1.0 / February 7, 2016
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Pippy Fish flying across oceans.
Let's enjoy.

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Pippy Fish 1.0 APK
Pippy Fish flying across oceans.Let's enjoy.
Bamboo Chicken Rescue 1.1 APK
Have you played famous Dynomite game on PC.Nowit's revised on Mobile device with Bamboo Chicken Rescue.Bamboo Chicken Rescue is story about chickens who're savingtheirchildren, let's help them, this game is very funny and issuitablefor everyone especially kid, they would love it.The idea of this game come from Dynomite and BubbleShootgame.If you love bubble shooter games, this game would makeyouinterested too.This is a different version of Bamboo Chicken.Let's enjoy.And remember rating 5 stars or like our Facebook page if youloveit.