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Welcome to the high-speed race in a futuristic ambience browse thelongest distance run in a by nitro super sonic boost hovercraftvehicle in a fun atmosphere Pod Racer Cars offers a new dimensionto the sport of extremeA small nice easy game take over 2 rightleft button in the Pod Racer Cars collection a boost nitro glycerinbrowse the largest distance in the manner of an endless runnerWithpower rings to earn Pod Racer Cars speed boost is a futuristicracing game with infinite sets evolution of extreme sportsThe pooand play team is happy to present you a new free game and hope onyour support to share your appreciation. Join us on Facebook andour website www.pooandplay.com Thank you for playing a Pod RacerCars.

App Information Pod Racer Cars

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    Pod Racer Cars
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    December 13, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Poo and play
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    12 Rue de la Folie 57530 Coincy
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