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Become an airplane pilot and navigate your war planethroughobstacles by shooting the spacecrafts that block you way.Avoid thebombs, fight bosses and much more in this high flying,actionpacked fighter pilot game. The game includes never-ending fun&unlock-able items that will keep you playing until you own allofthe upgrades. Do you have what it takes to take down theevilempire?

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    Plane Fight
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    December 6, 2017
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Stephen Curry Dunks 3.6 APK
Dunk the ball, compete with others on the leaderboard, and ifyou're good enough you'll become the DUNK CHAMPION. This dunk gameis extremely fun, will keep you engaged for hours, and is theperfect game to pass the time with. Whether you're at the doctors,the dentist, or just at home. Play it for free!Features:- 20+ Balls& Items- High Scores (compete with others)- Endless gameplay-FUN!Much like the best basketball player in the world today,Stephen Curry, you will need to continually make baskets over andover again. You need to dunk the ball through the hoop to get thescore higher and higher. With the NBA championship on the line,would you be able to be like Stephen Curry, could you be the hero?Now is your chance to show everyone just how much basketball skillsyou have. Stephen Curry is great at 3's, but every now and again hehas to dunk the ball. The more you practice basketball, the betteryou often get at basketball. Stephen Curry knows that the winningformula is to practice, practice, and practice some more. If youlike basketball, or you just admire Stephen Curry, then you'regoing to love this basketball game! Arcade games are fun, but theyare even more fun when they incorporate the games we know and love.If the NBA championship were on the line, if Stephen Curry neededto make a 3 point basketball shot to win the NBA Finals, you knowStephen Curry would step up, shoot the ball, and deliver a swishsound at the final buzzer of the basketball game. So, be likeStephen Curry! Make the baskets over and over again. Shoot it inthe hoop, and make sure not to miss! Stephen Curry barely evermisses! Basketball is a really fun game, and so is this arcade gamethat takes the arcade style we all know and love, and mixes it withbasketball perfectly!With the addition of Kevin Durant, StephenCurry and the Golden State Warriors have been able to become asuperpower in the NBA basketball universe. Kevin Durant reallyshowcased his skilled in the 2017 NBA Finals. Where Stephen Curryand the Golden State Warriors won it all and took home the NBAtrophy. This year the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James will tryto make it to the NBA Finals and face Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry,and the rest of the Golden State Warriors. It will be a toughmatchup for Stephen Curry to beat whomever ends up in the NBAFinals. Stephen Curry is the lord of the 3 and Kevin Durant is ahard playing basketball player and combined Stephen Curry and KevinDurant are the team to beat. Stephen Curry is known for his 3 pointbasketball shots, but not many people have seen Stephen Curry dunk.In this game Stephen Curry wants you to dunk! If you think it'seasy, then see how many dunks you can get. Stephen Curry knows thatthe 3 point shot is the money shot and if you make enough 3 pointshots you will win the game. It doesn't matter how many dunks youmake if Stephen Curry is constantly landing 3's over and overagain. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors often put upmany 3's per game, with very little dunks. Kevin Durant dunks itmore often than Stephen Curry does. The game is called StephenCurry Dunks, but you are the one Stephen Curry wants to see dunkthe basketball. Stephen Curry Dunks has a high score that everyonecan see. If you're at the top of the leaderboard in Stephen CurryDunks, then everyone, including Stephen Curry, will be able to seeyour name shine at the top of that leaderboard.So, Make StephenCurry proud by becoming the Stephen Curry Dunks leader. Show theGolden State Warriors what you have and prove to them why you arethe Stephen Curry Dunks leader and they just might sign you to theteam! Just kidding... But it's fun to imagine right? Stephen CurryDunks is free to play and fun for all. Make the most of your freetime and Dunk the as repetitiously as Stephen Curry throw's downthe 3 pointer!They'll be saying Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry,Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry, Stephen Curry, GO
Warrior Dunks 1.1 APK
