4.1 / March 2, 2018
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Hello to the world of Piano White Tiles Magic:PPAP.In thisexclusive Piano White Tiles Magic:PPAP game you have piano tilesfor pen pineapple pen style with several options like new tilesskins for pen and pineapple.So in this Piano White Tiles Magic:PPAPgame you have Pen pineapple Tiles and the Piano Music to enjoywith.You will definitely get addicted to this combination of PianoTiles with Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.So enjoy this tense rhythm,beautiful graphics and smooth control feelings with Magic PianoTiles.In this game you have a pen and a pineapple pen with whitePiano Tiles.The method of playing this Piano White Tiles Magic:PPAPis very easy .Just Tap the Tiles which have Pen and Pineapples.Don't Tap the Piano Tiles when there is nothing on the tiles likePen and Pineapple and it is only Blank white Piano Tiles.Follow theBeautiful Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Music which will give you a hintthat this is the Piano tile which you have to Tap and don't missthat Piano Tile which have Pen and Pineapple .So Guys Don't missthe chance to play this addicting Piano White Tiles Magic:PPAP.Justhit the Download Button and Enjoy the Famous Pen Pineapple ApplePen combo with Piano Tiles.

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    Piano White Tiles Magic:PPAP
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    March 2, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    2018 Arcade Games
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Dancing Line ZigZag Glow is the arcade game published under thebanner of Apps Plaza which is renowned for its famous games likeRolling Ball in Sky and Pen Pineapple Apple Pen :PPAP.In thisaddictive game it's all about tapping and tap at the right momentto move left or right and for this you have to follow the Line andavoid obstacles.In Dancing Line zigzag Glow follow the line and Dozigzag as much as you can and must try to avoid obstacles.DancingLine ZigZag Glow is a daunting game but you can learn it easily,just concentrate on the Line and avoid Obstacles.This arcade gameChallenges your reflexes and concentration.Just Tap the screenwhile playing to take a sharp turn and not touching the zigzagGlowing walls.Keep these three things in mind while playing Dancinggame which are tap,dance and react.In dancing line zigzag glowthere is an excellent environment beside the zigzag walls that hasvery addictive look.Try to get into a Daze to enjoy venture andawesome line dance in this game,don't give up and continue youradventure in this unspeakable maze of twisting ZigZag and movingplatform.So What are u waiting for just tap the Download link todownload this addictive Dancing Line ZigZag Glow .Do give usFeedback in the form of Reviews.
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Rolling Ball in sky is the arcade game published under the bannerof Apps Plaza. Rolling Ball In Sky is an addictive and a must playgame because it will make you rock and roll with rolling sky ballhaving enemies that are obstacles in your way in this game but youhave to pass these obstacles without touching the rolling ball withthese obstacles. In rolling ball in sky you have to collect thecoins on your way to unlock other levels but be careful becausethese coins are placed just in front of the green branch obstacleslittle greediness can result in loosing your Rolling ball and itwill end in loosing your life. You need to rapidly roll the Ball inthe sky and your reflexes need to be fast otherwise you will not beable to rule in the game. You can make big progress in game by justrolling the ball in sky.Make high score and challenge yourfriends.It offers great graphics and eats your time likebutter.This Rolling ball game also offers Bronze, Silver and Goldbadges which you get by making more and more score and bycollecting more coins. This game really makes u fly in the sky andyou will feel as you are receiving a medal in real life.Fivedifferent balls are used in rolling ball in sky and one thing thereis no Rolling Skies in the world but there are many rolling ballsin the world so we have added five rolling balls for you to playwith.Six different levels are added in this game about just rollingthe ball in sky .Rolling ball in Sky has following levels. 1.Daylight Theme2. Sunshine Theme3. Shiny Night Theme4. CartoonTheme5. Snow Theme6. Rainy ThemeUnlock these themes with coins toroll ball in sky to have lot of fun.In this game the sceneryremained ominous with clouds rolling in, pushed by anever-increasing speed that churned the sky so be quick and downloadRolling Ball In Sky if u wanna enjoy these pleasant themes.
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Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: PPAP is the free arcade game published byApps Plaza.You used sometime or often knife for cutting the fruitbut here on this Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: PPAP you have to stick apen into a fruit.Sometimes all you have to do is to throw thereality out of the game and as in this game hitting the Pineappleand Apple and voices like Pineapple Pen would excite you when yousucceed to hit Pineapple Pen.Just tap to hit the fruits likepineapple or apple with pen.Hit the perfect Shot in the center fortwo times in a row and by doing this you will get Pen PineappleApple Pen: PPAP with great experience of joy.To succeed in thispineapple pen game tap at the right time is the key to hit thepineapple and apple in the center .Use this pen for better resultthis time in Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: PPAP ,last time u should haveused pen for writing but this time used this stylo pen for hittingpineapple and apple.So guys what are you waiting for, just downloadPen Pineapple Apple Pen: PPAP on your mobile and feel the greatexperience of enjoy.
