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How to use the prank:1. Ask someone to play and beat your scoreinthe mini game2. They have to tap on the screen fast to launchtherocket to 1000 meters3. The game will make a fake crash atabout920 meters4. Watch their reaction

App Information Phone Crash Prank

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    Phone Crash Prank
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    November 1, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Ugly Pixels
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    Tomaszkowice 414, 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland
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Prank Pack 3.0.9 APK
Ugly Pixels
Prank Pack is a set of the best funny prankapps in one! A real ultimate trolling collection.It not only features the top ones you already know - there are new,funny and original pranks that cannot be found anywhere else. Theyhave been designed especially for you to have even more fun makingjokes and to troll your friends and family! This is the perfectprank app for April Fools' day!Featured free pranks:- Farts/Whoopee cushion- Scissors- Hair clipper- Cracked Screen/Broken Screen- Fake Crash- Laugh Track- Farting CameraPremium:- Radiation Detector- Finger Scanner- Emergency Call- Blue Screen of Death- Detector- Blood Pressure monitor- Thermometer- Time BombThe app is free but some of the pranks are premium and have to beunlocked. In order to unlock them you have to earn virtual currencyby watching videos, ads or completing Tapjoy actions. You can alsosimply buy access using in-app billing system.THERE ARE NO ANNOYING POPUP ADS IN THIS APP!Like me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/uglypixelsI need your feedback so please contact me atuglypixelsmedia@gmail.comEnjoy!
Submarine Duel (2 players) 1.0.2 APK
Ugly Pixels
Face your friend in this mine-pushing 2 player duel betweensubmarine squads.Throw mines on your oponent's submarines withtheir bubble firing weapons.This game features pixel graphics in8bit style and is designed for two players.Like me on facebook!https://www.facebook.com/UglyPixelsYour feedback is verywelcome!Enjoy!Quick FAQWhat is Submarine Duel?Submarine Duel is afree game designed for two players playing simultaneously on onedevice.The theme is underwater naval warfare. There are threesubmarines for each player and three underwater mines. Instead ofusing torpedoes to fight, the subs use bubbles to push the mines onthe competitor. There are also buttons to control eachsubmarine.How to play?On the main screen you can choose the pointlimit - who gets that amount of points first wins. After pressingstart you will see the game screen with red and blue buttons foreach of 2 players. When players are ready they tap the screen ontheir side and the first round starts.The goal of the game is topush the black mines on the other player's submarines. After themine touches a sub it explodes and the opponent gets points.To pushthe mine you need to press buttons on the bottom which controlbubble guns on the submarines. All bubble guns are attached to anair tank cause they need air to shoot bubbles. When you shootbubbles, the air is used and when it depletes you have to stopshooting and wait for the tank to fill.There are powerups appearingfrom time to time. The powerup is activated when it hits a mine. Itcan be a 'Stop' powerup that stops the mines or it can be 'Reverse'powerup which makes the mines go in the opposite direction.Is therean Online mode?No, the game is offline only. It is designed so that2 players can play on one device. You can play with your friends orfamily.How can I remove ads?The game allows you to earn virtualcurrency by watching ads or completing Tapjoy actions. Once youhave earned 1000 coins you can remove ads.You can also pay toremove them.
From yellow to blue 1.1.1 APK
Ugly Pixels
Meet a new, hard challenge for your brain cells!Tap the switches tocontrol the beam and guide it from the blue switch to the orangeswitch.The game currently features 51 mind-bending levels. Puzzlesinclude changing direction and color of the beam.Please send bugreports or suggestions to contact@uglypixels.pl
Terrible Chef 1.0.0 APK
Ugly Pixels
Quick, Chef! Throw ingredients into the soup but make sure you arethrowing in the right ones!The more you use the higher the scorebut you need to do it fast or else you will run out of time!Thegame has no ads and is free to play. Enjoy!Like me on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/UglyPixelsContact me at:contact@uglypixels.plQuick FAQWhat is Terrible Chef?It's an arcadeinfinite run game where you are making a soup and the goal is toscore as many points as possible. You score points by throwing"food" like carrots, onions, cucumber and other vegetables but alsofish and meat. You need to prove that you have good reflexes andyou can beat the highscore.How to play?On the main menu screenpress the green play button.The first time you play a popup withgraphical rules will appear. Get yourself aknowledged with therules and press play to start the run.On the game screen you willsee an "Energy" bar at the top, a cooking pot at the middle withsteam coming out of it and some ingredients at the left and rightsides of the screen.The "Tap" sign below ingredients tells you thatyou have to either tap on the left or the right side of thescreen.The game is initially paused but starts to run as soon asyou tap one of the sides.When you tap, the corresponding ingredientwill be thrown into the soup giving you points if it was 'food' orgiving toxic sign if it was 'not food'.If you get three toxic signsthen the cooking is over. To make the game harder there is energydisplayed at the top which runs out and the only way to increase itis by throwing food. If it runs out - also game over.Whichingredients are toxic?All non food like Eyeball, Syringe, shoe,grenade or can with radioactive sign.Are there ads in thisgame?Currently not and there are no plans to add them yet.Are theresome leaderboards in the game?Yes, the game uses Google PlayServices Leaderboards so you need to have Google Play Gamesinstalled on your device to use the leaderboards.Is there a way torevive after game over?Not yet but it will be added in the future.
Prank Pack 3.0.15 APK
Ugly Pixels
Prank Pack is a set of the best funny prank apps in one! A realultimate trolling collection. It not only features the top ones youalready know - there are new, funny and original pranks that cannotbe found anywhere else. They have been designed especially for youto have even more fun making jokes and to troll your friends andfamily! This is the perfect prank app for April Fools' day!Featured pranks: Farts Scissors Hair cutter Fake Broken Screen FakeCrash Laugh track Farting Camera Fake Fingerprint Scanner FakeRadiation Detector Fake Blue Screen of Death Fake UniversalDetector Sound Time Bomb Like me on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/UglyPixels/ I need your feedback so pleasecontact me at uglypixelsmedia@gmail.com Enjoy!
Phone Crash Prank 1.0.0 APK
Ugly Pixels
How to use the prank:1. Ask someone to play and beat your scoreinthe mini game2. They have to tap on the screen fast to launchtherocket to 1000 meters3. The game will make a fake crash atabout920 meters4. Watch their reaction