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Photography TutorialsLargest collection of Photography TutorialsonGoogle Play Store.Photography is an art of producing imageofobject by recording lights or of others forms of radiantenergy,it’s may be Image Sensor or light sensitive material .Photographyis the best way to archive your memories and also yourchoice andcreativity. As so as photography is an art so you shouldlearnphotography be you shoot a photograph, to capture anextraordinaryphotograph from a ordinary subject. If you learn moreand moreabout secret about photography you can better capture yourmemoriesand creativity.Improve your photography skills. Make themost useof your digital camera.photography tutorials categorizedintovarious topics for easy access. Over 1000+ photographyvideolessons and explanations at your fingertips in portrait,landscape,architecture, wildlife, sports, street, candid, macro,food, droneand other types of photography streams.Sharpen yourphoto editingskills with step-by-step software tutorials forphotoshop,lightroom etc. Mark interesting stuff as favorite tobookmark andaccess later.Get your photographs featured in "Pictureof the Day"section and get recognized worldwide.There is somethingforeveryone regardless of whether you are a photographybeginner,photography enthusiast or an expert.Check out thesephotographytopics:1: Introduction2: Cameras 3: Lenses 4: Ex-poser5:Composition6: Timing or moment7: ObservationKeywords :photo,photography, photography tips, photography tutorials,amateurphotography, improve photos, better photos, photos hindi,photosspanish, photos chinese, photos arabic, photographyposts,photography training, photography as a hobby…

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Islamic Calendar 2018 1.0 APK
Islamic Calendar 2018he Islamic (hijri) calendar is used by morethan a 1.2 billion Muslims around the world to determine the maindays of observance in the Islamic religious year. The Islamiccalendar converter will be useful for determining the approximateWestern equivalent for an Islamic calendar date and can also beused for converting historical Islamic calendar dates into Westerncalendar dates.You can use this application to convert Hijri A.H.and A. D. (Gregorian) dates using this easy and simple to useAndroid application.Calendar is an organized system to divide thetime by count of years, months, weeks, and days. Long before manwas created, God has provided the basis for such timingcalculations.In this month, which is about to begin in 2018, wetook the time to create the "Calendar 2018 Complete" app in hopesof being used as a guide or hint if you forget the calendar at thetime. This app is designed with android smartphone platform of alltypes, and in design as attractive as possible so that you all feelat home with our complete 2018 calendar.Hearing the word calendar,certainly ears we will not be foreign anymore, because every day wemust monitor the calendar. The full 2018 calendar that we presentwill not be less interesting with other calendar applications,because we have provided 4 types of calendars with attractivedesigns, 4 types of calendars are Hijri Calendar 2018, CalendarIndonesia 2018, Calendar Java 2018, and International Calendar2018, you just choose the type of calendar which will be seen.
Shohar ki Mohabbat pany ka Wazaif 1.0 APK
Is free Application main hum ap ko apni muhabbat kay hasool karnaykay tariqa bataya gya. Jo kay bohat sada or asan.Apne pyar panay kliya pa ya easiest free application man mojod Dua or Waziaf samustaeed ho sktay ha. Muhabat kay bare me ager apki niyat saaf haiar shadi ka irada hai to ap ya rohani Amal karke apni shadi uskaysath karne ki koshish karsktay hain per yaad rahe kay niyyat saafho apki ya sharat ha. Or ya rohani amal hai. mehboob apse pyarkarne lagay gah. Muhabbat jab kisi se ho jati hay tu usay panay kichahat ,tarap dil mein ghar kar leti hay. phir usay panay kay liyekuch bhi karna