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★⋙ Full Offline Perl Documentation with Perl 5.22 ⋙ from littledrops ★👍👍👍👍👍Note : Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. PleaseDon't give negative feedback, It is not solution for your need. Ifyou have any problem, please mail @android@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestion are welcome. please mail @android@thiyagaraaj.com👍👍👍👍👍Learn Perl is full offline manual ofPerl.It Includes Perl Tutorials, Perl Manual, Perl Reference andAll.🌷Main Features🌷✔ Manual ✠ Overview ✠ Tutorials ✠ FAQs ✠ History/ Changes ✠ License✔ Reference ✠ Language ✠ Functions ✠ Operators ✠Special Variables ✠ Pragmas ✠ Utilities ✠ Internals ✠ PlatformSpecific✔ Modules ✠ A to Z

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    Perl Documentation-Learn Perl
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    June 2, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Thiyagaraaj M
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    Publish Date: 2017 /8/14
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 12.1 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.1 (Nougat, API: 25)
    File Sha1: 9f3dc250c944079868dbe8c9c912f847b5af8be8
    APK Signature: 4694154074767826d5b045faeb8c813a56f61270

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Learn C Programming 3.2 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
👍👍👍👍👍Note: Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. Please Don'tgive negative feedback, It is not the solution for your need. Ifyou have any problem, please email toandroid@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestions are welcome. pleasemail@android@thiyagaraaj.com👍👍👍👍👍🌷Main Features🌷✔ C ProgrammingTutorial✔ C Example Programs✔ Fully Offline Guide✔ C DataStructures Example Programs✔ Enhanced Search✔ Bookmark orFavoraties Option✔ Settings - Text Size, Full-Screen Mode✔ UnifiedFormat and Syntax Highlighting✔ Mobile Reading Format and LayoutTags: C Programming,Learn C, C Examples, C Programs, C DataStrcutures, C Guide, C Tutorials
Python Documentation 3.8 APK
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★⋙ Full Offline Documentation for Python ⋙ from little drops ★ ★⋙Full Offline Python Book★ ★⋙ Full Python Course Tutorial - Offline★ ★⋙ Developer Libraries ★ 👍👍👍👍👍 Note : Please give 5 Star, It willencourage us. Please Don't give negative feedback, It is notsolution for your need. If you have any problem, please mail @android@thiyagaraaj.com. Suggestion are welcome. please mail @android@thiyagaraaj.com 👍👍👍👍👍 🌷Main Features🌷 ✔ Python 3.6Documentation ✔ Python Book ✔ Fully Offline Docs ✔ DeveloperLibraries ✔ Enhanced Search ✔ Bookmark Option ✔ Settings - TextSize, Full-Screen Mode, Auto Hide Action Bar(Beta) ✔ Unified Format✔ Mobile Reading Format and Layout ★ Parts of the documentation ✠What's new in Python ✠ Python Tutorial ✠ Python Library Reference ✠Python Language Reference ✠ Python Setup and Usage ✠ Python HOWTOs✠ Extending and Embedding ✠ Python/C API ✠ Installing PythonModules ✠ Distributing Python Modules ✠ FAQs ★ Indices and tables ✠Python Global Module Index ✠ Python General Index ✠ Python Glossary✠ Complete Table of Contents ★ Meta information ★ Search ★ PythonBook ✠ Installing Python ✠ Your First Python Program ✠ NativeDatatypes ✠ The Power Of Introspection ✠ Objects andObject-Orientation ✠ Exceptions and File Handling ✠ RegularExpressions ✠ HTML Processing ✠ XML Processing ✠ Scripts andStreams ✠ HTTP Web Services ✠ SOAP Web Services ✠ Unit Testing ✠Test-First Programming ✠ Refactoring ✠ Functional Programming ✠Dynamic functions ✠ Performance Tuning ✠ Further reading ✠ A5-minute review ✠ Tips and tricks ✠ List of examples ✠ Revisionhistory ✠ About the book ✠ GNU Free Documentation License ✠ Pythonlicense
