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PK Tuk Tuk Traffic Racer is one of the best endless auto rickshawracing game which gives you fun and time pass by dogging thehighway traffic. Auto Rickshaw is famous in the Asia and used forthe taxi duty. People love to take taxi with it in the city andrush areas for local transport. Rickshaw driver is assigned duty inthis game to reach one station to another station by crossing othertraffic or offroad tuk tuk auto rickshaw. Tuk tuk auto ricshawdriver real games made for respect and give a token to poor asiantuk tuk driver. They passed their full day and nights in thestreets and out of shopping centers/malls for searching passengers.We note that they are very hard worker and want to earn money in arespectable way. Sometime we feel tuk tuk rickshaw owner is nothaving money to send their children schools but they are very keento spend their life in a respectable way. These all expenses arebear from tuk tuk rickshaw. They love to tuk tuk rickshaw citydriving because they know people are living in cities are very muchrich and give them good taxi payments in term of fare. Commonlyused tuk tuk in the cities for their local transport specially inthe Pakistan and India. Tuk tuk driver is not earning much fromthese local transport so they try to carry cargo in their tuk tukchingchi for their respectable earnings. Aisan tuk tuk driver isvery much confident in the village as well, we also noticed thatmountain tuk tuk auto rickshaw carried out logs for differentrefreshment and mini bar. This is a beauty of tuk tuk ricshawdriver that they have also found very humble, energetic and smoothdriving experience. We made tuk tuk auto traffic racer for thoselover who are fan of auto tuk tuk driver and like tuk tuk rickshawdriving games. If you like mountain tuk tuk auto rickshaw, tuk tukrickshaw driving mountain, rickshaw taxiy, rickshaw traffic games,tuk tuk rickshaw taxi driver and rickshaw auto traffic racer thenyou will love to play tuk tuk traffic racer. We decorated tuk tukricshaw with local art design and give to local playback music. The3d environment is designed for those game lovers who are like toplay games on the real driving auto games on the mountains, tuk tukhill climbing and offroad tuk tuk auto rickshaw.Game Features:**Realistic endless highway** Simple and smooth tuk tuk auto rickshawcontrols** Different Camera views** More close calls to earn moremoney** Fast rickshaw driving experience to doge trafficHow toplay:** Buttons to move left or right** Touch accelerator forspeeding** Brake is given to control speed** Camera to playdifferent view** Horn button to doge other traffic

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    August 8, 2016
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    gaming zone
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Police Truck Animals Transport 1.0 APK
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Police Truck Animals Transport is all in one best game if you liketo play police truck simulator, police truck games, animaltransport truck games in zoo and animal simulator. You will feelgood after completion of challenging duty to transportation ofdifferent animals like tigers, angry lions, elephant, rhino, sheep,goat, cow and deer in the adventures world playing police truckanimal’s transport on the rough paths, slippery roads and fill withsnow on the mountains. Let’s play the challenging truck game beingpolice driver. Big trucks and trailers are waiting for you.PoliceTruck driving game is all about the courage, passion and bravenessto transport animals from jungle to zoo or out of city on the seaside where farmhouse located. This is different police game where apolice always found to catch criminals. But in this beautifulenvironment with heavy truck trailers on cage loaded with animalsto transport in the zoo. Few animals escaped from zoo towards cityand jungle. Honor your duty to get them all back in the zoo loadingin cage. Enjoy the wonderful journey.Being a police officer yourduty is protect citizens as called you to transport animals fromjungle to zoo which is near to populated city. Be careful, in caseof any damage will harm to people. Police transport games andtransport truck games were not easy to play but a gentle policemancan honor duty and anything while on his/her duty. Drive vehicle totransport angry lion and protect all citizens. So, ensure safetransportation of animals like tiger and lions are in your hand.Show your truck driving skills as policeman you have given trainingfor this. Features:- Different jumbo police truck / trailer whichis no need to unlock- Realistic truck control and physics- Cooljungle, city and zoo environment- Original police truck sounds andanimal animation- Multiple challenging levels from jungle to zoo-100% free game - Easy to user interfaceAre you ready for thechallenging police game? If you love to play animal simulator gamewhile truck driving cargo then best truck driving games hill climbis here for you. Best truck simulation games in the adventuresworld yet to play as truck driving games with steering wheel andgear you played ever after police truck animals transport.