paray kabool hota hay. shadi se pehlay ki muhabbatho ya shadi kay baad ki, insaan aik dojay ko door nahi dekh sakta.muhabbat mian biwi ki ho ya shadi se pehlay ki. milnay ki tarap auraarzo dilon ko sulghaati hi rehti hay.isi aag mein jaltay jaltaymehboob log kuch ulta seedha kar jatay hein. jo kay kabhi kabhibuhat baray nuqsan ka sabab ban jata hay. inhi sabh mushkilon senijaat kay liye is aap mein rohani ilaj janiye. in rohani amliyatki madad se apnay chahnay walay ko hasil kijiye. sahi tariqa janiyeapni us muhabbat ko panay ka jisay aap hamesha apni ankhon kaysamnay dekhna chahte hein. Wife/ biwi or Husband/Mian ki larae hoya kisi dost se milna ho, shohar kharcha na deta ho ya kisi aurlarki ki muahhabat mein giraftaar ho jaye. Agar ALLAH ne chaha tuINSHAALLAH kamiyabi zaroor milay gi. UMEED HA APP KO YA ASAN AMALpasand aye ga...Mehboob apke Qadmon Mein sirf kuch Amal karnay sa.Ap in Amliyat ko use kar ka apnay Mehboob ko asani sa Hasil karsakty hain. Apnay Mehboob jinnat sa shadi kar sakty hain.Mehbbobkadmon main wazifa aag or amliyat ki aik boht Duran achiapplication hai. In wazifon par amal karty huy aap apni mohabbathasil kr sakty han. Ya amliyat nahait asan or yaad reh jany walyhan. Jin ko karna aap ka lia asan hai. Ya amliyat aap ki madad krengy mohabbat hasil krny main mohabbat ka wazifa manany mian Larkmilna. Tariqa be boht asan our sada hai. Hamen yakin ka iss app kaamliyat dost par ammal Karen ka app apny dil ki Ulta rohani muradhasil krny main kameyab hon gy. Ap apna mehboob hasil karainForgetting your love, this is very easy now, With this app you can doit easily.Mahboob ap k qadmo mainMuhabbat hasil krny katarikamuhabbat kay hasool .Apne pyar panay ka liya dua or waziafMahboob ko panay kee chahat Jald shadi ka hasoolmehboob sayshadiwzaif e muhabattawiz e muhabatphir usay panay kay liye kuchbhi karna paray kabool hota hay. shadi se pehlay ki muhabbat ho yashadi kay baad ki, insaan aik dojay ko door nahi dekh sakta.muhabbat mian biwi ki ho ya shadi se pehlay ki. milnay ki tarap auraarzo dilon ko sulghaati hi rehti hay.Apne pyar panay k liya pa yaeasiest free application man mojod Dua or Waziaf sa mustaeed hosktay ha. Muhabat kay bare me ager apki niyat saaf hai ar shadi kairada hai to ap ya rohani Amal karke apni shadi uskay sath karne kikoshish karsktay hain per yaad rahe kay niyyat saaf ho apki yasharat ha. isi aag mein jaltay jaltay mehboob log kuch ulta seedhakar jatay hein. jo kay kabhi kabhi buhat baray nuqsan ka sabab banjata hay. inhi sabh mushkilon se nijaat kay liye is aap mein rohaniilaj janiye.It can help you out to make your life more beautiful.Do save sometime from your busy routines to fulfil your wishes.Mehbbob kadmon main wazifa aag or amliyat ki aik boht Duran achiapplication hai. In Shohar ko sedhy resty par lany ka assan wazify.wazifon par amal karty huy aap apni mohabbat hasil kr sakty han. Yaamliyat nahait asan or yaad reh jany waly han. Jin ko karna aap kalia asan hai. Ya amliyat aap ki madad kren gy mohabbat hasil krnymain manany mian Lark milna
Behlool Dana 1.0 APK
Haqayaty Behlol DanaComplete Behlool Dana book In Urdu. Behlool(Urdu: بهلول‎‎) was the common name of Wahab ibn Amr (Urdu: واهبابن عمرو), a companion of Imam Musa al-Kadhim. He lived in the timeof the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. Bahlul was a well known judge andscholar who came from a wealthy background.The Caliph had started acrackdown against the followers of the imprisoned Shi‘ah Imam ImamMusa al-Kazim (A.S). Wahab and a few others met the Imam and soughtadvice. Musa replied with the Arabic letter (jim). Each of thesecompanions took their own interpretation of jim letter: jala'ul-waṭan (exile), jabl (refuge in the mountains) and for Wahab,junun (madness, possession by the jinn). The next day, Wahab lefthis wealthy life, wearing rags and came into the streets. Baghdadissoon dubbed him Bahlul.Bohlool was born in Kufa and his real nameis Wahab bin Amr. Harun Rashid