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Pixyfy is an excellent way to spend the time and create your ownart. Relax, calm down, develop your creativity and imagination withcoloring pages. Colored by number any pixle color you would like toand create amazing art! It is like mandala coloring. Have fun withnumber painting. Features: - design yourself wonderful unique pixelart and share it on Pixyfy wall, collect likes and comments for yousandbox coloring pages - Color by number for adults - Coloring bookfor adults - Lots of color by number pages for kids and adults -Coloring book for kids - Color by number different difficultycoloring pages - Activate drag coloring mode by pressing toolbarbutton or pressing pixel for one second - Share your artwork withfriends - If all pixels in the same color are painted colordisappear from color palette - no color you need? Create your owncolor - paint by numbers will help you with insomnia How to colorcoloring books: - Tap anywhere to zoom to see numbers with colors -Use two fingers to zoom - Choose colors in the palette and colorboxes with matching numbers - Use long tap to start coloring bydrag - Press color to zoom to area with pixel which should becolored - color by number any pixel is marked with gray dark color- number coloring all pixel color with pixify Create your own pixelart with gallery images, feel relaxed like a babe in sandbox withpaint by number for adults and have fun with girls coloring.

App Information Pixyfy: pixel art sandbox color by number coloring

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    Pixyfy: pixel art sandbox color by number coloring
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    November 26, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Over 250 coloring pages for kids grouped into categories:✔Princesses, Cars, For Girls, Animals✔ Planes, Pony, People, Faces,Easter ✔ Dinosaurs, Police cars, fire trucks, fireman✔ Ocean,Cosmos, Christmas holidaysAnd many more!Coloring book has manyeducational aspects:✔ Funny animated letters teach kids letters ofalphabet✔ Teach yuor kids color names with English pronunciation✔Develop hand eye coordination, improve manual skills✔ Increasechildren creativity and imagination✔ Get familiar with differentcultures - many coloring pages from different regions of worls✔ Youcan color pages, draw your own images and lines to change picturesin the way you wantGame functions:✔ Paint lines with differentthicknesses: pen, marker and pencil✔ Use eraser to correct anypainted pictures✔ Fill automatically any closed shapes, it worksalso for contours created by you✔ Place nice stickers like leaves,flowers, foot shapes, suns, ladybirds and many more✔ Save pictures✔Coloring pages and doodle for kidsAs parents, we know how importantit is to have the right applications installed for our kids to use.Before we started working on Kids Coloring Book, we were using manydifferent applications but nothing we found fully met ourexpectations. Our application helps kids develop motor skills andlearn color combinations. It can also help your kids learn wordssuch as animal names.Interactive Kids Coloring Book is anapplication that works fast! It will please kids of all ages,thanks to the richness of colors which magically appear at thetouch of the screen. When you paint a line, there is no delay. Whenyou are filling in shapes, they fill right up to the lines you havejust painted and those features work just as well on the manypre-loaded pictures and drawings available. You can easily eraseyour progress at any time if you need to correct something. You canalso save a picture and continue working on it at a latertime.Please remember to be a responsible parent. You should notoveruse this app. Kids love games and it can keep them busy all daylong. As parents we know that it is tempting to keep your childbusy all day, however, there are better ways:- Spend some timetogether with your child coloring, make a card and email email itto your family.- Discuss with your kid what the image represents,what kind of animal it is, where it lives, etc.- Most of all,havelots of fun together with your toddler with this creativecolorings- Create your own coloring pages and pictures- Draw anyshapes your toddler loves and let your child paint them- You canteach your child to write letters and numbers- You can teach yourchildcolors,shapeshttps://plus.google.com/114293037815350905016/postshttps://www.facebook.com/GoodColoringBooks/www.goodsofttech.com
