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A calendar shows the number of picturestakenon each day, Select and date and see the thumbnails forallpictures taken on that day. Select a thumbnail to see a fullsizeimage..
If your images are in subdirectories, images fromindividualsubdirectories can be selected for enumeration on thecalendar andviewing as thumbnails.

App Information Pictures By Date

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    Pictures By Date
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    June 8, 2015
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Elliot Noma
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    5 - 10
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    Visit website Email e_noma@yahoo.com
    Garrett Asset Management, LLC. 800 Third Avenue, 22nd floor New York, New York 10022
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Customize way points for your nexttriprunning, walking, biking or driving.Place markers at any location on the map with a single taponGoogle maps. Label and save groups of markers for futuretrips.Locations and labels are at your discretion. Lap timesareautomatically displayed when a location is reached asecondtime.'Custom GPS Location Timer Free' automatically texts yourfriendswhen you have arrived at these points or traveled aspecifieddistance or time. Audible messages to yourself areanoption.The timer shows your time, distance and pace. See your progressonthe map. Distance and pace are reported in either kilometersormiles.Email a map of your trip along with a record of times for eachwaypoint you visited.Sample way points are included for the Boston and New YorkMarathoncourses**************************************************Upgrade to Custom GPS Location Timer and save your waypoints.Alsomonitor an unlimited number of locations on your map.The upgrade now also sends notifications to your SamsungGearLive and other smart watches.