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Photo Eraser Professional allows you to erase unwanted content inaphoto where its people you do not want in the photo or objectsyouwant to delete the photos.Photo Eraser Professional is thebestmobile photo Editor to remove the contents of the photos. Areyoudisappointed with the people's photo bombardment? Selectivelyerasethe photo-bomb from the photo. Remove any unwanted contentfrom thephoto with the photo eraser.Best photo Editor for peoplewho wantto delete the contents of their photos. Photo Eraser give 4optionsto select from when you delete a content in the photo tochoose thebest photo option.-This application is designed to cutimages andmake the background of the image transparent.-The imagesobtainedcan be used as stamps with other applications to makeaphotomontage, collage.☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆ "Auto Mode" ☆· Clearsimilarpixels automatically.☆ "Extraction Mode" ☆· Select and cleartheobjects you want to delete accurately, using blue and redmarkers.☆It is very important to make the background of atransparent imageaccuratelyIf you want to overlay photos and makegood compositephotos.With this application, you can do it better.

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    Photo Eraser Professional
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    January 26, 2018
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Dev creative
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BTS wallpapers KPOP 2.1 APK
Dev creative
BTS Wallpapers KPOP is an application that provides many images forBangtan Boys fans. BTS wallpaper hd apps has many interestingcollection that you can use as wallpaper.BTS, also known as BangtanBoys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts or Beyond The Scene, is a seven-memberSouth Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. For those ofyou who love kpop wallpaper BTS you must have this app.so so manypictures about BTS wallpaper that you can make the choice to makeyour wallpaper, these wallpapers were made special foryou.FEATURES:✔ a lot of Wallpapers for BTS✔ Optimized batteryusage.✔ Unique design.✔ You can Download any Wallpaper you want.✔You can Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr,Flickr, Stumble, Instagram… with your friends.Download and Enjoythe amazing Heroes you like best.Share this app with your bestfriends who love like you.DISCLAIMER:This app is made by BTS fans,and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by anycompany.All copyright and trademarks are owned by their respectiveowners. The images in this application are collected from aroundthe web, if we are in breach of copyright, please let us know andit will be removed as soon as possible.
Baby Heartbeat listener 5.6 APK
Dev creative
Listening to baby allows pregnant women and dads to listen, recordand share their baby's heartbeat before birth. This application iscompletely free of charge.This application has a playful andnon-medical purpose. It requires headphones (without built-in mic)and works in the manner of a stethoscope by filtering andamplifying the sound coming from the microphone before replaying itin the headphones.To use it, simply turn on the application, plugin the headphones, start listening and then affix the microphone ofthe device to the belly. You can record at any time what you hearand then listen to it again or share it on social networks.CautionTo not expose the baby to the phone (or tablet), it is important toput the device in airplane mode before affixing it to the belly.Thequality of the listening depends on:From the baby's term, theheartbeat starts to be audible only from the 30th week ofAmenorrhea.of your baby's position. As with a monitoring, it isnecessary to place the microphone at the level of the back of thebaby. In some positions it is even impossible to hear his heart.Just wait until your baby has changed position to be able to hearher heart again.The quality of the microphone on your smartphone(or tablet). Depending on the models and brands, the listeningquality can go from a clear beat sound and audible to no beat soundat all.The quality of the headphones. Here again some models poorlyrestore the serious sound of heart beat and can make listeningimpossible.We advise you at first to practice by listening to yourown heart. If the sound is clear and audible, you will have everychance to hear your baby's.To maximize the chances of hearing yourbaby's heart, it is necessary to use the application in acompletely silent room.For a better listening quality, theapplication also offers the user the possibility to adjust thesound filter via the parameters. This will allow you to adjust thesettings to the specific characteristics of your device.It isimportant to note that this application in no way has the objectiveof replacing a real monitoring or other medical examination. Aspreviously said, its operating quality depends heavily on yourdevice and therefore it is in no way disturbing not to hear yourbaby's heart with this application. This application does notprovide any indication or information about your baby's health.
