1.15 / March 6, 2019
(4.5/5) (308)


New Style, New Concept of Defense Game. A total of 40 uniquepetdogs are bred in the endless stream. Defeat the Monsters! Youcanget hundreds of different items by hunting. This is a VIP-onlygamewhere there are no ADs and no billing elements at all.

App Information Pet Defense VIP

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    Pet Defense VIP
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    March 6, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Chuslab Games
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    인천광역시 검단로 마전동 487번길
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WaterCapacity Brain PuzzleIt's just the same game as played in (themovie) Die Hard 3. It’s a simple and addictive puzzle game thatusing each of water bottles with different sizes,pour water fromone bottle to another and complete the missions. Show how brilliantyou are for the users of all around the world.
1212! - Block Puzzle 1.11 APK
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▶ 1212 block puzzle games for you to solve in more complicated andmore various ways. ▶ You get a score if you fill the line fully byusing a given block ▶ You can gain high scores when you removeseveral lines simultaneously.
개복치 키우기 - 방치형 클리커 노가다 게임 1.22 APK
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★ 다른 게임과 게임명이 비슷하여 오해하시는 유저분들이 많이 계셔서게임명을 복어키우기로 변경 및 복어월드를 새롭게추가하였습니다.방치형+노가다의 끝판왕을 책임 질 전략형 개복치 키우기★ 게임 특징- 다양하고 귀여운 복치들을 만날 수있는 합체 시스템. 합체 방법: ① 끌어다가 합체하는 방식 ② 동시 터치로 합체하는 방식 - 다양한 종류의 피버타임-대신 터치해 주는 오토 터치 손가락 시스템(방치형 시스템)- 모든 손가락을 동원할 수 있는 섬세한 터치 시스템 - 상대와대결할 수 있는 복치 배틀 시스템- 게임 속의 게임, 다양한 보상이 함께하는 복치 윷놀이 게임- 전국에서 나의 순위와내가 속한 소속의 순위를 확인할 수 있는 개복치 키우기 전국 순위 시스템- 더 쉽고 빠른 시간 안에 돈을 모을 수 있는다양한 아이템들- 다양한 아이템을 얻을 수 있는 서브 캐릭터 키우기 시스템 추가된 내용.일부 폰에서 종료시 게임이 다시시작되는 증상이 보고되어 현재 원인 파악중에 있는데아직까지 해결을 못하고 있습니다.빠른 시일 내에 원인을 찾아서 해결할수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. ㅠㅠ★ 개복치 키우기 공식 커뮤니티- 커뮤니티 주소:cafe.naver.com/molafish----개발자 연락처 :+821043082048카카오톡 문의 아이디 :usemapdef★ another game with a lot of users gyesyeoseo similar tothose that people misunderstand gameWe've added a new changingworld puffer fish and game to raise people Blowfish.Sunfish raiseleft end plate type + type of strategy to be responsible for theking nogada★ Game Features- Copolymer system that can meet avariety of cute clothing Cheadle. Copolymer way: ① way to dropcoalesces② incorporated by way of simultaneous touches- Variouskinds of Fever Time- Auto Touch finger touch system that instead of(left-type system)- Delicate touch system that can mobilize all thefingers- Bokchi battle system that can play against opponents- Gamein the game, a variety of rewards together bokchi Yutnori game- Tocheck my ranking and I belong to the national ranking oftheir  Sunfish raise the national ranking system- Avariety of items that can raise money more easily and in a shorttimeSub-character raising system that can obtain a variety ofitemsThe additional information.Some phones have symptoms that arereported at the end of the game is restarted There are currentlyidentifying the causeIt can not solve yet.We hope to find and fixthe cause as soon as possible. ㅠㅠ★ sunfish raise officialcommunity- Community Address: cafe.naver.com/molafish
Fill Up Block 2014 1.01 APK
Chuslab Games
Fill Up Block 2014 ( Block Puzzle Game )This is the game thatconsist with variable blocks and the rule of this game is to insultall in the white background.
Fill Up Block 1.24 APK
Chuslab Games