Master In C++ (Learn C++) 4.1 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
★ Master In C++ ⋙ is pretty app for all C++ and OOPS Concepts,Optimizing C++,C++ Programs and C++ Annotations. It is very easyfor Beginners and Intermediate Programmers.⋙ from LITTLEDROPS.NET ★👍👍👍👍👍 Note: Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. Please Don'tgive negative feedback, It is not a solution to your need. If youhave any problem, please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com. Suggestionare welcome. please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com 👍👍👍👍👍 🌷APPCONTENT - SINGLE APP FOR ALL🌷 ✔ C++ Basics ✔ C++ Concepts ✔ C++Programs ✔ C++ with OOPS ✔ C++ Annotations ✔ C++ Quick Reference ✔Optimizing C++ ✔ C++ Key Points for Daily Reminder ✔ Remember TodayBoard for Continues Last Session ✔ Efficient Search and Bookmark(Favoraties) 🌷APP FEATURES🌷 ✔ Rich UI Layout and Navigation ✔ RichUI with Today Board and Favorites ✔ Fast Processing ✔ More than1000 Topics Covered ✔ More than 400 C++ Terms Covered ✔ Code SyntaxHighlighting ✔ Mobile Optimized Content and Images ✔ End to End C++Concepts and Terms ✔ Offline Ability to Read 🌷C++ ProgrammingConcepts🌷 ✠ Introduction to C++ Programming ✠ Basics ✠ Structureand Functions Basics ✠ Pointers, References and Dynamic MemoryAllocation ✠ Examples on Classes and Objects ✠ OOPS Advanced clickto expand contents ✠ OOP Inheritance and Polymorphism ✠ OperatorOverloading ✠ Template and Generic Programming ✠ Strings, File, andLibraries click to expand contents ✠ Characters and Strings ✠ C++Libraries and STL ✠ Stream IO and File IO ✠ Exception Handling andTips ✠ Data Structure and Algorithm In C++ 🌷C++ Programs🌷 ✠ C++Simple C++ Programs ✠ C++ Basic Programs ✠ Program Flow C++Programs ✠ Functions C++ Programs ✠ Arrays C++ Programs ✠ FormattedIO and File IO C++ Programs ✠ Pointers C++ Programs ✠ ReferencesC++ Programs ✠ Structure C++ Programs ✠ Class and object C++Programs ✠ Inheritance C++ Programs ✠ Polymorphism C++ Programs🌷C++ Annotations🌷 ✠ 1: This overview of the chapters. ✠ 2: Ageneral introduction to C++. ✠ 3: A first impression: differencesbetween C and C++. ✠ 4: Name Spaces: how to avoid name collisions.✠ 5: The `string' data type. ✠ 6: The C++ I/O library. ✠ 7: The`class' concept: structs having functions. The `object' concept:variables of a class. ✠ 8: Static data and functions: members of aclass not bound to objects. ✠ 9: Allocation and returning unusedmemory: new, delete, and the function set_new_handler(). ✠ 10:Exceptions. ✠ 11: Give your own meaning to operators. ✠ 12:Abstract Containers to put stuff into. ✠ 13: Building classes uponclasses. ✠ 14: Member functions. ✠ 15: Gaining access to privateparts. ✠ 16: Classes having pointers to members. ✠ 17: Constructingclasses. ✠ 18: The Standard Library. ✠ 19: The STL algorithms. ✠20: Function templates ✠ 21: Class templates ✠ 22: AdvancedTemplate ✠ 23: Several examples 🌷OOPS C++🌷 ✠ Introduction ✠ Classesin C++ ✠ References in C++ ✠ Template in C++ ✠ I/O FundamentalTypes ✠ Inheritance in C++ ✠ More OOPS in C++ ✠ Abstract BaseClasses ✠ Files in C++ ✠ Data Representation ✠ Exception in C++ ✠Implementation ✠ Run Time Usage 🌷Optimizing C++🌷 ✠ Optimizationlife cycle in C++ ✠ Writing efficient code in C++ ✠ Generaloptimization techniques in C++ ✠ Code optimization in C++ Keywords:C++,Learn C++,C++,C++ Programs,C++ Guide,C++ Reference,C++Programming, C++ Offline,C++ Tutorials,C++ Reference Guide,C++Book,C++ Basics,C++ Programs,C++ Simple Programs,C++ GettingStarted,Optimizing C++,C++ Annotations,C++ Quick Reference,C++ withOOPS,OOPS Concepts.