feared for the safety of hisKhalifate and kingdom from the 7th Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.);therefore, he tried to destroy the Imam. Haroun thought of a trickby which he could kill the Holy Imam. He put the blame of rebellionupon the Imam and demanded a judicial decree from the pious peopleof his time . which included Bohlool. Everyone gave the decreeexcept Bohlool, who opposed the decision. He immediately went tothe Imam and informed him of the circumstances, and asked foradvice and guidance. Then and there the Imam told him to actinsanely.Because of the situation, Bohlool acted insanely by theImam's order. By doing this, he was saved from Haroun's punishment.Now, without any fear of danger, and in amusing ways, Bohloolprotected himself from tyrannies. He insulted the notorious Khalifaand his courtiers just by talking. Nevertheless, peopleacknowledged his superior wisdom and excellence. Even today many ofhis stories are narrated in assemblies and teach the listenersvaluable lessons.According to a more popular tradition, some of theHoly Imam's companions and special friends came to him because theKhalifa was angry with them, and asked him for advice. The Imamanswered with the sole letter (jim); all of them understood thatthat was it and asked no further questions.Each person understoodthe Holy Imam's advice in his own different way. One person took(jim) to mean (jala watan) --exile. Another thought of (jabl) --mountain. Bohlool took it to mean (jinoon) -- insanity. This is howall of the Imam's companions were saved from calamity.Beforebecoming insane, Bohlool lived a life of influence and power, butafter obeying the Imam's order, he turned his face away from themajesty and splendor of the world. In reality, he became crazy. Hedressed in rags, preferred desolate places over Haroun's palaces,lived on a bite of stale bread. He did not accept favors from ordepend upon Haroun or those like him. Bohlool considered himselfbetter than the Khalifa and his courtiers because of his way oflife.Bulool dana is completely in Urdu .Bahlool dana is completelyfree for all Muslims. This app has easy way of navigation betweenpages its is completely offline.
Darood e Taj ka Wazaif 1.0 APK
Darood TajIs app me main hum parh sakte hain durood e taj ,tanjeena, durood e mahi,nariya . jo kay buhat se faidoon se bharayparay hain. jin ko parhne wala sahib e kashaf ho jata hay.pakeza orhalal rozi me ifaza ho jata hay.aulad hasil karne kay liye ye buhatfaida mand hay.pareshani o masaib kay khatmay kay liye bhi isayparha ja sakta hay.Darood e Taj is one of the famous and belovedwazifa and wird of tounges of all the true lovers of our belovedProphet(PBUH).People who are attached with the Zikr darood e taj,know very well that it is the best, quick and enthralling solutionof all the problems one can face in life.Darood Taj has been usedfor years among Aulia ALLAH AZZA WA JAL and Muslims all over theworld for the solution of their domestic and spiritual problems aswell as for the sake of getting up rise in the spiritual powers andcomfort in life. A lot of Aulia ALLAH AZZA WA JAL have certifieddarood e taj as a solution for all the problems.
New Jaan Cartoons 1.0 APK
New Jaan Cartoons are free cartoononlineavailable for Android users. This Cartoon App is freecollectionsof jan cartoon song and latest jan cartoons free towatch as thisis an awesome Islamic cartoon available in Urdulanguage which ispresented by See TV. Kids really love to watch jancartoon as theylove to play multiplayer games on differentnetworks.DISCLAIMER:This Application is an UNOFFICIAL app for Jaan Cartoons. Thecontentpresented to you in the application is available free onpublicdomains for users to watch and enjoy.We have no clain right about this Application. All thecontentprovided in this application is displayed using YouTube'spublicAPI. We do not host any of these videos/content. Allrightsreserved to the content's actual owners.
