1.1.6 / October 7, 2017
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Tap to flap and try to achieve Perfect Dunk. Unlock multiple skins.Challenge your friends but promise us that your are not going toplay while work :P.Features:- High Definition Graphics.- MultipleSkins.- Soothing Sounds.- Perfect Physics.- More score on PerfectDunks.Challenging levels coming soon.Best Arcade - Brain Game of2017.

App Information Perfect Dunk - Flappy Basket

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    Perfect Dunk - Flappy Basket
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    October 7, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Bitx Games
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    58 Marshall Avenue, Bridlington
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Parcheesi - Star Board Game 1.1.30 APK
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Born in caves of Ajanta Parcheesi is mother of ludo, in circle andcross family of board games.As believed in Old cave ages Luck ispartner of strategy in hunting, "Parcheesi" is unique blend of luckand moves to hunt the pawns to win the opponent house. "Parcheesi"is more than Ludo look alike game it is also played intellectuallyas a chess.Parcheesi differs from ludo in term of game play thatdevelops its unique taste of luck and strategy twist.Rules ofParcheesi Game-Play :1. Parcheesi is played counter clockwiseunlike ludo which is played clockwise2. Parcheesi allow the pawn tocome out of barrack if rolling dice outcome is 5 or cumulativeresult of dice outcomes is 5.3. Player cant use outcome of 5 orcumulative result equals to 5 for outer pawns until or unless allpawns are out of house.4. Player gets extra 20 points if it huntsopponent pawn.5. Player take extra turn until both dices give sameoutcome.6, blockage of two same pawns resist opponents pawns tocross them.7. if players pawn reach home successfully it gives 10points for player to move anyother pawn out side of barrack.Features- It is completely FREE to play- Minimum 2 & maximum 4players can play Parcheesi board game- if you are alone you canenjoy playing Parcheesi with tough and intelligent bot.- Attractiveanimations for successful and smart moves. - Smooth and easy gameplay without glitches and mobile hanging.- Off-line Mode- Game isfree to download and play and to use any boost or bonuses withinthe game.Parcheesi is classic board game, by Bitx Games, 2017.
Mouse Scream 1.1.3 APK
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“Mouse Scream” is new kind of game in which your playing control isjust your voice and screams. So just scream, speak or make somenoise to move your mouse jump and walk without being crash inspikes or drown. It’s up to you how you manage and control yourscream tone to control your mouse moves. Your mouse is totallydependent on your scream. Screams have effects on everyone soscream slow to make your mouse walk and scream high to make jumpthrough tricky hurdles and avoid your mouse being fell in sea waveor strike in spiky hurdles on his way.“Mouse scream” is totallyyour voice pitch dependent either it is main menu or game play youhave to scream enough to proceed further.Play and score to unlockother amazing and scream dependent mice from different parts ofworld. Help these loud listeners to make their way through therough road. “Mouse Scream” is no doubt an amazing and new kind ofgame to make people around you crazy about you Scream low Screamhigh or scream polite just scream and make your way safe and scoremore.The best action game by Bitx Games 2017.For more updates likeour page.https://www.facebook.com/BitxGames
7 Hexa Connect - Free Game 1.1.3 APK
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Hexa 7 connect is one of the quality puzzle game by Bitx Games forgenius as well as newbie puzzle solvers.In hexa 7 connect, Gameplay is about connecting and placing similar numbered hexa cells inconsecutive series greater than pair, to achieve 7 hexa as eachconnecting hexa cells series generate greater number. As in case ifplayer makes six numbered hexa cells series it will change into oneseven hexa cell.7 Hexa connect, is geometry shaped hexa cellconnecting game with major role of numbers. With different skinsprovided, as it is natural phenomenon that brain works better ifenvironment is cool and graphics are soothing for eyes.Boosters:Hexa 7 contains three types of boosters for better gameplay and puzzle solving aid.Hammer- Single booster helps to destroyunwanted hexa cell from the hiveBomb- Destroy all booster helps todestroy all connected hexa cells from hiveSeven- Generate 7 hexa,booster helps to place a complimentary 7 hexa as it is mostpowerful then others.Features:* Cool flat vector graphics* Soothingsound* Interactive animations* Boosted game economy for unlockingitems* In app purchase available on cheap prices* Google’s Leaderboard integrated.A new puzzle / brain game by Bitx Games 2017.formore information like our facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/BitxGames/for more videos Subscribe ouryoutube channel : https://youtu.be/VuuwJpXZYsY
Rabbit Jump Up 1.1.2 APK
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Help your pink Rabbit in this Rabbit Jump up game to reach theclouds and find her friends in this classic jumping action! Bouncefrom platform to platform and try to collect as many coins aspossible. The higher you go, the more your score will grow. Youhave to watch out for tricky hurdles wandering on platforms, youcan survive only if you jump or dodge wisely and timely. Beware ofspikes, spears, angry turtles, fire-balls and sharp gears ! Jumpup! Jump up! Jump higher and higher in Magical mystically switchingenvironments (icy mountain peaks and Dark jungle), there arestrange gems, ruby, diamond and stars on your way with magicalpower up, life saver and jump up boosters for you to score high andfree your friends, robot max, cabbage elf, eyes rolling ball and awise energetic jumper bumper monkey.Rabbit Jump up is a classicjumping up game. A cute pink bunny doodle jumping and dodging toclimb up along with the musical background ,with cool animationsand graphics.Just one rule: click jump or dodge and stay as long asyou can in the bunny jumping platforms.This Rabbit Jump up is thehottest doodle mobile game of all time! Easy to jump up and playlong. Wildly addictive.Features:- Trippy and tricky obstacles toavoid (spears, fireball, gears, angry spiked turtles)- Coolgraphics and animations.- Nice music and sound effects.- Awesomepower-ups to pick-up (Ruby, Diamond, Star, Gems…)- Smooth and onetouch game play.- It’s so tricky and nerves shrinking yet Notutorials and help required.- Global leader boards, Max Level jumpUp! Beat your friends’ scores! Max Coins collection!How to play?Rabbit Jump up is a wonderful jumping game for kids andadults.Tips: Keep finger on screen to control the bunny move leftor right.Let’s do some supper doodle Jump up in this Rabbit Jump Upadventurous time killer fun filler game