Reference for Unix & Linux 7.2 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
★⋙ Full Offline Content for Unix ⋙ from little drops ★👍👍👍👍👍Note :Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. Please Don't givenegative feedback, It is not solution for your need. If you haveany problem, please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestion arewelcome. please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com👍👍👍👍👍ExcellentNavigation and More Offline Contents In Version 6.0 Based On UserResponse and Expectations🌷Main Features🌷✔ Redesign UI based on UserExperience✔ Enhanced Search for Unix Tutorials and Commands✔Bookmark Options ✔ Optimized Design Reading Content ✔ More NewChapters for Unix and Linux✔ Optimized Image for Mobile and FullOffline ContentCommands are under these parts:AccessControlCommunicationsProgramming ToolsDocumentationEditorsFile andDirectory ManagementFile Display and PrintingFileTransferNews/NetworksProcess ControlStatus InformationImageProcessingSoundText ProcessingX windowsWebMiscellaneous- Linux andUnix Commands- Unix Tutorials- Unix Administrative and NetworkingCommandsMore Offline Unix and Linux Tutorials- About Unix- VIEditor and Commands - Unix Shell- Unix Other Useful Commands- UnixAdvanced Commands- How Linux Works- Desktop Linux- Ubuntu LinuxCommands- Useful Linux Commands- Linux Advanced Commands- LinuxNetwork Commands- Linux Network Configuration Commands- SolarisSystem Process CommandsQuick Reference - New- Unix Quick Reference-Unix Dummies Reference- Redhat / Fedora Unix and Linux CommandsMoreOffline Commands About Unix,Linux,Ubuntu and Solaris.....Keywords :Unix Guide,Unix and Linux Commands,Unix Guide,Unix Tutorials,LinuxTutorials,Ubuntu Commands,Ubuntu Tutorials, Linux Commands,UbuntuTutorials,Ubuntu Videos,Unix Commands,Unix and Linux PocketGuide,Ubuntu Reference,Unix Wiki,Unix Commands,LinuxCommands,Solaris Commands,Unix Reference,Unix Pocket Guide,LinuxQuick Reference,Unix Quick Reference,Ubuntu Quick Reference.littledrops @ thiyagaraaj.com
Learn Java 6.7 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
★ Learn Java ⋙ Specially Designed for Beginners ⋙ from little drops★ 👍👍👍👍👍 Note : Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. PleaseDon't give negative feedback, It is not solution for your need. Ifyou have any problem, please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestion are welcome. please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com 👍👍👍👍👍New App Launched for Java Programs, You can download here.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thiyagaraaj.learnjavaprograms🌷New Features🌷 ✔ Bookmark Option ✔ Settings for Customizing fontsize and Full Screen Mode ✔ Flat and Fully Refreshed Optimized UI ✔Java 8 Based Tutorials ✔ Improved Navigation and Content Format ✔Full Offline Content - No Need Internet ✔ New Part Java IdeaBubbles(Beta) for Quick Learners and OOPS Concepts This applicationwill help you to learn Java programming language. This applicationis very useful for all type of learners.This application coversJava Basics, Full Java Tutorials, Java Programs,Java Quiz,JavaExercises,Java Glossary and most of the programming concepts ofJava, which will be very useful for you to move further in javaprogramming. 🌷Full Offline Content - No Need Internet🌷 ★ JavaBasics Topics: ✠ 1 Java Overview ✠ 2 History ✠ 3 Practices ✠4Syntax ✠ 5 Examples ✠ 6 Special classes ✠ 7 Criticism ✠ 8 Use byexternal companies ✠ 9 Class libraries ✠ 10 Documentation andEditions ★ Java Basics and Functions ✠ Overview: The MentalLandscape ✠ Basics and Data Types ✠ Control Statements ✠ Functionsand Subroutines ★ Classes and GUI ✠ Objects and Classes ✠Introduction to GUI Programming ★ Arrays and Data Structures ✠Arrays ✠ Correctness, Robustness, Efficiency ✠ Linked DataStructures and Recursion ✠ Generic Programming and CollectionClasses ★ Advanced Programming ✠ Advanced Input/Output: Streams,Files, and Networking ✠ Threads and Multiprocessing ✠ Advanced GUIProgramming ★ Java Quiz ★ Java Programs ★ Java Exercises ★ JavaGlossary (Java Dictionary) - Contains definition for Javakeywords,concepts and etc.