Fill Up BlockBlock-arranging puzzle game is a brain puzzle game tomove various shapes of blocks(blocks of total 1037 shapes) into thebackground closely. As it supports 5 kinds of individual modes, youcan play more interestingly. ▶ 1. Classic mode ◀It is the mostclassic block puzzle game. It is a block puzzle game of theorthodox manner to put various sizes of blocks into the tetragonalboard closely. 800 stages that get hard gradually are waiting foryou. ▶ 2. Extreme mode ◀As the background filling the block isprovided in various shapes of pictures, you can play the game moreinterestingly. ▶3. 1212 mode◀As 1010 ten ten puzzle evolved, it wasadded as 1212 mode. As the block-coming out manner(function to seethe block to come out next in advance) and block-rotating functionare added, you can play for high score more diversely. If youremove many lines at once, high score comes out so you can playmore interestingly. ▶4. Mental disruption mode ◀Do you like thehigh-level puzzle game?Challenge the mental disruption mode tocompete with worldwide people by brain. Resolve the puzzle one byone by mobilizing space perception ability and memory at thehighest level in the puzzle game history. Since questions are verydifficult, the weak or the pregnant can be stressed out so theydon't need to play this. ▶ 5. Kids mode ◀Mode for infants/childrenRegrettably infants/children cannot play the game of block puzzleeasily because it is difficult. We provide the kids mode forinfants and children to solve that problem. It is comprised only ofstages that can arouse interest and joy. Use it for the braindevelopment of your children. ▶ Ranking competition system ◀1.Compete with worldwide users for ranking by means of GoogleLeaderboard 2. Participate in the nation-raking competition andadvance the high ranking by using our own ranking chart and leaveyour own comments to the whole world.
com.chuslab.usemap 4.07 APK
Chuslab Games
★★★ 온라인 실시간 방치형 전략 RPG 디펜스! ★★★ ★ 10명의 유저와 실시간으로 파티를 구성해서 보스를잡아보세요! ★ 실시간 온라인 RPG 전투 지원 ★ 영웅 시스템과 장비 강화 합성 인벤토리 등등 다양한 RPG 요소 ★힘들게 안싸워도 되요! 방치 시스템 완벽지원! ★ 수십종류의 보조유닛과 보조유닛별 각각 다른 스킬 시스템(대박!) ★수백종류의 영웅 아이템 / 유물 시스템 등등 상상을 초월하는 컨텐츠! ★ 14가지의 각각 개성 있는 다양한 디펜스 모드■ 보스던전 온라인 ■ 로또 디펜스 ■ 랜덤 디펜스 ■ 길막기 디펜스 ■ 1억마리 스타 디펜스 ■ 행성 점령전 온라인 ■5 vs 1 유저 떼전 ■ 영웅 PvP 대전 ■ 투구던전 온라인 ■ 크래프트 도전의 탑 ■ 길드 시스템 ■ 농장 시스템■ 뚝배기 던전 ■ 펫 키우기 디펜스---------------------------------------------------- 공식카페 :http://cafe.naver.com/usemapdefense 공식 카카오톡 단톡방 :https://open.kakao.com/o/g5S5dZfb 개발자 연락처 : usemapdef@naver.com+82-10-4308-2048 카카오톡 ID : usemapdef ---- 개발자 연락처 : +821043082048카카오톡 문의 아이디 : usemapdef ★★★ Online real-time strategy strategy RPGdefense! ★★★ ★ Organize a party with 10 users in real time andcatch the boss! ★ Real-time online RPG battle support ★ Herosystems and equipment enhancements Composite inventory, etc.Various RPG elements ★ I can not fight hard! Full support ofneglected system! ★ Tens of different Auxiliary Units and AuxiliaryUnits, each with different skill system (hit!) ★ Hundreds of heroitems, artifacts, and more! ★ 14 different types of individualdefense mode    ■ Boss Dungeon Online   ■ Lotto Defense       ■Random Defense    ■ Street Defense   ■ 100 million Star Defense    ■Planet Pre-Occupation Online        ■5 vs 1 users    ■ Hero PvP match   ■Dungeon Online   ■ Tower of Kraft Challenge   ■Guild System     ■ Farm system   ■ PotDungeon   ■ Pet Grow Defense-------------------------------------------------- - Official Cafe:http://cafe.naver.com/usemapdefense Official Cacao Talk:https://open.kakao.com/o/g5S5dZfb Developer contact:usemapdef@naver.com + 82-10-4308-2048 KakaoTalk ID: usemapdef
Field Defense 1.35 APK
Chuslab Games
Field DefensePlace units to defense the enemies.Defend the runnermonsters that run endlessly.
com.chuslab.FieldVip 1.03 APK
Chuslab Games
Field Defense Place units to defense the enemies. Defend the runnermonsters that run endlessly. VIP : NO AD + NO INAPP