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Free 3D game with endless fighting sequence in a new avatar to makeyou feel like a real captain pirate hero. Jails of the CaribbeanIsland are not bearable anymore. Unlimited escape adventure iswaiting for you in this fighting game. 3D graphics and responsivecommands will be in your hands to make you the in charge of thisgame.Captain pirate hero was going to loot all the treasure fromthe drafted ships which were to be passed from the Caribbean Seabut other pirate enemies got you arrested by ditching to loot allthe treasure by themselves. You cannot serve the sentenced lifeprison in the jail. You have to make a freedom strategy like acunning war prisoner to execute your enemy in the Caribbean Island.To break this terrifying jail you have to manipulate the guards.Getready for an intense war you are about to fight for your survivalin this survival escape mission. To reach the hidden treasure inthe sea you might have to fight hand to hand combat with the jailguards in this stealth warship empire. To make a silent escape youwill be experiencing wonderful adventures. An unimaginable strategyis required in this ultimate escape plan.Features of Pirate ShadowPrison Break:- Stunning 3D graphics of Caribbean jail- Escape theprison to find treasure- Pick up the weapons by killing guards-Complete the levels of breaking jail- Amazing sound effects-Realistic game physics and amazing gameplay

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San andreas Army Truck Hero 1.3 APK
San andreas is being treated as a no go area since the the enemyhas attacked the country. The city has become mess, criminals areroaming around the city. Somebody has broken into the city jail tofree the inmates and now all the prisoners are roaming around thestreets along with criminals and terrorists; stealing, killing andharassing citizens. San Andreas is on high alert. Police tried tocontrol the situation but with limited resources it's seems to beout of their hand. Enemy forces has started a war at the border.The soldiers are fighting at the border. Tanks are marching towardsthe battle point. Machine guns and canons have been installed insan andreas.Every Soldier of the country wants to serve his nationin the battlefied. It's time for you to prove this on the battle ofsan andreas. You got your army truck and tank driving training fromarmy camp. You got your truck and tank license. Now it's time toprove in the battle of san andreas and to show the world that youare tough physically and mentally. It's time to be the hero for thepeople of san andreas and the army is looking for. Be fearless inthe war zone of san andreas because that's what you are going to beneed in san andreas. You have been assigned with the task oftransporting troops to the point of battle in san andreas from thearmy base. Transport the army soldiers as fast as you can. Drivethe army truck safely as you would not want them to get injuredbefore the big fight on san andreas. The commandos at the borderneed reinforcement, they are fighting courageously. Pick injuredfrom the war zone and transport them to the nearest militaryhospital of san andreas.You would be guided through an arrow andrings on route. The job required high skills, courage and yourfocus. You have to drive carefully because you will be drivingbetween the mountains and hill while bombings and firings are stillon. So complete your missions and report to the commander inchief.You are a great driver and you have to show it withsuccessful transport.Help your army to clear the mess. Arrest theterrorists and criminals and all the thieves and killers. Play yourpart as the superhero.San Andreas Army Truck Hero Features:Immersive San Andreas 3D Environment Realistic battlefield ambientsound Amazing Truck Controls Realistic Battle game physicsMissions to complete
3D Hero Helicopter Transport 1.0.2 APK
Becoming a helicopter pilot rope hero and flying in the air like asuperhero and saving army rangers military commando soldiers inbattlefield and civilians becoming hero in the war zone is a dreamof every US military soldier commando ranger. Ever wanted to be astrange mutant super rope hero? well this is your chance to be asuper rope hero with out being strange mutant spider superhero.Everyone wants to fly an apache helicopter and become aprofessional military soldier commando ranger helicopter pilothero. You got your superhero army helicopter flying training. Yougot your helicopter flying license. Now it's time to prove in thebattle and to show the world that you are tough physically andmentally. It's time to be the hero the people and the army islooking for. Be fearless like a strange mutant spider superhero inthe war zone because that's what you are going to be need. Don'tlet them destroy the city.The war has started, enemy has attackedyour country with the help of supernatural strange mutant villains.The soldiers are fighting with strange mutant supernatural spidersat the border. Tanks are marching towards the battle point to fightwith our strange mutant superhero spider. Machine guns and canonshave been installed to kill the super villains and the army. Theapache helicopter of the enemy are