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Physics Notes app is specially designed for the CBSE class 12students to help them prepare for their exams. It also helps themthroughout the year in their study and revision. This app containsnotes of all the chapters included in the CBSE Class 12 NCERT Book:Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Fields Chapter 2: ElectrostaticPotential and Capacitance Chapter 3: Current Electricity Chapter 4:Moving Charges and Magnetism Chapter 5: Magnetism and MatterChapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction Chapter 7: Alternating CurrentChapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves Chapter 9: Ray Optics and OpticalInstruments Chapter 10: Wave Optics Chapter 11: Dual Nature ofRadiation and Matter Chapter 12: Atoms Chapter 13: Nuclei Chapter14: Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devises Simple CircuitsChapter 15: Communication System Features - Expert Physics notesfor all the chapters. It is your best study guide. - The app islightweight and doesn't occupy a lot of space on your phone. - Usethe Class 12 Physics CBSE NCERT Notes app without having aninternet connection.

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10th Class Notes (All Subjects) 1.5 APK
The application is for class 10th Students studying in Indiairrespective of the board.The NCERT Class 10th Books Applicationoffers unique features which are as - Bookmark important pages inthe book- Highlight the content in the book itself- In builtdictionary for more than 25 Indian languages- Individual book foreach chapter- Collection of 5 years model question paper- Suitablefor students, in all the states in India and abroad, studying inCBSE affiliated schools.The Application consist of Books and Modelquestion paper of class 10th English MediumHindi GeneralEnglishSpecialScienceMathematicsSocial Science (all 4 books)Class 10Science Notes app is specially designed for the CBSE class 10students to help them prepare for their exams. It also helps themthroughout the year in their study and revision.This app containsnotes of all the chapters included in the CBSE Class 10 NCERTBook:Chapter 1: Chemical Reactions and EquationsChapter 2: Acids,Bases, and SaltsChapter 3: Metals and Non – MetalsChapter 4: Carbonand its CompoundsChapter 5: Periodic Classification ofElementsChapter 6: Life ProcessesChapter 7: Control andCoordinationChapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce?Chapter 9:Heredity and EvolutionChapter 10: Light – Reflection andRefractionChapter 11: Human Eye and Colourful WorldChapter 12:ElectricityChapter 13: Magnetic Effect of Electric CurrentChapter14: Sources of EnergyChapter 15: Our EnvironmentChapter 16:Management of Natural ResourcesFeatures- Expert Science notes forall the chapters. It is your best study guide.- The app islightweight and doesn't occupy a lot of space on your phone.- Usethe Class 10 Science CBSE NCERT Notes app without having aninternet connection.
NEET Exam Preparation Notes - NEET की तैयारी Do you want to getsomeNEET Exam Preparation Notes? Are you curious for moreinformationabout NEET Exam Preparation? Are you someone who hasfor a long timewanted to get a source where you can get allinformation about NEETExam Preparation Notes? If any of the abovequestions came to yourmind , then you need not worry anymore. OurNEET Exam PreparationNotes - NEET की तैयारी is the bestapplication for you.In thisapplication you will read all detailsregarding NEET ExamPreparation. There are various topics in thisapplication related toNEET Exam Preparation. Reading about NEETExam Preparation in simpleand easy language makes its fun andexciting to understand. You canopen any one topic regarding NEETExam Preparation and open the subitems within it for preparing forany kind of exam. Such questionsare usually asked during the examand there you will definitely findit useful.Features of NEET ExamPreparation Notes - NEET की तैयारी-List of contents regarding theNEET Exam Preparation- Open any onetopic and view it in fullscreen.- Bookmark your favorite topic.-Share the topic on socialmedia networks.Before the IT age,everything or all information youfound were from print media. PrintMedia took a long time to reachthe common people. People during theold times were not aware of alot of information due to which theysuffered and they struggled tounderstand to understand some of thebasic things. With the adventof IT age, everything changed andinformation became readilyavailable to all people. People haveaccess to information veryquickly these days and are leading a muchbetter life than theirancestors as they are aware about a lot ofthings that theirancestors were not able to.Now all information isavailable via anapplication. An application is an assembly ofrequired informationin the form of links and pages. Whateverproblems you have orwhatever solutions you want nowadays, you caneasily get it withthe help of an application. An application isspecifically madekeeping the intended audience in mind. Whateverinformation youwant or whatever it is that you are preparing for isreadilyavailable nowadays in the form of an application. You canfind anapplication related to almost all topics that are in theminds ofthe people around the world. And these applications areincreasingmanifold as people are looking for various topics. So youwon't beshort of any information in today's world..We appreciatefeedbackfrom our users as it helps us improve our applicationduring thenext release. Also please rate our application.
