1.35 / October 11, 2019
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Classic Invaders Arcade Space Shooter - recreates that retroinvaders 80s arcade feeling x 10. Glorious Sound and Visual Effects- A blast of 80s Gaming Goodness * Updated controls! * We haveopted for lit up buttons - less confusing and more intuitive forthe user and gameplay feedback. - For those that prefer touch -select "Drag" mode Defeat the waves of alien ships from anotherGalaxy in this Classic Shooter! Smooth pixel animations andstunning color vector plasma screen effects. Get ready to save thegalaxy and destroy the attacking invaders from beyond the stars!Enjoy this free retro space game from the 80s era. We give you thebest free retro games! Vibrant colors and plasma effects added toclassic 70s and 80s space shooter arcade gaming fun. Feels like1980, Plays like now! ★ Great super classic invaders graphics invector graphics style ★ Super sound and robotic speech / voiceeffects like in classic 80s games ★ NEW - Super new 80s Synth Musictrack added! ★ Hidden in-game Easter Egg bonus - between Waves 1 to5 ★ Authentic retro scoreboard with AAA type (3 letter) High Scoretable ★ Great fun and one more go addictive gaming. ★ In-Game Robotspeech - e.g. "Game Over", "Player 1 Ready" As a tribute to Classic80s arcade games we have added our own Easter Egg that is activatedbetween waves 1 to 5. Can you be the first to find it? Check outour other arcade titles on by searching Gazzapper Games © GazzapperGames

App Information Plasma Invaders (Classic Arcade Space Game)

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    Plasma Invaders (Classic Arcade Space Game)
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    October 11, 2019
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    Gazzapper Games
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    Gazzapper Games 57 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 Ireland
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Galaxy Storm is a Retro Space Shooter - Collect your bonuspower-ups and use them to destroy the alien invaders from space andalien bosses!Inspired by classic arcade gamesPlease INSERT COIN toPlayPress:★★ App Weekender Pick - AndroidTapp.com ★★ 4/5 Stars – Asolid, entertaining and challenging shoot ‘em up, Galaxy Storm is agreat homage that old and young should try out. -Androidheadlines.comFast Arcade Shoot em up (Shmup) in the style ofclassic retro games.Power-up with Blaster rapid fire, Plasmacannon, Side guns etc, Deluxe Galaga ships ,Shields andmore...Features:★ Easy to play, Hard to master★ No Ads or IAPs★Fast smooth shooter action on phone or tablet★ Includes Power-upsand Bosses! ★ Great sound effects and soundtrack★ Retro arcadefeel★ Global Scoreboard (to get on it score over 5000+ points)★ 3Control modes (Buttons or 1 Finger Drag or 2 Finger Drag)★ Scorebonuses for killing charging enemies★ Optional CRT scanlines!!★Responsive controls★ Multi-touch with fire button on top right ofscreen**** Please follow on Twitter for updates @Gazzapper *******Controls ***Button Control:Left / Right / Fire buttons on bottom ofscreenDrag Control:1 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen to haveship follow your finger2 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen tohave ship follow your finger and tap screen above the ship tofire.2 Finger Side Mode: Move and fire your ship by pressing eachside of the screenIncludes the tricky "Alien-Dodge" from classicgames plus "Chase the Flagship"Works well on small or large screens
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Ping Pong Classic tennis game remake of the classic Arcade tabletennis game with a true retro feel. The best ping pong remake.Greatwith 2 Players on tablet. One of the best free games ever! If youare not a classic game or Retrogaming fan - this Ping Pong game isprobably not for you...you have been warned. Classic Gamers -Please RATE / review to help keep this FREE game (no adverts) sopopular - over 100k+ Downloads New Color Selections! for Bats andBalls Improved MENU screen - Tap Settings cog to show options NoAds To Pause Game - Tap the Score counters or back buttonInstructions: 1 ) Use finger to move paddle 2 ) Balls serves fromcenter 3 ) Avoid missing ball to win ping pong match Player 1 cannow switch sides! Alt Controls: If you are using on small screen,move fingers/thumbs to side of screen and tap for left and right(like buttons) 1 or 2 Player modes with Normal or Hard / Prodifficulty. First to 10 wins - great two player game on 7" or 10"Tablet [ Please support us by playing our other titles too -Gazzapper Games ] Features: ★ 1 or 2 player mode (multiplayer) ★ NoAds ★ Choose your own Paddle / Ball / Pitch colors ★ Choose toplayer Left or Right side (in 1 player mode) ★ Use back button toPause game ★ 100% free game ★ Retro arcade ping pong ★ Raster CRTghosting effect (1970s) ★ Normal or Hard (Pro) skill level - NotEasy to Beat! ★ Authentic sound effects The classic television pingpong game from the 70s in all its monochrome glory! It's a tennisgame in Black and White! (New color settings) **** Please follow onTwitter for updates and more games @Gazzapper ****
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Invaders from Androidia have reached your outer moon...You mustdefeat the oncoming invaders before they infiltrate your base. Useyour base for shielding from the enemy missiles and fireballs.Destroy the Mystery Ship for bonus points. Up for a challenge: Try"Dark Mode" and destroy aliens with only your cannon spotlight!★★★★ "Best Apps of the Month" - Androidtapp.com Please INSERT COINto Play Features: ★ No Adverts or Inapp Purchases! Just pay once! ★Easy to play, Hard to master ★ New original "Dark Mode" ★ Fastsmooth action on phone or tablet ★ Includes Destructible shieldbases ★ Fireball bombs ★ Great sound effects! ★ Retro arcade feel ★Global Scoreboard (to get on it score over 3000+ points) ★ 3Control modes (Buttons or 1 Finger Drag or 2 Finger Drag) ★ Scorebonuses for shooting Mystery Ship ★ Great - Optional CRTscanlines!! (New Version) ★ Responsive controls ★ Multi-touch withfire button on top right of screen ★ Variable Alien Patterns(coming soon) **** Please Rate Us & follow on Twitter forupdates @Gazzapper **** *** Controls *** Button Control: Left /Right / Fire buttons on bottom of screen (Recommended) DragControl: 2 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen to have shipfollow your finger and tap screen above the ship to fire.