Icon Changer 2.0 APK
Dev creative
The easiest way to decorate your android.Icon Changer is theapplication that makes shortcut with a new icon at home screen.Iconcan be chosen from gallery and lots of icon packs.You can decorateyour phone!By using this app create effective icon as per yourchoice and create shortcut. So when you come next time no need togo in menu bar to find app because app is available on desktop.**HOW TO USE **1. Execute ICON CHANGER2. Choose application oractivity to change icons3. Choose an image from gallery / iconpackage4. Icon will be changed!!!!If you have issues, send anycrash reports if you can.or please email me crash details.Thechanged icon will come on the homescreen.Icon does not changepermanently.Therefore don't worry about restoring.If you have anissue with Icon Changer, please do not write a review of the appsaying "it didn't work" — this does not help us improve the app.Instead, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll doour best to help. We're constantly improving Icon Changer to makeit the best app.Icon Changer, Icon Change. Change Icons, CustomizeIcons, convert, icon, icons, change, customize, change icon.
Blue light Filter-night Mode Owl 1.2.15 APK
Dev creative
Are your eyes tired when you read the night on your phone?You havetrouble sleeping after spending a long time watching thescreen?It's because of the blue light. The blue light released byyour phone and tablet is the part of the Visible light spectrum(380-550 nm) responsible for the circadian rhythm deregulation.According to scientific studies, exposure to blue light posesgrâves threats to the neurons of the retina and prevents thesecretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences the circadianrhythm. It has been proven that reducing blue light can greatlyimprove sleep.Blue light filter is used to reduce blue light byadjusting the screen to natural color. Moving your screen in nightmode can relieve you eyes, and you will feel comfortable duringyour night reading. Also, the blue light filter will allow you toprotect your eyes and help you sleep easily.Characteristics:● Bluelight reduction● Adjustable filter intensity● Energy saving● Veryeasy to use● Built-in brightness change● Eye protection against thelight of the screenBlue Light ReductionThe blue light Filter canchange the light of your screen in natural color by reducing theblue light that affects your sleep.Adjustable filter IntensityBysliding the button, you can easily adjust the intensity of thefilter to attenuate the light on the screen. Free Screenfilter.Energy savingCan practically reduce energy consumptionthrough the use of the blue light filter.Very easy to useHandybuttons and auto-timer to help you turn the app on and off in onesecond. A very useful application for eye care. It's an easy-to-usescreen filter.Integrated brightness ChangeYou can change thebrightness according to your preference for a better night readingwith this night filter.Eye protection against the light of thescreenEasy and fast change in "Night Mode" for the protection andrelief of your eyes in no time. Take care of your eyes with thisnight filter.Tricks:● Before installing new applications, pleasepause the filter to allow installation.● Pause this applicationwhen you make screenshots or they will use the effect of theapplication.Please excuse us for the inconvenience.
Cool Animals Wallpapers 1.1 APK
Dev creative
Incredible collection of images withanimalwallpapers to set as wallpaper and/or wallpaper on yoursmartphonein good quality.This application includes images and photos of:► Bear, Bird, bison/buffalo, camel, chameleon, Cheetah,chick,cougar, crocodile, deer, dolphin, duck, Eagle, elephant,hawk,fish, Flamingo, Fox, Frog► Giraffe, Goat, Gorilla, Hamster, hippo, horse, insect,Jaguar,kangaroo, Koala, ladybug, leopard, lion, lynx, monkey,mouse,ostrich, owl, Panda, Panther► Parrot, Peacock, Penguin, Pig, Polar bear, Rabbit, Rhino,seal,shark, sheep, snail, snake, Snow leopard, squirrel, swan,tiger,Whale, White Lion, white tiger, Wolf and Zebra.Features:✓ Fast interface with high resolution images (HD & HQ).✓ Fast photo loading speed.✓ This App works Online, requires internet connection.✓ possibility to share the image and the app withyourfriends.✓ Save picture available and also the "Set aswallpaper"option.✓ easy to use... and will always be free!Note: If you like the application, do not forget to press +1,QUALIFY POSITIVELY ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ And leave a comment, thanks.
