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Pizza Embassy - RecipesFree recipes that are going to make you lovepizza even more!Free and delicious recipes! Be ready to:- Learn howto prepare the best pizzas of different countries and cultures-Interact with the app and save as many recipes as you want to makethe app even better- Share amazing recipes witheverybody★★★★★Pizzas are originally from Italy, but our app willcover recipes from all around the world and also different kinds ofpizza.========LEARN FROM SCRATCH========You're going to learn howto prepare everything, from the dough to the sauce and toppings,including mixtures of all kinds:• Pizza dough (really crispy)•Grill• Meat / beef• Vegetables / Vegan• From different parts of theworld: Italy, Brazil, USA, Mexico and counting• Sweet•Breakfast========PERSONALIZE THE APP EXPERIENCE========Pizza is oneof the most loved dishes in the world and the Pizza Embassy appaims to help everyone who wants to cook a delicious pizza and alsoto create and save their own pizza recipe in an easy to accessdevice such as a smartphone or tablet.You can also mix all or someof the recipes, thus creating your own pizza. You name it and savein the app and done!========A HEALTHIER AND TASTY PIZZA========Weknow you can buy pizza at Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, 7Eleven or from a nice restaurant, but from time to time don't youthink making our own pizza, let's say, an authentic Italian pizza?What about trying to cook a pizza from Brazil using their abundantamount of cheese or with the special cheese called catupiry? Or thehot Mexican pizzas? Our app helps you to make it possible - andmore. You can buy fresh and selected ingredients, such as olives,pepperoni, all kinds of cheese, toppings, all kinds of peppers,tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, chocolate, condensed milk, icecream, fruits and a lot more to make your pizza, for sure ahealthier choice compared to the ones you buy every corner.In everyupdate we’ll bring new features to the app, make sure you downloadit today to always have our updates!======IMPORTANT======All ofyour personal data are saved only in your mobile device. We don’tcollect any of your data at all.Problems? Let us know what’shappening before hating us negatively, contact our publisher @francisco.otavio.dejorge@gmail.comThanks for downloading our app!:)

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Amazing Gift ideas 1.2.11 APK
This app brings amazing ideas for every kind of situation, personor event. With Amazing Gift Ideas you will:- Have the best hintsabout gift giving, separated by family, friends, price, occasionand culture.- Save given items in the app’s database, so you’llnever repeat gifts for the same person.- Get notified aboutimportant events, so you’ll never forget about it.★★★★★Out of ideasfor a gift? Your dear has already everything needed? Take a lookhere, you will find many ideas and suggestions to surprise theperson you like.======GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION======Amazing giftideas aims to be your to-go partner when you need to have giftideas for any occasion. Take good Black Friday hints with us! Hereyou will find cheap valentines ideas for not only valentines day,but also christmas gift, cool gifts, gifts for mothers, fathers,grandparents, kids and teenagers, gifts for that geek friend ofyours, gifts to prank in your company and bring good mood for theenvironment, green gifts, personalized gift items, unique gifts,birthday gifts ideas, bridesmaid, wedding gifts and a lotmore.======PERSONALIZE THE APP EXPERIENCE======Stop forgettingabout your valentine’s birthday, wedding anniversary or to callyour grandparents on their dates. Use our app to save and getnotified about important dates. Another thing you will stop doing,if it’s the case, is to repeat gifts. The app brings a databasewhere you can save given items, so you can always take a look tocheck whether or not someone already got that item from you.You canalso interact with the app using a twitter tool that shows yourtweets in the app. Just use the right # (hashtag) and share goodprices with everyone.In All updates we’ll bring new features to theapp, make sure you download it today to always have ourupdates!=====IMPORTANT=====All of your personal data are saved onlyin your mobile device. We don’t collect any of your data atall.Problems? Let us know what’s happening before hating usnegatively, contact our publisher @francisco.otavio.dejorge@gmail.comThanks for downloading our app!:)
