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The piano tile assembly line has been infested with zombies. We'veinstalled a zombie grinder to take care of the problem but it suremakes a mess. The tiles keep getting covered in zombie blood. Thejanitor is getting really annoyed. He mostly has a problem with thewhite tiles, cause they are really hard to clean. We are in need ofa more precise solution, and that solution is you! Since you'vealready been slicing fruit and zombies like a ninja, we want you toapply your craft to take care of our zombie problem. Slice them offthe assembly line and try not to spill any zombie pixel blood onthe white tiles. In this thrilling mess prevention adventure: -Easy to play with simple controls, just swipe the screen with oneof your fingers - Perma-blood! The pixel blood you spill won't goaway until you restart the app! - An endless stream of zombies foryou to slice. - The acceleration of the assembly line keepsincreasing as you play. - The only limit is your handspeed and thereaction time of your reflexes. - Satisfy you need for cleanlinessby making sure no zombie blood spills on the white tiles. - Theperfect game to unleash your inner neat freak! Take the challengein this original yet classic game that is an experience like noother. No physical barriers stand in your way. Are you willing torisk it all for a taste of victory? Can you concentrate long enoughto maximize your score? It's fine if you tap the white tiles, justmake sure you don't get any pixel blood on them.

App Information Please, don't bleed on the white tiles - Grinder Z

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    Please, don't bleed on the white tiles - Grinder Z
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    October 3, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zero Flag
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    Oosterdiep WZ 134 7881 GS Emmer Compascuum
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Zombie Slicer Ninja Craft 1.5.26 APK
Zero Flag
Are you tired of slicing the same old fruit? Do you often think:"These ninja skills of mine are wasted by not using them to slicesome more deserving targets!" Then look no further, this is thegame for you! Apply the trades of your ninja craft to the recentlydead. Make them lose their bricks! Step out of the sandbox! Stophiding and start walking from behind the fruit stand! It's time tostart slashing some zombies! Game modes CLASSIC - Zombies will popup, slice them apart! Turn every limb into a phantom limb as thecoagulated pixels stain the floor. - Start at the head for somebonus point. Continue slashing as you chop up the remaining parts.As long as none of the parts fly off the screen the scoremultiplier will increase. If you are a true ninja and get them all,you will receive another bonus score. -If you leave a zombie intactor hit one of the cute fluffy animals, you lose a life. - Sometimesa golden bone will appear. If you slice it your score multiplierwill double! QUEST In this mode you need to slice a certain numberof body parts to progress to the next level. SURGEON (Every corpsehas it's bones) - Not for the faint of heart. This is where thegame kicks into high gear. This is where you show your metal. Likea true brick slicer! - Beneath the skin of each zombie are thebones of a skeleton. They now sport one or more exposed bones. Hackaway at the craft zombies as in the previous game mode, but be asprecise as a ninja and don't touch the bones or you will lose alife! You're not slicing fruit here! FEATURES • Cute plush animalsin blocky craft style, protect them from the zumbie! • Pixels willdrip down the walls as you slice and dice the craft zombies • Thesedead are not walking, they're flying! UNLOCKABLE SLICERS • Unlockspecial slicers with unique visual effects Now stop wasting time byreading this description of mine, get to it - chop chop! Pixelcraft zombies are out to get you! Make splinter proud and slice andchop them like a master turtle would ! Zero Flag brings you theblock slicer games that no one else does!http://www.zeroflaggames.com
Blood, Brains and Gore (N.R) - Zombie Ninja 1.2.5 APK
Zero Flag
WARNING Game contains goreIt's the Blood, Brains and Gore Zombie Amputation Simulator.Use your ninja skills to slice and dice the dead. Free them oftheir eternal doom by chopping them up like fruit. But beware ofthe toxic barrels.Hitting a toxic barrel will create even more undead and cost you alife.Everything is better with splatter!That's why we have created a system where every body part of anundead zombie can be removed.You can cut off the head, arms, legs, hands, feet etc..... leave noZombie alive (or dead )Total dismemberment! It's super gory slaugther time!Three game modes:CLASSIC- Play for a high score.- Avoid the barrels.- Slash the zombie brains to double the multiplierRelentless zombies are coming for you, cut them up and spill theirguts!I HATE CLOWNS (Unlocks after gathering enough tokens in classicmode)Plays just like CLASSIC but now the zombies are dressed up asclowns!Stop the evil zombie clowns. Their carny music and demonic laughsmust be put to an end at all costs! It's going to be a goreymess.GORE FEST (Sandbox mode)Take a break and relax. Cut up zombies without having to worryabout score or failure.Fountains of blood will spew as you slice off the limbs of anendless stream of zombies.Blood, Brains and Gore Zombie Amputation Simulator will featureregular updates and bug fixes.Mortuus, ergo invictus ? Mortuus proprius will be more likeit!Zero Flag brings you the slicer games that no one else does!
