2.1 / July 12, 2017
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Retro space shooter has never looked thisgood! Pixel Shooter - Sky Force War – 8 Bit Shooter is aninstant-classic 8 bit space shooter that will leave you in totalawe. Be warned: Captain Galaxy’s fantastic gameplay coupled withthat old-but-gold graphic will seize your total attention for avery long time.
With a massive collection of space crafts and unique accessories,players will have to spend countless hours perfecting their controlin order to fight against the increasingly gigantic opponents alongthe way. Try your best to pass through hundreds of differentstages, max-out the upgrades on your favorite squadron, utilizeassistance from your friends, and most importantly become the bestSpace fighter in the Galaxy!

★ Try to eliminate all opposing enemies and complete challengingmissions with your space craft.
★ Unlock all space crafts using gold or gems in this spaceshipgame.
★ 3 unique assistance to be the strongest pixel shooter:
- Heat-seeker Missiles
- Dual Mini Battleships
- Invulnerability Booster

There is a myriad of Space Crafts in Sky Force War – 8-bit Shooter.Collect all of them for your space adventure in this spaceshipgame. If you are a fan of the Space shooting games classics, you’llhave a blast with Pixel Shooter - Sky Force War. Choose your ownspace craft and become chicken shooter to protect your galaxy andold school planet.And if you are a big fan of Sky Force, you can’tignore this free space shooter game.

★ Unlock powerful space crafts by meeting increasingly challengingrequirements to fully assemble your space crew.
★ Simple swipes and touch control to dodge magma bullets anddestroy opposing forces. Be the best pixel shooter captain andspace shooter in the old school Sky Force Galaxy!
★ Take on 100s of missions in this space shooting game, quest yourway through a thrilling story-line.
★ Collect unique items and more powerful weapons to progressthrough the harder parts of the chicken shot game
★ Use protective shield, spacecraft reinforcements, and destructivebombs wisely to deal with different bosses. It’s a lethal galaxypixel war, so be careful. Upgrade your squadron to survive, you’llneed it to become the best chicken shooter in this retro spacegame.
★ Login Pixel Shooter - Sky Force War – shoot em up game daily forvaluable gifts
★ Addictive 8 bit gameplay
★ Free spins with our shooting games on the Fortune wheel for evenmore gold and other gifts
★ Online reward: the longer you stay to play with us, the morerewards you’re going to get.
★ Tons of daily missions for you to earn free gems with CaptainGalaxy – spaceship game.
★ Use your achievements to brag to your friends in the pixelwar
★ Share your most memorable moments – snap a screenshot
★ Stunning retro space graphics, amazing sound effects – the mostrealistic battle of the old school Galaxy
★ Coordinate strategic battles with tons of different combinationsof space battleships features and skills.
★ Transform your space ship through upgrades with boosts to eachspacecraft’s battle capabilities.
★ This pixel war will not end until you defeat all the enemies andbecome the strongest space shooter in this free space shootergame.
★ Conquer and join the galaxy fights with Pixel Shooter - SkyForce War: 8-bit Shooter right now!
Please rate 5* for Pixel Shooter - Sky Force War, if you like thisshoot ‘em up game!! Enjoy our spaceship game in your freetime!

