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AR Pet - The World first augmented reality (AR) pet that youcanplay over a banknote! Wow, the amazing 4D graphics just make itsoreal. This is the Play Store #1 Must-Get AR Game that youcan'tmiss!Not just that... it includes AR mini-game and AR Selfiethatyou can play and interact with the 4D cutie pet!OMG, for suchagreat app with latest AR technology, it just costs you a 1/2donut.Why not give it a go?UNIQUE FEATURES- You can summon the ARpetfrom banknote- Support Banknote of USD 10, EUR 10, HKD 100,RMB100- Interact with the Cutie Pet- The Pet can grow and changethedressing!- 4D graphic design with amazing animation

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    Pet AR
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    February 9, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ★★★★★ MOSTCORE
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    Suite 180, Mountain View, California
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Tower Sim: Pixel Tycoon City 1.2.3 APK
Become a CEO and turn your Business into a billion dollar empire.Assign roles of secretary, financial officer to favoritecelebrities and run the show.Pick from your favorite politicianslike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton; business tycoons like SteveJobs, and build a multi-billion dollar business.Are you up for thechallenge to make billion dollars? If yes, then, read this shortmanual carefully. If you directly want to start, then scroll downto the bottom and read “How to Play” section while the game isbeing installed. What is Tower Simulation Game?Tower Simulation(Tower Sim) is a latest simulation game which will keep you gluedto your phone screen for hours. In this game, the goal is to buildup a mega money tower for your super mall kingdom & Megapolis.It is very easy to understand, so read on.Famous celebrities aroundthe world will help you to manage different shops and businesses.Your job, as the venture's CEO, is to allocate those celebritieswisely. So, arrange resources for the best performance. This gameis packed with a lot of features, have shops to help you makerevenue, and much more. Features that will help you make most outof the game1. Invite celebrities to help you to build up the tower.Trump, Hillary, Obama and many more celebrities with differentabilities and skills!2. Upgrade your tower and make more money fromyour Simcity & Megapolis3. Unlock over 70 Celebrities and over100 talents to finish the collection!3. Upgrade and unlocks over200 products!4. Discover over 70 items and gears!5. Discover secretboxes for special chance to get bonus!6. Compete with every tycoonover the world!7. Unlock White House, Police Station, LogisticsCentre, Casino, Parks and more for special events!OVER 50 Types ofSHOPSRestaurant, Pizza, Fast Food, Coffee Shop, Design House,Bitcoin Bank, Cooking Center, Football Club, Basketball Court, andmore!Catch Up on Fever of 2016 presidential electionsOut of all theHillary Clinton and Donald Trump games, this would leave youentertained the most. Pick Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or anyother celebrity, and run your business.HOW TO PLAY1. You work as afounder of the city. You need to pick up one celebrity (eitherObama, Trump, Hillary and more) as the CEO for your business.Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and hundreds of other celebritieslike Steve Jobs are available to choose.2. Build a new shop, newrestaurant and assign a celebrity to startup the business.3. Buy inresources from markets and fill up the orders.4. Collect FriendChips and upgrade your managers and buildings!5. Unlock new hotelsand generate more income!6. Join the leadership board and becomebillionaire!FOR FUN AND COLLECT ALL TALENTS1. You have to manageall talents to build up the tower. It simulates how to run businessand buy in resources2. Allocates friend chips to upgrade differentproperties, buildings, towns and towers3. Tower Sim has the uniquegame play that you can't miss!4. Compete for your country and bethe world's top billionaire!So, don’t hold back and explore thisHillary Clinton and Donald Trump game today. Whether you are a bigfan of Hillary Clinton games or Donald Trump Games, you are certainto like it.Install this now and explore this super addictive freegame. Hit the install button to explore one of the best freesimulation game now!For Support/Comments, pleasevisit:http://www.mostcore.comThanks, and happy playing!