Submarine Hunter Depth Charge 1.0.6 APK
Zero Flag
In this unique puzzle game, you take command of Depth Charge, anelite squad of submarine hunters. Use a variety of tools todiscover the locations of hidden submarines and let your warshipdestroy them. They can't hide long in these enemy waters! HOW TOPLAY • This is a game of logic, arithmetic, estimation andtriangulation. • Drop buoys in the ocean water • The buoys tell youhow far they are from the submarine • Estimate how far thatdistance is from the buoy • Drag the measuring circle of each buoyto match the distance • The enemy submarine should be at thelocation where the measuring circles intersect • Fire a depthcharge from your warship at that location • If you've estimatedcorrectly the enemy attack submarine will sink • Find and eliminateall the submarines in the level CAMPAIGN The first level willfamiliarize you with the basics. After that there's an additional39 levels for you to solve. Only the smartest will be able to get athree star score on all the levels. CHALLENGE MODE Play for ahighscore on the Google Play Leaderboards. Should only be attemptedby experienced players, real battleship commanders! That's why thismode only unlocks after completing level 15 of the campaign. BUOYS☆ SONAR BUOY • The standard tool for detecting submarines ☆ RANGEBUOY • Automatically places the measuring circle at the exactposition • No need to drag it manually ☆ CAMERA BUOY • Equippedwith the U96 underwater camera. • If the submarine is in viewingrange it will show exactly where it is. CHARGES ☆ DEPTH CHARGE •The standard submarine eliminating tool ☆ TRIPLE CHARGE • Threecharges dropped in a triangular shape for maximum coverage, carpetbombing. ☆ HOMING CHARGE • When in range, always a direct hit! Wewill update and improve this game constantly. Please rate and giveyour feedback for further improvement of the combat puzzleexperience. VISIT US: www.zeroflaggames.com FIND US:www.facebook.com/ZeroFlagGames FOLLOW US: twitter.com/ZeroFlagGames
com.zeroflag.zvp 1.1.13 APK
Zero Flag
Are you tired of running away from zombies? Would you rather be thescary thing, instead of the one being scared? Then this is yourchance to turn the tables! Unleash the monster inside you and playas the zombie horde! Infect pirates and watch how they turn intozombies that will join you! On a faraway tropical island, some nosypirates sailing on their pirate boat, came looking for a treasureisland. But what they found was a zombie island full of sleepingundead. Poor zombies, last week they had to deal with plants, nowpirates! For all the gloom and doom will they ever be left alone?Put a stop to this pirate invasion! Amass a horde of angry zombieminions and gear up for the inevitable clash! And no, there is nonecromancer in this story. FEATURES - Side scrolling 2D action -Destructible environment - Fun power-ups - Unlockable costumes -Endless amount of levels - Retro pixel art cartoon style - A scaryfun zombie game! - Inverse horde defense! COSTUMES - Grey skellyzombie - Open brain zombie, what kind of voodoo is this? - Top hatguy, for a classy army of the dead. - Scary Zombie Clown - SpookyJack O Lantern Pumpkin head man to get you through Halloween - Amonster suitable for Frankenstein's army - Santa Hat wearingzombie, for that special time of the year! Merry Christmas! GUESTSTARS Pig and Chicken as the power-up rewards DESCRIPTION Startwith one zombie walking across the island. Every pirate you biteturns into the living dead and is added to your horde. The morepirates you add to your horde, the stronger your zombie army gets.The stronger your horde is the quicker obstacles can be destroyed.Each level, your goal is to grow your horde to a certain amount ofzombies. When this number is reached your army of the dead willstorm the beach and chase away those remaining scallywag pirates.POWER UPS: While building your zombie army, make use of the powerups to aid your fight for survival. - XL One of your zombiesbecomes twice as strong - EXTRA SPEED Your undead army goes into asingle line formation and runs twice as fast like a zombiestampede. - FIRE Set one of your minions ablaze burning everythingdown in it's path. The pirates use variety of weapons against yourhorde assault. They have swords, guns and even bombs. This makeskilling pirates very hard. If one of your zombies walks through acampfire, it will catch fire! Don't let the pirates win this crazyrace, your survival depends on it! Music by TeknoAXE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4tdFpUILKUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgSkXc1qVMk
