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Gallery Application pick images from mobile internal memory and SDcard.show all image in managed form.Create pictures from yourgallery With 3D styles is like the SPIRAL, propeller, circle andmany others.Photos of Improve the gallery Your choice in SELONpinching 3D styles In Different.Styles in Modify a single clickUsing the icon of the action bar and 3D animation animation.FriendlySimple 3D animation fresh one click and do two times on thephoto gallery.Hide PRIVATE albumsThe Lock PIN Set the albums toCaches. To hide easy, to Contemporary View Albums Viewing thePrivate Way, More Innovative.ShareSharing Groups Easily photos andvideos from your gallery, just click with Just!You can share yourphotos on Facebook, Like, WhatsApp, Twitter, G + etc.Maincharacteristics- Photos* Create albums and choose your best photosin a secret folder.* Camera photo album Selfie.* Able Grid Photoview.* Edit photos in gallery.* Beauti Camera Effects on thegallery's favorite images.* Create effects such as photo filtereffects depending on the device.* Photo slideshow, best animationfor the photo slideshow in the gallery.* Move files, delete, copyand paste.* Multiple selections of files available.* Zoom on thezoom out option.* The sorting of photos is unlimited.* Sort by,Name, Date, Ascending, Size, Type, Descending, etc.* Use the optionto set the wallpaper on your photo, contact the profile photos.*Share photos with social networks.* Rename files.- Gallery withvideo player* Built-in video player for the gallery.* HD videoplayer with any video.

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    Photo Gallery 3D
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    July 15, 2017
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    new warrior
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3D Gallery 1.0.0 APK
new warrior
Photo Gallery 3D is one of the android application gallery nativesystem.You can quickly and easily access all your multimedia files(photo and video), it also includes a beautiful 3D effect. It hasused all the benefits of your phone or tablet.Gallery - PhoneStorage App Beautiful 3D gallery with the latest graphics insteadof the old one. Special useApplication of color gallery for photos,hot videos, movie collections, etc.3D Gallery:3D Galleryapplications and videos on your phone or tablet all fotografam letsyou see most of the place.It presents a 3D view of your photos.Italso allows you to edit your photos.FEATURES:* High-speed photo andvideo viewer* Small size / color adjustable* View of grid / viewFilmstrip* Customize your concerts with a great collection ofbeautiful themes.* Hide unwanted folders* Show / hide status bar*Call photos or videos according to date, location and even coloringof the image.* Slide show animations: Fade, zoom, slide and flip*Your photos and videos are automatically organized according towhen and where you take them.ShareEasily share groups of photos andvideos from your gallery, just with one click!You can share yourimages on social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, G +etc.
Gallery 1.0.0 APK
new warrior
Gallery is the best photo and video gallery, browser image andviewer with fresh 3D transitions. HD Photo Gallery is fast,lightweight and most stable application gallery, and in fact thebest alternative Android application gallery.You can quickly andeasily access all your photos and videos. It has all used to enjoyyour phone or tablet.HD photo gallery set up photo management andphoto editing in one, is essential on your mobile phone phototool.The best gallery in the shopGALLERY:* High-speed photo andvideo viewer* Thumbnail size Configurable / colors* Photo tagviewer and editor* Grid / View Mode Filmstrip* Custom actionbuttons (edit, delete, tags, ...) for photo viewing* Scroll:horizontal / vertical* Configurable screen orientation* Status barShow / hide* Slideshow animations: Fade, zoom, slide and rocking
satellite director - satfinder 1.7.1 APK
new warrior
Satellite Director / SatFinder is ideal to accompany you throughthe installation steps and pointing your individual dish. It givesyou the how to do it yourself installing your satellite dish. Itcalculates the settings and brings you the necessary informationfor each step for fast and simple installation. Do not wait,download the dish pointer app now!How does satellite director appwork ?Just enable the GPS in your phone or enter your GPS location,select the desired TV satellite or antenna location and point yourphone to the sky to target (find) the TV satellite. You have foundthe satellite when the white ball is in the white circle and thecyan ball is in the cyan circle. Align, in azimuth, the offset armof the satellite dish to the cyan arrow on the phones display andthe satellite dish is aligned in azimuth with thesatellite.Selectable audio tone, camera preview, continuous mode(no pause), color pickers or a user defined satellite position maymake it easier for you to find the desired TV satellite. Thesatellite list contains 280 satellites.Optional you can take aphoto (resized)/screenshot by touching on the director tab. Thephoto/screenshot is ONLY stored on the phones memory card.
Gallery 3D 1.3 APK
new warrior
Photo Gallery 3D is one of the android application native systemgallery.You can quickly and easily access all your multimedia files(photo and video), it also includes a beautiful 3D effect. It hasused all the benefits of your phone or tablet.Photo Gallery 3Dsupports all popular image formatsEnjoy 3D StylesCreate your photosfrom the gallery with 3D styles like spiral, helix, circle and manymore.Enhance the photos of the gallery according to your choice bypinching in different 3D styles.Modify the styles by using a singleclick on the icon of the action bar and testify to nice 3Danimations.Cool 3D animation with a single click and press twice onthe photo gallery.Hide private albumsConfigure the PIN lock forhidden albums. Easy to hide, display and view private albums in themost innovative way.ShareEasily share groups of photos and videosfrom your gallery, just with a click!You can share your images onsocial networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, G + etc.