Racing App 1.2.105 APK
- REAL TIME news from lots of sources anddifferent languages- Calendars, standings and rankings always up to date- Covers FORMULA 1, FORMULA INDY, NASCAR AND GT SERIESThis app is unofficial and is not associated in any way with theFormula One group of companies. F1, Formula One, Formula 1, FIAFormula One World Championship, Formula One Grand Prix Club PADDOCKPADDOCK CLUB and related marks are trademarks of Formula OneLicensing BV.UPDATED!The Car Racing App is an application that all fans of motorsportsin the world should have. It is a dynamic application that tellsyou about everything in the major categories of motorsport in realtime, in an organized, intuitive and well designed way.Here you will find information about general car race, from severalmajor sources of world sports journalism so, instead of havingseveral apps from different news sources, with Racing App you cankeep everything in one app only. But we go way beyond just news.Grid formation, hottest lap, best strategies with the pit stop,silly season, choice of tires, new rules and much, much more.Choose among Formula 1, F Indy - Indycar, Nascar - Nascar Schedule2016 and Truck included - and Grant Turismo - GT. Our app brings tofans of Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Hass,Williams, Force India, Sauber, Renault, Chip Ganassi, Penske,Stewart-Hass, Hendrick, Joe Gibb, Roush, BK, BMW, Audi, Mercedes,Ford and so many (really) other teams that are competing inmotorsport.Did you lose last qualifying? Or even the race itself? Wanna knowall the schedule for all motorsport? We'll let you know about it atanytime. But attention: Because some parts will be provided by theofficial sources, you might notice a small gap between the apps andthe real time situation. Again, we have to follow copyrightrules.All auto racing tracks included: Australia / Melbourne, Malaysia /Sepang, China / Shanghai, Bahrein / Sakhir, Spain / Barcelona,Monaco / Monte Carlo, Canada / Montreal, England / Silverstone,German, Europe, Hungary / Hungaroring, Belgium / Spa-Francorchamps,Italy / Monza, Singapore / Marina Bay, South Korea / Yeongam, Japan/ Suzuka, India / New Delhi, Abu Dabi / Yas Marina, United States /Austin, Brazil / Interlagos, Mexico, St . Petesburgo, Alabama, LongBeach, Indianapolis Motor Speedway - including the Indianapolis500, Detroit, Milwalkee, Iowa, Pocono, Toronto, Mid - Ohio, Sonoma,Baltimore, Houston etc are just some part of the tracks presentedhere.Install Car Racing App today and enjoy the most of motorsport andsports car racing!Note. We respect your privacy. Unlike some apps and games, we DONOT ask permission ridiculous as location, contacts etc. We wouldlike to request to revise these terms carefully and boycott thesegame apps that violate your privacy without properjustification.Our permissions:• INTERNET / WIFI / NETWORK - real time situations all over the apprequire internet, thus this permission.• PHOTOS / MEDIA / FILES - prompted to save space on your device toallow you to move this application from internal memory to SD cardif you have one.*** Note - this app does not impact directly in charge of yourbattery when not in use because the application does not run in thebackground, ie, it is not active when not in use.
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Flags Trivia - Quiz Games is a series of fun games and a fun way toplay and learn about all flags of all the continents in the world!And not only continents, but flags and general and all that theysimbolyze. Everyone will enjoy it, from kids to adults of everyage. Take your waving flag seriously, learn its meaning with ourtrivia!Great challenges, achievements and very precise statisticscombined in a very light and fast trivia game. The game saves theall the scores, so you can always improve your knowledge whileyou're having a good time. This is one of the best flag games!It isa great game for that time when you're stuck in a big line, or inthe traffic (as long as you're not driving!), or in any situationwhere you feel like playing a trivia game would be a goodoption.Download it now and check why this is the one of the mostaddicting game of the year. And be aware that all updates willbring new games and improve existing games, besides new challenges,types of games and flags.Play this game and surprise your friendswith an outstanding flag knowledge!
