1.0 / April 24, 2018
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Move the little light ball left or right quickly withoutfallingdown between the green blocks. Collect the flashing dots,and tryto jump for a long as you can! Try to beat your score!

App Information Physical jump ball

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    Physical jump ball
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    April 24, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    No. 255, Chang'an East Road, Yueyang City
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飞鸽传输 2.3.6 APK
一款非常实用的小软件.电脑上只需要安装PC版的飞鸽或者飞秋,就可以与手机进行文件传送,局域网间发送信息,省去连接电脑的麻烦.同时支持手机与手机互传文件。使用时如果发现上线人数不全,点击右键刷新列表即可.支持飞鸽传书,飞鸽传输,飞秋和任何飞鸽协议,wifi传输更快A very practical smallsoftware only needs to be installed on your computer PC version ofDove or fly autumn, you can transfer files with the phone, to sendinformation between the LAN, eliminating the hassle of connectingto a computer, while supporting the phone and transfer files tophone .If you find that when used on-line failure, you can right-click torefresh the list.Support IP Messenger, Dove transmission, flying autumn and any Doveagreement, wifi faster transmission
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New games new surprises, the new most popular casual physics gamepopstar "gravity Lianliankan" Come! Play games on the integrationof a large number of new elements will enable players to maintainlong-lasting freshness. Games on the play made a great subversive,to make the game more to meet the needs of users, the only changeis that we have not been pursuing the "Simple Pleasures." Play isvery simple click of two or more of the same stars will beeliminated; eliminate the accumulation of multiple stars togetherwill get high marks; The less clearance before the rest of thestars, the more bonus points, if there were none, you will get morebonus scores These techniques will also be more fun because of theintroduction of the props. Leisure classic never fade, never stopto let you eliminate! New game modes, allowing you to fun, fun!Cool special effects, great music, scores more reasonable design,so you do not stop, and small partners Come challenge score it!Game Features 1. smooth game play experience 2. Background musicgame perfect combination 3. simple difficulty of operatingexperience 4. very challenging force 5. cool particle effects Thereis a well-known game modes, and you will instantly understand howhe deftly! So enjoy the play, what are you waiting for?
Do not touch the box 1.0 APK
Do not touch the box, the game play isverysimple, in a small black runs in the process, by switchingthecolor box and eliminate all obstacles on the road. Proceedsfromthe run is your score, and each switch box to increase thenumberof time points, but failed to eliminate the switch oncetheobstacle, or to eliminate the wrong color box, the game willend.Is not that the game is not difficult to look at? But more andmorerich colors to eliminate something rises, you will not feelthesame pressure! Try yo, show in their!
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Between the planets and the planets is like a math union, withapoint of intersection between them. When the little rocketarrivesat the point of intersection, you must make a quick click onthescreen so that the little rocket can safely reach the nextplanetThe perfect seam, then there will be the number of triggercombos,combos will have a display in the picture, of course, themore thenumber of extra points will be more, so we have to seizetheopportunity to carry out excessive.
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Welcome to the hexagon brick, which is a real six corner puzzlegame! To the best of the six corner puzzle game box inspired retrogames have the same ancestor, and Russia blocks the rules of thegame, but the play is change unpredictably. Hexagon brick is a realbrain puzzle game,
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Jump while walking 1.3.9 APK
Warned that the game is very addictive! Tap the screen to changedirection or jump All the way forward, do not deviate from therunway Break through the difficulties, unlock more roles. Only needto get through 400 off. It's not a piece of cake for you! goodluck!