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You will help piglet to manage his Farm, drag left and right tomovearound and find hidden exciting mini games as you walk along.Thisgame is designed for toddler boy and girl under 6 years old.Minigames included : - Animal Puzzle Game, solve the puzzle withthecorrect animal that fit the shadow shape. It could sharpenyourbeloved children memory and problem solving skills. - FindTheRabbit, can you find all rabbit that hiding in the dark ? Usethelamp to spot the hidden rabbit. - Milking Game, Fresh milkisreally good for your health. Help Piglet to milk his cow so hecanmake breakfast! - Farming Game, Tilt the soil and plant theseedsand don't forget to give water to the plant before you canharvestfresh vegetables and fruits, let's go, it's farming time! -HorseBathing, Bathe your horse and make her looks beautiful likeasunshine again! - Sheep Shearing, you can collect wool byshearingyour sheep. So what you waiting for ? Download now and havefunwith your kids! :)

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    Piglet Adventure
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    December 30, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Purple Cow
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    Jl. Grand Boulevard Ruko Ifolia Blok HY 46 No. 67 Kode Pos 17132 Perum. Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi
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Belajar Huruf untuk Anak 1.0 APK
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Permainan Huruf untuk anak adalah Game Pembelajaran pengenalanhuruf alphabet untuk anak. Game ini mengajak anak-anak untukbelajar sambil bermain melalui permainan-permainan yang melatihanak untuk mengenali, membaca dan menulis huruf. Dilengkapi dengansuara dan karakter-karakter yang lucu serta animasi-animasi agarmembuat anak-anak merasa senang dan tidak bosan dalambelajar.Didalam game ini terdapat halaman pengaturan yang hanyadapat dibuka oleh orang tua dengan menambahkan keamanan berupa"parental gate" sehungga aman untuk anak. Di dalam HalamanPengaturan Anda dapat mengatur tingkat kesulitan, Mode huruf besaratau kecil, musik latar belakang, reset nilai dan juga penngaturanlainnya.Terdapat Enam Permainan didalam game ini yaitu:1. BelajarMengenal Huruf Melatih anak untuk melihat huruf warna-warni dilengkapi dengan suara dan karakter contoh sebagai inisial untukmasing-masing huruf.2. Tangkap Huruf Adalah permainan menangkaphuruf yang diinginkan sebanyak banyaknya untuk mendapat skor yangtinggi. Jangan lupa menghindari huruf yang tidak sesuai karena akanmengurangi nilai.3. Memori Huruf Adalah permainan klasik denganmencocokkan dua kartu yang memiliki huruf yang sama.4. GelembungHuruf Adalah permainan memecahkan gelembung huruf yang memilikihuruf tertentu yang sesuai. Jangan sampai memecahkan gelembung yangsalah.5. Menulis Huruf Adalah permainan utnuk anak belajar menulishuruf. Dilengkapi dengan animasi panduan penulisan agar anak mudahdalam mengingat penulisan hurufnya. 6. Puzzle Huruf Adalah menyusunpotongan-potongan puzzle menjadi sebuah huruf.Mari ayah dan bundaajak anak-anak anda belajar sambil bermain dengan memainkan Game"Belajar Huruf untuk Anak". Anak akan senang dalam bermaian danAyah dan Bunda akan senang karena anak semakin pintar.SelamatBermain ^_^Letter games for children is a learning game forchildren letter recognition alphabet. This game invites children tolearn while playing through the games that train children torecognize, read and write letters. Equipped with voice and cutecharacters and animations that make children feel happy and notbored in learning.In this game there is a page of settings whichcan only be opened by parents with the added security of "parentalgate" sehungga safe for children. In the Settings page you can setthe difficulty level, uppercase or lowercase mode, backgroundmusic, and also reset the value of other penngaturan.There are sixgames in this game are:1. Learning to KnowLetter    Train children to see the letterscolorful equipped with sound and character of an example asinitials for each letter.2. CaptureLetter     Is a game of capture thedesired letter as much to get a high score. Do not forget to avoidthe letters that are not appropriate as it would reduce thevalue.3. Memory Letter    Is a classic game tomatch two cards that have the same letter.4. BubbleLetter    Is a game of bubble-bursting lettersthat has specific letter accordingly. Do not get the wrongbubble-bursting.5. Write a Letter    Is a gamechildren learn to write letters separately. Equipped with ananimated guide to writing for children is easy to remember writingletters.6. Letter Puzzle    Is to arrange thepuzzle pieces into a letter.Let the father and mother take yourchildren to learn through play by playing games "Learning Lettersfor Kids". Children will delight in bermaian and Father and Motherwill be happy because the child is getting smarter.Welcome to Play^ _ ^
Fun Sight Words & Flash Cards 1.0 APK
Purple Cow
This game are designed by educational specialists to help yourchildren to success in kindergarten and school curriculum. Thereare five different levels of difficulty to choose from Pre-K,Grade-K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade. All 200+ sight words from popularDolch list are packed within 6 engaging EDUCATIONAL GAMES !6 Minigames included are : 1. Flash Cards Practice in the Flash Cardmode. List through the words and top on the cards to hear the wordspronounced again and again! It can boost your memory.2. WordCocoonsTap on the word called to hatch the cocoon3. BingoTap on theword corresponding to the one that you heard pronounced. Once youhave matched cards from one side of the board to the next andthen... Bingo! you made it! 4. Hungry FrogFeed the hungry frog bytap on the word that you heard pronounced, tap te speaker icon tohear the correct word again5. Spelling GameHelp the poor squirrelto cross the river by making a bridge, To make a bridge, drag theletter cards to their correct place and make a word you have justheard pronounced. 6. SunflowerTap on one of the butterflies on thescreen, hear the word pronounced, and place the correct butterflyto the corresponding sunflower. Repeat the step for all words tosee wonderful butterflies animation. Additional Features Include:-Selection of individual words to be practiced within each category-Individual score reports- Choice of capitalized words andupper-case or lower-case letters- Parent area to adjust the appsettingsGet this app now and enjoy the progress your children aregoing to make in their reading skills!
ABC for Toddler 1.0 APK
Purple Cow
ABC for Toddler is a fun, educational and engaging for babies,toddlers, preschoolers & kindergarten children to learn theABCs.Features:- Letter Tracing, the game helps your children learnabout writing ABCs from “A” to “Z” and as a result, also aboutreading. - Make Words, Fix the mixed letters to make a correct wordbased on object displayed on the screen this game helps yourchildren to memorize basic words in english.- Catching game, matchinitial letters of a word with corresponding object. For example“C”for “Cat”.- Puzzle game, this game helps your kids developmatching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing differentpuzzles- Memory Game, this game will make it easy for your kids toimprove their short-term memory and speed recognition skills. It’sa great way to get kids to exercise their brain cells!- Bubbles, isa fun educational game that helps develop phonemic awareness.Children pop bubbles to match letters with words that start withthe correct voice over sound.
- Simple interface ideal fortoddlers- Awesome way to learn the ABCs

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