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Sharpen your pictures!Ideas:-fix a photo that you just couldn'thold the camera still for-increase the definition of edges of someobject in your pictureInstructions:Step 1. Select a picturedirectly from your Camera or from your GalleryStep 2. Filter theimage with Picture Sharpen!Step 3. Save a copy of the new pictureback to your GalleryStep 4. Send the new picture directly in anemail or to another application

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    Picture Sharpen
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    May 17, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Isomer Programming LLC
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    Isomer Programming LLC 4 Compass Circle Hampton, VA 23669
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eegID 1.6 APK
eegID by Isomer Programming LLC enables you to connect overBluetooth(TM) to a NeuroSky(TM) MindWave Mobile Headset (or otherscompatible with ThinkGear(TM) technology), and viewElectroencephalography (EEG) data, specifically these fields:PoorSignal, EEG Raw Value, EEG Raw Value Volts, Attention Level,Meditation Level, Blink Strength, Delta(1-3Hz), Theta(4-7Hz), AlphaLow(8-9Hz), Alpha High(10-12Hz), Beta Low(13-17Hz), BetaHigh(18-30Hz), Gamma Low(31-40Hz), and Gamma Mid(41-50Hz). Thisdata can be recorded and stopped at will, or configured with amaximum recording limit (ex: 30min, or 10MB), after which aspreadsheet-importable comma-separated values (CSV) file includingtime stamps of all signal records listed above is prompted to theuser to optionally email as an attachment with a populated subjectline containing the current date and time (the Send button allowsthe last record to be resent after exit). A minimum record intervalmay also be specified (ex: every 1 minute). During the recordingprocess, a user may select different tags to differentiate internalrecording periods. GPS can also be optionally enabled to tag thelatitude and longitude for each record. The last recordedeegIDRecord.csv file is located on the external storage devicewithin the folder "eegid"; file extraction via USB connection to acomputer may be necessary if your selected recording limit exceedsthe standard 10MB email attachment size. Note that the EEG RawValue Volts is calculated with: [ rawValue * (1.8/4096) ] / 2000.For troubleshooting, also note that the PoorSignal value indicatesinvalid EEG positioning (adjust device until this is 0 for bestresults), and that while PoorSignal is greater than 0, some signalsare not received (Attention, Meditation, Blink Strength). Thepurpose of this application is to allow easy mobile EEG datacapture with simple immediate measurements and later deep analysisor data storage for reference.*** If you plan on purchasing adevice solely to use with this application, please first send us anemail with specifications of the device you intend to use and wecan check it for you.
Picture Blend 2.0 APK
Blend multiple pictures from your camera or gallery!Ideas:-make a"ghost" in your mirror!-put 2 of your friends faces into one! ormaybe 3 friends? or all of them? perhaps the result is what theirchildren would look like?-take multiple frames of one personwalking slowly to make a motion blur stream of their path!-take apicture of the same place every day for a week to see what thingschange and what doesn't!No need to memorize instructions since itwalks you through it, but here's what happens:Step 1. Push "Blend"to take a base picture from the camera or gallery!Step 2. Push"Blend" again to take another picture from the camera or galleryand combine it with the base! (Select what percentage of the newpicture you want to blend)Step 2 and a half? Push "Blend" again?Hmmm how many pictures do I want to Blend?Step 3. Push "Save" tosave the blended image to external storage card.Step 4. Push "Send"to send your blendification in an email or to another app.Step 5.Push "New" to start again from scratch (black background).***If youare having some problems running this app, try closing otherprograms or changing camera settings to use smaller resolution. Ifyou still find you have problems, send us an email with the name ofyour device and we'll look into it.
