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php Tutorial learning the most widely used web programming languagein the world! PHP enables you to create dynamic web pages, developwebsites, and generate dynamic content. You’ll also be able to openfiles; write content to files; and create contact forms, forums,blogs, picture galleries, surveys, social networks, and a whole lotmore. PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting languageoriginally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Webpages. PHP tutorial is full and free learning for PHP. PHP tutorialis a free reference app for all those who are learning/using PHP.We have listed all the important and yet basic concepts of PHP.Learn PHP with the free elegant PHP programming app. It’s more thanfair to say that PHP is one of the mainstays of the Internet. It’sbeen around for over a decade and a half, and in that time it’sbecome the default first foray into the world of server-side codingfor many. So you've mastered the basics? Want to step up to thenext level? If you’re attempting to make that move now, I hope thisapp will prove a worthy guide. Learn PHP Programming quickly withthis concise app that teaches you all the essentials about PHPprogramming. First steps to run php scripts - After you haveinstalled php on your system you can check if installation issuccessful or not by steps given below - Put your scripts into wwwfolder of wamp(otherwise scripts will not run) Open the web browserType http://localhost you will see the wamp server home page if notthen your installation is not successful To run the php script youshould save the file with .php extension into www folder. Thus youcan create your own folder into www directory and save your scriptsinto your own folder. To run the scripts directly without creatingfolder you can simply write file name after localhost for e.gsuppose your file name is first.php then you should writehttp://localhost/first.php into your web browser as URL and easilyrun your script without putting it into your separate folder but itshould be saved into www directory(Main directory to run the phpscript).

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Havan Vidhi 3.1.3 APK
Havan Vidhi This app tells you the complete vidhi and mantras onhow to perform a Havan...!! We have also provided meaning of themantras. There is everything available that is needed to perform ina hawan.. So download and learn. The Havan App for everyone, fromnovices to experts, to perform the ancient Vedic rituals of Havan.Pujas Ganapati Homam Satyanarayana Puja Mahashivaratri Puja ShriRama Navami Puja Hanuman Jayanti Puja Narasimha Jayanti PujaMangala Gowri Vrata Varalakshmi Puja Shri Krishna Janmashtami PujaGanesha Chaturthi Puja Ananta Chaturdashi Puja Mangala Gowri PujaNavaratri Puja/Devi Puja Sarasvati Puja Diwali Puja/Kedareshwar& Dhanalakshmi Puja प्राचीन काल में कुण्ड चौकोर खोदे जाते थे,उनकी लम्बाई, चौड़ाई समान होती थी। यह इसलिए था कि उन दिनों भरपूरसमिधाएँ प्रयुक्त होती थीं, घी और सामग्री भी बहुत-बहुत होमी जाती थी,फलस्वरूप अग्नि की प्रचण्डता भी अधिक रहती थी। उसे नियंत्रण में रखनेके लिए भूमि के भीतर अधिक जगह रहना आवश्यक था। उस स्थिति में चौकोरकुण्ड ही उपयुक्त थे। पर आज समिधा, घी, सामग्री सभी में अत्यधिकमँहगाई के कारण किफायत करनी पड़ती है। ऐसी दशा में चौकोर कुण्डों मेंथोड़ी ही अग्नि जल पाती है और वह ऊपर अच्छी तरह दिखाई भी नहीं पड़ती।ऊपर तक भर कर भी वे नहीं आते तो कुरूप लगते हैं। अतएव आज की स्थितिमें कुण्ड इस प्रकार बनने चाहिए कि बाहर से चौकोर रहें, लम्बाई,चौड़ाई गहराई समान हो। पर उन्हें भीतर तिरछा बनाया जाय। लम्बाई,चौड़ाई चौबीच-चौबीस अँगुल हो तो गहराई भी 24 अँगुल तो रखना चाहिये परउसमें तिरछापन इस तरह देना चाहिये कि पेंदा छः-छः अँगुल लम्बा चौड़ारह जाय। पचास अथवा सौ आहुति देनी हो तो कुहनी से कनिष्ठा तक के माप का(१ फुट ३ इंच) कुण्ड बनाना, एक हजार आहुति में एक हस्तप्रमाण (१ फुट ६इंच) का, एक लक्ष आहुति में चार हाथ का (६ फुट), दस लक्ष आहुति में छःहाथ (९ फुट) का तथा कोटि आहुति में ८ हाथ का (१२ फुट) अथवा सोलह हाथका कुण्ड बनाना चाहिये। भविष्योत्तर पुराण में पचास आहुति के लियेमुष्टिमात्र का भी र्निदेश है।
Electrical Symbols 5.1.4 APK