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Puzzles for everybody. Hundreds of pictures to assemble, all thefun in one click. » unlimited number of pictures » 4 to 100 puzzles» jigsaw puzzle with amazing graphics » app that teaches cognitiveskills, fine motor skills, patience and ability to focus » picturescategories: planes, cars, hot air balloons, animals, dogs, cats,firetrucks, fire engines, dragons, aliens, ponies, horses,bulldozers, trains, knights, princesses, spaceships, dolphins,boats and many many more » play jigsaw puzzles for kids and parentsfree games Looking for an ideal application for both kids andparents, the parents usually consider the visual aspect of thegame. It is worth remembering, though, that the app we’ve justdownloaded should have other values as well, mainly the educativeones that allow to develop quickly and on many levels. A perfectmix of visual aspects and educative value is our newest jigsawpuzzle game for free. Can you believe that thanks to this free gameapp you will be prepared to learn how to read and write, but willalso be able to develop mathematical, technical and motor skills?The research shows that the time spent on solving jigsaw puzzlesdevelops skills that allow children and adults to have a good startin kindergarten or at school, the same with adults. Playing withsuch puzzles since the very young age is an ideal way for a childto develop analytical skills and the ability to visually synthesizea problem, in old age it helps to keep concentration. Moreover,assembling jigsaw puzzles has a beneficial influence on thedevelopment of brain, as, while playing with puzzles, people workon their analytical skills and the ability to focus, thusdeveloping cognitive skills.There’s never too early for jigsawpuzzles! Adults and kids jigsaw puzzles is an ideal game for allthe toddlers, young children teenagers and adults who are simply inlove with assembling pictures. It is also a perfect solution forthe parents, who are tired with constant taking out and clearingafter their child playing with puzzles. Our free game is anincredibly colorful game for children of all ages but also foradults, which invites them into the underwater world of adventures.But our rebus is not just a game – we decided to focus here ongiving the players the chance to learn. Best features of puzzles:many colorful pictures to choose from planes, cars, hot airballoons, animals, dogs, cats, firetrucks, fire engines, dragons,aliens, ponies, horses, bulldozers, trains, knights, princesses,spaceships, dolphins, boats and many many more the possibility tochoose a picture from your device’s memory various levels of jigsawpuzzles difficulty interactive and animated background that willsurprise you upon clicking
🎨 Mandala coloring book for adults 2018.07.10 APK
Mandala - relaxing coloring book for adults and kids for FREE!Wewould like to present our anti stress coloring book for adults.This application can be used by parents and kids, everybody willfind something interesting in multiple coloring categories. You canchoose pictures to paint in one of the following themes:✔ Mandala✔Floral✔ Animals✔ Orient✔ Africa✔ Asia✔ Butterflies ✔ Fairy tale✔Sea world✔ Muisic instruments✔ Japan✔ Xmas and Holidays✔ Moreanti-stress coloring pages coming soonUse now our coloring therapyon Android device, you don't have to bring paper and pencils anymore when you have troubles to fall a sleep. It is enough to havetablet or phone and just start a trip to calmness.Application haszoom and pan options - don't worry about filling with color smallshapes, it is really easy :)Thanks to paint and draw future you cantune pictures as you wish, you can also save a picture and go backto editing later.When picture is done share it with your friends,maybe you will help them to handle stress as well? Stress relieftherapy for adults is just a few taps away. Take care of your mindin a relaxation exercise with the best coloring book for adultsapp. What colors do you like? What mood are you today? We'veprepared for you many different color palettes with spring, summer,autumn and winter colors. Coloring mandala and florals applicationhas 3 undo steps , if you made a mistake, just tap a button inright top corner and last change will be undone.App was calledbefore Colorish Mandala coloring book.Our coloring page mandala:✔develops imagination (creative education)✔ helps in attention andconcentration,✔ allows you to express feelings, fears andthoughts.✔ develops eye-hand coordination,✔ helps to calm down andrelax✔ go into zen and relax✔ has very good quality of pictures -HD qualityDownload and rate our games for adults today! Have funwith coloring book for adults!This also coloring page for parentsnot only kids, draw and paint and fell how your stress goes away.Feel zen and have calmmind.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Coloring/1489911931226963?ref=bookmarksG+:https://plus.google.com/114293037815350905016/postsTwitter:https://twitter.com/goodsofttechWeb:http://www.goodsofttech.com
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Have you ever thought of teaching your children English in a funand easy way? Do you wonder how to do it so that your toddlerlearns alphabet effortlessly? This great kids game will help yourchildren to learn many new things, including:✔ The alphabet✔Letters✔ Spelling ✔ English words✔ English pronunciationApplicationis totally for FREE!But mostly, your kids will have a lot of funwith this game! It proves that learning can be both fun andmotivating experience! Try our newest educational game Happyalphabet ABC for kids! Enjoy playing with your toddlers andteaching them the alphabet! This amazing game allows your child tolearn basic English words, the alphabet and its sounds but alsoteaches your toddler fine motor skills and lets them discover theworld inside the game! So download it now and let your child