Important Exam Cracker Maths Formulas APK
This app is a complete reference guide for high school students, aswell as those who preparing for mathematic required examination.This app cover the following areas:- Summary lessons - you canreview your knowledge just at your fingertip. - Previous Exams -you can check knowledge with the previous official examination.-Formulas specifically for grade 10, 11 and 12 - General mathematicformula - you can find mathematic formula from the beginning toadvanced.Maths Formulas which are available on internet arepresented here in the application so that they are availableanytime anywhere with mobile devices.Added Maths Tricks and MathsGames.The index for Maths Formulas is searchable.Total number offormulas : 1300+Maths formulas- Factoring formulas- Productformulas- Roots formula- Powers formula- Logarithmic formula-Useful equations- Complex number- Binomial theoremGeometry Mathsformulas- Cone- Cylinder- Isosceles Triangle- Square- Sphere-Rectangle- Rhombus- Parallelogram- TrapezoidAnalytical GeometryMaths formulas- 2-D coordinate system- Circle- Hyperbola- Ellipse-ParabolaDerivation Maths formulas- Limits formula- Properties ofderivative- General derivative formula- Trigonometric functions-Inverse Trigonometric functions- Hyperbolic functions- InverseHyperbolic functionsIntegration Maths formulas- Properties ofIntegration- Integration of rational functions- Integration ofTrigonometric functions- Integration of Hyperbolic functions-Integration of Exponential and log functionsTrigonometry Mathsformulas- Basics of Trigonometry- General Trigonometry formula-Sine, Cosine rule- Table of Angle- Angle transformation-Half/Double/Multiple angle formula- Sum of functions- Product offunctions- Powers of functions- Euler's formula- Allied anglestable- Negative angle identitiesLaplace transform Maths formulas-Properties of Laplace transform- Functions of LaplacetransformFourier Maths formulas- Fourier series- Fourier transformoperations- Table of Fourier transformSeries Maths formulas-Arithmetic series- Geometric series- Finite series- Binomialseries- Power series expansionsNumerical methods Maths formulas-Lagrange, newton's Interpolation- Newton's forward/backwarddifference- Numerical integration- Roots of equationVector calculusMaths formulas- vector identitiesProbability Maths formulas- Basicsof probability- Expectation- Variance- Distributions- Permutations-CombinationsBeta Gamma Maths formulas- Beta functions- Gammafunctions- Beta-gamma relationZ - Transform- Properties of z-transform- Some common pairs
Tez Engineer's - The Engineer Learing App APK
Every engineering student wants to qualify the GATE (GraduateAptitude Test in Engineering) exam and that’s why takes manycoaching to prepare for that. A mobile app made especially for thePractice,Practice and Practice.This App have multiple section.Learn: For Practice,Practice and Practice.Old Year Paper : Old yearpaper from 1991 to 2017Test : For approve your self on lack ofpeople.Performance : Know your performance on lack ofpeople.Interview : Interview section have multi field interviewquestion for private and govt sector.Quote : Motivation quote forEngineer's.GATE Entrance Exam (Mechanical Engineering(ME),Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC),ElectricalEngineering (EE),Computer Science and Information Technology(CS),Civil Engineering (CE), Chemical Engineering(CH) ) App bringsyou the information on GATE, its previous exam papers, latestupdates, campus news, GATE Score based recruitment news, etc.directly to your phone / tab. Apart from GATE Papers students canalso access IIT JAM previous year papers free of cost. This GATEApp will be a definite help for students aspiring for a good rankin GATE Entrance in India. Many Government and Public Sectorcompanies consider GATE score as their selection criteria forrecruitment of technical positions in India.Students journey tobuild career require a road map. If we explore further then we cometo know that they need language enhancement and information aboutvarious career opportunities in first go. Once they take decisionrelated to their career then they need Current Affairs to updatethemselves. General knowledge i.e. GK is required in almost all thegovernment job oriented exams like Banking, SSC, CSAT, RRB, Railwayetc. as well as in few higher education entrance exams like CLAT,CMAT, IIT-JEE, NEET, GATE, CA-CPT, CS Foundation etc.Thisapplication has collection of Previous year Question papers &Solutions absolutely - Mechanical Engineering (ME) - Electronicsand Communication Engineering (EC), - Electrical Engineering (EE)-Computer Science and Information Technology (CS), - CivilEngineering (CE),- Chemical Engineering(CH), - Biotechnology (BT)-Instrumentation Engineering (IN)- Mining Engineering (MN)✴ThisMechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution for AllMechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains Various ImportantMechanical Engineering Concepts.