1.0 / January 25, 2016
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Pirates and Avengers Wars 3D isaninteresting jump and running game included with lots of twistsandtweaks for enhanced pleasure and amazing fun. The doodle ofthegame is built in the style of Pirates fighter and withtypicaldogged mentality of Avengers’ determination. It is a smartarcadegame that will keep all users entertained. Try it now!!!

How to play the Game!!

It is simple to understand running game; The Avengers Warriorisset out for adventure and he is resolute to win thedangershovering around him. He has to run and jump on his runningtrack inorder to stay safe and overlap the obstacles. You have tohelp himto stay alive on his running track and to collect jewelshangingand popping on his way.

There is control key for left and right running and there isajumping key to keep the Avenger Soldier active and safe.Despiteits simple game plan, there is an imbedded challenge ofmasteringthe speed and movement of the Avenger Warrior on run.

App’s Features:

The app Pirates and Avengers Wars 3D offers a bunchofinteresting features, knowing them you will get to enjoyitsrunning and jumping dynamics better:

• Intriguing user interface that allures players to startthegame,
• Smart use of graphics and background soundtrack has madetheAvenger jumping game super addictive,
• Easy game control is an added advantage,
• You will get to see the score once your sessions willgetover.
• There are three control keys available: one is for jumping, oneisfor right side movement, and another is for left side movementofthe Avenger Warrior.

Download the app Pirates and Avengers Wars 3D and startplayingits running and jumping frenzy. You will enjoy a good timeon yourandroid device for sure. It is a kid’s friendly game, youmay askyour kids to try this game.

App Information Pirates and Avengers Wars 3D

  • App Name
    Pirates and Avengers Wars 3D
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 25, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Avni Studios
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email avnistudio99@gmail.com
    D-1/114, Sector-11, Rohini, Delhi, India 110085.
  • Google Play Link

