1.12 / April 29, 2018
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Photo365 allows you to create an unique memorable calendar! Itcan1. add multiple photos to a day and then select one as the photoofthe day showing in the Calendar 2. add story to a day 3. sharewithfriends your unique calendar with grid of photos in one click4.share with friends your stories in one click

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    April 29, 2018
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    POBox 38194, Hing Fat Street Post Office, Hong Kong
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IQ Brain Storm 19 APK
ALL THE USER INTERFACES ARE IN CHINESEFUll set of funny IQ questions! ALL TYPES!!!ALL types of IQ questions included! Some funny jokes just forlaugh, some really logical questions for your thinking, some inMaths sequences, and some ghost stories for you to play withfriends!Great for gathering!!One man cannot get the job done perfectly! You can alsoparticipate by submitting new IQ questions though In-appinitialized emails!Have fun!!V19 (29.9.2014) Critical bugs fixed and further improveperformanceV18 (17.7.2014) Bugs fixed and improve performanceV17 (11.3.2014) Fundamental breakthrough! Now you can sync the newQ with our server! No longer need to wait for so longanymore!V16 new q added!v.15.1 (5.1.2014) Bugs fixed!v.15 Q added!!! ENJOY!v.14 Q added!!! ENJOY!v.13 Q added!! And have modified the layout! ENJOY!v.12 Q added!! And have modified the layout for the storyquestions! ENJOY!v.11 Q added!! And have 2 new functions: Random sort of Q and Newlyadded Q buttons!!v.10 Q added!v.9 Q added!v.8 added Q classification, search fcn, adjustable font size,upgraded share fcn and new questions added!v.7 added sharing function and questions.v.6 now users can choose whether when pressing the buttons thephone would shake or not. added Question databasev.5 Improved user interfaces, added tips and answers for Maths IQquestions, Questions added! Enjoy!!v.4 added Q, IQ corner from users newly setup, and adjust textsize!v.3 Bugs fixedv.2 Q added!
歇後語大全 10 APK
歇後語是大家在日常生活中一種言簡、形象化的特殊語句,通常以幽默方式去表達出來。它由前後兩部分組成:第一部分起「謎語」作用,第二部分則起「謎底」作用,在對話中,通常只說出第一部份,讓人去「歇」,去聯想去領會出它的本意,所以就稱為歇後語!!內有500多個歇後語 ( 歇後語還在不斷更新呢), 很多都很搞笑很抵死, 你也快來下載試試猜猜看! 還有這麼強大的功能: 1.雲端資料庫, 以後可以隨時更新資料庫啦!不用再等那麼久! 2. 報料系統: 大家可以報料可以加到資料庫和其他人分享了!
Account Calculator 會計計算機 6 APK
This is an accounting calculator that you would love – not only itlooks and operates like a real one that you will adapt to easily,it can be FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE with your personal styles!! INCREDIBLYCUSTOMIZABLE 1 Background with your loved color / pictures withadjustable transparency 2 Display with your loved color /transparency 3 Display text with your loved color 4 Each Buttonwith your loved color / corners / transparency (Plus version only)INCREDIBLY FUNCTIONAL 1 15 digits capable 2 Familiar buttonsarrangements for adapting easily 3 Memory function at yourfingertip 4 Copying function - Copy display text to Clipboard foryou to paste at anywhere 5 Answer History Function - store the mostrecent answers and retrieve the one you want by just a single click(4 for free version, upgrade to PLUS version for 10!) 6 Roundingfunction - Rounding to nearest integer (INT) and nearest thousand(K) It is just an accounting calculator, but it serves all yourneeds!! Make it Simple and Clear + VIVID! If you feel this app isgood, please consider upgrade to PLUS version inside the App'ssetting page. You may also directly download PLUS version in GooglePlay! If you find any bugs or have any comments or new ideas onfunctions about the Calculator, please feel free to send emails topearcontact@gmail.com. We love all your feedbacks and comments!