✴☆ It Covers 1000+ topics, which isuseful for all mechanical engineering students as well asmechanical professionals.☆In this app one can review any subjectrelated concept instantly through the search functionality withinthe app.☆This is very useful for people who are preparing forCompetitive Exams and Job Interviews as well.Not Only MechanicalEngineers get benefit from this App Other Fields like ElectricalEngineering,Civil Engineering,Production Engineering,ManufacturingEngineering,Automobile Engineering,MaterialsEngineering,Instrumentation,Mechatronics,Polymer Technology,PlasticTechnology, Physics Students,Chemistry Students and related fieldstudents.The Aim of this App is to Motivate Engineering Studentsand Professionals across the World into Learning All ImportantConcepts of Engineering. Cover Following computer engineering orComputer Science subjects and programming languages.Subjects weintroduced in this version are:Android Programming in CComputerOrganization and Architecture Software EngineeringObject OrientedProgramming Using C++Data StructuresComputer NetworksData BaseSystemsVisual Programming(VB.Net)Design and Analysis ofAlgorithmsOperating SystemPrinciples of Programming LanguagesWebEngineering(HTML,CSS,Javascript)PHP ProgrammingProgramming inJavaObject Oriented MethodologySoftware Engineering
All formula (Math,Physics,Chemistry) for 11th 12th APK
This App consolidated all Math Formula required For IntermediateStudent.Extremely Useful for the students preparing for JEE main ,JEE Advance , BITSAT , MHTCET , EAMCET , KCET , UPTU (UPSEE), WBJEE, VITEEE and IIT and all other Engineering Entrance Exam .This appis also useful for those also who are preparing for Air force andNDA (national defense academy) exam.This app is a completereference guide for high school students, as well as those whopreparing for mathematic required examination. This app cover thefollowing areas:- Summary lessons - you can review your knowledgejust at your fingertip. - Previous Exams - you can check knowledgewith the previous official examination.- Formulas specifically forgrade 10, 11 and 12 - General mathematic formula - you can findmathematic formula from the beginning to advanced.The App coverstopics Maths-- Set Theory-- Relation and Function-- Sequence andSeries-- Complex Number -- De-Moviers Theorem-- Quadraticequation-- Theory of Equations-- Statistics-- Permutation andCombination-- Binomial Theorem-- Exponential and logarithmicseries-- Determinants-- Matrices-- Probability-- TrigonometryRatios-- Trigonometric Equations-- Solutions of Triangle-- InverseTrigonometric function-- Function and Graphs-- Limit andContinuity-- Differential Calculus-- Application of Derivative--Integration-- Definite Integration-- Application of Integration--Differential Equations-- Co-ordinate geometry-- Straight Line andPair of Straight of Line-- Circle-- Ellipse-- Hyperbola-- 3dimensional geometry-- Straight line in space-- The plane--Vector-- Vector product-- Triple Product of Vectors--LogarithmPhysics-- Error Measurement and Dimensional Analysis--Vectors-- Motion in Straight Line and Projectile-- Newton's Law ofMotion and Friction-- Circular Motion-- Work Energy and Power--Center of mass-- Rotational Motion , Rigid Body Dynamics--Gravitation , Escape Velocity-- Periodic Motion , Simple HarmonicMotion-- Fluid Mechanics-- Some Mechanical properties of matter--Kinetic theory of gases-- Calorimetry and thermal expansion ofsolid-- Thermodynamics , Isothermal and adiabatic process-- Heatconduction-- Wave motion-- Stationary wave and Vibration inStretched String-- Interference and young double slit experiment--Beats and Doppler's effect-- Reflection of Light-- Lens-- Snell'slaw and prism-- Dispersion , telescope and microscope-- ElectricField and Potential-- Gauss law-- Capacitor-- Current electricity--Magnetism -- Magnetic Dipole and Permanent magnet-- ElectromagneticInduction-- Alternating Current-- Magnetic Properties of Matter andTransformer-- Bohr model for hydrogen atom-- Photoelectric effectand Radio Activity-- Semiconductor devices-- Logic gates--Communication SystemChemistry-- Mole Concept -- Atomic Structure --Radio Activity -- Chemical Bonding -- Electro-Chemistry -- Gas Laws-- Kinetic Theory of gases -- Theory of Dilute Solution -- ChemicalKinetics -- Solubility Product
Monitoring the progress of release and utilisation of funds underFourteenth Finance Commission (FFC) award.This Application Showingall Details of Gram Panchayat Worked Details.