jointhe magical flying saucer that brings knowledge! Don’t think thatlearning is just for school! Give your toddler an early start andteach them English with ABC HAPPY LETTERS – this will help them intheir future, as they will quickly learn proper English sounds andpronunciation. A great game for toddlers - it will help them withspelling and English simultaneously! In addition, thanks to thebright and colorful drawings, the game helps to develop yourchild’s imagination, creativity and color perception. Older kidscan use it to learn how to read and work on their pronunciation.ABC HAPPY LETTERS is the best choice in toddler teaching, and willquickly become your kids’ favorite educational game!Our gameincludes 26 words that can be explored, listened to and learnt byall children.Each word features an interactive letter puzzle withtalking animated letters and an animation illustrating thedefinition of the word. Thus, the child can learn the letter soundsand the word in English, while learning how to spell! If childrenclick on an animation, it will become interactive and will do funnyactions, so don't forget to click anything you see – there are manysurprises waiting for you! :) You will be very impressed to see howfast kids learn alphabet using our Happy alphabet ABC phonic game!This is the best choice for preschool learning and toddlers. Try itfor free today and your kids will never tire of playing it!Happyalphabet ABC offers:- 26 English words to explore and learn-teaches children letters, spelling, and words- beautiful animationsteach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engagingway- helps toddlers and younger children to learn and improve theirmemory, attention and fine motor skills thanks to its features suchas tracinglettersFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Coloring/1489911931226963?ref=bookmarksG+:https://plus.google.com/114293037815350905016/postsTwitter:https://twitter.com/goodsofttechWeb:http://www.goodsofttech.com
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This is advertisements free version of app.We are pleased to announce the release of Interactive KidsColoring Book!Kids Coloring Book is a great game for everybody. You can colorpages and draw your own images and lines to change pictures in theway you imagine. Your Kids ages one to five will enjoy filling inthe coloring pages with this fun painting app. Thanks to animatedinteractive stickers your kids will have a lot of fun.Are you looking for an coloring book for kids?Would you like to improve kids manual skills?Are you interested in giving you toddlers a game which will improvetheir imagination and creativity?Have you been looking for great pictures and drawings that can becreated and colored?If so, you have found what you were looking for! Nice coloringpages.Being parents too we know how important it is to have the rightapplications installed for our kids to use. Before we startedworking on Kids Coloring Book were using many differentapplications but nothing we found fully met our expectations. Ithelps kids develop motor skills and learn color combinations.Coloring pages will help your kids learn animal names.Interactive Kids Coloring Book is an application that worksfast! It will please kids of all ages, thanks to the richness ofcolors which magically appear at the touch of the screen. When youpaint a line there is no delay. When you are filling in shapes, itfills right up to the lines you have just painted and works just aswell on the many pre loaded pictures and drawing available. You caneasily erase at anytime if you need to correct something. You canalso save a picture and continue it at a later time.So Install Kids Coloring Book today and see how quick and easyit is to use! Have fun with our coloring pages.Your child can choose pictures from following categories:1. Princess2. Animal3. People4. Car5. Face6. Easter Holidays7. Plane8. Police cars, fire trucks and fireman9. Ocean full of fishes and othre creaturesAnd others.Please remember to be a responsible parent. You should notoveruse this app. Kids love games and it can keep kids busy all daylong.As parents we know that it is tempting however it is betterway.- Spend some time together with your child coloring make a card andsent it over an email your family.- Discuss with your kid what is on the image, what kind of animalis it, where does it live or why plane fly.- Most of all, have lots of fun together with your infant with thiscreative colorings- Create your own coloring pages and pictures- Draw any shapes which your toddler loves and paint it- You can teach your child write letters and numbers- You can teach your child colors and shapesGame functions:paint lines with three different thicknesses: pen, marker andpenciluse eraser to correct any painted picturesfill automatically any closed shapes, it works also for contourcreated by youplace nice stickers like leaf, flower, foot shape, sun, ladybirdand many moresave picturescoloring pagesinteractive and animated stickersFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Coloring/1489911931226963?ref=bookmarksG +:https://plus.google.com/114293037815350905016/postsTwitter:https://twitter.com/goodsofttech