Be like the Golden State Warriors team! Score shots, dunk the balland earn points while doing so! This is a basketball game that'sgoing to keep you engaged and fishing for that high score likeStephen Curry would go for! With Draymond Green, Klay Thompson,Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry the Golden State Warriors are a NBABasketball team to be feared. The most recent NBA Final's win isthe most dominant yet. The Golden State Warriors were a dominantteam without the addition of Kevin Durant, but when they added himon the Golden State Warriors they were almost assured of anothervictory for dub nation!In this basketball game you will be testedjust like all of your favorite Golden State Warriors. You will needto prove your skills on the basketball court just like your idolsin real life. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant andStephen Curry all have different basketball skillsets that makethis team go far into the finals, and often come out victorious inthe NBA Finals, usually facing The Cleveland Cavs, with LeBronJames leading the way. To beat someone like LeBron James yourbasketball game needs to be on point. Can you do what the GoldenState Warriors can do in this basketball game? Represent Dub Nationand show Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant your basketball skills.Pretend like you're auditioning to be on the Golden State Warriors.Would the Golden State Warriors pick you to be on their team and goup against LeBron James? Well, they might if your the best WarriorDunks basketball shooter in the world! If you had to play in theNBA Finals with teammates like Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, KevinDurant and Stephen Curry would you be able to roll with them? Couldyou make the unbelievable 3 point shots like Stephen Curry could?Can you get the rebounds like Daymond Green can? Could you win theNBA Finals MVP like Kevin Durant just did or Stephen Curry did thelast time the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals against theCavs and LeBron James? If your the high scorer in this WarriorsDunk game, then you can make believe that you're the MVP of the NBAFinals, because after all, you're the MVP of the Golden StateWarriors game, Warrior Dunks.Stephen Curry is widely regarded asthe best 3 point shooter, not only on the Golden State Warriors,but in all of NBA history. He is rising up the rankings of the oldNBA players, and is sure to be the #1 3 point shooter of all timeif no injuries plague Stephen Curry. He may even retire with themost finals championships, topping Michael Jordan at 6. With a teamas dominant as the Golden State Warriors, it is not out of thequestion that Stephen Curry will reach the #1 spot as time goes on.The Golden State Warriors are by far the most dominant team in allof basketball history. I would say they are a more dominant teamthan the 90's Bulls. Make Stephen Curry, Daymond Green, KlayThompson and Kevin Durant proud by making as many Warriors Dunks asyou possibly can. If you reach the top of the rankings, who knows,maybe even they will see your high score and wonder how you gotthere, just like you marvel at Stephen Curry's 3 point shot. Happydunking, Warrior! Dub Nation!
Chef Curry Burgers 1 APK
You'll love making burgers for your customers in this epic burgergame for the ages! Stephen Curry's nickname is Chef Curry becausehe's like a chef in the kitchen. He cooks up 3's and puts it downevery game. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors lovehamburgers, and in this game you can cook for all the customers ofChef Curry. Join Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and the rest of theGolden State Warriors in creating burgers for everyone to love.Cook the Hamburgers like Stephen Curry cooks the 3 point basketballshots! Stephen Curry is one of the best basketball players to everplay in the NBA. It may not be possible for you to become as goodas Stephen Curry has become in the NBA, but you can certainly bethe best chef in the world! This game will help you reach thatdream. You are playing as Stephen Curry, AKA Chef Curry. You needto create the burgers the way that the customers do. Remember,Stephen Curry goes out on the basketball court everyday and throwsit down, leaving it all on the basketball court everyday. IfStephen Curry didn't deliver what the fans wanted they wouldn'tlike Stephen Curry as much as they do, but Stephen Curry does. Heshoots 3 point basketball shots every game. Just like StephenCurry, you should serve your customers what they want, and whatthey want is hamburgers. Serve as many hamburgers in the best wayjust like Stephen Curry would shoot his 3 point shots at the bestof Stephen Curry's ability.Stephen Curry is the king of the 3 pointshot, but now he's the king at making burgers. You're playing asStephen Curry. That's right, you're Stephen Curry! Play as long asyou can, serve as many customers as you can and become the bestburger maker in the world. Chef Curry is a master chef just likehe's a master on the basketball court. These burgers aren't justany regular burgers though, they're chef curry burgers! Play asStephen Curry 100% free of charge. Make Stephen Curry proud, andunlock all levels. You can even submit your burgers and see if thejudges will rate you chef curry burger better than anyone else's.