transporting the troops to thebattlefield. You have been assigned with the task of transportingtroops from you side to the point of battle from the army base.Transport the army rope hero soldiers as fast as you can. Fly theapache helicopter safely as you would not want them to get injuredbefore the big fight on border. The hero commandos at the borderneed reinforcement, they are fighting courageously as a superhero.Pick injured from the war zone and transport them to the nearestmilitary hospital.It's a battle of commando soldier rangers withthe enemies of the country. Show the power and courage and serveyour country in the combat. You would be guided through an arrowand rings on route. The job required high skills, courage and yourfocus. You have to fly carefully because you will be flying overmountains and hill between bombings and firings. So complete yourmissions and report to the commander in chief.You are a great pilotand you have to show it with successful transport.3D HeroHelicopter Transport Features:Hilly Mountainous environmentToughmissions to completeRealistic and challenging game playHigh techmilitary helicopterRealistic sounds and immersive 3D environmentWeat Awesome Addictive Games try to bring you the best inentertainment on your mobile device. We hope you like our AwesomeAddictive Games!Find out more about Awesome Addictive Gameshttp://www.awesomeaddictivegames.comPrivacy Policyhttp://www.awesomeaddictivegames.com/privacypolicy.htmlFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/awesomeaddictivegames
USA Truck Transport Simulator 1.1 APK
USA truck transport Simulator is a 3D simulation cargo transporttruck driving game. Load the cargo in the industrial city of USA inmodern truck from the warehouse and drive throughout the busy roadsof metropolitan city, follow the traffic rules and deliver it torequired destination. Deliver the cargo carefully and make sure notto hit or crash other cars and bikes on the road. In order tocomplete the level you have to fill up your truck with heavy andexpensive cargo, deliver the cargo safe & sound in limited timeat required destination. USA makes its own heavy vehicles andindustry is huge. Transportation of goods from port to port is waytoo much. You got to be the super driver of this port to porttransport. Truck is huge. The truck is speedy.Drive your truck tothe warehouse load the cargo and take it to the requireddestination, en load the truck and drive it back to it's firstposition. The game is not that easy. Hurdles and curvy tracks aregoing to make it difficult for you so drive slow when you see thehurdles. Take slow turns and drive fast on straight roads. Avoidaccidents with other vehicles driving on the busy road. Drive safebecause your truck is caring expensive and heavy cargo. It is asuper experience while handling such big vehicles. Big vehiclesrequire more attention than cars and motorbikes. You got to pressthe brakes way before the stop point. It carries heavy loads and ittakes time to stop. With every cargo you transport you are going toearn money which you can use to upgrade your truck, buy new trucksand unlock new levels. The more you play the more money you get.Drive the truck on hilly and metropolitan city environment.If youthink you are a great driver, it's time to show some skills, thebeautiful environment and challenging tracks will make this gameaddictive. Every Mission is time based so you have to be fast andfocused.USA Truck Transport Simulator is a new challengingsimulation game for every person who wants to improve drivingskills in a challenging environment.FeaturesDifferent gamemodesRealistic sound effectsChallenging gameplayChance to driveheavy vehicleImmersive graphicsThree Different controlsLots oftrucks to driveEasy controls with realistic physics
Luxury Car Furious Stuntman 1.0 APK
Get yourself ready to show some mesmerizing super racing carstunts. Show some craziest skills on high speed luxury cars.Eachlevel is based on different high speed car stunts. In some levelsyou have to drive fast and carefully on the most dangerous racingtracks. Show us how fast you can get. So, drive with high speedthrough the twists and turns and hurdles of the road on your highspeed stunt car. In some levels you have to perform some crazyextreme jumps. Let your car fly and prove your crazy driving skillsby jumping your car from circle of fire.So fuel up your car, startyour engine, speed up the heavy moto sports car, use all thenitrous oxide and jump high to blast your way to the victory. It'stime to show the world who got the driving skills. Performdifferent stunts on different tracks with high speed racing car androck it with your skills. Don't worry about the traffic you won'tinterrupt by any extra vehicle. The game is filled with high speedand high jumps, turns and twists, n2o and most dangerous racingtracks.You got limited time and limited nitrous oxide (n2o) sodon't waste your time by driving slow and use your n2o wisely. Thesharp turns and hurdles will going to disturb your momentum. Keepyour focus on the driving. The 4x4 offroad driving trucks, assaultcar and luxury sports cars will give you the feel of adventure.Thrill of drift and high speed cars with zero traffic and trafficpolice things can't get better than this.Comfortable controls withrealistic car racing physics, amazing 3D city environment andsounds will make you feel like real. Multiple racing tracks withmultiple daring tasks to perform.Features:Immersive 3DenvironmentRealistic racing and car soundsTilt, Steering andbuttons to control the carDifferent addictive game modes andlevelsRealistic Stunts physics