Mafia Gangster Vegas Bike Crime In Miami 1.0 APK
Mafia Gangster Vegas Bike Crime In Miami is game that gives you theexperience of a great race in which you will fight and chase youropponents to Win!!.This Game provides you the scenario of havingone of the most customized top bikes in the world.Get ready tofight with mafia gangsters & deadly criminals in full actionpacked bike 3D shooting game. This free to play open world gamewill let you experience the critical strike of mafia gangster vegascriminals. Show all critical shooting skills in Miami City toovercome the fear of facing the threats of evil gangsters. You needto be excited for critical mission because you are driving ATV quadbike. You are only combat fighter & brave challenger to aim& fire in this critical strike. Unleash your fear and save yourresidents of Miami & fight for this modern critical strikemission. Dodge your opponents by freely roam in open world game toeradicate them in grand andreas city. Once you were big gangsterinvolved in auto theft and many more crimes. Now you are oncritical survival mission in gangster’s vegas crime city. Let’sshow your super drifting & driving skills in mafia gangstervegas bike crime in Miami to combat in this stealth challengingmission. The amazing time treasure gameplay with various vehicleswill let you enjoy the thrill and adventure of fighting. Enjoy thisaction packed 3D action packed driving mission and show all peopleof Miami that you are master in driving ATV quad bike with severalchallenging vehicles. Be like a protagonist of the great theft autocars and win the victory with your stealth combat attack. This gameis going to be mighty quest with different challenging stages.Prove that you are true hero & brave man to win all the levelsof this final racing combat. You are acquiring with modern autorickshaw. So, show your great driving expertise.This 3D ultimateracing & fighting environment with the slope streets and turnsof vegas crime city gives you a genius driving knowledge. Being aprotagonist rider you need to show your vengeance action effects& unique abilities to throw back the contagions &abductions chaser of your quad jeep car. Follow the line in finalcombat moto match & rescue yourself in final stage challenges.Your team squad becomes strange warriors to strike fighters on theVegas city crimes road. Don’t get extinction stage during youraction class adventure run time race. Save your treasure time inreal Mafia Gangster Vegas Bike Crime In Miami and become real timeMiami racing fighter.Features: • Full action paced fast racingenvironment• Multiple cars, bikes• Awesome view of Miami city•Advance & realistic graphics • Great thief cars protagonistaction class
Hammer Nail It 3.3 APK
In this addictive arcade game you have to Hammer nails carefullyand gently. The task is to hammer as many nails in a row aspossible. But your accuracy is going to be tested. Can you nailMaximum nails in a row ?Your task is to welcome an onslaught ofangry Nails with well-timed swings of your hammer.The longer yousurvive, the higher you score.It seems very simple to hammer thenails but when they are coming in a faster speed and 10 12 nails ina row giving you no time to think about when to hammer and when notto and suddenly in the way you hit a boom and you loose yourlife.There are many other features to collect in this hammer gametoo.You can get extra life ,Slowing the game coin,extra coins tounlock other beautiful hammers and Levels.But you don't know whatscoming next when is the hammer time and when not that is the beautyof this hammer game.It can be Nail ,it can be a bomb,it can be alife but what you get mostly depend on your Reflexes.Your reflexesneed to be fast like a superman so that you can easily know thatthis is the hammer time and i have to hammer all the nails and thisis the bomb time so stop your hammer from hammering the nails.Features:--Easy to start--Challenging- Addictive Arcade game-Different Hammers to unlock for Nails- Beautiful graphicsSo try itnow and Hammer all the Nails because its Hammer Time.Do give usFeedback in the form of Reviews.
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 3D 1.2 APK
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 3d is the first 3D game of this genre ever.Apple pen or Pineapple pen? Are you ready to bust some fruit bythrowing pens in this #1 addictive action game which is one of thebest PPAP games?!You used sometime or often knife for cutting thefruit but here on this Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 3d game you have tostick a pen into a fruit.Sometimes all you have to do is to throwthe reality out of the game and as in this game hitting thePineapple and Apple and voices like apple pen and Pineapple Penwould excite you when you succeed to hit Pineapple Pen.Just tap tohit the fruits like pineapple or apple with pen.Hit the perfectShot in the center for two times in a row and by doing this youwill get Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: PPAP 3d with great experience ofjoy.To succeed in this pineapple pen game PPAP tap at the righttime is the key to hit the pineapple and apple in the center.Youwould love to play PPAP games because there is 3D throw and stickaction ,A real challenge to speed and reflex and Most fun apple andpineapple pen game ever to make you smile.Use this pen for betterresult this time in Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 3d game ,last time ushould have used pen for writing but this time used this stylo penfor hitting pineapple and apple.So guys what are you waiting for,just download Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 3D on your mobile and feelthe great experience of joy.
City Car Stunts Racing 3D Arab 1.3 APK
Is there anyone in the World Who doesn't love the thrill that comeswith performing serious stunts?Drive and maneuver throughtreacherous rocky hills and Cities to dominate the levels in thisCity Car Stunts 3D Arab Drive !So its time to tight your seat beltsbecause its stunt time and You have to be careful.City Car StuntsRacing 3D Arab 4x4 is a simulation game.Driving 4x4 trucks in curvyCity and Hilly tracks is extreme fun.The wild and crazy fantasystunts city is going to blow your mind.You have to Perform highjumps on closed ramps; accelerate through fiery hoops; knock downand smash all types of obstacles and race through the stunt city atlightning fast speed displaying cool tricks.In this game you willget a touch of Driving and Performing Stunts in Arab,Dubai andEuropean Cities.So are you brave enough to take the extreme carStunts challenge in different Cities and be a master of this stuntsgame.So will see if u people can survive this Extreme City CarStunts Racing 3D Arab. Features of City Car Stunts game are:4x4wheel cars with Powerful engine.Realistic car physics.3D mountains,hills and Cities.Excellent engine and truck sounds.Awesomebackground music.Excellent controls of CarsSo guys don't be latejust hit the download button and enjoy this full of stunts CarRacing game on your mobile.