King of the Fish Tank: It's a fish eat fish world 1.2.6 APK
Zero Flag
You are the Shark King of the Fish Tank. But you're not the onlyshark on the block and they're out to topple you from the throne.Assert your dominance in the kingdom by continuously eating fish.Once you've grown large enough send out a real message to thesubjects of your aquarium by eating your rival sharks! It's thenatural evolution of fish, the law of the ocean! HOW TO PLAY Tapand hold to swim up, release to swim down. A hungry shark is anunhappy shark, eat smaller fish and sharks, look for the tastygreen clues if you're not sure. The more you eat the bigger youtget. Keep eating to maintain or increase your dominance, if loseall your dominance you lose the game. The sea urchins are notconsumable, avoid their spikes, they make you smaller. Also, don'tget eaten! Keep feeding the shark and plunge this tank into anoceanic frenzy, but make sure you don't become fish food yourself!Eat and grow, its the only way to survive in this crazy sharksimulator. If you don't evolve into the biggest killer shark, theevolved megalodon might come fishing for you! Don't be scared tobecome a victim of a hammerhead lurking in the deep, because youare the great white killer shark. Sink your shark teeth and gethooked on this jawsome fishing game! A fintastic adventure for youto explore is waiting beneath the waves The ocean might be bigenough for every fish, but this aquarium is not!
Pop The Sub 1.0.1 APK
Zero Flag
There's a submarine hidden in the water! It needs to be destroyedbefore it can launch torpedoes at our warships! Do you have thereflexes to complete this task? How to play: The circle grows andshrinks, tap the screen when it intersects with the marker. If youtap at the right moment a sonar buoy will be dropped. If you taptoo early or too soon, you will lose a life. Each level you need todrop a certain amount of buoys. When that amount is reached thesubmarine will be destroyed and you have won the level. Play for ahigh score on the leaderboards. Features: - One touch controls. -Leaderboard rankings. - Share your high score on Facebook with yourfriends. - Infinite gameplay. - Explosions. - Sonar sounds. -Submarines! The kind that sinks warships. VISIT US:www.zeroflaggames.com FIND US: www.facebook.com/ZeroFlagGamesFOLLOW US: twitter.com/ZeroFlagGames
Where is the Fox? Hidden animal game 1.0.4 APK
Zero Flag
Freddy the Fox is on the loose! He popped the lock on the hen houselast night and stole all the eggs! Now he's hiding in the forestamongst the other animals. All the kings horses and all the kingsfox hunters can't find the fox! Can you find him and bring him tojustice? HOW TO PLAY • One touch controls, just wait for the arrowto point to the fox and tap the screen. • Don't tap the screenbefore the arrow is lined up, or you will lose a life. • If youwait too long you will lose a life too. Each level gets moredifficult. Play Fox Hunt Pop The Fox for a high score on the GooglePlay leaderboards. FOX HUNT POP THE FOX FOXY FEATURES: ☆ Cuteanimals! ☆ A Fox ☆ Addictive gameplay ☆ Fast gameplay for on themove ☆ Could this be the best game ever ? ☆ Did we mention the cuteanimails? They're in a circle ☆ You don't need to be a locksmith toplay this game ! ☆ Blocky craft style animals It's more tricky thanit looks!
Endless Cells: Agar 1.0.1 APK
Zero Flag
Welcome to the cytoplastic jungle or what somecall the primordial soup!You're a single hungry cell in a sea of giant virus cells.Evade the bigger virus cells or they'll eat you alive.Eat the smaller virus cells and grow bigger in size each time youeat.It's a endless struggleBe careful, it's a cell eat cell world out here.How to play:- Press and hold anywhere on the screen to move upwards.- Release to move downwards.- Eat the smaller cells.- Avoid the bigger cells.- Look out for splitters , they tear your in two.Three game modes:- Standard: Eat as much as you can- Gigantus: How fast can you become the largest cell?- Survival: Stay alive as long as you can.Collect DNA to customize your own cell.Become a Giant eye or Pizza !Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in thegame!