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Can you think symmetrically? A simple paper art game, "Pixel Match3D"! ▼ EASY TO PLAY ◆ Shape the folded paper Shape the folded paperto match the given design. The trick is to think symmetrical. ◆Match the design Unfold your paper when finished. Were you able tomatch it?

App Information Pixel Match 3D

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    Pixel Match 3D
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    July 22, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Translimit, Inc
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    東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-60-5 オー・アール・ディ原宿ビル2階
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◇◆The World's First Real-Time Concentration Battling App!◆◇Increase your brain power and compete against players from aroundthe world! Experience the heated battle that will keep you on yourtoes! Highly rated by players who enjoy Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku,and other brain teasers! ▼The Rules ・Outscore your opponents withsimple brain teasers! ・Defeat them and climb the worldwiderankings! ・Challenge your friends with real-time matches! ・Increaseyour Brain Power through continuous challenges! ◆Real-Time BattleExperience Compete with worldwide challengers―LIVE! Test youropponents and push your brain to its limit! ◆Play With Friends!Invite your friends for double the fun! Connect through Facebookand challenge other players! ◆Strive For World-class Rankings Thestage is the world―Play against players from around the globe andplace on the worldwide ranking! ◆Simple & Intuitive BrainTraining! Easy to understand mental training rules and concepts!◆The key to matches? Brain Teasers don't contain certain subjectsor languages! Train your brain and easily adapt through repetition!◆New and Updates ・Official FaceBook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/brainwars ・Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/brainwars_app ▼Details BrainWars is a mentalconcentration battle game for players from around the world.Players can participate in this through simple brain teasers andcompete with each other. Brain Teasers do not require specialknowledge so everyone can improve their brain function throughrepetition and adaptation.
Craft Warriors 4.2.5 APK
A new generation 3D real-time strategy game! Craft your ownoriginal characters, form your party, and battle against by playersall over the world! ▼ How to play ◆ Build your town Restore andupgrade facilities to build your town restore the ancient city“Skyland” to its former glory. ◆ Form your party Upgrade and equipnumerous weapons! Make use of different skills and abilities foreach weapon. ◆ Attack opponent towns Attack opponent's towns andtake their resources to build you town. ◆ Create a clan Make alliesby joining or creating a clan and fight amongst fellow clanmates! ◆Craft your original character Craft your original character andshare it on social media! Amaze your opponents with yourcreativity!
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Complete the puzzle of the silhouette! The next-generation 3Dpuzzle game! Enjoy Puzzrama’s original puzzles! The latest app fromTranslimit, that brought you Brain Wars, Brain Dots, and CraftWarriors! ▼ Easy to Play ◆ Complete the Puzzle Complete the puzzleof the silhouette. ◆ Collect Figurines Collect figurines bycompleting puzzles. Place the collected figurines on the field. ◆Complete the Dioramas Complete dioramas with the collectedfigurines. What story will you be able to tell with your diorama? ◆Crafting Use the crafting tool to craft your own figurines anddioramas. ◆ Publish to the Market You can publish your crafts tothe market. Publish your crafts to the market so everyone can seethem! ◆ Enter the Contest Submit your craft and enter the DailyContest. Compete with other creators all over the world. ▼Supported Languages(18 languages)English/Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/TraditionalChinese/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Portuguese(Brazil)/Indonesian/Hindi/Vietnamese/Swedish/Thai/Russian/Dutch/Arabic▼ For the latest information Twitter: @puzzrama Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/puzzrama/ Instagram: @puzzrama The Androidrobot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared byGoogle and used according to terms described in the CreativeCommons 3.0 Attribution License.
Highway Surf 1.8.2 APK
A next generation street sport Highway Surf Compete in a HighwayHoverboard Race! In what seconds can you goal? ▼ Easy to Play ◆ Canyou ride? The highway is filled with obstacles. Avoid them bycurving or jumping. ◆ Utilize the Boost Collect boost items and usethem at the right time to pass by your rivals. ◆ Conquer the CourseEveryone competes the same course which changes daily. Challenge asmany times as you want and find the fastest route. ◆ Competeagainst Rivals You will be competing against rivals from all overthe world. Watch your rivals and improve your riding skills. ◆ Aimfor the Top Ranking resets every 24 hours. Compete against theworld and aim for the top! ▼Story The year is 2035...set in “NEOTOKYO”, an innovative city built over the Pacific. AIs, Drones,Hover Engines, Holograms... Residents live a prosperous life withtheir state of the art technologies. However, the young generationsare desiring for excitement, a dangerous new street sport.... ----Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The Android robot isreproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google andused according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0Attribution License.
Rollin' Dots 2.0.4 APK
A ball rolling puzzle game "Rollin' Dots"! Game Features: ● EASY TOPLAY Playable with one-hand! Swipe the screen to rotate the stageand guide the ball to the goal! ● SIMPLE DESIGN Enjoy the simpleyet spectacular world of physics and colors! ● EASY STAGES No needto be a rocket scientist to clear the stages! Just think outsidethe box! ● PLAY AT YOUR FREE TIME All stages can be cleared in lessthan a minute! ● FREE TO PLAY Completely free! More stages to come!
Pixel Match 3D 1.1.0 APK
Can you think symmetrically? A simple paper art game, "Pixel Match3D"! ▼ EASY TO PLAY ◆ Shape the folded paper Shape the folded paperto match the given design. The trick is to think symmetrical. ◆Match the design Unfold your paper when finished. Were you able tomatch it?