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With virtual museum of street art you will:- Admire lots of freemasterpieces images as if you were in a museum of 3D images orsculptures- Send images via SMS, online text message using anymessenger tool you like, and Twitter or Facebook or any communitiesyou have installed in your device.- Learn - and teach - how to drawyour own 3D image★★★★★Of all forms of contemporary and abstractart, the 3d art - when authorized - it is one of the mostfascinating and creative. Its colors, shapes and materials arereally amazing and with this app you will have contact with themost varied and creative art pictures from around theworld.======AMAZING MASTERPIECES======Here we show some of themajor forms of art made for pedestrians from all around the world,from conventional paintings, frozen concept art, to wall art andart graffiti and 3D paintings. We also include street sculptures inmaterials such as plants, sand, ice, bronze etc. The app has a vastrepertoire and is always receiving new images.======YOU CAN USE INTHE CLASSROOM======A differential is that our app is likely to beused in the classroom, during art classes for kids, in which onesection aims to teach (in English) how to make your own 3Dpainting! This in a visual art class or even a project using newtechnologies along with an art project or an Art lesson worksperfectly, as already attested by dozens of schools that send uspositive feedback through our emails. But it also serves to teachanyone interested in how to make your own work of art. So from nowon Art classes will teach Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol, Dali, Tarsilado Amaral and others, but also the Street Art from a lot of knownand unknown artists.=====IMPORTANT=====Problems? Let us know what’shappening before hating us negatively, contact our publisher @francisco.otavio.dejorge@gmail.comThanks for downloading our app!:)
Stop Procrastinating 1.1.12 APK
Procrastination meaning: The practice of carrying out less urgenttasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurablethings in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting offimpending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute"before a deadline. OVERCOMING PROCRATINATIONProcrastination issomething definitely hold us back. No matter what, if you need toget something done, do it! And “No to Procrastination” will helpyou out with that, for free!===== SAVE YOUR MOTIVATION =====Howoften have you started working on something, 100% motivated, andafter a few minutes realized that all you have done is watch videoswith goals from some soccer players and browse Facebook? Sometimesyou do all these during precious hours that you could be working onuseful stuff. Are you tired of procrastinate all the time? Do youneed help getting your productivity up? How to avoidprocrastination? This is the app for you!The idea behind the app isfirst to help you organizing your thoughts before acting. Whenyou’re done with some simple steps, the app will guide you throughthe resolutions you need to be a lot more productive.“No toProcrastination” will help you recovering the motivation you hadbefore and help to focus it on what matters the most. Using thetechnique of dividing your main goal into subgoals, setting gradesand statistics for your success or failure, there will have no moreexcuses left not to work on stuff. Avoid procrastination is goodfor your health and for your heart, both literally and figurativelyspeaking!===== FEATURES =====Improve your productivity by usingyour motivation at the start to keep going. What’s yourmotivations? No to Procrastination will let you know.Stopprocrastination by focusing on just one goal at a time, withoutdistractions. Our app will also help you with that.See what thegrades system have to tell you about the job you done with thetask.Get things done more easily by dividing them into subgoals.Allwrapped in a simple, elegant and well designed interface, in a veryfast, stable and reliable - and free - app.Your suggestions arealways welcome, so if there’s anything bothering you with the appor features you want to see here, please send us an email beforerating us negatively.
Soccer World 1.1.21 APK
Soccer news and everything about soccer andthe World Cup in one app only!Our app has no official relationship with FIFA and otherassociations attached to it. Our goal is, in addition to offering aquality application, respect the copyrights.With Soccer World you will:- Follow what happens in the world of soccer in 10 languages (andcounting) in a beautiful and easy interface- Access interesting data about soccer- When the World Cup 2018 starts, this app will work as a livescoring table, and will cover everything else about the event!Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the app.★★★★★Soccer World brings to your Android screen literally what itsname suggests: Soccer! But does so intuitively, in a well designedenvironment and full of information to offer and in severallanguages.=======NEWS ANYTIME ANYWHERE=======In the news section, we bring everything that matters most in worldfootball. News of important clubs in Spain, Italy, England, Mexico,Turkey, Brazil, USA Soccer Team, Portugal, France, Germany and MANYother countries. In times of the FIFA World Cup event, our app willfunction as a table to follow the games and will bring LIVE resultsfor you! You'll finally get rid of all the papers related to thetournament.=======ALL SOCCER TEAMS COVERED=======The World Cup is not enough for us, so soccer teams fromdifferent cities around the globe are included. Orlando City, LAGalaxy, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, ​​Atletico deMadrid, Leicester City Football Club‬, Manchester City FootballClub‬‬, Tottenhan Hotspur Football Club, Arsenal Football Club,Manchester United Football Club, Chelsea, AC Milan, Juventus, PSG,Bayern Munchen, Ballspielverein Borussia 1909, V. Dortmund, SãoPaulo, Palmeiras, Flamengo, Santos, among MANY others.=======ALL SOCCER TOURNAMENT COVERED=======We also will cover the major tournaments in the world on our newssections, from the Premiere League to the Bundesliga, the BrazilianSoccer Championship, the European Football Championships, the AsianCup, the Copa del Rey, the UEFA Cup, MLS, the League Champions andCopa Libertadores.=======ALL SOCCER PLAYERS COVERED=======You will also find news about players like Messi, Neymar JR.,Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo CR7, Gareth Bale, Johan Cruijff,Wayne Rooney, Luis Alberto Suárez, among others.Is it clear that we cover all about the soccer world? We thoughtso! :)======IMPORTANT======Problems? Let us know what’s happening before hating us negatively,contact our publisher @ francisco.otavio.dejorge@gmail.comThanks for downloading our app! :)