1.2.1 / April 2, 2016
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It may be the world's most difficult jigsaw puzzle.You can rotatethe puzzle itself is similar to the rate of subsequent checkpointimage is very large, and there is a time limit.

App Information Play Together with Puzzle

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    Play Together with Puzzle
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    April 2, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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A vole stole her mother's chicken egg . Tap the screen to make thehen jumps up and avoid all TNT bombs, reach the top level you canget the game victory , retrieve eggs.
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Legend lit as long as 100 stars, then make a wish, it will berealized. So if you light up after 100 stars, and quickly make awish to try oh.
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Players need as many connections as farmland ditch to reach thetarget score into being.Note that it is limited in time.
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this app has cheerful music, and has a pet to accompany the kids,It will give the right or wrong tips. you can choose to practice orlisten to songs multiplication table.
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儿童对对碰(无道具版本) 1.2.2 APK
本儿童对对碰游戏包含两种模式:一种难度适中却较为休闲的经典模式,另一种升级模式可以累积经验值,每次经验值满100%时会升级游戏难度。孩子在玩游戏的过程中有宠物陪伴,每一步操作宠物都会作出相应的对作反应。Thechild of a Kind The game contains two modes: one moderatedifficulty but more casual classic mode, another upgrade mode canaccumulate experience points, each experience will be upgraded over100% when the game difficulty.Children playing games in the processof pet companionship, every step of the operation pet will reactaccordingly to make.
Happy Find 1.2.6 APK
Like hide and seek game, children need very carefully to look forany possible position. Each scene will have dozens of items, withina specified period of time to find 10 objects. So if want to bepassed, the children must have a very care and good memory.
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This app will make your fingers stronger and faster like apianist.Players can only tap on the black tile, do't touch a whitetile. And do not miss any black tile.Beginning of the game music isvery slow, it's like a steam train, a slow start. However, bytapping on the black tile, accumulate Score values, we can let themusic continue to speed faster. finally, the music is like a HighSpeed Railway.Log into Game Center, you can submit scores to theleaderboard, and race with players around the world.This game iscasual, simple and approachable. But the difficulty is not low,because the speed of the music in real time with the player'soperation and with the change.