GOT7 Wallpapers Kpop HD 2 APK
Dev creative
Do you know GOT7 ? Got7 (Hangul: 갓 세븐; RR: Gatsebeun; celebratedasGOT7) is a South Korean male band formed by JYP Entertainment.Thisgroup consists of seven members, namely JB, Mark,Jinyoung,Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. Got7 debuted inJanuary 2014with the release of their first mini album, Got It ?,who managedto occupy the number two position on Gaon Album Chartand numberone on the Billboard World Albums Chart.If you look foramazingGOT7 Wallpapers, this app is perfect for you. GOT7Wallpapers HD isan application that provides images for GOT7 fans.GOT7 wallpaperhd apps has many interesting collection that you canuse aswallpaper. For those of you who love kpop wallpaper GOT7 youmusthave this app. There are hundreds pictures about GOT7wallpaperthat you can make the choice to make your wallpaper,thesewallpapers were made special for you.HOW TO USE THIS APP :1.OpenGOT7 Wallpapers KPOP 2. Choose your favorite picture3. Tap andholdthe picture4. Tap the "Set as wallpaper" button to apply5.Enjoyyour GOT7 WallpaperFEATURES:1. Hundreds GOT7 wallpaper hd20182.Weekly updates3. Compatible with 99% of mobile phonesanddevices.4. You can save or Share "wallpaper of GOT7" toFacebook,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble,Instagram OrLine.5. Full support for portrait and landscape mode6.Optimizedbattery usage!7. Fully supports horizontal orientation8.Add tofavoritesFEATURED CATEGORY:- GOT7 wallpapers hd- GOT7 hdwallpaper-GOT7 wallpaper- GOT7 wallpaper 2018- GOT7 vectorwallpaper- GOT7best wallpaper- GOT7wallpaper 4k- GOT7 wallpaperapp- GOT7 piano-GOT7 kpop wallpaper- GOT7 wallpaper Kpop HD- GOT7wallpapersrealYou can also share GOT7 wallpaper with YourfriendsWhat are youwaiting for !!! Get GOT7 wallpapers of GOT7Right now!!DISCLAIMER:This app is made by GOT7 fans, and it isunofficial.The content in this app is not affiliated with,endorsed,sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. Allcopyrightand trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Theimages inthis application are collected from around the web, if weare inbreach of copyright, please let us know and it will beremoved assoon as possible
Beard Men Photo Editor 3.0 APK
Dev creative
Beard Men Photo Editor live allows you to experiment with differenttypes of facial hair and find the one that suits you best. Bart MenPhoto Editor is a fashionable beard stand that allows you to haveany beard you want. Impress your friends with a bearded photo. Tryit now!!!Bart Men Photo Editor is a beard stand that allows you touse Bart pictures on a live camera as well as on your photos byphone.Applying the elegant beard to men in photos-Get stylish beardmen on your existing photos right away. These elegant bearded menwill be the most realistic beards. Bart Men Photo Editor offers thefollowing options1. Bart for Booth automatically checks your headpose2. Makes men stylish beards in preset mode (depending on headlaying)3. Bart for Booth provides options for the perfect blend ofthe beard with the photos-lighting, coloring, etc. Using tools suchas contrast, saturation and brightness. So these beards lookrealistic and not just a sticker stuck on your face.Use of elegantmen's beards on the camera liveBart Men Photo Editor allows you totake the self-love of yourself with trends of beard styles. Thislive beard salon will automatically detect your face and distortdifferent styles of beard and beard on live beard camera. You cancheck what kind of beard suits you before you grow a beard. Checkand take an instant picture. Your friends will be surprised whenyou see your beard photos.Bart Men Photo Editor is a full beardsalon with the latest, most realistic and most realistic beardstyles. This is an application to impress you all with the latestbeard and beard moustache man. It's a fun application for beardedmoustache changer that instantly applies realistic beards to yourface.Properties:-Face recognition for the automatic application ofthe realistic beard-Try Bart men photo Editor-moustache and Bartchanger-Bart Salon: Beard style trend of 45 years-Realistic beardtools-mapping previsualized (automatic), contrast, brightness andsaturation-Share the beard photo on social networks directly fromthe application.Bart Men Photo Editor will give you a new hottestlook and certainly they will look beautiful. Try it now!We'd liketo hear from you. Please email us at [email protected]
