1.01 / November 13, 2016
(3.2/5) (6)


One day the pizzas crazy and rebel,you are a pizza chef let smashedtheir rebellionThe game is very simple, you simply click on thepizza rebellion to crush them, get many points as possible.Thanksfor playing.

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9 Circles of Hell 1.04 APK
9 Circles of Hell is a dark medieval setting based on The DivineComedy poem. The protagonist is the actual poet, themed up as arepenting crusader that damns and absolves sinful souls in theinferno. The game had killer gameplay, awesome combat animations,great soundtrack, audio and VFX. His fortitude wasn't the onlycharacteristic dimension; his personality had great depth, atormented soul that matured throughout his journey in the inferno.It's an interesting as many mythological films / games with theconcepts of hell and heaven, or angels and demons, stemmed from orare intertwined with theology. Gameplay:Feel the fire at yourfingertips!An amazing action role-playing game, provides you withexciting fighting experience!Real & magnificent scenes,beautiful character's design, mystery career, fierce battle andabundant rewards, whatever you want, you can find ithere!Features:+ Play the most refreshing action RPG that will keepyou breathless! + Intense EX skills that jump off the screen!+Experience a game system like no other - full 3D!+ Grow strongerthrough more different stages!+ Magnificent and real scenes+Astonishing music+ Unique role upgrading system+ Endless level,waiting for you to challenge! defend yourself from monster +skeleton + zombie WaveThis game NOT requires an internetconnection.Just a leaderboard for you vs your friend.Your ratingsand reviews are our motivation to make new games on Google Play.Please do not forget to leave your valuable reviews and give us aquick +1...:)Thank you
Alien Killer 1.01 APK
The alien invasion has begun, we have one chance, and that is tostop them cold in their staging area. Do not allow them the escapethis facility. The fate of humanity now depends on you!You're thelast hope for humanity! They're racing through offices,storehouses, and mysterious labs; your mission, should you acceptit, is to save Planet Mars. Do you have what it takes?This gamefeatures unlimited playtime. With high-quality, ambient music andamazing 3D graphics, saving the world has never been more fun!Keepyour lives, by defensive positions, firing guns into the endlesswaves of alien.
Neon Mix 1.02 APK
Amazing tools make music on mobile and tablet. It's FREE.Only withyour fingers, making song sequencer with a lot of electronic soundsselected to create amazing beats. With this free version you canmake music easily and free.You can make any songs in anywhere justyour phone.FEATURES:- Load Samples to Create Loop Sequences fromnetwork- High Audio Quality- Amazing real time edition- SoundEffects- Make any style thanks to Tempo Control- 8 pages with 16x16grid notes- app has a Content Manager- Adjustable Tempo- Save andload your creations locallyYour ratings and reviews are ourmotivation to make free apps on Google Play. Please do not forgetto leave your valuable reviews and give us a quick +1Thank you
Driver Forever 1.04 APK
You were mafia chased across America, from San Francisco to NewYorkUse all your skills to control the motorbike on the track andget rid of this mafia.+ The game features realistic sound: exhaustmotorcycles sound, honking sound on the road ...+ Amazing 3Dgraphics, you will see endless fields, fast buildings on thetrack.+ Feature earn money to unlock more advanced motorbike.Yourratings and reviews are our motivation to make free games on GooglePlay. Please do not forget to leave your valuable reviews and giveus a quick +1Thank you.
Fun Piano 1.04 APK
Best piano app for mobile and tablet, built for children - verysimple to use.Features:- Multi-touch, you can press multiple keysat same time.- High-quality sound.- Allows to adjust the lengthpiano.- Free.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to makefree apps on Google Play. Please do not forget to leave yourvaluable reviews and give us a quick google+.Thanks for using.
Earth on Fire 1.01 APK
A rain of meteorites coming to the Earth. In the role commander inchief of the earth defense force, you must command the units set upthe shield against meteorites.Save the earth from doom!Features ofthe game:- Realistic 3D graphics- You just swipe your finger to setup the shield - very simple- Sounds lively- Multiple level for youto enjoy.Thanks for playing.
Bowling in galaxy 1.01 APK
In this game, you are a champion bowling of the Earth. You weresent to attend the final universe bowling.Features:- great 3Dgraphics- Mode: Player vs CPU, Player vs Player in one device,Player vs Player online network.- VS CPU Mode funny and smart-State of the art 3D physics engine for real pin action- 2 beautifulbowling stage- Many bowling ballsHow to Play:1 - Drag the ball tothe left or right to position the ball2 - Flick the ball with yourfinger toYour ratings and reviews are our motivation to make goodgames on Google Play. Please do not forget to leave your valuablereviews and give us a quick +1...:)Thanks for playing.
Blood Endless 1.01 APK
You are a vampire was on way to your hometown.This game has asimple gameplay, stunning graphics, dynamic soundYou just swipefingers in screen to control the character avoid obstacles, helpthem return home as quickly as possibleThis game has a leaderboard,you can play with your friends.