Palmistry Book 1.0 APK
We make it easy. Your hand says a lot about you. Examine the linesof your palm and read our predictions on the secrets that your handkeeps about you. Palmistry reveals individual personality,character traits and love secrets through the reading of the shape,size and lines of the hands and fingers Life Health LoveIntelligence Sex Fortune Money Marriage and children Travel FameFateYour hand is a map reflecting your life, your personality,past, present and future and potential.Palm Guru will give youinstant access to the ancient art of palmistry.Palm Guru willeasily give you amazing character readings, and tell the fortune ofyour friends –simply and mysteriously from their hands.Features andcharacteristics : A Beginners Guide to Reading Palms Lines ofpalmistry: Significance of the mounts in basic palm reading ExampleUsing A Palm Reading Diagram Love in the palm of your hand:palmistry basics How to Read Your Right Hand: How to Do a PalmReading Palm Reading What Does a Triangle on Your Palm Mean?you canaccess your personal free palm reading chartyou can know yourfuture by palmistryCan conduct Palmistry Psychic Reading Free Itwill tell you your Palmistry personalityPalm Reading - FortuneTeller will reveal your futureYou can also get your palm read forJapanese Palmistry Indian Palmistry Chinese PalmistryYou can testyour knowledge using the Palm reading quiz What Your Hands ColorSay About Your Health & Fate: Hand Palm Color MeaningsFingernail Shape and Personality: What does the shape of fingernailshow? Chiromancy: Palmistry Palm Reading-Is This A Form Of FortuneTelling
Black Magic and Spells 1.0 APK
Spells and MagicBlack as white as red magic can be used for good orill. Their use depends on your intention.App is believed to be eviland night pret, but it all depends on your will.Love with blackmagic is not bad but generally people thinks the bad, bhoot is justbad according to the purpose you want to give.Is someone standingin your way, preventing you from fulfilling your dreams or gettingwhat you want? When all other tactics fail, you can use kala jaduto bring about the outcome you desire.With darkness spells getbeneficial results for you. With this application you will learnhow to perform the most effective black magic spells and rituals,occultism, witchcraft, santería, and pacts with the devil. And whatis more important, you will be able to confirm their higheffectiveness.Through the great power of black magic you can alterpeople’s free will, since using these spells can influence andalter the natural flow of life. Black Magic spells will help youaccomplish anything you set out to do. In this app you will findspells to obtain psychic powers, foresee the future, make couplessplit up, to be obeyed, to make someone fall in love with you, toget revenge, to send bad luck and a lot more.You transform yournegative energy into positive, you will attract people by theapp.App will help you to what to do and what to not do.aatma isgood or bad depending on the use you give it.In this applicationyou will find black magic spells to find love, for an ex back toyou, you obey spell, spell to break a crush, spell couples toseparate, to weep for you.The materials used are simple and easy toget.Three Main thinks are discuss in this app to how break theBlack Magic. Knowing Whether You're CursedCleansing YourSpiritUsing Positive EnergySpell for loveSpell foe affectionSpellfor True LoveSpell for businessSpell for job WitchcraftspellsRemove witchcraftBlack magic for loveDark magicBanishingspells Black magic ritualsBlack magic potionsRevenge spells To havepsychic powersTo combat enemiesProtection against black magicAndmore…Potions help you to have beneficial results for you. Makethese spells and start seeing results.The world of magic, witches,witchcraft is very effective in getting what you propose.Blackmagic is fueled by powerful forces and spirits, so it's importantto know what you're getting into before you start casting spells orperforming hexes - otherwise you might be the one who gets harmed.If you want to learn how to use black magic to change the course ofyour future, download the free app. Real black magic spells forlove, money, anything.This application specially designed bychristian community. I hope so its very useful.
Stones and Powers/ Influence of Stones 1.0 APK
GemstonesStones and powers all basic and advanced detail aboutfamous Gemstones their origin, characteristics, Medical effect andBirthstone details are mentioned in this app for all gemstones inUrdu. All facts and information are verified and must be in theknowledge of every Gemstone lover. Are you lovers of preciousstones? If true, then you should know the names of the preciousstones. This app recommended Gemstones based on Date of Birth /Rasi / NakshatraThis application contains pictures of all kinds ofrock and gemstone, along with all the names of the gemstone itself.If indeed you want to know about the stones and gemstone, pleasedownload this application. The Gemstones detector is an appssimulator prank will help you to find the precious stones gems usedin kurti design & dinner dresses with friends it is use mineraland gemstones detect and research chemicals because all gems forsome peoples means a certain planet and wearing the gems of theplanet will attract positive emotions and strengthen the effects ofthe planet in your life.Our ancient detector masters in Astrologychampioned the science of Gemology -Kubikoeor therapy by gemstones(also called as Birthstones).valuable rocks and minerals gemstones,They did extensive research in this field. The Gems detectorexplored by them are so popular that they are very expensive andrare. They devised the effects of these gem stones on movement ofevery planet and suggested us the Remedies by use of thesegemstones detecrot Kubikos. Astrological remedies can be of greathelp to you and help you manage your life more easily andpeacefully. There are many kinds of Gems exclusive used in kurtidesign Like: topaz , Rubies , Crystals ,Emerald,Diamonds,Sapphire,Pearl, diamond detector. A stone have agreat impact on zodiac/ Star.