Weight Loss Juice - Drink to lose belly fat -Detox 1.0 APK
Dev creative
Did you know that beverages are one of the best ways to eliminatefats?There are specific drinks to lose belly fat and weight lossjuice that will help you to remove fat accumulated throughout thebody, whether in the arms, remove fat from the belly, reduce bellyfat or anywhere else.Natural beverages to lose weight and burn fat,is an application that will allow you to lose weight, lose fat andlose weight quickly in a very healthy and healthy way, takingnatural drinks and natural juices.Weight loss and drinking juice tolose belly fat can be considered detox drinks, which are perfectfor any time of the year. Fruit juices, smoothies with vegetables,drinks that burn fat and that are not only good and that do notfatten, but that help you lose weight. regardless it is cold orhot. With natural smoothies to lose weight and burn fat, you willbe able to hear yourself with a healthy diet, a perfectsilhouette.With a drink to lose belly fat and weight loss juice,you will find the following juices: Green toxin eliminator, spicygreen juice, green diuretic, red cabbage juice with flax, tomatoand cucumber juice, watercress juice and carrots , celery beetjuice, spinach and applesauce, grapefruit juice and grapefruitjuice, carrot and radish juice, papaya pineapple juice and radish,melon juice, mint cucumber and pear, and many otherjuices...----------------------------KEYWORDS :body cleanseDIYweight loss drinksbody cleanse for weight losswater cleansenaturalbody cleansebest cleanse for weight lossdetoxificationprocesscleansing water recipehomemade weight loss cleansesystemcleansing drinkhealthy drinks to make at homeweight loss drinkrecipehealthy drink recipes for weight losscleanse drinkrecipecleansing drinks to lose weightall natural body cleansetoxicdrinkdetoxic reviewsnatural cleanse recipediet dr recipesbodycleanse recipehomemade cleanse drinkcleansing stomach cleansedrinkweight loss cleanse diyhomemade body cleanse recipecleansedrink recipe for weight lossweight loss cleanse at homerecipenatural weight loss drinks recipesbody cleansing drinks homeremedyhealthy water recipes for weight lossfruit water cleansejungong foot patchhomemade body cleanse for weight losswhat is a goodcleansing drinkdiy flush drinksweight loss drinks to make athomehomemade body cleanse drinkbody cleanse drink recipehow to makea cleanse drinkhow to make a body cleanse drinkdetoxification drinkfor weight lossbest body cleanse drinktoxin cleanse drinktoxinflush drinknatural cleanse drinktoxin removal drinkHow to gettingin shapeDetox Juice Recipes for a Fast Weight Loss Cleansefatburning drinksfresh juicebeet juicejuice cleanseweight lossdrinksfat burning drinksbelly fat cleansefat cutter drinkwhat todrink to lose belly fatbelly fat burning drinksslimmingdrinksdrinks to lose belly fatweight loss drinks that workbestweight loss drinksfat burning waterfat burning drink mixwhat todrink to lose weightweight loss drinks that work fastflush drinksfor weight lossfat loss drinkwhat can i drink to lose weightdrinksto help lose weighthealthy drinks for weight lossdrinks that helpyou lose weightstomach cleansefemale body shapesperfect body shapefor femalemeal replacement shakesweight loss shakesbest mealreplacement shakesdiet shakesbest weight loss shakesslimmingshakesshakes to lose weightmeal replacement dietshakes for weightlossprotein shakes weight lossweight loss shakes for womenbestprotein powder for weight lossprotein powder for weight losshealthymeal replacement shakesprotein shake dietprotein shakes to loseweightbest shakes for weight lossweight loss drinks that workweightloss juice cleansebest juice cleanse for weight lossjuice dietrecipesjuice diets for quick weight losshealthy juices for weightlossvegetable juice for weight lossjuice cleanse to lose weightfatburning juicejuices for weight loss fast