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★ Twitter: https://twitter.com/G2_Game_Studio
★ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio

App Information Pixel Shooter – Sky Force War

  • App Name
    Pixel Shooter – Sky Force War
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 12, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    G2 Studio
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email gg.vtcintecom@gmail.com
    23 Lac Trung road, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi
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✈ Captain Galaxy Sky Force War 2.4 APK
G2 Studio
Captain Galaxy: Sky Force War is a visually stunning and highlychallenging old school galaxy shooter. Players will be joining inCaptain's sky force (squadron) on a cross-planets journey to fightagainst Earth’s imminent invaders . With a massive collection ofspace crafts, players will spend countless hours battling throughthe galaxy.INTERESTING AND CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY ★ Try to eliminateall enemies space ships and complete challenging missions with yourspace squadron.★ Unlock all space crafts using gold or gems.uniqueassistance:- Rocket- mini battleships- InvulnerabilityA MYRIAD OFSPACE BATTLE SHIP: There is a myriad of Space Battleship andaircraft in Captain Galaxy: Sky Force War. Collect all of them foryour space adventure. If you are a fan of the Space shootingclassics, you’ll have a blast with Captain Galaxy.FEATURES: ★Collecting 10s of ultimate space battleships and aircraft each withtheir own unique battle style★ Using swipes and touch to controlthe spacecraft, avoid and dodge magma bullets, and destroy enemies.Try to be the best pilot in the universe.★ Take on 100s of missionsin this space fighting game, quest your way through a thrillingstory-line.★ Collect items and new weapons to progress through theharder parts of the game★ Use protective shield, spacecraftreinforcements, and destructive bomb wisely to deal with thebosses. It’s a lethal galaxy war, so be careful. Upgrade yoursquadron to survive, you’ll need it.★ Login daily for valuablegifts★ Addictive gameplay★ Free spins on the Fortune wheel for evenmore gold and other gifts★ Online reward: the longer you stay toplay with us, the more rewards you’re going to get★ Tons of dailymissions for you to earn free gems★ Use your achievements to bragto your friends★ Share your most memorable moments – snap ascreenshot★ Stunning graphics, amazing sound effects – the mostrealistic battle of the galaxy★ Coordinate strategic battles withtons of different combinations of space battleships features andskills.★ Transform your space ship through upgrades with boosts toeach spacecraft’s battle capabilities.★ Conquer and join the galaxyfights with Captain Galaxy: Sky Force War right now!KEEP IN TOUCH★Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G2studio.vn★ Twitter:https://twitter.com/G2_Game_Studio★ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio
Speedy Panda: Dragon Warrior 4.0 APK
G2 Studio
There is a panda named Buu became an orphan in his early childhooddue to the war between the panda village and the Nue Monster. Hehas a dream of becoming a master of Kungfu to eliminate the Nuemonster and protect his village. He must fulfill an ancientprophecy then study the skills with his masters. It’s so hard toget close to Nue monster to kill and eliminate him because he is sofast and there are many dangerous monsters protecting him. Thefirst lesson is run run run. Fun as fast as possible and dodge allthe obstacles (monsters, ghosts, guillotine ….) to able to getclose to him. G2 Studio proudly presents Speedy Panda: DragonWarrior – an interesting running action game brings you to a real“race” to save and protect panda village from the Nue monster. Thisis the fight between Kung fu panda with the dark force to save hislife and family. Let’s fight with your whole heart. Fight, fightand fight; the panda run will not end until the dark force wasrepelled. Speedy Panda: Dragon Warrior is the endless runningaction game on its head! Use your mind and skills to overcome anddodge deadly obstacles and eliminate menacing Nue monsters on therun, in the air – even upside down as only a master Kungfu can!Build your experience to unlock awesome new skin characters, andpowerful weapons as you chase the high score on the leaderboard. Ifyou are a big fan of Kungfu panda and Speedy Ninja or just want tobecome a legendary warrior, you can’t ignore this panda run actiongame. This panda jump game will not let you down. HOW TO PLAY: ★Use 2 buttons: Down (get under the lines) and Up (get above theline, jump, double click for the double jump). Try to control yourpanda warrior jump over obstacles carefully. ★ User assistance toextend the duration of your run such as: Invulnerable mode, magnetmode, fire mode, super-panda mode (run really fast) FEATURES: ★Free to download! The best Panda run action endless runner onmobile! Best Panda run & jump game. ★ Dive under the rope todefy gravity and avoid and dodge treacherous obstacles (monsters,ghosts, guillotine … )★ Unleash screen-clearing weapons to destroywaves of enemies★ Ride mythical monsters high into the sky to buildyour special abilities★ Upgrade your Panda, then rank up yourwarrior by topping the leaderboards★ A vast myriad of Narvel heroescharacter skins to increase your power beyond max levels (Stickmanskin, ninja skills). Your Panda will turn into Narvel Heroes withthese skins. ★ Build up a friends list, then summon your allies toextend and support your warrior run when your Panda dies★ Stunninggraphics and sound effects★ Updated constantly in game with varietywarrior skin★ Endless and challenging running maps Please give 5star for our panda run action game - Speedy Panda: Dragon Warriorif you love our Panda warrior game. Thank you so much and hope thatyou will support our other games in near future. KEEP IN TOUCH ★Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G2studio.vn★ Twitter:https://twitter.com/G2_Game_Studio★ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio
3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes - Super Boom Game 1.32 APK
G2 Studio
At planet 17 which lies 100 billion light-years away, Jackbombalong with his family and friends are having beautiful days.One daythe planet suddenly was invaded by Haha demon. Attempting to takeover the planet 17 as a springboard to attack Earth, Haha demon andhis army invaded and blockaded the planet to create weapons of massdestruction. Not only detaining people here, Haha also exploits theplanet's fragments to produce weapons. The life of the planet 17 isbeing threatened by the hour. Can’t stand by looking at Hahadestroy planet 17, Jackbomb and his friends together revoltedagainst HaHa and his accomplices.Jackbomb, Hutoro, Wolvero, Hiron,Herocap, Rohuc – 6 people with their own characteristic but havethe same goal and desire. Can they be the Heroes of planet 17 withtheir steady heart and united strength? Come to the world of BomberHeroes to witness the battle between good and evil, between SuperHeroes and cruel evilsGet Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game to becomeone of Super Heroes in planet 17. You will be marveled at thebeauty of planet 17. Become the strongest Super Hero and protectthis planet from cruel evils. You can enjoy the bomb fight not onlyin bomber friends and other classic bomb game but also in this our3D Bomberman - Bomber Heroes.Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game – A newtype of bomber friends and an excellent Super Heroes action gamefor your smartphone.If you are a big fan of Classic bomb or Bomberfriends, you cannot ignore this bomberman game.FEATURES- Boom!Boom! Boom! Blow up everything in the way you run- ClassicBomberman gameplay - Easy to play, hard to master- Explore newlands with more than 40 levels- Collect items, gold and hero cardsto own the super heroes you love- You can become Marvel hero:Captian America, Hulk, Iron woman, Wolverin or Human Torch- Eachhero is representative for an element• Captian America is Water•Hulk is Wood• Iron Woman is Metal• Wolverin is Earth• Human Torchis Fire- Custom your bomberman with different Super Hero suits-Variety of unique bombs with different effects in this classic bombgame- The monsters will stronger and stronger. Therefore collectbomb items to conquer them- Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing andstunning effectHOW TO PLAY- In campaign mode, your duty iscompleting the requests and missions- Move and place the bomb todefeat the monsters and destroy the obstacles.- Collect the itemsto help you run faster or more powerful. Ton of bomb will help youblast everything- Don’t forget to collect gold to buy the necessaryand supplementary items in bom shop for next fights- Collect herocard as many as you can. They will help you unlock the heroes youlove.- Defeat the AI in PvE mode to gain special gifts in this newclassic bomb game.If you like our Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game,please rate 5 star for it. Save the planet 17 with your own SuperHeroes and power right now! Enjoy Hero games with 1 click - Havefun with our super hero games.KEEP IN TOUCH★ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/G2studio.vn★ Twitter:https://twitter.com/G2_Game_Studio★ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio
Dead Arena: Strike Sniper 1.2.5 APK
G2 Studio
MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH LOTS OFLOVE,You love online shooting games ?You still wanna playing shooting games when you are outside andhave no any PC ?You wanna challenge your friends and other people from over theworld ?Dead Arena: Strike Sniper is your best choice !G2 Studio proudly presents Dead Arena: Strike Sniper– an interesting 2D Online Shooting Game.In a new land with nothing but chaos of warfare and death. Peoplewas born to become snipers to fight. They don’t show the enemytheir tolerance, The Snipers know the only result is death. Theyhave to fight to protect their land and justice from terrorists. Toeliminate all the terrorists, you need to practice your skills,power up your statistics and armyHOW TO PLAY:In this 2D online shooting game (FPS), use your left hand tocontrol your hero (sniper) direction (left, right …. ) and use yourright hands to user buttons: Jump, shoot …. Sometimes when you haveto find the assistance to keep your health bar full, and findcartridges to reload your gun. There are some assistance for you touse in some critical situations like: invulnerable mode (othersniper can not shoot you), grenades, rifle …. In addition, try tokeep calm in critical situationsPVP MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGEIn this game mode, you will be lost in a real war. Your role is tofight to the death with other snipers coming from all over theworld. You can play with your friends or random people all over theworld in this mode. Aim, Shoot, and headshot, eliminate everywhereon your smartphone and don’t let other snipers’ bullets