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Little store manager! Welcome at your newly open franchise whereyouwill manage cute pets in Pet Store Manager Story. Shower littlepetsbefore dressing them up in your pet shop for the upcomingcustomersto earn profit & expand your pet business. Download& playPet Store Manager Story today and have lots of nonstopfun. Getready for highly engaging Pet Store Manager Story wherewillexperience handling of cash register in pet shop withrealistic petstore from pet game. Sell beautiful pet dog oradorable pet cat frompet shopping games as professional cashiergirl in creativelydesigned realistic pet supermarket with lot offun. This beautifullydesigned Pet Store Manager Story engages invirtual pet store as prostore cashier from cashier games for girlsand handle numerous petparrot customers to become cash manager. Inthis best pet game,become store cashier or pro store manager,expertly utilize timemanagement skills or pro pet care abilitiesand handle numerousvirtual customers belonging to happy family oncash drawer. PetStore Manager Story engages you in exquisitelydesigned cashier gamehaving little boys & girls educationgames based play modeproviding lot of fun. In this cash registergame, take role of petshop cashier girl or pet care girl incolorfully designed pet storehaving numerous pets having DogsPets, Cats or beautiful Parrotsalong with other beautiful petsincluding Rabbits, Fishes orcolorful Pea cock and Ducks. Are youfan of Pet collection games orhighly thrilling pet salon gameswith complete makeover spa thenthis cashier game will fulfill yourrequirements. Pet Store ManagerStory is a time management game forgirls, each customer arriving atthe store will have uniquerequirements, they will explore the storefor selecting theirdesired virtual pet. Once they have selected therequired pet;wash, clean & dress up cute little pets forcustomers. You willhave to expertly handle cash counter by quickpicking and deliverycustomers requested pets from pet salon spagames. In this petanimal educational game, expertly sell pet cat orbeautiful pet dogwith comfort or pet care in custom designed petshop while expertlyutilizing time management or calculation skillsto become storemanager of pet supermarket. In Pet Store ManagerStory you will beengaged in pet shop or colorful pet store whereyou will to have toperform cash handling duty as cashier girl orpro store cashier andsell numerous virtual pets including pet dogor adorable pet catfrom pet games along with colorful pet parrot onhighly advancedcash register. Washing & cleaning skills will betested alongwith dress up to give your pet a complete makeover. Inthis bestpet game, expertly enhance you time management skillsormathematical skills along with pro pet car abilities oncashcounter to become store manager of colorful petsupermarket.PetStore Manager Story Features:- High quality colorfulHD graphics inrealistic virtual shop environment.- Highly addictivecash registerbased shopping simulation from pet salon games- Highlyaddictivelearning games for girls based play mode.- Variouspaymentcollecting methods like cash, credit card, debit card or NFC&more.

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Sports Car Wash & Spa Salon 1.0.3 APK
Sports car is dirty and messy take it to the service station garagefor cleanup and make it look new. Sports car wash & spa salonis an awesome automobile cleanup and makeover game for kids whichkids love to play. Now cleanup the messy, muddy and rustyautomobiles, trucks, car, taxi and other vehicle like aprofessional and show some real cars washout skills to fix, repairand boost up the racing cars. This auto car laundry game is a funcontributor for kids of all ages.In first step apply water over thetransporter vehicle to remove all dirt and mud. Then applydetergent, foam and shampoo with the help of sponge and apply itall over the cars in rush. Customer is in hurry so speed up! Washthe rims, bumper, wheels and tires using brush and give them ashinny look. Cleanup the super cool cars in rush next vehicle iswaiting outside your service garage station. Then open the vehiclebonnet blow up the dirt and mud from engine and tune it up. Cleanup the interior and exterior in this garage laundry service stationgame.Now apply tattoos, sticker, different paints and polish on thevehicle for its complete makeover and new look. Don’t leave anytrash rubbish or sticky spots on the vehicle. Design all the cars,vehicles and build them a marvelous customized masterpiece.Playsports car wash salon game and have thrilling, addicting and fullof fun experience of repair station. Features 1. Washout multiplesuper sport cars2. Clean up the cars with multiple modernequipment's and tools3. Spray paint on sports cars with the colorof your choice4. Decorate the cars with tattoos and stickers5.Attractive graphics and high quality music 6. Smooth tap and touchgame play, with kid’s friendly content
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If you love playing house building games then you must download andplay Beach Dream House Construction – Decorating Games for FREE.Play role of a mason and carpenter in newest beach house buildergame, start constructing your dream house near shoreline near sea.Do amazing tasks in this beach home builder game specially designedfor young builders. No need to lifting home use simple toolsinstead of digger crane in sand. Build red bricks wall andfoundation before you start building wood house. Do various tasksto construct your penthouse and start the renovation. Prepare thebeach construction site level the sand box with planer, use cementto construct solid foundation. Use pain and brush to color yourwood house in this newest creative game for FREE. Enjoy playingthis fun game in free slots of your time, if you love digger gamesand house builder games then you will enjoy playing this BeachDream House Construction – Decorating Games for sure.
