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What is it like to be a pigeon? Pigeons are constantly in war.Inwar with cars. Maybe you, as a human tried to fight them.Youwashed your car and hoped that the pigeons have mercy on you.Butthen you understand this pigeons vs cars never ends andconcernseveryone. You can not fight them. it's a matter of timebefore yourealize that all you can do is just give up this battle.But youcan at least try how it is to fight for the other side.Easy? I donot think so. Can you even aim a single car? So showyourself! Yourneighborhood is on the road! Unfortunately for them,you are on theroad too, as a pigeon! Aim their cars and ruin theirday! Live thelife of ordinary city pigeon! Follow the wind towardsthe big cityand fly between the city skyscrapers and largebuildings, see thecity from up high in the air and have fun withPigeon Attack!Improve your skills of flying like a real pigeon! Getready for theultimate bird city simulator and fly like a pigeon!Pigeon Attackfeatures: cars with people inside having a good dayunbelievablecity atmosphere awesome 2D graphics arcade mechanism -challengeother players! Have you ever asked how it is to be a bird?Righttime for answers has come. Now you can try yourself being acitybird!

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    Pigeon Attack
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    December 19, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    DNS studio
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    Czech Republic, 56943 Jevíčko, Dr. Klimeše 678
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