Electrical Symbols Electrical symbols are used to represent variouselectrical and electronic devices in a schematic diagram of anelectrical or electronic circuit. Electrical student and learnercan be known about all Electrical symbols with description usingthis apps See Symbols Of -Electrical Wire -Connected Wires -NotConnected Wires -SPST Toggle Switch -SPDT Toggle Switch -PushbuttonSwitch (N.O) -Pushbutton Switch (N.C) -DIP Switch -SPST Relay -SPDTRelay -Jumper -Solder Bridge -Earth Ground -Chassis Ground -Digital/ Common Ground -Resistor (IEEE) -Resistor (IEC) -Potentiometer(IEEE) -Potentiometer (IEC) -Variable Resislorl Rheostat (IEEE)-Variable Resislorl Rheostat (IEC) -Trimmer Resistor -Thermistor-Photoresistor I Light dependent resistor (LDR) -Capacitor-Capacitor -Polarized Capacitor -Polarized Capacitor -VariableCapacitor -Inductor -Iron Core Inductor -Variable Inductor -VoltageSource -Current Source -AC Voltage Souroe -Generator -Battery Cell-Battery -Controlled Voltage Souroe -Controlled Current Source-Voltmeter -Ammeter -Onmmeter -Wattmeter -Lamp I light bulb -Lamp Ilight bulb -Lamp I light bulb -Diode -Zener Diode -Schottky Diode-Varactorl Varicap Diode -Tunnel Diode -Light Emitting Diode (LED)-Photodiode -NPN Bipolar Tmnsistor -PNP Bipolar Tmnsistor-Darlington Tmnsistor -JFET-N Tmnsistor -JFET-P Tmnsistor -NMOSTmnsistor -PMOS Tmnsistor -Motor -Tmnsformer -Electric bell -Buzzer-Fuse -Bus -Optoooupler I Opto-isolator -Loudspeaker -Microphone-Operational Amplifier -Schmitt Trigger -Analog-to-digital mnverler(ADC) -Digital-to-Analog oonverler (DAG) -Crystal Oscillator-Antenna I aerial -Antenna I aerial -Dipole Antenna -NOT Gate(Inverter) -AND Gate -NAND Gate -OR Gate -NOR Gate -XOR Gate -DFlip-Flop -Multiplexer / Mux 2 to 1 -Multiplexer / Mux 4 to 1-Demultiplexer / Demux 1 to 4 hope this application can help anduseful. An electronic symbol is a pictogram used to representvarious electrical and electronic devices or functions, such aswires, batteries, resistors, and transistors, in a schematicdiagram of an electrical or electronic circuit.
Kundli - कुंडली 3.1.4 APK
Kundli You can also learn various tips and tricks to read kundli.We have also provided information regarding Kundli dosh and theirremedies. Kundli App is in hindi language. This app contians everytopics in hindi with full details. This is the offline app meansFor reading the content of this app, you do not have to pay forlearning astrology(Kundli) through this app. Kundli is the overviewchart from the detail of person’s birth. It could be the personalhoroscope. Kundli is based on the Hindu jyothish sastra. Alltantra, mantra and yagna is done with the Kundli. Moreover, in manyIndian family people match the janmakshar before getting married.Manglik is used in kundli in worst scenario of marriage condition.Kundli of an individual is the representation of the planets at thetime of the individual’s birth. Analyzing the kundli will help todiscover what destiny has in store for you. In short, you canpredict the path of your life. It will also help you to explore thepossible remedies available to overcome any sort of obstacles inyour path. Kundli is No.1 Kundli App (Kundali, Birth Chart, orVedic Horoscope) based on Indian Astrology aka Vedic Astrology,Hindu Astrology or Jyotish in Android Market. Get Kundli, HoroscopeMatching, Astrology, Horoscope, Rashifal, Hindu Calendar (Panchang)& much more absolutely FREE. Kundli is the overview chart fromthe detail of person’s birth. It could be the personal horoscope.Kundli is based on the Hindu jyothish sastra. All tantra, mantraand yagna is done with the Kundli. Moreover, in many Indian familypeople match the janmakshar before getting married. Manglik is usedin kundli in worst scenario of marriage condition. Kundli of anindividual is the representation of the planets at the time of theindividual’s birth. Analyzing the kundli will help to discover whatdestiny has in store for you. In short, you can predict the path ofyour life. It will also help you to explore the possible remediesavailable to overcome any sort of obstacles in your path.
