1.0 / December 19, 2015
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Rescue cute puppy and kitty pets as a pet doctor. Few of pets inour town are sick. There is no Animal Hospital & Vet Clinic forCats and dogs. In this game you have to treat all the pets of yourfriends and neighbors. Play doctor game and help the sick puppiesand kitties. Little pets will visit your clinic, you have all therequired treatment tools. Heal cuts, treat sickness and providethem first aid rescue. These furry animals are so sick but theyhave got an awesome doctor. You have to take care of the pets andkeep them happy & healthy.How to Play:------------* use fingerto play the gameFeatures:---------* 6 adorable pets* Variety oftool for treatment* Rescue puppies & kitties

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    Pets Animal Hospital Doctor
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    December 19, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Have you ever dreamed of yourself as a best kid’s surgeon of yourtown? Plastic face surgery simulator is the game which makes youthe best face surgeon of the town. This game will make you clumsyface surgeon that you always wanted to be and perform face surgeryon the patients as you like for free.=== How to Play ===Start yourday by treating patients girls on your own beauty clinic. > Onepatient girl has a cut on her eye; her eye will be spoiled withinfection if you didn’t treat her on time. It’s time for the littleface surgeon to save the day for the girl. > One sweet girl hada ball hit on a face and her nose bone is broken and she is in lotsof pain help that little baby girl. Perform her nose surgery withsome professional doctor tools and make her feel out of pain.>Another patients is suffering with the skin disease and she is insevere pain, let’s operate her face plastic surgery.=== FEATURES===- No In-App Purchases! It is TOTALLY FREE!- 4 little boys &girls patients with 4 unique surgery treatments- Face SurgerySimulator Game- Clumsy Face’s Skin Surgery- Face’s Nose SurgeryDoctor- Face’s Eye Surgery Doctor- Use different surgeon tools anddo your stitching & bandaging like real doctors