Penny Collect Toon Run 1.1.5 APK
Bitx Games
Want to play new exciting running game to jabber about??? Herecomes, "Penny Collect Toon Run" game for you to be a super jumperand super slider.Just hit play button and start helping your"Ninji" to run from bandits and collect "Pennies" to free herfriends T-Rex, Rocky, Shadow & Pango bango super sautcharacters. Unlock characters and Play with your favorite characterand challenge new super artifact bandit's worlds.Each world havingits own hurdles placed by bandits. In "penny collect toon run" youwill have to make your way through a "Jungle" while collectingpennies and avoiding bees, logs and hanging snakes. A "Desert"where your patience will be tested with rocks, spikes, bones,Vultures, water less desert way and what not! A "City" throughwhich you will avoid being tripped or hit by cranes and cones.Select your favorite characters to run through these worlds, eachcharacter having its own amazing way to dodge and avoid the boobybandit's traps hidden in these worlds.Digitally paintedenvironments and characters will take you to a differentdimension.Penny collect toon run is an amazing and super adventuregame to play anytime.Features - Super Toons.- Detailed threebandit's worlds.- Smooth animation, soothing sounds effect andamazing Game play.- Use Tutorial help for ninji to learn how to runand dodge hurdles.Download for free and enjoy, Go, super jump run& slide!A brand new Arcade Game by Bitx Games 2017.
Block Jewel Puzzle - Free Game 1.1.3 APK
Bitx Games
Block jewel puzzle is delicate block puzzle game with colorfulvisuals. In Block Jewel Puzzle, main goal is to connect blocks inorder to create and destroy full horizontal lines on the screen.Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling the screen in thisaddictive block jewel puzzle game.Easy to play for all age. Simpleclick based blocks, to fill up grid horizontally. Avoid connectingvertically as it will result in game over.From now on, let's enjoya simple and addictive old puzzle game remake! Once you start,you'll be hooked.You can play games for FREE!HOW TO PLAY?• Clickthe blocks to move them left, right or rotate.• Try to fit them allin the row without blank spaces. Then the blocks will be clear andyou get the points. Game will be over if there is no room for anyother shape below the grid.• Blocks can be rotated and pull downfast• Don't worry! No time limits!FEATURES:• Simple rules and Easycontrol • Various Blocks and colorful graphics• Smooth and delicateanimation• Soothing sound effects• Hours of fun, exciting play•Supports leader-board for showing other online players where youstand.Compete To Rule:Challenge yourself and other players when yougo head-to-head with the online competition. for more upcominggames visti and like our page:https://web.facebook.com/BitxGamesFor videos subscribe our youtubechannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF5iXdXdHi67HHTiDp0q2IA
Hexa Puzzle Cell Connect - Free Brain Game 1.1.3 APK
Bitx Games
You need to connect at least four cells with the same number to geta bigger number.If you fail to connect number more random numberswill spawn to make it more difficult and sometimes easy toconnect.Its a challenging game for brain gamers. Moore you connectand get bigger numbers, the more its gets difficult.Features:-Smooth gameplay.- Amazing animations.- Challenging.The best cellgame for all ages. Hexa Puzzle Cell Connect - Brain Game by BitxGamesfor more updates like ourpage.https://www.facebook.com/BitxGames/
Switch it Tap-Tap - Free Game 1.1.3 APK
Bitx Games
Switch it Tap Tap : is a free action packed adventurous game, sojust tap the screen to change the side of panda running on bamboo.Slowly to faster panda is running to climb on bamboo peak.Hold on,there is not just one panda it is panda race, two pandas are inaction and your each side tap controls the respective pandadirection.Where there is running or climbing race there are hurdleson the way. Quickly tap the left screen side to switch and saveleft panda from hurdles and tap anywhere on right half of thescreen to switch the right panda. Every race has some awards andrewards, in “switch it tap tap” your pandas can collect as manycoins as they can grab avoiding hurdles and spikes on their racetrack specifically bamboo track.Falling from height is fatal sojust keep your panda running on bamboo and tap on right side toswitch the panda avoiding hurdles.Once enough coins collected fromyour races you can unlock other animals like rare golden raccoon,koala bear and many more are in production line available for youshortly.------- How To Play -------There are two bamboos and twopandas on the screen at a time. You have to just tap on right halfto switch right panda and left half tap switch the left panda.Pandas cannot jump or switch to other bamboo but they can switchbamboo side on each respective tap. So as in the name “Switch itTap Tap”.-------Achievements-------Unlock golden raccoonUnlock graykoala bearCollect coins as much as you can for furtherpurchasesLeader board achievement for best distanceLeader boardachievement for Time game played------- Game Environment-------Bamboo jungle themeCool greenish environment soothing foreyes for long mobile screen focusSimple tap tap controls and justone move that is switching bamboo side.Ravishing animations formore mood making and long game play interest.