1.0.0 / June 24, 2012
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View the permissions of the application.

The list of applications sorted by date.
Also possible to remove the application from the details of theapplication.

App Information Permissions

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    June 24, 2012
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
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  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Permissions 1.0.0 APK
View the permissions of the application.The list of applications sorted by date.Also possible to remove the application from the details of theapplication.
AN-Switcher 1.3.3 APK
Feature:Register an running application with the status bar.You can call an application execution anytime from the status bar.Options:1. Notifies the application ended.2. You can also delete an application from the statusbarautomatically notified.3. You can also call the launcher to kill a running applicationtoswitch.Explanation of the setting:Effective in AN-Switcher.Change ON/OFF of AN-SwitcherAction Interval:Set the time interval to find a running application.For a short interval, the status bar will be notifiedimmediatelyrunning applications,The minutes of CPU usage time is longer.For long the contrary, the status bar will not be notified onceyouquit the application in that time.It is assumed that the best three seconds or five seconds.The notice of a finished task:Notifies the application status bar finished.When this feature is not notified OFF.Automatic elimination:If the application is notified of the status bar ends, youcanspecify it in time to clear.Use of the task choice:[running] in the status bar when you select an application thatisdisplayed,You can choose whether to allow or be killed doing this.When this feature is OFF, always run the selected application.
AF-Battery 1.5.1 APK
Battery Management ToolsRecord the change in battery capacity, you can checkitsprogress.The current state can be found in Widgets.1. A record of the log is possible.2. Notifications at low capacity.3. Notifications when fully charged.4. Widgets Features.Attention!Battery capacity, may not be changing little by 1%.This is because there's no notification from the device.
AF Tools 7.1.0 APK
1. Brightness adjustmentCan perform brightness adjustment by "setting".The adjustment with the slider has difficult fine adjustment.Therefore I made this application.2. Wi-Fi State3. My location4. Process Info5. sound volume6. boot history7. Elapsed Date--------------------------------Description of the permissionsYour locationcoarse (network-based) locationUsed in the map display Use.fine (GPS) locationUsed in the map display Use.mock location sources for testingUsed in the map display Use.Network communicationfull Internet accessUsed in a ad uses:Advertising is using Google AdSense and admod.Storagemodify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SDcardcontentsSaving volume settings used in the applications.System toolsmodify global system settingsUsed to refer to the number of processes, memory usage Use.change Wi-Fi stateState for confirmation of Wi-Fi: applications. Changes, re-usetoconnect to Wi-Fi.prevent tablet from sleeping prevent phone from sleepingPurpose: During application, the screen will be displayed atalltimes for.System toolskill background processesKilling the processes Usage: For Android 2.1.kill background processesKilling the processes Usage: Android 2.2 or higher for.automatically start at bootUsed to count the number of times: System startup applications.
AF Timer 0.8.2 APK
The countdown timer which performs aprogressreport.FeaturesA. A voice synthesis. To notify the progress.B. You can set up checkpoints every 10 seconds.C. Notification via voice and beep every checkpoint.D. Is not practical, the timer display is 1 / 100.F.The voice synthesis supports English, French, German,Italian,Spanish.
避難場所検索 0.9.0 APK
本アプリは、外出先より周辺避難場所・避難所・広域避難場所の確認とルート案内が行えます。【使用例】・外出先、通勤先周辺の避難場所を確認しておくことで、緊急時、災害時に素早い避難が可能となります。・家族で避難場所を確認することで、いざという時の集合場所となります。・お子様への避難場所の周知に。【特徴】・現在位置を中心に選択した半径内の避難場所、避難所、広域避難場所が表示されます。・地図上にシンボルとして表示されるほか、リスト式でも表示されます。・現在地からの距離も表示されます。・現在地からのルート案内も表示可能です。・手動で位置指定も可能です。・選択範囲は現在地・指定した場所を中心に以下の範囲から選べます。半径500m半径1Km半径2Km半径3Km半径4Km半径5Km・インターネットが繋がらない状況でもGPSを用いて周辺の避難所が確認できます。・現在住所が出力できるため今いる場所がすぐわかり、伝達も容易になります。【データについて】九都県市首脳会議におけるビッグデータ・オープンデータを活用したまちづくり検討会により平成26年3月に策定された「九都県市における避難所等の位置情報に関するオープンデータ化ガイドライン」に基づき作成されているデータを使用しています。千葉市横浜市川崎市相模原市さいたま市※今後も公開され次第、随時追加予定ですThis app, you can makegocheck around shelter, shelter-wide evacuation location thantheroute guidance.[Example of use]· The go, it is possible to keep in check the commutingdestinationaround the shelter, emergency, and will enable quickevacuation inthe event of a disaster.And family is the place to check the shelter, it will be themeetingplace of an emergency.And evacuation location well-known to the to the presenceofchildren.[Features]And evacuation location within the radius you selected aroundthecurrent position, shelter, appears Evacuation Area.· Addition to being displayed as a symbol on the map, it willalsoappear in the list expression.· Distance from the current location are also displayed.Route guidance from the current position is alsopossibledisplay.• Manual at the position specified is also possible.· Selection You can choose from the following range to centerthecurrent position-specified location.  500m radius  Radius 1Km  Radius 2Km  Radius 3Km  Radius 4Km  Radius 5KmAlso in the Internet does not lead situation you will seethataround the shelter using the GPS.· Immediately see where you are right now because the address canbeoutput current, also makes it easier to transfer.[About data]Are created based on the "open data of guidelines regardingthelocation information such as shelters in nine prefecturesCity,"which was established in March 2014 by the Town PlanningReviewCommittee to take advantage of the Big Data open data innineprefectures City Summit and that I am using the data.  Chiba City  Yokohama  Kawasaki  Sagamihara  Saitama CityAs soon as they are published in the future ※, it is anadditionalplan at any time