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Football League 2016 Ultimate 1.1 APK
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Football League 2016 Ultimate is a freeAndroid Game that offers immaculate scope to play real football onyour android device. Like real life football games, this virtualsoccer game offers amazing chances to select your team as well asan opponent team from a list of soccer teams. It is an easy to playgame full of fun and amusing dynamics, which will be a realentertainment for all soccer fans as well as for app freaks wholove to play speedy game on mobile.How to play the app?Post download, you will get to select your teams from somepreset 10 team options like Brazil, India, Bangladesh, France,Spain, etc. Start play simply by tapping the start button. Likereal football game, you can pass the ball, you can control themovement of the player who is running with the ball, you can scoregoal too. Be extra alert to follow your team with ball otherwiseyou may lose the game.App’s features:Besides playing the football game, check app’s features also toenjoy game integrated fun and entertainment at full swing:• Easy to recognize user interface,• Smart graphics has added cool visual effect of the virtualfootball / soccer game,• The game control is easy and realistic,• You have to finish the football game session within a presettimeline,• If the football game session remains undecided/incomplete, youcan restart the game,• You can review and rate the game.Download the app Football League 2016 Ultimate and enjoy andpamper your soccer mania by playing the real football gameunlimited on your android device. This Soccer Game can be playedoffline; you can access and play the real football game appanytime, anywhere you like.
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Avni Studios
What do you know about the art of BeachSurfing?Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider,referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of amoving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards theshore.Do you want to be ready for the next summer ?Beach Runner is online and ready for you.Surf on the Beach!Avoid Sharks, Octopus and Whales.Compete with other surfers.The Beach Surfer Runner boy will need of you to get the coinsand avoid the risks. Take some coins and gems for scoring.- Addicted Game- 3D design- Endless game- Amazing Game play- Great LevelsYou will love it.What are you waiting for?Do you love the surf?If Yes, download it.If No, download it and you will love it. One of the mostaddictive sports ever.Enjoy the Beach Runner Surfing life!!!
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Landslide Rescue Operation is alwaysbased on braveness and intelligence. Here, in the digital field,you can enjoy the Landslide Rescue Operation game withnon-stoppable fun. Enjoy Landslide Rescue Operation, the bestrescue truck games for game lovers. Generally, in rescue operation,one automobile vehicle such as truck and one excavator machine forcontinuation of rescue operation. You need to test your truckdriving skills and rescue operator skills at narrow or blockagepaths and roads by an excavator machine while driving the bigtruck. It's not an easy game like other rescue games. Are you readyfor Landslide Rescue Operation with new heavier rockfall salvage 3ddigger machine?In Landslide rescue operation game, the most vital action has tobe done in the large landslide areas. So as per game option, youwill be hired by the municipality for driving heavy vehicle withrescue excavator machine and dumper truck to remove out the countryslide big size rocks. This game comes with multiple options inplaying game where you can enjoy car driving, heavier truck andhuge excavator. But your main responsibility is to clear the bigsize massive rocks and grits from roads and make traffic smootherthrough Landlside Rescue Operation within the given time by themunicipality. While you will be reaching at affected areas andstart driving your heavy excavator crane to dig and dump rocks.It's very much risky and accidentally proven to drive in roads ofrockslide areas.In this Landslide Road Rescue Survival Mission Game youneed to conduct the operation of heavy equipment like diggers,construction excavators, cranes and trucks. So be ready for anexciting driving game where you can show off your driving, plowingand excavating skills.Features of Landslide Rescue Operation:• Daring to attend 10 levels of breathtaking parking• The top 4x4 size truck with Landslide excavator rescueoperator.• Use various upgraded controls for handling rescue excavator andprotection from extreme rock falls• Excellent 3D graphics and real critical tracks• Interesting precision driving simulator• Real drive in each challenging levels• Exciting environment for landslide games• Handle superb excavator machine and driving truck simulatorcreate enthusiastic Landslide Rescue Operation
Bikini Fishing Mania 3D 1.1 APK
Avni Studios
#1 Bikini Fishing Mania 3DSimulationGameBikini Fishing Mania 3D is the best Android version ofoldfavorite classic Fishing Mania game, loved by all people aroundtheworld. Fishing Mania is one of the greatest simulation gamewhichis played by many people for the enjoyment of digitalfishingactivities. In normal human lifestyle, many people wouldlike tospend their vacation period with hunting, sports, travels&tourism, etc. Fishing is one of the interesting activitieswhichpeople would like to do to get various types of fisheswithdifferent techniques.Excitement BeginsBetween various mobile games, Bikini Fishing Mania 3D gameismeant for hooking and struggling with different species of fishinthe aquatic area such as sea, ocean, river and lake, etc. Thisgameis designed with the detailed components of environments andhumanand aquatic real-life controls along with the mostenthusiasticfishing surrounding and deeply involved ingame-play.How to PlayNow you need to cast your line properly to hook thefish.Immediately, the reel needs to be winded carefully to skipsnappingof lines. You can find various exotic fishing locations atyourfinger tips. You can do many activities such as unlockingnewlocations, getting bonus regularly, jumping into paradise blueandchallenging yourself to be promoted for the next level.Features of Bikini Fishing Mania 3D Game♥ Free to play game♥ Easy User Interface.♥ 3D Awesome Graphics.♥ More than 60 levels♥ Cool Bikini Girls Enjoying Fishing♥ Your Dream Fish Farm♥ Various Combinations of Fishing Tackles♥ Hundreds Different Species of Fish♥ Dozens of Exotic Native FishDON'T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK!Your reviews/ratings are very important to us, and they’llhelpus bring you free updates with more great features and excitingnewgames!
Hill Climb SpeedX Car Race ♛ 1.1 APK
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Download Hill Climb SpeedX Car Race |Inreal life you may or may not get the opportunity to drive yourcarin a hilly area. But, here in Hill Climb SpeedX Car Race, youwillbe driving your car with a bunch of hilly areas and levelsforunlimited fines. There are many adventure activities arewaitingfor you in this game such as mountain climbing race level.It's amost challenging section of land because there are chancesoffalling down the cliff and you need to be more careful. ThisHillClimb Speedx Car Race game will give you good experience inthedifficult moment.Overall, this game will bring you serious momentexperience,achievement, experience, handling critical situation,etc. So, byplaying this game, you can forget the rest of the worldfor a fewmoments, until the game will be finished.How to Play Hill Climb SpeedX Car Race• Tap the screen to the accelerator pedal's right side toactivatethe engine. The gas pedal to the left of the brake pedaland thebrake can be used.• For control of steering of car to transmit, you can usethecontrols on the left side.Feature of Hill Climb SpeedX Car Race• Easier to play with simplified controls.• The game can be performed on any low end devices withexcellentgraphics quality.• Can Play until the end of a speed hack come and make fun.• A lot of Challenging and Funny Levels.• A powerful car capable of uphill climbing.• Well-developed 3D graphics.• HD with 4K / 2K Graphics.• Playing easily.• No Lag.

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