Tap Tap Monster Hunts 1.0.14 APK
Tap Tap Monster Hunt is one of the toughest and most popular superhero games. If you are looking to try your hands onto one of thehardest game, then this 3d action game is for you.FEATURES:★Adventure through more than 1000 missions in this mission game,★Hire and customize different heroes in 16 jobs types — making itone of the best superhero games.★ Collect billions of treasures andupgrade your adventure party in this treasure game,★ Unlock andlevel up powerful skills — getting you the top experience of bestaction games,★ Hundreds of different monsters and rare bosses tobeat — experience the best fighting games★ Dozens of scenes toexplore — with unprecedented level of adventure amongst kingdomfight games ★ Build up your very own kingdom from the wealth youacquired during your adventures — making it amongst the best of thefree kingdom games.★ Compete with players from all around theworld.WHAT TO PLAY★ Build up your clans of heroes with upgrades —tap it, and get the best of the offline rpg experience.★ Build uptreasures in your Castle in different Kingdom and Dungeon, whicheveryone looks in popular 3d games.★ Collect Gems and build uptreasures in this tap tycoon game with casual idle gameplay★ Fightfor your Kingdom and Clash the Summoners' monsters in the War★ Tapwith this rpg clicker and kill all titans that challenge you★ Wincoins to be the billionaire in the kingdom, something that makesthis game stand apart from other free 3d games!★ Great money gameto play with your best friends★ Be aware of some devils or titansthat may clash you back!SPECIALS IN GAME★ Magic tower to summonpower and enhance your ability for heroes that you always look for,in fun games.★ Blacksmith to power up your gears to clash fiends,titans and monsters★ Develop your battle props - bombs, energyball, cocktail, and more – billion hunter is full stack of freegames!★ Hotdog & Cookie to eat to boost up your team - Best forIdle game player★ Farm up the castle & city - receive bonus forfree!★ Dungeon's Empire, Summoners' Empire, Knight's Castle andFaith Land - Pick your favourite!★ Discount for special items andweapons for monster game lovers!★ Free Rewarded movie to collectgems and gifts - Road to Billionaire!★ Boom Boom Boom! Click andTap to Clash items, chests, crates, barrels and everything!WHY YOUSHOULD NOT MISS THIS★ The first Clicker Idle incremental missiongame with the Best 3D Animation★ Various castle, farm, city, clans,empires, kingdom, dungeon to build and unlock★ Playable duringoffline - enjoy everywhere★ Easy to earn money to be Billionaire inthis tap game★ Fight against EVERYTHING you see in this Age of Warin this tap-app game★ Brainless to play - Don't need to think andsee complicated stories★ A game with Upgrade + Farm + Idle game +Clicker heroes + Offline Action + Action Adventure Strategy +BuildingSupport & Feedback:http://www.mostcore.comPlease feelfree to contact us with your feedback or suggestions about thisbest new action game at contact@billionhunter.com! We love to hearwhat we can do to make it one of the most recommended 3dgames!Follow us on: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/billionhunterKindly review if you like ouraddictive game. Thanks!