Real Police Bike Racing 1.0 APK
Ride the high speed police bike for a thrilling fire speed &stunts filled heart pounding criminal chase in Real Police BikeRacing. Race and chase the underworld racers on you super-fastmotorcycle throughout the city & dominate everyone in the RealPolice Bike Racing. With plenty of speed filled levels set in animmersive & realistic 3D city environment, this game is goingto keep you racing for hours.Ride on the roads of a beautiful city,catch the criminals, perform stunts, dodge the traffic whiledriving & chasing criminals in this amazing motor bike racinggame. The warden has only goal in this moto racing game is to rideas fast as you can throughout the city chasing the criminals,taking them down & dominating them all to prove that you as atraffic warden is best motor bike driver, rider, stunt performer& racer. Take the criminals of the vegas city down and get themunder the law. When you are on your super fast speed filled policeracing bike there is no stopping you from the criminal chase. Thewhole city is yours to chase the killer gangsters and reduce thegangster crime. So aim and fire and drive, ride & race like apro to dominate the city & all the terrorists superfast motoracing bike drivers, riders & racers. Shoot off the globalterrorists in the arena battle of gang fighting like a true unversedefender. What makes this motor bike racing game standout is theability to defeat your opponent riders & racers whether bywinning the race or throwing them off their moto racing motor bikesto end the city wars! Use your polic stick bat & hit your rivalriders or kick them to throw them off their bikes. You can have aclean race too but that totally depends on how you want to ride& race. This moto racing game would satisfy your adrenaline aswell as you inner warrior because the races are going to be full ofrage & you better drive & race rash because the roads inthis city are insane & wild.The city roads are waiting for youin Real Police Bike Racing to drag race on. Get on your super fastmoto racing motor bike to drive, ride & race to counterterrorists fighting squad. Drive rash on the city roads & useyour rage to throw your opponents off their bikes. Defeat yourrivals by winning all the races to dominate the city. Race them tothe finish line or use your stick bat with rage to hit them &throw them off their superfast moto racing motor bikes. Kick themto slow them down while racing you on their superfast motor bikes.Complete all the levels, unlock all the bikes & win all theraces to dominate the city. It’s time to prove that you are thebest motor bike moto racing driver, rider & racer!Features ofReal Police Bike Racing:Immersive 3D graphicsHigh tech fastbikesTricky tracks with twisty turnsRealistic sounds and amazinggameplayRealistic game physicsWe at Awesome Addictive Games try tobring you the best in entertainment on your mobile device. We hopeyou like our Awesome Addictive Games!Find out more about AwesomeAddictive Games http://www.awesomeaddictivegames.comPrivacy Policyhttp://www.awesomeaddictivegames.com/privacypolicy.htmlFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/awesomeaddictivegames
RollerCoaster Ride Tycoon 1.1 APK
Feel the amusement, joy, thrill & excitement like any amusementpark 2017 game or theme park game on this crazy high speed insaneroller coaster games 2017 right in the middle of your city inRoller coaster Games Tycoon. Superheros Get amused on the rollercoaster games in the best theme amusement park right in the middleof your hands to satisfy your inner adrenaline seeker. Control thespeed of roller coaster ride 2017 game while making sharp turns ina beautiful 3D immersive city theme amusement park environment.Swings, crossing and twists will make your theme amusement parkroller coaster ride more thrilling & exciting. You have beenassigned the duty to control the roller coaster ride & enhancethe roller coaster ride experience for the people of the cityvisiting your theme amusement park. Everybody wants a ride on theroller coaster, but not many show the courage to ride on the mostdangerous tracks of the roller coaster in your theme amusementpark.Strange Superhero slow down your speed while making the sharpturns and speed up your roller coaster ride while you are goingthrough straight tracks to give the crown thrill they want. It alldepends on how you handle the pressure while riding the mostexciting and insane roller coaster games. The lives of other ridersis in your hands. Keep them safe and sound till the end of theride.You will see two meters on your screen in Roller coaster RideTycoon showing the excitement level, so increase the speed of yourride while riding on a straight track on your roller coaster anddecrease your speed while going down wards or entering sharp turns,loops & corners. There are plenty of missions & levels inRoller coaster Ride Tycoon simulation 2017 to get amused. Completeyour levels by maintaining the speed and riding throughout thetrack. Earn money and change the color of your roller coaster andunlock new environments and levels.Realistic physics of rollercoaster ride tycoon simulation 2017 will make your game experiencechallenging.FeatureImmersive 3D environmentRealistic roller coasterphysicsChallenging missions & levelsRealistic Roller Coaster& audience sounds