Taxi Car Repair Shop 1.0 APK
Taxi car repair shop is a crazymechanic’sworkshop game for kids. Repair and fix the auto cars,truck andother vehicle body, engine and tires and be the bestgaragerepairmen in the city. After long route driving the kid’staxi caris messy and rusty and facing many accident damages. Littlecrazymechanics examine the auto car and fix it, pump it and make itlooknew and fit for road’s journey. Yellow Cab repair mechanic shopiscrazy car builder and maker adventure with realisticgaragesimulation for kids, so that kids can learn how to take careoftheir vehicles.For fixing and building the vehicle first select the taxi cartorepair. Take it in to the work shop and fix the tires. Removetheold tyres, fix the new one and fill air in them. Now it’s timetofix the taxi body’s damages by doing welding and denting. Leavenoscratch or dent on the vehicle and remove all defects. Littleboysand girls garage is full of modern tools and equipments usethem toperform your duty better.Now it’s time to fix the taxi car engine, add engine oilandassemble all the engine parts with accuracy to fix the engine.Inthe end auto wash the car in best car wash salon and spa toshineit up. Little toddlers now download this mechanic work stationgameand enjoy virtual simulator of real garage.
Train Wash Salon & Makeover 1.0 APK
Hey little kids! Get enthusiast with best train maker game inGoogle Play store for free. Are you interested playing car mechanicand makeover salon children game? Then try over train track childgame to wash and cleanup train simulator. Kids train is reachingthe city railway station after world tracks journey and adventure.Locomotive is rusty and messy and need proper care and cleanup. Noproblem new best service station is now opened in your town! Takeyour subway train to the mechanic’s service station to cleanup mudand shine the express train like a car mechanic. Train wash spasalon is an awesome automobile cleanup dirt and makeover game forkids. Now cleanup the messy, muddy and rusty vehicles, trucks, carsand other vehicle like a professional. Show real train washoutskills to fix, repair and boost up the mega metro. This auto carlaundry game is a fun contributor for kids of all ages.To wash andcleaning train first apply water over the transporter vehicle toremove all dirt and mud. Then apply detergent, foam and shampoowith the help of sponge and apply it all over the real trainz bodyin rush. Customers are in rush so speed up! Wash the rims, bumper,wheels and tires using brush and give them a shinny look. Cleanupthe super cool world trains in rush next train conductor is waitingoutside your service station. Open vehicle’s engine blow up thedirt and mud from engine and tune it up. Clean up the interior andexterior in this service station. Apply tattoos, sticker, differentpaints and polish on the vehicle for its complete makeover and newlook.Features: 1. Washout multiple train crash from tracks2. Cleanup real train with multiple modern tools and equipment's.4.Decorate steam train and design it.5. Attractive graphics and highquality fsx music.6. Smooth tap and touch game play and kid’sfriendly content.This mechanic simulator and crazy washing salongame is fun for kids who like color chase and decorate. Play trainsimulator game with explosive colors wash. Leave all confusingprincess salon games. Feel like train conductor and have thrilling,addicting and full of fun experience of fix it game.