1.0.0 / June 9, 2014
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Pirate's Pursuit is anobstacle-cravedadventure of Zero the Pirate. His mission as asingle man is to getas much "loot" or treasure as possible. Duringhis quest, you mustmake your way through various levels by reachingyour crew. You canplay for time, loot, or even compete against yourfriends from asingle computer. Enjoy the endeavors of Pirate'sPursuit.

App Information Pirate's Pursuit

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Super Clash 1.0.0 APK
During your battle against the flying oneeyedalien either use Oct Man, an octopus that fires bubbles thatpop atthe Alien. Or choose Alien Clops, a green alien that fireshis owngoo towards the enemy alien. You will gain coins whilebattlingagainst the alien that you can use in the shop to buyhealth, Rapidfire, or Knockback bullets. Each will aid you to takedown theflying alien. Don't fall off the edge of the map or youwill fallto your death and loose coins and a life. Also don't gethit by thealiens fireballs or else you will get knocked backed andlose yourcoins. Always remember to have a super clash!
Pirate's Pursuit 1.0.0 APK
Pirate's Pursuit is anobstacle-cravedadventure of Zero the Pirate. His mission as asingle man is to getas much "loot" or treasure as possible. Duringhis quest, you mustmake your way through various levels by reachingyour crew. You canplay for time, loot, or even compete against yourfriends from asingle computer. Enjoy the endeavors of Pirate'sPursuit.
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You, the pilot of the famous ship TheAluminumSalmon, are fighting evil aliens that threaten to destroytheuniverse. While battling them, a lucky alien fired an evenluckiershot that hits your warp engine. The ship is hurdlingthroughspace, and your engineers need time to repair the warpengines.Defend your ship from the attacking aliens.
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Route 50 - Put your driving skills to thetest!Designed by a student at Nicolet High School.
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In this game you are a whale running fromtheevil pirates who want to capture you. Your goal is to destroyallof the pirate’s ships, and in the end, the boss pirate ship.Butevery time a ship comes, it is trying to get you by droppingcratesor anchors. Dodge the all the dangerous objects and eat thekrill.Each time you eat a krill, you can fire it at the pirateships todestroy them. Destroy enough pirate ships and the bosspirate shipwill come. Be careful, it is bigger, stronger, and dropsmoredangerous objects on you. But destroy him and you can be freetoswim the seas. Enjoy!
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Remember the game Simon? Well now you haveto“Remember the Dot”. Remember the Dot is a memory game where allyouhave to do it simply remember the order that the dot flashesin.Simple enough? In 15 fun levels, test your short-term memoryandsee if you can in fact remember the dot.