PHP Documentation (Learn PHP) 2.3 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
👍👍👍👍👍 Note: Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. Please Don'tgive negative feedback, It is not the solution for your need. Ifyou have any problem, please email to android@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestions are welcome. please mail@android@thiyagaraaj.com 👍👍👍👍👍Full Offline Tutorial for PHP 🌷New Features🌷 ✔ Well Formatted andEnhanced UI ✔ Bookmark/Favorites Option. ✔ Enhanced Topics Search ✔Customize text size and full-screen mode ✔ Full Documentation andWell categorized ✔ Optimized Content for Mobile Reading ✔ FullOffline Documentation (with more than PHP 5000 Programs) 🌷PHP Guide🌷 PHP Manual 🌷 PHP Reference 🌷 PHP Tutorial 🌷 Getting Started ✔Introduction ✔ A simple tutorial 🌷Installation and Configuration ✔PHP Installation and Configuration ✔ PHP General InstallationConsiderations ✔ PHP Installation on Unix systems ✔ PHPInstallation on Mac OS X ✔ Installation on Windows systems ✔Installation on Cloud Computing platforms ✔ FastCGI Process Manager(FPM) ✔ Installation of PECL extensions ✔ Problems? ✔ RuntimeConfiguration 🌷 Language Reference ✔ PHP Language Reference ✔ PHPBasic syntax ✔ PHP Types ✔ PHP Variables ✔ PHP Constants ✔ PHPExpressions ✔ PHP Operators ✔ PHP Control Structures ✔ PHPFunctions ✔ PHP Classes and Objects ✔ PHP Namespaces ✔ PHPExceptions ✔ PHP Generators ✔ PHP References Explained ✔ PHPPredefined Variables ✔ PHP Predefined Exceptions ✔ PHP PredefinedInterfaces and Classes ✔ PHP Context options and parameters ✔ PHPSupported Protocols and Wrappers 🌷PHP Security ✔ Security ✔Introduction ✔ General considerations ✔ Installed as CGI binary ✔Installed as an Apache module ✔ Filesystem Security ✔ DatabaseSecurity ✔ Error Reporting ✔ Using Register Globals ✔ UserSubmitted Data ✔ Magic Quotes ✔ Hiding PHP ✔ Keeping Current 🌷 PHPFeatures ✔ Features ✔ HTTP authentication with PHP ✔ Cookies ✔Sessions ✔ Dealing with XForms ✔ Handling file uploads ✔ Usingremote files ✔ Connection handling ✔ Persistent DatabaseConnections ✔ Safe Mode ✔ Command line usage ✔ Using PHP from thecommand line ✔ Garbage Collection ✔ DTrace Dynamic Tracing ✔Function Reference ✔ Function Reference ✔ Affecting PHP's Behaviour✔ Audio Formats Manipulation ✔ Authentication Services ✔ CommandLine Specific Extensions ✔ Compression and Archive Extensions ✔Credit Card Processing ✔ Cryptography Extensions ✔ DatabaseExtensions ✔ Date and Time-Related Extensions ✔ File System RelatedExtensions ✔ Human Language and Character Encoding Support ✔ ImageProcessing and Generation ✔ Mail Related Extensions ✔ MathematicalExtensions ✔ Non-Text MIME Output ✔ Process Control Extensions ✔Other Basic Extensions ✔ Other Services ✔ Search Engine Extensions✔ Server Specific Extensions ✔ Session Extensions ✔ Text Processing✔ Variable and Type Related Extensions ✔ Web Services ✔ WindowsOnly Extensions ✔ XML Manipulation ✔ PHP at the Core: A Hacker'sGuide ✔ PHP at the Core: A Hacker's Guide ✔ Preface ✔ Memorymanagement ✔ Working with Variables ✔ Writing Functions ✔ WritingClasses ✔ Working with Resources ✔ Working with INI settings ✔Working with streams ✔ The "counter" Extension - A ContinuingExample ✔ The PHP 5 build system ✔ Extension structure ✔ PDO DriverHow-To ✔ Extension FAQs ✔ Zend Engine 2 API reference ✔ Zend Engine2 Opcodes ✔ Zend Engine 1 🌷 Appendices Appendices ✔ History of PHPand Related Projects ✔ Migratings ✔ Classes and Objects (PHP 4) ✔Debugging in PHP ✔ Configure options ✔ php.ini directives ✔Extension List/Categorization ✔ List of Function Aliases ✔ List ofReserved Words ✔ List of Resource Types ✔ List of Available Filters✔ List of Supported Socket Transports ✔ PHP type comparison tables✔ List of Parser Tokens ✔ Userland Naming Guide ✔ About the manual✔ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 ✔ Index listing ✔ Changelog ✔Methods and Programs ✔ keywords: PHP,PHP Guide,Learn PHP ,PHPDocs,PHP Programs,PHP Manual, PHP Offline Guide,PHP Complete Guide
Python Documentation 2.7 3 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
★⋙ Full Off-line Documentation for Python 2.7⋙ from little drops ★★⋙ Full Off-line Book Dive Into Python - By Mark Pilgrim ★👍👍👍👍👍Note : Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. Please Don'tgive negative feedback, It is not solution for your need. If youhave any problem, please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestionare welcome. please mail @ android@thiyagaraaj.com👍👍👍👍👍🌷MainFeatures🌷✔ Python 2.7 Updated Documentation✔ Book Dive Into Python✔Fully Off-line Docs and Book✔ Enhanced Search✔ Bookmark Option✔Settings - Text Size, Full Screen Mode, Auto Hide Action Bar(Beta)✔Rich Layout✔ Fresh and Easy Navigation✔ Mobile Reading Format andLayout ★ Parts of the documentation Python 2.7 ✠ What's new inPython ✠ Python Tutorial ✠ Python Library Reference ✠ PythonLanguage Reference ✠ Python Setup and Usage ✠ Python HOWTOs ✠Extending and Embedding ✠ Python/C API ✠ Installing Python Modules✠ Distributing Python Modules ✠ FAQs★ Indices and tables ✠ PythonGlobal Module Index ✠ Python General Index ✠ Python Glossary ✠Complete Table of Contents★ Meta information★ Search★ Dive IntoPython By Mark Pilgrim ✠ Installing Python ✠ Your First PythonProgram ✠ Native Datatypes ✠ The Power Of Introspection ✠ Objectsand Object-Orientation ✠ Exceptions and File Handling ✠ RegularExpressions ✠ HTML Processing ✠ XML Processing ✠ Scripts andStreams ✠ HTTP Web Services ✠ SOAP Web Services ✠ Unit Testing ✠Test-First Programming ✠ Refactoring ✠ Functional Programming ✠Dynamic functions ✠ Performance Tuning ✠ Further reading ✠ A5-minute review ✠ Tips and tricks ✠ List of examples ✠ Revisionhistory ✠ About the book ✠ GNU Free Documentation License ✠ Pythonlicense
Learn Ubuntu 3.5 APK
Thiyagaraaj M
★⋙ Learn Ubuntu App is the pretty guide for Ubuntu OperatingSystem.★⋙ It's not only Ubuntu Linux Operating System Commands. Ithas full Ubuntu operating system Guide for Desktop andServer👍👍👍👍👍Note: Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. PleaseDon't give negative feedback, It is not the solution for your need.If you have any problem, please email tomail@@thiyagaraaj.com.Suggestions are welcome. please email tomail@thiyagaraaj.com👍👍👍👍👍🌷Main Features🌷✔ Ubuntu DesktopDocumentation✔ Ubuntu Server Documentation✔ Editors Tutorial✔Enhanced Search✔ Favtoris Bookmark Option✔ Settings - Text Size,Full-Screen Mode✔ Mobile Reading Format and Layout 🌷Unix,LinuxBasics & Tutorials🌷✠Basics 1 - One line Commands✠Basics 2 -Unix✠Basics 3 - Linux🌷Ubuntu Desktop Guide & Tutorials🌷✠UbuntuGuide 1✠Ubuntu Guide 2✠Ubuntu Guide 3✠Ubuntu Guide 4🌷Ubuntu ServerGuide DB,Web Server,Network and More🌷✠Ubuntu Admin 1✠Ubuntu Admin2✠Ubuntu Admin 3🌷Editors, Utils and More (Unix Administrative andNetworking Commands)🌷✠Ubuntu Editors✠Various OS Commands✠UbuntuUtils✠Advanced Commands