Super Ninja 1.0 APK
Get back to the roots of video gaming with Super Ninja! Navigatethe levels carefully and watch out for enemies! You're a ninja, soyou need to assassinate before you're spotted, or it's game overfor you!Features:- Power ups- A Lot of levels!- Challenging maps-Engaging challenges- Boss monsters- Free to Play, hard tomaster!What are you waiting for? Play!
Flower Garden Decorator - Garden Fun For All 1.2 APK
🌸🌺🌹🌻Great For Adults & Children Alike!🌻🌹🌺🌸🌺Every child,andgrownup who loves to plant flowers and manage their own gardenwilllove this game! You don't need to be a child to enjoy plantingyourown flowers, watering them, and cutting them to makebeautifulflower creations for your customers!🌺🌻🌹🌺🌸💐🌼🌸🌻Download& Play100% FREE 🌻🌹🌺🌸💐🌼🌸🌻🌹Plant many different kinds of flowers&manage your garden. Change everything from the walls, theplants,the gazebo, and much more to make the most beautiful gardenyou cancome up with. Take a picture of your gardens and save themforlater to show everyone!🌹🌻🌹🌺🌸 Own a Flower Shop 🌻🌹🌺🌸🌻Cleanyourgarden to keep it nice and tidy. Nobody wants a dirtygarden!Children can learn the vital skills about managing agarden,planting flowers and the care you must have for your gardeninorder for it to look nice. By your child learning how to pickuptrash in their garden they can learn how important it is toalsopick up the trash in your own house. Make a game of it, andthechildren will grow to love cleaning!🌻💐🌼🌸🌻Learn the importanceofcleaning🌻🌸🌼💐🌸Have as much fun as you can possibly have whileowningyour very own garden! The kids will learn a lot about chores,andthe time it takes to create something beautiful. There are somanythings to do and so much fun to be had. Clean your garden,decorateyour garden, sell the flowers you make by creatingbeautiful floralcreations. Children & adults alike will have alot of funplaying this!🌸🌻🌹🌺🌸 Customize Your Garden 🌻🌹🌺🌸Features🌺💐Kidfriendly 🌻 Create your own garden🌺 Customize your garden🌹Plantflowers & vegetables🌼 Create beautiful floral creations🏵️Sellyou flowers🌷 Play memory & other fun mini games💮Absolutelyfree to play🌸 Much, Much more!
Plane Fight 1.0 APK
Become an airplane pilot and navigate your war planethroughobstacles by shooting the spacecrafts that block you way.Avoid thebombs, fight bosses and much more in this high flying,actionpacked fighter pilot game. The game includes never-ending fun&unlock-able items that will keep you playing until you own allofthe upgrades. Do you have what it takes to take down theevilempire?
Swirl Down - Spin & Drop 1.2 APK
Go down as far as you can in this very easy to play, hard to masterpuzzle-arcade game. You're sure to have a blast seeing how manytimes you can get the ball to go down. Collect diamonds to use forunlocking other balls to drop down with. Swirl the structure to getthe ball through the openings. Don't hit the red obstacles or it'sgame over. Features: • Infinite gameplay • Easy to play, jump rightin • Unlock different balls in the Swirl Down Shop • Best Scoretracking • 3D eye candy • Endless Helix maze • Global High Scores -Share and Compare How to Play: • Easily slide your finger to makethe structure swirl • As the structure swirls make the ball gothrough the holes to hit another platform • Collect diamonds tounlock new balls • Avoid the red platforms to continue droppingdown
One Line Connect - Brain Puzzle Game 1.1 APK
One Line Connect is one of the more fun ways to train your brain.The rules are simple - connect all of the dots to draw the pictureusing only 1 line. There are 6 level packs consisting of 50 levels.Each pack is arranged by IQ Score. The higher the IQ the moredifficult the puzzle. Only those with the highest IQ will be ableto beat them all. Use One Line Connect each day to improve yourproblem solving abilities. The brain requires stimulation each dayfor you to get smarter, and One Line Connect is here to help youget smarter. Play with friends and family to enjoy company whileplaying a game that both stimulates and entertains both you andyour companion. There is hours of fun to be had. Features: • Over300 levels • Brain Stimulation Game Style • IQ Levels:60,80,100,120,140,160 • Share with your friends • Obtain and usehints to help solve puzzles • 100% Free Brain Training!