Total Shortcut Tricks (All In One) Pro 1.0 APK
Tricks is helpful for all Exams:-Tricks all in. one is Very usefulfor SBI, IT officer, Post office, IBPS, CDS, NDA, RRB,SSC, UPSC,MPSC, APSPSC, CSAT, IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS Exam Preparation.By PerfectTricks All in 1 you can Prepare daily notes for IAS, UPSC, SSC,IBPS (Competitive Exam)This Perfect Tricks All in 1 App compatiblewith English & Hindi Font Supporting PhoneBest App forPreparation of general Knowledge for Competitive Exams in Hindi andEnglishStay up-to-date with current trends of 2016 -17 using thisApp in your language English & Hindi.Tips Tricks for AndroidPhones is a free android app and Compilation of Tips and tricksrelated to using your android mobile device like a boss and makingmost out of it. All includes information and Help for AndroidPhones and Tablets Tips & Tricks Optimizing Device PerformanceMemory Data usage Speed etc. How to use your backup saved on mobiledevice internal storage or SD Card or saved Google drive and how torestore it.Added Following new Topics in this new release:* AndroidUseful Tricks* Add Internet Speed Indicator* Add Owner Info* FirstFew things to Do* Gesture Setting to improve Performance* GoogleNow Commands* Manage Memory* Optimizing Device Performance* OtherGeneral App Tips* Privacy and Security* Reduce Your Mobile DataUsage On Android* Speed Up Android* Use Of OTG* Using Google Now*Get Longer battery life on your smartphone* SAVE BATTERY BY TURNINGOFF POWER-DRAINING APPS* TURN OFF Battery-Draining Services* ADDHARD-TO-TYPE WORDS TO YOUR DICTIONARY* Get Warnings When You'reover Your Data Limit* Get Your Lost Phone Back* Magical Tips andTricks* Miscellaneous* Remote Access From Android Device* RemotelyDelete Android Phone Data* Search With Your Voice* Set QuickResponses For Missed Calls* Set up automatic phone unlock whenyou're at home* Some More Android Techniques* Tips for SolvingScreen Freeze Problems* Tips to keep your Android device malwarefree* Tips To Protect Your Phone If It Gets Stolen* Useful ContactDialing TipsSome of the topics covered in this app are:* Androiduseful Tricks* Optimizing Device Performance* Manage Memory* Reduceyour Mobile Data usage on Android* Speed up your Android* CleverUse of OTG (On The Go) Cables and USB Drives* Gesture Settings toimprove Performance* Google Now Commands* Miscellaneous Tips* UsingGoogle Now* Add internet speed indicator* Add owner info* First fewthings to do* More techniques and Tips and many more
Math Formula 1.0 APK
Here is maths formulas pack for all android users. This app has1000+ math formula and more to come.Now no need to make paper notesto remember mathematics formulas just have this app put all theformulas on your favourite phones. you'll find formulas very simplyexplained in app with necessary figures will help you to understandvery easily.*****Formulas covered in this app*****Algebra-Factoring formulas- Product formulas- Roots formula- Powersformula- Logarithmic formula- Useful equations- Complex number-Binomial theoremGeometry- Cone- Cylinder- Isosceles Triangle-Square- Sphere- Rectangle- Rhombus- Parallelogram-TrapezoidAnalytical Geometry- 2-D coordinate system- Circle-Hyperbola- Ellipse- ParabolaDerivation- Limits formula- Propertiesof derivative- General derivative formula- Trigonometric functions-Inverse Trigonometric functions- Hyperbolic functions- InverseHyperbolic functionsIntegration- Properties of Integration-Integration of rational functions- Integration of Trigonometricfunctions- Integration of Hyperbolic functions- Integration ofExponential and log functionsTrigonometry- Basics of Trigonometry-General Trigonometry formula- Sine, Cosine rule- Table of Angle-Angle transformation- Half/Double/Multiple angle formula- Sum offunctions- Product of functions- Powers of functions- Euler'sformula- Allied angles table- Negative angle identitiesLaplacetransform- Properties of Laplace transform- Functions of LaplacetransformFourier- Fourier series- Fourier transform operations-Table of Fourier transformSeries- Arithmetic series- Geometricseries- Finite series- Binomial series- Power seriesexpansionsNumerical methods- Lagrange, newton's Interpolation-Newton's forward/backward difference- Numerical integration- Rootsof equationVector calculus- vector identitiesProbability- Basics ofprobability- Expectation- Variance- Distributions- Permutations-CombinationsBeta Gamma- Beta functions- Gamma functions- Beta-gammarelationZ - Transform- Properties of z- transform- Some commonpairs