eliminateyour body.CHALLENGING MISSIONS :If you do not have the internet connection, you can play SinglePlayer Mode. In this mode you have to overcome challenging missionsto get the exclusive gifts. In addition, you can be trained andpractice playing yourself to perfect your skills. Let’s practice toaim terrorists and get headshots, trickshots by your excellentskills. Get ready for real battlefield fightsFEATURES:★ Multiplayer and Single Player Modes★ Gold VIP pack and Silver VIP pack for you to earn more exp pointsand silver in multiplayer mode★ Realistic modern graphics and sound effects★ 2D online shooting gameplay, you can challenge other shooterseverywhere★ Endless and challenging battlefield★ Daily rewards for all of you★ Avast myriad of Maps for you to choose★ Exclusive modern items: Shortgun, Ak47, Rifle, grenades, BlazeDragon Blade, M98, Rifle…★ Improve and Upgrade your statistics (strength, weapons) to gainhuge buffs and have more trickshots★ Learn talented assassin (shooter) to customize the way you fight.Let’s eliminate all other terrorists and become the best sniper inyour assassin team.★ Use your perfect skills to cooperate with other snipers (or yourfriends in assassin team) to eliminate the epic bosses in fatalcombatDownload Dead Arena- 2D shooting game to play and get free modernguns for new snipersIf you like the game, please share it via Facebook, Twitter...Don’t forget rating our games and giving us your reviews to make itbecome a better 2D online shooting game._____________________________________________KEEP IN TOUCHFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/G2studio.vnTwitter: https://twitter.com/G2_Game_StudioYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio
Zombie.io: Slither Hunter 3.6 APK
G2 Studio
ZOMBIE IO WITH NEW THEME - 10 UNIQUE SKINSTO CUSTOMIZE.In 2080, World War III happens, country frontier changed, allhumanity is infected by the poison of war and pollution. Naturaldisasters such as tsunami, earthquake becoming more common, allplants die and human has no food and oxygen, it’s so hard forpeople can live in this world. There is a talented doctor named Neohad tried to change the human race DNA to help them survive in thispolluted world. Unfortunately, this project was not successful, thedoctor had made a mistake in human DNA and zombies were born. Thefirst zombies escape from the lab and human race is their target.The sombie age begun then, and no one can stop them. Every singleone has turned into zombies, the rules of the future are simple:crawl, slither and eat all human brains - the only power to surviveand grow up.Zombie.io: Slither Hunter has been developed by G2 Studio,the newest online smash hit mobile game comes to all of you !Choose your own zombies, eat brains and kill other zombi lines toreach the top of leaderboard. For each brains you eat, your zombiline will be longer. Each zoombie line contains identical zombieslike: Joker zumbi, Spider sombie and Harley zombie. Beside brains,there are some special pumpkins for you to eat, they will help youso much.INTERESTING AND SIMPLE TO PLAY!Tap the screens to make zombie run, eat brains to make your zombiline become bigger and longer. In additional you can use speed-upbutton to help zombies run faster and get tactic moves to kill andoverwhelm other zombi line. Use this assistance smartly because itcost some brains from your sombie line. Try to play and play againto perfect your moving and slither skills. Practice this zombiegame whenever you have free time, there are many bots from easy tohard for you to practice in this zombie game.This zumbi rush you can play in online or offline mode. With theonline mode, your zumbi rush will occur more intensely. If your area big fan of Zombie Tsunami or Plant and Zombie, you can ignorethis zombie game.FEATURES:-There are many themes and Zombie Skins: Santa Zombie, Chopper…- Easy control ! Good performance on any device- One of the best io game!- Super exhilarating game-play- A vast myriad of exclusive skins to customize.- Challenging leaderboard.- 3 ways to control how your zombie run: Joystick, Pointer andTap!- Speed-up assistance to run fast!- Easy to play yet challenging to master!- Totally Free to play!- Updated zumbi rush constantly- Surrealistic and stunning graphics- Good sound effectsIf you like our zombie game, please rate 5 star for us. Hope thatyou can enjoy our zombie game after long working day.KEEP IN TOUCH:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G2studio.vnTwitter: https://twitter.com/G2_Game_StudioYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/G2StudioFor your convenience, we require the the followingaccess:- Access to Read/Write on an SD Card: Zombie.io requests access toa device's account list to aid in sending Push Notifications toolder versions of Android
Cell Destroyer 7 APK
G2 Studio
Cell destroyer is a simple yet addictivecasual game.Once you play, you cannot stop playing it.Casting as a doctor, you need to kill all the harmful cells.You better hurry up because they reproduce very fast.Be careful if you kill the wrong target, the results could beunpredictable.Awesome features:* Endless Casual 2D* Challenge yourself with addictive gameplay* Easy to play: Tap tap tap* Lovely image with cute characters* Nice graphics is suitable for all ages* Many achievements and leaderboard to compete with friendsDownload Cell Destroyer now to play and challenge friendsIf you like game, please share it via Facebook. Don’t forget togive us ratings and reviews for further improvements.