Hastrekha Jyotish 3.1.3 APK
Hastrekha Jyotish Hast Rekha Shastra in Hindi .App is based onhindi language. Very good application to learn and understandpast/present and future. Really high quality literature onHastrekha This is for the users who want to learn palmistry(hastrekha shastra). In hast rekha shastra, lines of the hand are readand according to physical location of lines, one's future ispredicated. Except lines, many other signs are also taken intoconsideration, these are also seen to predict one's future. LearnHast Rekha in Hindi is also known as Hast Rekha in Hindi, hastrekha- palmistry in hindi, kismat ki rekha - palmistry Presenting aunique app which may help you understand Palmistry easily. We havetried to include important facts about Palmistry in easy language.You can speed up learning Palmistry (Hast Rekha Vigyan) with thisapp and amaze your friends and family. This application classifiedinformation about lines on our palm and it meanings. Palmistrylines predict our future related to Life line. Palmistry linespredict our future related to Fate line. Palmistry lines predictour future related to Heart line. Palmistry lines predict ourfuture related to Brain line. Hast Rekha Sastra Guide app predictfuture from your thumb, palm size, neil. Expand android market anddownload our app Hast Rekha Satsra Guide. Hast Rekha is one of thebest known branch of Astrology. It gives you one opportunity toknow what may happen in your life. With the help of Hast Rekha youcan know about your past, present and future. Many of the people inIndia will believe on this. There are the different lines in ourpalm like Hridaya Rekha (Heart Line), Mastishka Rekha (BrainLine),Bhagya Rekha (Destiny Line), Jeevan Rekha (Life Line) and muchmore. With the help of this App, you can read easily all about thisrekhas.sss
Electrical Calculator 3.1.6 APK
Electrical Calculator This app is a gift for all Electrical /Electronics Engineering graduates and students. Now you don't needto remember all those complex formulas. This app contains all theElectrical Engineering calculations and conversions includingVoltage, Current, Power, Efficiency, Resistor/Capacitor/Inductorcombinations, Resonant Frequency, Reactance, 4-Band, 5-Band and6-Band Resistor Colour Coding, Inductor Colour Coding, Delta/StarImpedance Conversion, Single/Three Phase Real/Reactive/ApparentPower, Peak/Rms Conversion, Watts to Horsepower conversion, PowerFactor calculations, Transformer Calculations, LightingCalculations and many others. Simply enter the values and get theresults. This free app is an electricity calculator, which is ableto calculate the most important electrical sizes. You can calculatethe Electrical Power, Electrical Resistance, Electrical Charge,Electrical Work and Electrical Current. Best tool for school andcollege! If you are a student this app will help you to learnelectrical engineering, electronics, electromagnetism and physics.
Electrical Formulas 3.1.4 APK
Electrical Formulas You can see the formulas for the ElectricalPower, Electrical Resistance, Electrical Work, Electrical Currentand Electrical Charge and Electromotive Force. One App fordifferent electrical calculation. One of the best feature of thisapplication is it contains calculators with its formula used inCalculation. Features and Calculation: -Ohm's Law Voltage CurrentResistance Power -Series - Parallel Resister In Series Resister InParallel Capacitor In Series Capacitor In Parallel Inductor InSeries Inductor In Parallel -Single Phase 1-ϕ Power 1-ϕ Voltage 1-ϕCurrent 1-ϕ Power Factor 1-ϕ Kva -Three Phase 3-ϕ Power 3-ϕ Voltage3-ϕ Current 3-ϕ Power Factor 3-ϕ Kva -Conversion Star To DeltaDelta To Star HP <-> KW Complete Free handbook of ElectricalEngineering formula for students. It also brings the blog where youcan contribute your work in addition to university, research &Industry news on the subject. It is quick to revise, go through thetopics and learn especially at the time of exams and interviews.