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"Top of the Mornin' te ya!" Super Box Boy Paddy must jump up tofree his girl Betty from the clutches of the evil Jack Trap. Bettyis imprisoned and suspended from from a cage on the top platform ofthe temple. With cute Game Boy styled monochrome graphics this is afun retro handheld free game. Controls: Left, Right and Jump SuperBox Boy must release her by pulling the lever to release Betty fromthe cage. Run and jump to advance platforms in this platformerpuzzle game - you can run off the side of the screen to avoidfalling down a hole. Super Box Boy can run off screen and appear onthe other side. On later levels enemies will parade up and down thelevels trying attack you. Beware the Stomping Boots which tries tocrush you. If you hit your head you lose a life, if you fall to thebottom platform you lose a life, if an enemy attacks then you losea life. Its not easy being a Hero! ★ St Patricks Day game tocelebrate Ireland 2016 Rising ★ Pure fun classic arcade gameplay ★Retro feel of the old handhelds ★ Shamrock Background Theme ★ Greatsound effects and soundtrack ★ Levels get tougher / hard to master★ Responsive controls ★ Platformer puzzle game ★ Free game with noin-app purchases Inspired by old arcade classic retro games likeLeggit, Keystone Kapers, Jumping Jack etc Follow us on Twitter@Gazzapper and subscribe to our youtube channel
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Viking Invaders have setup camp in your lands, each Viking Clanmust fight for survival.Inspired by the 1984 classic Viking Raiderson ZX SpectrumUp to 4 Clans battle it out to until 1 is left toclaim victory! Play against the CPU or other humans in amultiplayer turn-based strategy game.Viking Invaders is a war gamefor 1 to 4 players. Move your Viking Clan from their castles, fightwith swords, fire catapults, board boats and sail down the Fjords,attack enemy castles, seize gold from treasure chests.Choose fromWotan the Wicked, Brunhilda the Bold, Egbert the Excerable or Odinthe Odious and fight against your opponents.Features:★ Up to 4Players can play★ Tablet Size Screen Recommended - 7 or 10 inch ★Unlimited MapsCompletely random generated - no 2 maps the same.★Boats can be used to transport armies across the Fjord.★ Catapultsmay be fired once only each turn, after selecting the direction anddistance.★ Drinking Horns: Beware the evils of drink! If a Vikingwalks into (and empties) a drinking horn they will becomeuncontrollable! If the enemy meets one of your drunks they willsucceed in getting them to join forces against you.★TreasureChests:Each HUMAN player starts the game with a Gold hoard of 50coins. Depending on your financial situation at the time, you canbuy one boat and one catapult each turn, and as many armies as willfit in the space around your castle. You can increase your spendingpower by carrying treasure from a treasure chest to yourcastle.INSTRUCTIONS============Generally the controls and gameplayis quite straightforward. There are 3 phases.Phase 1: [Buying] -Buy Vikings, Catapults and Boats using the space around your Keep /Castle.Phase 2: [Moving] - Cycle through the units, selecting aDirection and Distance to move.Phase 3: [Fighting / Firing] - Ifthe Viking encounters an enemy they fight. A win will give theviking an XP point (yellow symbol beside Viking)Winning: To win youmust use Vikings to attack the bottom half of enemy's castle. Oncedefeated the enemy's units will all join forces with you, and theenemy castle will be destroyed.To get the most our the game youshould play on large screen tablet 7" or larger with otherHumans...Like a boardgame.Controls------------[Moving / Firing]8-directional touch selector with distance buttons for movement ofunits and firing of catapults.[Numbers 1 to 9]Distance of movementsquares or firing distance.[Skip] This option allows you move tonext viking[MAX]A unit will move as far as possible along adirection until they collide with an object[MAX] (CatapultFiring)When firing a catapult, if MAX is used the catapult willfire between 10 and 20 spaces in distance. (Distance is Random)[EndTurn] This will end the current selection and move on to boats andcatapults (if present) before ending the turn and moving onto thenext player.Unit Types---------------Vikings - Simply select adirection and distance to move.Jarls - Veteran warriors - a Vikingmust win 2 fights to become a Jarl (Orange icon next to Vikingindicates a Jarl)Catapult - Move the same as Viking plus selectdirection and distance to fire. Careful though as Catapults can bedestroyed by enemy vikings if they attack it.Longboats - You musthave a viking sitting in a boat to be able to move it. Boats cantransport up to 3 vikings across water. Tip: Lining up boats formsa makeshift bridge.*** UPDATES WILL BE ADDED OVER TIME ***Feel freeto offer suggestions to the game while reviewing...