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Even After Balakot Air Strike of Indian Air Force, there aremanyterrorist outfits still operating in and around Pakistan.IndianGovernment along with Pakistani Government decided to plan acovertmission to kill those terrorists. You have been chosen to flyinthose unknown lands and kill terrorists. You will also keep acountof the terrorists killed. Mission Code Name: PKMKB.PrimaryObjective: Kill as many terrorists as possible.SecondaryObjective: Avoid hurting civilians. Location Co-ordinateswill beshared once you are airborne. So start your engine and proveyourworth!! PKMKB --> Peace Keeping Mission in Kashmir andBalakot.Inspired by the courage and valor of Indian Air Force anddedicateto all Soldiers around the world who put their lives indanger tomaintain peace in the world.

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    April 13, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    AcharyaShri Inc.
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India's General Election dates of 2019 already announced, theNation was in support of Narendra Modi after successful air strikesover enemies. This made Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal very veryworried for Elections. Kejriwal extended a friendly hand towardsCongress and Rahul Gandhi such that together, they can defeatNarendra Modi. But Shiela Dixit still remembers the insults made onher when AAP came to power, and since Dixit does not want any harmshould come to Kejriwal's children, she denied any alliance ofCongress with AAP. This forced Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal to make apersonal alliance and devised an evil plan to stop Modi. They knewthat Modi is not alone since this is elections time and if theytarget Amit Shah and knock him out of the game, then they candemoralize BJP members and defeat them in Elections 2019.Therefore, one fine day, When Amit Shah was on his morning strollfixing posters of Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal capturedAmit Shah and took him to Jungle secured by their Congress partymembers. Narendra Modi kept this information in wraps. Now only youand Shri Narendra Modi know that Amit Shah has been kidnapped, helpNarendra Modi to rescue Amit Shah and resume 2019 Elections. TheBJP's prime ministerial candidate is seeking your help. Do you wantto help Narendra Modi? Then download the game now!