Jigsaw puzzles, coloring book 2018.06.09 APK
Free kids' game that actually has five games in one app! Your kidscan play the following:- Jigsaw puzzles- Connect the dots- Coloringpages- Memory- Connect pairsAre you looking for a great freecoloring book game for kids? Maybe your kids love jigsaw puzzles?Or maybe you are interested in a free memory game for kids? You canfinally stop looking, because jigsaw puzzles, memory, coloring bookis a free game for kids that has all of the above! Embark on ajourney with our sweet Clownfish Bob, who will help your kidsdevelop many different skills in a fun and creative way! Bobinvites kids to his underwater world, where each player can play avariety of mini-games that amuse and teach new skills to bothtoddlers and school kids! Try, for example, free coloring books,during which the child must remember the colors of the originalimage, and then carefully paint it as it was. Or try playing freeMemory game with two levels of difficulty - for younger and olderchildren? We also recommend interesting jigsaw puzzles that willhelp your kids develop hand-eye coordination!Our free kids game isone of the best free educational apps for kids of all ages!Puzzles, memory or coloring are just some mini-games included inthis kids' game. They are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers andschool-age children.The variety of game modes make that your childwill have enjoyed for a long time!Best educational features:-Colorful, detailed pictures- Easier start in school thanks to thisapp- Chance to learn English- Interesting tasks- Challengingdifficulty levels- Fully interactive background- The chance todevelop many skills at onceWith multiple game modes, the kids willbe able to practice their manual skills and creativity. Moreover,thanks to a multi-colored drawings, they can develop theirimagination. All the mini-games aim at developing the skills oflogical thinking, perception and eye-hand coordination, which is anideal introduction to learning how to write! Jigsaw puzzles,memory, coloring book is an application that helps kids developconcentration and imagination, as well as a great topic to talkwith your child about shapes, colors and animals! At the same time,children can work on and develop language skills. And mostimportantly, it gives your kids confidence in their own strengthsandskills!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Coloring/1489911931226963?ref=bookmarkshttps://plus.google.com/114293037815350905016/postswww.goodsofttech.com
Pzls jigsaw puzzles for adults 2018.06.09 APK
- Over 350 free HD quality images - 4 to 100 jigsaw puzzles piecesto assembly- 30 different categories of pictures- open picturesfrom phone & tablet gallery- and many more!Pzls jigsaw puzzlesfor adults is a free game for everybody. Game contains big varietyof pictures to be assembled. Application could be used as relaxingtherapy after day full of stress, it is your private stress relieftherapy. Game is like a real jigsaw puzzles.You decide how manypuzzles you would like to assembly for all picturesCreate puzzlesfrom pictures in your galleryMake puzzles more difficult byrotating piecesZoom in and zoom out to see full pictureChangeassembly background to see picture in gray scale to find correctpiecesIf you stack with assembling you can always use our tips;-)Free puzzle game contains only HD quality photosSave work -continue assembly whenever you would like to without loosingprevious workClear indication of progressMeasure time which youspend on assembling puzzles
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Are you bored with Temple Run, Follow the lineor Flappy bird? Now it’s time for Orbit Challenge! A challengingfree game that will instantly hook you on! It may look simple, butthis free adventure game will make you want to smash your deviceafter each crash! Test your reflexes as your space rocket racesaround the orbit – simply click to change the path of your flight.It’s insanely difficult, but hey, we all know Temple Run was justtoo simple.Orbit Challenge is the newest hit from GoodSoftTech. This freeadventure game has one goal – to avoid crashing your space rocketas you circle round the orbit. It may sound simple, but the skillsrequired to do so are those of Captain Kirk and Han Solo combined!So try your hand in Orbit Challenge and see how good of a spaceshippilot you are.As your spaceship circles round the orbit, all you need to do is toavoid the obstacles by clicking anywhere on the screen. The hardestpart is that the spaceship does not slow down. There are noadditional bonuses and powers like in Temple Run. It’s just you andyour space rocket trying to avoid the space debris! How fast areyou in your reactions? How many points can you score? Dash aroundthe obstacles as fast as you can, and try to beat your friends! Orwait to see the exploding rocket when you crash!Orbit Challenge Features:• Free game• Fun for all ages• Easy to use• Insane difficulty• and a lot of explosions when you crash!Warnings:During playing, you may get so angry that you smash yourdeviceIt may destroy friendships more efficiently than Mario KartYou may lose track of timeSerious risk of game addiction www.goodsofttech.com