and right to control the movement.? Tap brake button to stop.? Tap reverse to reverse the Rickshaw?Tap camera button to change the camera view.Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw simulation off road has thefollowingfeatures:-Off road thrilling drive on tuk tuk-Hilly and lush green environment.-Real feel of mountainous environment with landslidinghurdles.-Pick and drop service from hill top-A complete hill station environment to explore-Challenging levels for ultimate fun-Steer, tilt and touch controls are given for betteruserexperience.