1.1.3 / May 11, 2020
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Pizza, pizza, pizza and more pizza! Download free, theworld’sgreatest mobile pizza action game! For the ultimate kitchenqueenor kitchen king. Swipe the screen to cut the pizza. Paycloseattention to Master Chef Mario, he'll tell you how many piecesandhow many pizza. Whatever you do, don't slice them into toomanypizza pieces and be careful not to drop them on the floor. Orthisparty is over! Every pizza slice counts! Slice the garlic forbonuspoints. Hit the kitchen timer to slow down time for a shortwhile,making it easier to slice the pizzas. We have all yourfavoritepizza toppings: pepperoni pineapple onions paprikamushrooms cheesebanana Are you the ultimate pizza ninja and doesfruit no longerconcern you? Can you handle the orders with all theinsanity atshop at the food court? Do you like good pizza, greatpizza orsuper pizza? Then put on your chef hat and become themasterovenist we're looking for! Zero Flag brings you the slicergamesthat no one else does!

App Information Pizza Mario Slice Chef - Ninja Kitchen Party

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    Pizza Mario Slice Chef - Ninja Kitchen Party
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    May 11, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zero Flag
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    Oosterdiep WZ 134 7881 GS Emmer Compascuum
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Are you tired of running away from zombies? Would you rather be thescary thing, instead of the one being scared? Then this is yourchance to turn the tables! Unleash the monster inside you and playas the zombie horde! Infect pirates and watch how they turn intozombies that will you and merge with your horde! On a farawaytropical island, some nosy pirates sailing on their pirate boat,came looking for a treasure island. But what they found was azombie island full of sleeping undead. Poor zombies, last week theyhad to deal with plants, now pirates! For all the gloom and doomwill they ever be left alone? Put a stop to this pirate invasion!Amass a horde of angry zombie minions and gear up for theinevitable clash that leads into the merge ! And no, there is nonecromancer in this story. FEATURES - Side scrolling 2D action -Destructible environment - Fun power-ups - Unlockable costumes -Endless amount of levels - Retro pixel art cartoon style - A scaryfun zombie game! - Inverse horde defense! COSTUMES - Grey skellyzombie - Open brain zombie, what kind of voodoo is this? - Top hatguy, for a classy army of the dead. - Scary Zombie Clown - SpookyJack O Lantern Pumpkin head man to get you through Halloween - Amonster suitable for Frankenstein's army - Santa Hat wearingzombie, for that special time of the year! Merry Christmas! GUESTSTARS Pig and Chicken as the power-up rewards DESCRIPTION Startwith one zombie walking across the island. Every pirate you biteturns into the living dead and is added to your horde. The morepirates you add to your horde, the stronger your zombie army gets.The stronger your horde is the quicker obstacles can be destroyed.Each level, your goal is to grow your horde to a certain amount ofzombies. When this number is reached your army of the dead willstorm the beach and chase away those remaining scallywag pirates.POWER UPS: While building your zombie army, make use of the powerups to aid your fight for survival. - XL One of your zombiesbecomes twice as strong - EXTRA SPEED Your undead army goes into asingle line formation and runs twice as fast like a zombiestampede. - FIRE Set one of your minions ablaze burning everythingdown in it's path. The pirates use variety of weapons against yourhorde assault. They have swords, guns and even bombs. This makeskilling pirates very hard. If one of your zombies walks through acampfire, it will catch fire! Don't let the pirates win this crazyrace, your survival depends on it! Music by TeknoAXE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4tdFpUILKUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgSkXc1qVMk
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You are the Shark King of the Fish Tank. But you're not the onlyshark on the block and they're out to topple you from the throne.Assert your dominance in the kingdom by continuously eating fish.Once you've grown large enough send out a real message to thesubjects of your aquarium by eating your rival sharks! It's thenatural evolution of fish, the law of the ocean! HOW TO PLAY Tapand hold to swim up, release to swim down. A hungry shark is anunhappy shark, eat smaller fish and sharks, look for the tastygreen clues if you're not sure. The more you eat the bigger youtget. Keep eating to maintain or increase your dominance, if loseall your dominance you lose the game. The sea urchins are notconsumable, avoid their spikes, they make you smaller. Also, don'tget eaten! Keep feeding the shark and plunge this tank into anoceanic frenzy, but make sure you don't become fish food yourself!Eat and grow, its the only way to survive in this crazy sharksimulator. If you don't evolve into the biggest killer shark, theevolved megalodon might come fishing for you! Don't be scared tobecome a victim of a hammerhead lurking in the deep, because youare the great white killer shark. Sink your shark teeth and gethooked on this jawsome fishing game! A fintastic adventure for youto explore is waiting beneath the waves The ocean might be bigenough for every fish, but this aquarium is not!
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Headshot boom! The ultimate zombie killinggame.No other game let's you clean up the dead more efficiently thanthis one.Simple one touch carnage:The zombies are locked down in a cricle. At the center a giantshotgun spins around.Wait for the shotgun to line up with the zombie and tap the screento blow his brains out.Features:* Two camera angles:- Birds eye view, just like other "pop" games.- First person, it gets up close and personal in this mode. Don'tget any brains on you.* Google Play leaderboards* Zombie brain parts* Blood* A giant shotgun with two barrels of fun
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It's Christmas time and snow is falling on the ground. Catch asmany snowflakes as you can! Keep an eye out for falling presentstoo, you can trade them in for something special! HOW TO PLAY:Press the left or the right side of the screen to move yoursnowflake. Eat the smaller snowflakes to grow bigger. Avoid thebigger snowflakes or it's game over. Hitting a star will split yoursnowflake into two smaller snowflakes. Pick up presents to unlockplaying as a Christmas ball. THREE GAME MODES: CLASSIC Increaseyour score by eating as much other snowflakes as you can. GIGANTUSBecome the biggest snowflake as fast as you can. SURVIVAL Try tostay alive as long as you can. Leaderboard support: Try to get ahigh score on the leaderboards for each game mode. Merry Christmasand a Happy New Year from everybody at Zero Flag!
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In this deceptively easy looking game, you must use all of yourconcentration power to get the highest possible score. HOW TO PLAY:Wait for the plug to line up with the hole in the wall and tap thescreen. If you time it right, the plug will go through the hole andyou score a point. If you miss, the wall will knock parts off ofthe plug and the next hole will be smaller. Once all parts of theplug are gone, it's game over.
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When there's no more room on land, thedeadwill walk the ocean floor.Through the ages many men have been buried at sea. Duringthepast decades marine pollution has risen to extremely highlevels.The toxic waste is everywhere, penetrating deep into the seabed.Besides killing ocean life, the deadly chemicals seem tohaveanother effect. It's causing those men who have been buried atsea,to rise from their watery graves.Fortunately one creature is still able to put a stop tothisrevival of the dead.It's our friendly neighbourhood shark!HOW TO PLAYPress the screen to swim upRelease to swim downAim the sharks mouth or its tail at the zombies to score pointsandto replenish your health.Avoid the radioactive barrels, they will drain your health.Music by TeknoAXE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wLFmnKRT5UVISIT US: http://www.zeroflaggames.comFIND US: https://www.facebook.com/ZeroFlagGamesFOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/ZeroFlagGames