Tongue Twister! 3.0 APK
Tongue twister - including Cantonese, English and Mandarin...ALL in1 app! For each of the twister in the app, you can apply voicerecognition to see what you have talked, and also voice recordingfunction to let you play back what you have spoken! Is your tongueready for the twist? (Contents are obtained from the web) V2:Change to background to be less dizzy in response to comments V1:Published now! It is time to test your tongue!
爆趣 IQ 題2 2 APK
爆趣 IQ 題2!集合多類型的IQ題! 應有盡有!- 超無聊等你輕鬆得啖笑的又有,- 正經的邏輯題真係要用腦諗下的又有,- 考你智慧數學推理又有,- 還有和一班friend 一起猜的恐佈故事題 (無頭故)又有!於第1 版的基礎再上一層樓, 還有更多的功能:- IQ題保持更新,- 可以收藏題目,- 看看哪條題目最多人LIKE!- 你亦可以上傳分享你的題目!咁齊全, 全世界最多IQ題目的APP, 還有咁強大的功能, 朋友歡聚必備! 連朕都到要退位!謝絕有色題目, 適合一家大細男女老幼一齊玩!(註: 所有題目絕無任何攻擊針對歧視之意, 亦已經盡量避免包含此類題目. 如對題目有不滿 / 更正, 請於apps入面按意見鍵發放你既意見! 謝謝)Explosion Fun IQ Question2!A collection of many types of IQ questions! Everything!- Super easy to get bored and so you have taste to laugh,- Serious problems of logic system really use your head to reciteunder there,- Test your wisdom there mathematical reasoning,- There is a group of friend and together guess horror story title(it is headless) there!On the basis of the first edition to the next level, and many morefeatures:- IQ questions kept up to date,- Can collect the title,- See Which topic most people LIKE!- You can also upload and share your topic!Complete Link, the world's most IQ topic APP, as well as powerfulHan, friends gather necessary! Even I have to want toabdicate!Declined colored subject, a large fine for people of all ages toplay together!(Note: All topics meaning no discrimination against any attacks,but also has avoided to include such topics as the subject ofdiscontent / corrections, please apps into the surface on theadvice of key grant you both advice. Thank you!)
**THE CONTENTS IN THIS APP ARE ALL IN CHINESE The apps includesmany creative proposal methods and touching wordings as well asinformation regarding how to evaluate diamond rings and meanings offlowers. There is also "Your Say" corners for you to post yourbrilliant ideas or wordings or something else that you think it isimportant so as to make the Proposal more memorable! Every of yourideas that are accepted would be shared by being published in thenext version so that everyone can see your say! The goal of thisapp is to give you insights or sparkles so as to assist you inmaking your Proposal, or to add even more components to yourplanned Proposal. All in all, Proposal is your 2-people's memory,be unique and with heart!
MyLittlePaint 1.0 APK
MyLittePaint is a fee drawing app. Itprovidesyou with a convenient platform to show your creativityandimagination. You can share your drawings and creativity withyourfamily and friends at any place any time! You can also edit onanyimported pictures and photos.*****MORE FEATURES*****1. Save and open image easily2. Take picture with your device camera3. Import and edit any photos and pictures4. Undo and redo function5. Share function6. 9 basic colors, with an option to purchase a customizedcolorpanel7. 3 brush style options8. Add text function (with different fonts for furtherdownload)
ColorBall 2 APK
How good is YOUR color vision? COLOR BALL● tests your ability tosee subtle differences in colors within a minute- please keepyourself focused! It is a simple but challenging game where youhave to spot out the odd colored ball among others. You have aminute to spot out as many as you can, and achieve as many scoresas you can. Try not to be confused by the color balls again andagain- if so, you can use the tools to help you. Yet, keep in mindthat your tools are limited. *****FEATURES 1. 3 Tools available:stop the clock, triple the score and highlight the odd coloredball. 2. Leaderboard and achievement available to "fight with" yourfriends and the whole world. 3. And some more...............!!! Tryit and you will know!