Tuber Sim - Extreme Vlogger 2.0.2 APK
Tuber Sim is the latest in Youtuber simulation game, bringingnext-gen Tuber simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasizeabout being a pop star or go viral, your dreams have finally cometrue and Go Viral for no price!Gameplay-wise, Youtuber Story is allabout causing as much market noise as you possibly can as anInternet celebrity. Instead of being a nobody, you're going viral,and instead of defeating enemies, you buyout stuff and buddies toearn more followers. When it comes to a Youtuber, you have nolimits. Every possible theme you can do (e.g. Boxing, Gaming,Flying like a bird, Driving a super car, Getting an electric shockor even Exploring the Space!)DISCLAIMERLive Youtuber Simulator is acompletely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spendyour money on something else to get hot in Youtuber, such as boxingwith a Thais, buying a supercar and wreck it in pieces or doing abungee jump. But just not trying to get an electric shock like thegame does.This tycoon game will keep you entertained for hours. Ifyou like sims or tube games, then you’d like playing this vloggersimulator game.Playing this clicker game is simple. It isn’t someonly-idle game, but here you challenge the top YouTubers and earnvirtual money. This free live game will keep you entertained forhours, and if you feel that this one of the top live simulationgames, then do leave us your feedback.What you can expect  BestGame Play Best features of the top sim games. Extending yourcreativity to the fullest which would make it one of the mostaddictive live games. Making funny and nice vlogger — helping youto make viral videos through your personalized YouTuber using itsvlog. Other exciting features that you can expect in addictive 3dgames. KEY FEATURES• You can go viral and be the Live Tuber• Getpoints for buying stuff, pets, gears and assistants• Many Themethat you can evolve for millions of subscribers!• Challenge theworld’s top Youtuber and create your own channel• Sign contractwith brands to earn your own cash!• To be the live tuber tycoon andchallenge the final themeIf you like playing live 3d games, then,you would certainly love playing this game. Do let us know if weare missing out on something to make it one of the top 3d livegames. We look forward to your feedback to make Live Tuber Storylive game one of the top live games in 2016. If you would like tosupport us, please visit:http://www.mostcore.com
Island Kingdom - Clans to Empires 1.41 APK
Starting from a poor farmer, you got to make all ways to raise yourown land and lead your island to be a kingdom! Build your villageto feet your people and grow up army to fight against devils!Thisis a town and village simulation game. You can customise your owntowns and build up your troops!PLEASE NOTE! Island Kingdom is freeto download and play, however some game items can also be purchasedfor real money for very low price. You can also view some videos toreceive free gifts.FEATURES● Build your village into an unbeatablekingdom ● Raise your own army and explore the island● Join togetherwith other players to form the ultimate Clan● Fight against rivalDevils to expand the land● Build over 100 buildings to level upyour kingdom !Please visit our fans page to share yourcomments:https://www.instagram.com/mostcore_min/
Gangster League - the Payday Crime 1.0.2 APK
Own skyscraperAfter the robbery, will have a large amount of cash,you can build any room if you want. In the skyscraper can builddifferent characteristics of the building. Improve the robberycapabilities such as firearms room, fitness room and research room;Gambling game such as stock and slot machines; Starting yourbusiness such as fast food shop and coffee shop. Also you canassign buddy to manage your room.Wanted LevelWill increase thewanted level, when you robbery or attack any peoples. Police willpay attention on your illegal activities and arrest you at anytime.Online BattlePlayers and players between the offensive anddefensive war and purchase any defender to defend your ownland.Unique equipments and SkillsEquipment not only improve yourrobbery capabilities, also can have a different modeling changes,including cute, funny or stylish style. In terms of skills, modernand future design is the selling point, such as lightning gun andmultiple rocket launcher, it can make you feel surprised.Strongbuddies and VehiclesThe robbery can support up to four peers.Player can buy buddy to help you to complete any robberies mission.Buddy use their own exclusive weapons and unique equipment.Vehicles have a different speed, ability bonus and modernshape.Super BossMost of the boss can change the modeling and attackpattern in the battle to challenge the player.Many countries in thegameThe game can be seen in the United States, Britain and Japanand other countries to do the background of the game, let's playerto experience the style of the world.
Pet AR 1.1 APK
AR Pet - The World first augmented reality (AR) pet that youcanplay over a banknote! Wow, the amazing 4D graphics just make itsoreal. This is the Play Store #1 Must-Get AR Game that youcan'tmiss!Not just that... it includes AR mini-game and AR Selfiethatyou can play and interact with the 4D cutie pet!OMG, for suchagreat app with latest AR technology, it just costs you a 1/2donut.Why not give it a go?UNIQUE FEATURES- You can summon the ARpetfrom banknote- Support Banknote of USD 10, EUR 10, HKD 100,RMB100- Interact with the Cutie Pet- The Pet can grow and changethedressing!- 4D graphic design with amazing animation
Pixel Pay Day Beta 1.0.5 APK
FPS Shooting Game- Easy to control- Plenty of guns- Lite story- PayDay and GTA LikeGame is in BetaData may be modifiedMore story andcontent is coming!