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Become the real Asian Truck driver by performing duty on time. Areyou ready to accept this new challenge? Here is a game where youwill perform duty of farm truck driver with amazing big truck hillvery heavy driving. Wood loaded heavy truck off road which you needto deliver successfully. You will be given 3 different trucks likelorry truck, big truck trailer and dumper which are decorated withlocal art design phool and patti. These lorry trucks, trailer anddumper are very famous in the Asia, America, Middle East and Europeto transport cargo. Best truck game is here waiting for thepassionate real truck drivers who learn and experience the truckdriving thorough PK Cargo Truck Transport with playback local folkmusic. It contains 16 challenging levels; in every level you mayperform duty to transport truck farm wood. You will face dangerousroad driving on the mountains and offroad driving adventure truckto drop loaded luggage. There is not easy task to deliver cargo onthe big truck trailer where roads are slippery and snow falling onthe roads. It will be very difficult challenge to drive high speedtruck by facing hill climbing to pass the mountains and save yourtruck by falling in the deep sea. Extreme truck hill drivingexperience is waiting for you in the wood truck transportation asyou need to deliver cargo successful. Much respect for those truckdrivers who travels day and nights to perform duty oftransportations without any hesitation either given them big trucksor heavy truck loaded. Many times we seen that truck driver carriedout to deliver steel, pesticides, oil, animals and cement etc inlorry truck hill transporter in traffic on the highways and motorways. But this is different duty that you have to deliver cargotruck driver in jungle by cutting wood, loading and offloading inthe factory. After wood ready in the factory then you need todeliver it in the farm house by given duty transporter. If you likewood cargo truck games, big tuck simulator, heavy truck load games,pk cargo truck all games then you will love to play again and againPK Cargo Hill Transport game. Best truck game of 2016 which carriedout beautiful environment and farm houses on the crazy roads.GameFeature:- Designed pure Asian truck, trailer and dumper- Realistictruck physics and controls for hilly sides and offroading areas-Best PK Cargo transport game- Amazing drive on the mountains andhill climb- Multiple cameras- 16 different challenging levels- Woodtransport from one side to another- Parking truck to the finaldestination- MAP integrated for guides
Traffic Moto highway Rider 1.1 APK
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Are you ready for furious bike racing on the nasty highway? It isnot easy task to drive on the highway especially with 2 tyres byfacing traffic. Now we are going to give you a new experience onthe highway with speedy bike on helmet. Crash the highway byreaching on the never ending point. Here is Traffic Moto HighwayRider endless arcade game for you. If you are fan of traffic ridergame then you will love to play this amazing bike racing. Heavyvehicles on the road and you will face small traffic as well likefurious car and speedy bikes. Highway journey has been never easywith car drive but right now bike death racing is for newchallenge. Do you want to accept traffic tracer challenge? Otherplayers want to doge you on the highway traffic racer game but youhave to prove yourself by dogging them on the road rash motorcycle.First time you will experience for the drift by crossing othertraffic in the traffic moto highway rider game. You are given thetask that crossed all vehicles on the highway with helmet on inspeed highway. If bike slips or crashed with other traffic racerthen the game will be over. So played it careful, death racing willaccrue in your game loss on the highway with ultimate moto crashsounds. Pass moto traffic as near spot as you can to get more motopoints. Your score is matter as you need to unlock new beautifulbike and heavy moto. You will face different forests, sea side,villages and big cities on your way. You have to pass them allcarefully. Be ready for best motorbike racing in the world 2016.Face motorcycle racing games 3d super fast racing all free ultimatein the era for challenge. Rain season, snow, summer all sets foryou. Play super moto game 2016 free. The game is carried outinteresting gameplay experience with playback sounds. If you likemotorbikes games, death racing games, highway rider games thendefinitely you will love Traffic Moto highway Rider game. Installbest motor bike racing game in the world and enjoy new moto gameexperience.Features:-Multiple cameras including cockpitview-Stunning 3d environment and graphics-Easy UserInterface-Endless Highway ride-Different heavy vehicles, trucks,cars, bikes-Realistic moto driving experience
Offroad Limo Hill Driving 1.1 APK
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Do you like offroading games? Then Offroad Limo Hill Driving is foryou. Your duty is to give pick and drop those elite guest who cameto your country on tour. Make sure that time is limited and youhave done your job at any cost on time. Our guests are living onthe hill side and plan to visit snow and hilly mountains with us.They have taken pick and drop services from us as they have landyesterday. Get ready yourself and your limozin car for them. Theybelongs to elite and master class, we have give them taxi serviceson the mountains, remember there is no road over there. As we knowyour expertise of offfroad tourist limo driving so that’s why wechoose you to give these services to them. Are you ready for thetest of offroad legends? Hill climb driver is never easy task tocomplete with limo car driving. Get ready for the special task asyour car limo parking skills are very high and top management hasdecided to give you extreme limo. Be careful these tourist havelong term relationship with us and got limo taxi everytime from us.They are the same who took services limo city driving for shoppingas well. They were much satisfy with our limo city drive. We arehoping that limo hill drive and limo parking skill enjoyable inlimo car driving games. If you like offroad games, limo car drivingsimulation games, off road legends, offroad tourist limo driving,limo taxi driver and limo simulator city driver then you will loveto offroad limo hill beautify game. This game is designed for longvehicles fans, which have crazy driving skills on the offroads andmountains. Hill climb is never easy task for any driver but angryroads are waiting for you with luxury limo car driving experience.Game Features:*** Amazing luxury limozin and realistic carphysics*** Thrilling levels with realistic traffic*** Eye catching3d Environment and amazing graphics*** Animated passenger ***Selectable camera views*** Nice playback music and engine sounds***Complete hill stations