USB OTG checker 4.0.3 APK
new warrior
USB OTG Adapter is checkers free tool thatcanquickly and effectively to free fully check and verify yourAndroiddevice system USB OTG capabilities without Rooted yourAndroidPhone or Tablet.usb otg adapter is a simple application to check if yourmobiledevices supports OTG device attachments. It hardly takes 5secondsto run the test. Get instant status of OGT support of yourmobilephones.USB OTG Checker makes it very easy to test whether your phoneiscompatible with USB OTG devices. USB OTG or On The Go devicesaredevices that can be used on the USB port of your device viaasuitable OTG USB cable.USB OTG HELPER makes it very easy to test if your phoneiscompatible with USB OTG devices.This app will determine that for you. Root not required.USB OTG checker privacy features are:*Automatically start app on device connect.* Automatic mount.* Mount and Unmount drive with a single click.* Full NTFS support.*exFAT support! .* Notification when drives mounted !.* Load modules required automatically.* Option to enable utf-8 mode.* Automatically open the mounted drive 10 Media scanner triggeredonmount ...
Camera zoom HD 1.0 APK
new warrior
HD Camera Pro is a photo application that allows you to quickly andeasily create high resolution images by taking full advantage ofyour phones or tablets.Great effects designed for photos andvideos.The Pro HD camera has excellent features and options veryeasy and easy.The new most indispensable form and excellent designof an application with you.Ultra professional camera and HD videoapplications are ready for you.Current features current design,updated content with new camera applications zoom style and videowith you.This application can also be used as a virtual binocular,telescope or magnifying glass.It is an ideal application for casualand natural lovers.Normally, there are two types of zoom in thecamera inside the phone: optical and digital.Apps that come withthe phone often do not use the maximum value of the hardwarezoom.Our application allows you to use the maximum values ​​ofoptical and digital zoom values.The best and greatest applicationwill be on your cell phone and your tablet.Very nice features andshapes available.FEATURES- To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation for the desired photo or video.- Photo Effects- Thesound of the shutter disappears.- Photos and videos of optional GPSlocation marking (geotagging); For photos, this direction of thecompass (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.- Apply adate and time stamp, location coordinates, and custom text to thephotos.-Widget to take pictures automatically after startup.-Manual focusing distance; ISO manual; Manual exposure time; RAWfiles (DNG).- Switch between front and rear camera- HD capturecapability
Sudoku - Brain game 1.1 APK
new warrior
Sudoku de Brainium is the number one Sudoku games known andappreciated by users, on phone and tablet. This is the best way toacquire and improve your skills for this classic logic games.Withour Sudoku app, you will not only be able to play an aesthetic anduser-friendly sudoku, but you will also have access to the warmestand most complete mobile learning system.Test your observation anddeduction gifts with Sudoku - Logic Game. The best brain trainingthat has ever been.The sudoku, derived from the magic square, is afamous set of tabular logic whose purpose is to fill a 9x9 squaretable so that each 3x3 square row, column and sub-table containsonly one digit between 1 and 9.It is now within your reach, in apractical, affordable and extraordinary format.* Take on thechallenge of 4 levels of difficulty, from simple beginner to expertarrangements.* Thousands of unique Sudoku grids for a constantlyrenewed pleasure.* Useful tools to make the most of a comfortablegame system, such as:• Automatic addition and tracking of potentialnumbers• Display of the digits of solutions• The ability to undo orredo one or more shots• Saving the state of the grid at a time T toeasily reload it in the event of an error• Immediate reporting ofany conflicting figures* Leave the game when you want to resume itwhere you left it later.* Keep an eye on your scores and comparethem with your friends in an online ranking.* You need help ? Useresolutions wizards!* Night mode.* Game completely free!* A clearand intuitive interface and navigation, with two different ways toenter a number.* Designed and prepared with care for comfortableplay in both portrait and landscape modes.* Optimized for mobilemedia (phones and tablets).* Amazingly light weight! Suitable forall devices.FEATURES:- different difficulties- hundreds of puzzlesfor each difficulty- auto pencil mark (draft)- hint system-auto-save your progress for each puzzle- unlimited undo/redo-selected cell highlight- number highlight (optional)- errorshighlight (optional)- direction highlight (optional)- inputhighlight (optional)- timer (optional)- clean interface and smoothcontrols- phones and tablets supportFinally, thank you foruploading the applets and do not forget to support our evaluationand we have more applications for exmp ( Partchi - kanza - domino -Echecs Chess - rami - brain games ).
USB OTG Adapter 4.0.2 APK
new warrior
USB OTG Checker makes it very easy totestwhether your phone is compatible with USB OTG devices. USB OTGorOn The Go devices are devices that can be used on the USB portofyour device via a suitable OTG USB cable.USB OTG checker application checks whether USB host supportisenabled. On rooted devices, an attempt to enable USB support canbeperformed.USB OTG HELPER is what you loocking for its an great app thatletsyou read files on USB flash drives and CABLE OTG support aswell ascard readers from your phone or tablets.The USB protection features OTG checker are:* Start the application automatically on the connector ofthedevice.* Automatic mounting.* Mount and unmount the drive with one click.* Full NTFS support.* support exFAT! .* Notification when the drives are mounted!* Load the required modules automatically.* Option to enable utf-8 mode.* Automatic opening of mounted drive 10 Media scanner triggeredonmounting ...Finally thank you for downloading the app USB OTG ADAPTER and donotforget to evaluate with five stars