Petvengers: Candy Superheroes 1.2.7 APK
G2 Studio
Do you have what it takes to become aPetvenger? Match brightly coloured gems and take down hideousmonsters in this exciting puzzle-based RPG adventure. Build up ateam of five super-furry superheroes and use them to fight theforces of evil.The candy kingdom of Pet-Best-Friends is in peril! Pet-Best-FriendsKingdom has lived in peace for decades. However, when the King ofPets passed away, darkness is slowly creeping over thekingdom.Villains and Fiends are making their ways into this world.To save the kingdom from these imminent threats, Sacred jewels andgems were forged. They are the essences of the five main elementsin the Universe: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Unfortunately,these jewels were scattered all over the world, far from thePet-Best-Friends kingdom. The new king of pet’s mission is tocollect pet-superheroes and train them to protect thePet-Best-Friends kingdom. Therefore, the most important mission ofthe Pet-King is finding the ways to rescue 05 first pets heroes.Train and Upgrade them into true pet-superheroes in the greatbattle against darkness. Defeat fiends and slug boss to recues petsof the Pet-Best-Friends kingdom and make the kingdom greatagain.Make your way through a magically spectacular land while fightingoff some of the biggest super villains you’ve ever seen. Just slideyour finger over the candy gems to create a match-3 and unleashcombos of gem blasts to take down your foes.There are new pet superheroes to unlock along the way, and newskills you’ll need to learn if you want to avenge the citizens ofPet-Best-Friends Kingdom. But the Pets aren’t just cute, they’repowerful as well. Will you be able to collect all petsuperheroes?FEATURE OF PETVENGER: CANDY SUPERHEROES:• 80+ challenging levels - Match your way through this incrediblePet Heroes saga• This 2017 match-3 puzzle game is totally free to play• Easy to play, difficult to master – an unique puzzle adventuregame• An addictive pet rescue gameplay – Slugs and Fiends, stay awayfrom our Kingdom’s Pets• 24 super adorable pet heroes to collect. You will be marvel attheir powers.• Collect precious Jewels - Upgrade to make your Petvengers evenmore powerful.• Compete against your friends to see who’s the best.• Collect & Power up: Build your best pet-super heroes team,discover power of your best friends (pets) and level up by blastingthe candy combo. Let’s make fiends and monster marvel at your petteam greatness• Join the adventure and defeat the villains and fiends in theultimate puzzle adventure of Pet-Best-Friends Kingdom. Control best5 avengers of pet team with this wisely. You'll marvel at thediverse challenges in this gameComing soon in the next Updates:- 300 more stages with dangerous slugs, fiends and bosses.- PVP system: Your petscan fight other player pet teams inreal-time matchesKEEP IN TOUCHFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/G2studio.vnTwitter: https://twitter.com/G2_Game_StudioYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/G2Studio
Jumpy Jones 1.0 APK
G2 Studio
Story:In 1936, the tomb of Pharaoh Tutakhamu was raided. Ever since,acurse has been casted on the whole Egypt. No longer was thecountryendowed with prosperity and wealthy. People of Egypt have tosufferthe wrath of the Nile, of the Pharaoh.Archaeologists from all over the world were called upon to helpliftthis curse. Each one of them felt to the curse of TutakhamuPharaoh.Jones the bravest and smartest of them all is the only oneleft.Down in the dark tomb he went, searching for the spell, theclue tobreak this terrible curse. Can Jones finish this seem – to– beendless adventure?Feature:Embrace amazing adventure and endless challenges!Encounter mummies, and several mystery creatures ofancientEgypt!Beautiful graphic with cute character!Discover amazing gifts and features!Jump and break your own record!Contact us:Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vtcgamestudio/Tweet us: https://twitter.com/G2_Game_StudioWatch us onYoutube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkz6tnGwIDvuXChjldNPACw