Truck Driver Super Transporter 1.0 APK
Truck Driver Super Transporter is a free 3d transport game forthose who know what it takes to transport important valuable goodsfrom one point to another. While driving through steep offroadmountain areas, it is a great experience for the driver of thetruck to ensure to drive the transport truck on the road like a prodriver. Expertise are required to control the giant vehicle on thesteep offroad tracks. It is a fun play, exciting, adventurous andthrilling game for all. You are a professional carrier truck driverwho has been chosen to drive the truck through the dangerous steepoffroad tracks. Client would give you the crucial task to transportthe goods from one destination to another. Do not ignore thesignboards on the way. Signboards are important to drive carefully.Transporting the heavy goods in the truck is a challenge and yougot to show through your super driving skills that you are the bestdriver for all. You got to prove that you have all the skills whicha perfect super transporter has. No need to be fearful just driveand enjoy alongside the mountains and hills. The ups and downs onthe mountain roads are a real challenge. Do not hit or crash yourtruck in the rocks and stone. There might also be traffic on theroads and tracks and you have to drive carefully. Offroad truckdriving aint easy. So you need to see how to keep your super trucksave on such steep roads. Off road driving brings along superchallenges with it. Muddy tracks and rocks on both the sides andthen the steepness challenges your truck driving skills. TruckDriver Super Transporter is a free to play 3d game for those wholove offroad driving, steep roads and track driving, muddy trackstransportation and controlling heavy luggage carrier trucks.Features of this free 3d casual game are following;Amazingimmersive environmentReal life sound effectsTrucks fortransportationDriving on steep offroads and tracksChance to be thesuper transporterMissions to accomplish
Urban Helicopter Survival Sim 1.0.2 APK
Wear the uniform, be the pilot & fly like a brave herohelicopter pilot to conduct special missions in this thrillinghelicopter rescue simulator free game of 2017. In Urban HelicopterSurvival Sim embark on special rescue and transportation missionsand perform your duty skillfully & complete your missions ontime in this anarchy city. To survive & rescue is your ultimategoal in this helicopter flying rescue game. You are on special opspolice special tasks and what could be more satisfying then savingthe human lives. Save lives of people who are there to do theadventure but get stuck in a problem all of a sudden. One of thebest game of 2017 to play and challenge your friends. A free toplay game which immerses you throughout. Urban Helicopter SurvivalSim is an easy to play game for all. You have had been surving armyin the transport duty. Fought with the rivals at war andtransported military cargo. You have been a flying hero for yourcountry.You are the special trained Police helicopter pilot who isjust ready to take the orders on the duty and get off the helipadfor the rescue missions. You would be asked to take on this specialmission of transporting the president of the country to his housewith full protocols. He is a very important personality and heneeds a professional pilot to fly him to the destination.President’s flights are the most crucial ones. You are waiting andyou receive a call to transport the players to the stadium and thenback from stadium to the hotel. This one is even a crucial job too.There are so many accidents on daily basis, you got to reach thereand rescue the injured ones. You also got to take prisoners outfrom the secret jail. Dare to fly the helicopter high in the airand amaze the people. Be the hero and pick the people from thepoint and drop them to the destination point. Intelligence isresponsible for the president’s security so you got to drop them tothe president’s house. War is at hand on the border, you got totransport the soldiers to the hostage area so that they could gettimely rescue. Once you drop the soldiers to the hostage area youalso have to pick the injured ones and drop them to the nearesthospitals. You got to take the prisoners to the main jail. Alsotake soldiers and hostage to the required destination. This jobaint easy and this needs to be ensured that survival is the maingoal. Be the hero of this survival transportation special missions.Reach like a flash light and come back to be ready for the nexttask. It is an easy to play game for all.Features of UrbanHelicopter Survival Sim:Real life sound effectsRealistic 3DgraphicsAddictive gameplayEasy controls with realistic gamephysicsMissions to accomplish