Timeout Blocker 1.0 APK
Keep your screen from timing out!Do you have more than one computerat your desk, you want to maintain security and keep thescreensaver lock working on both of them for when you leave, butyou switch between them just a little bit too infrequently and findyourself logging in every 30 minutes? Now when you sit at yourdesk, you can temporarily keep the machine you aren't directlyworking with from timing out.Instructions:Step 1. Set a vibrationintervalStep 2. Press StartStep 3. Flip over your deviceStep 4.Prop your device at a small angleStep 5. Put your mouse on the backof your deviceExplanation:Setting a vibration interval will causethe vibration of your device to turn on for a brief period (forexample, every 5 minutes it will buzz once). If your mouse issensitive enough (usually better responsiveness on the back side ofmost devices instead of the glass), then the vibration will causeyour mouse to move slightly, preventing the screensaver of yourcomputer from activating.Disclaimer/Warnings:1. Make sure the wayyou prop your device up is in a safe position where the periodicvibration will not cause it to fall off of a table or otherwisedrop to its doom. Isomer Programming LLC is not responsible forphysical damage to your device or other property as a result ofusing this application.2. Do not use this application to avoidsecurity considerations (do not use unattended). This applicationis only meant for situations where you are attending to multiplecomputers simultaneously and remain next to the device. Extraattention should be given that you exit this application and removethe mouse from the device before leaving the area. IsomerProgramming LLC is not responsible for negligence in adhering tosecurity policies.3. This application is not meant forcorporate/sensitive environments.
Negative Flux 3D 1.4 APK
3D Asteroid Augmented Reality (AR) GameFeatures:-Augmented Reality(AR) using accelerometer and compass, use device as 3D viewingwindow to navigate-Use throttle and fire buttons to destroyasteroids without getting hit, Asteroid: 1 Point, Fire: Negative0.1 Points-RedLine: Closest Asteroid Targeting-Each AsteroidDestroyed Increases Max Asteroids By 5, and breaks into smallerpieces-Background music "Octal 73" by Matthew Rodgers (used withpermission)-Sound effectsIdeas:-Sit in a swivel chair in the middleof a dark room with a star projector light show, spin around andshoot the asteroids like you're part of a scifi movie.
Picture Contrast 1.0 APK
Change the contrast of your pictures!Ideas:-make the shapes in yourpictures more or less defined from each otherInstructions:Step 1.Select to take a picture from your camera or choose an image fromyour galleryStep 2. Filter the contrast of the image, choosing howmuchStep 3. Save a copy of the filtered image back to yourgalleryStep 4. Send the filtered picture directly from theapplication in an email or to another application
Isomer IOIO Tester 1.0 APK
Test the status LED and 4 digital output pins on an IOIOmicrocontroller board.Disclaimer/Warning:-By using thisapplication, you recognize that we (Isomer Programming LLC) are notresponsible for any damage to your devices.-Remember to use safetyprecautions when handling electrical circuits.-Isomer ProgrammingLLC is not affiliated with any IOIO groups.Features:-5 togglebuttons to test status LED on the board and 4 pins (2,3,4,5) indigital output mode (3.3Volts)-works over USB cable orbluetoothIdeas:-use to test a quadrocopter-use to test an externalLED on a breadboardRecommendations:-use TIP120 transistors with oneof pins 2,3,4,5 connected to the Base (left lead), connect externalpowered device positive to external battery positive, then devicenegative to Collector (middle lead), connect IOIO ground andexternal battery negative to the Emitter (right lead)
Cat Meower 1.2 APK
Authentic cat meow soundboard!Features:-First picture (group ofcats) causes a random meow every time!-Supports fast clicking onall (including random) to fill the room with cat noises!-31different cat pictures and meows!-Easy scrolling list with largepictures!
Picture Saturation 1.0 APK
Change the colorfullness of your pictures!Ideas:-make a perfectpicture of nature even more beautiful-make a bland picture lookmore vibrantInstructions:Step 1. Select a picture directly fromyour Camera or your GalleryStep 2. Filter your picture with PictureSaturation, selecting an option for how muchStep 3. Save a copy ofthe new picture back to your GalleryStep 4. Send your new picturedirectly to an email or another application