Ramayan In Hindi 4.1.4 APK
Ramayan In Hindi Ramayana, considered part of Hindu Smriti. LordRam of Ayodhya and his ayan (journey of life). Over a passage oftime, Ramayana did not remain confined to just being a grand epic,it became a powerful symbol of India's social and cultural fabric.For centuries, its characters represented ideal role models - Ramas an ideal man, ideal husband, ideal son and a responsible ruler;Sita as an ideal wife, ideal daughter and Laxman as an idealbrother. Even today, the characters of Ramayana including Ravana(the enemy of the story) are fundamental to the grandeur culturalconsciousness of India. The Ramayana is one of the great Hinduepics. It depicts the duties of relationships, portraying idealcharacters like the ideal father, the ideal servant, the idealbrother, the ideal wife, and the ideal king. It tells the story ofRama (an avatar of the Hindu supreme-god Vishnu), whose wife Sitais abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka (current day Sri Lanka).Ramcharitmanas consists of seven parts or Kands ,All kand Describeslok and its description… 1) Bal Kand 2) Ayodhya Kand 3) AranyaKand 4) Kishkindha Kand 5) Sunder Kand 6) Lanka Kand 7) Uttar KandRam as an ideal man, ideal husband, ideal son and a responsibleruler; Sita as an ideal wife, ideal daughter and Laxman as an idealbrother. Even today, the characters of Ramayana including Ravana(the enemy of the story) are fundamental to the grandeur culturalconsciousness of India.
Kismat Chamkane Ke Upay 3.1.4 APK
Kismat Chamkane Ke Upay when this kind of application effect yourlife then here is the real effect for the happiness, money ,yourgirlfriend, job , for marriage and exams. This is the real type ofapplication which can change your life and your family life. TotkeChange your life, Gharelu Samasya Ke Totke, Babaji ke Jadu Tone AurTotke, Kismat Badle Totke Se, Achook Totke in Hindi, Kast NivrakTotke, Laxmi Mantra: Dhan Prapti Upay, Ghareloo Jadooi Upachar,Pandit ji Ke Totake, Jyotish Ke Totake, Mahila Vashikaran, Prem meSafalta, Dhanlabh ke Totke, Guruji ke Chamtakar Upay Totke, JaduTona ke Totka, Babaji ke Chamatkari Ilaaj, Vashikaran Vidhya Sikhe,Sammohak Vidhya Hypnotism, Tone Totke aur Upay Jane, Gurudev KeTotke, Achook Upay aur Totke, Achuk Totke aur Upay, Name se JaneApna Bhavishya, Rashifal, Aaj ka Bhagya Rashifal 2016, Rashi AnusarTotke, Astro Guru:Horoscope+Palmistry, Aapka Bhavishya Jane, Knowyour Future, Lal Kitab Ke Achook Totke, Kali Kitab Ke Achook Totke,Totke aur Achook Upay, Rog ke upchar in hindi, Dhan prapti ke totkeor Ameer kaise bane, santan prapti ke upay, Safalta ke mantra upay,Vashikaran vidya in hindi, Buri nazar utarne ke totke, Vivah keupay or Shadi ke upay, Karj se mukti ke totke, Pitra Dosha ShantiKe Upay, Feng shui tips in Hindi. This type of application givesyou the way how to come out of the problems and make your lifesimple and running smoothly for the good life you need to justfollow the application with the course of 25 days definitely it canchange your life . What is Fate? Is It Predetermined and Can WeChange It? You change your bad fate into good. By changing yourfate our destiny ,you can achieve everything in your life. We arewell aware that Astrology is a science. Our horoscope provides allthe information about our past and present life and about ourdestiny. Astrology can support us in achieving our destiny or canchange our destiny.